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Flowers Express and SEO Comment Spam

Owners of FlowersExpress.com.ph should tell their internet marketing / SEO people to stop using outdated SEO spamming techniques or they’d end up on the other end of the SERPs.

They’ve got this person leaving multiple comments on my travel blog with their keywords on it.

flowers philippines
http://www.flowersexpress.com.ph | [email protected] |

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From Baguio Flower Festival Blooms Anew, 2008/12/05 at 2:57 PM

I usually just flag them as spam but this one had about a dozen comments posted already — all the same comments — and I have this feeling it’s not going to be the last.

Update: MyOptimind, the SEO company doing the work for Flowers Express apologized and blogged about it .

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36 Responses

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  2. Avatar for Leisha Radune Leisha Radune says:

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  7. Avatar for safyyf safyyf says:

    found intresting things

  8. Avatar for adam adam says:

    Ginagawa din pala ng company ang mag spam. Medyo nakakatawa lang kasi bakit they do it manually.

  9. Avatar for Marion Marion says:

    Great, tips. I been doing a lot of SEO/SEM in the past and I was pretty sure I know everything about this field but with your article I realized you can still teach new tricks to old dogs. I’ll be reading your other posts.

  10. Avatar for seo seo says:

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  11. Avatar for Rosendo Cuyasen Rosendo Cuyasen says:

    Spamming are really common to the internet world. My suggestion is don’t spam. It will affect the ranking of your website..

  12. Avatar for sam sam says:

    Sana meron ng anti-black hat seo. using that kind of technique is a waste of time. they won’t stop unless they get banned.

  13. Avatar for iş makinaları iş makinaları says:

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  14. Avatar for marketingseo marketingseo says:

    Keyword Support For SEO in Online Marketing?

  15. Avatar for Jerome Jerome says:

    in my just recent experience (being a newbie) with wordpress, i used a plugin (free of course) Akismet that automatically detects spam and all i need is delete it.

  16. Avatar for Marek Chrenko Marek Chrenko says:

    yes, they have, but why don`t take a try? :D

  17. Avatar for Soh Tanaka Soh Tanaka says:

    Funny I found this post when searching the same IP.

    These same people spammed with a couple times with this URL


    Pretty annoying how these SEO/design firms have no clue what they are doing. Most blogs already have the rel=”nofllow” on the post replies anyways….

  18. Avatar for Webrecsol Optimizer Webrecsol Optimizer says:

    hi guys, i wrote a few pieces on my blog about this as I had an email exchange/ link exchnage with a comment spammer who spent a long time justifying her actions that I called unethical.

  19. Avatar for The Goddess The Goddess says:

    I have had a raging battle with comment spammers for as long as I have had a blog. You are much kinder than I in letting relevent comments slide. I zing them immediately and write to the commenter and the website owner showing my displeasure.

    I wrote a few pieces on my blog about this as I had an email exchange with a comment spammer who spent a long time justifying her actions that I called unethical. Sorry for the link but here it is:


    There is a follow up post a few days later.

    But interestingly, there was a fellow blogger friend of mine who has now written a disclaimer on his site inviting comment spammers as they will be considered paid advertising with an invoice sent to the linked site owner at a rate of $10 a day. He has had a huge problem with comment spam – as has most of the blogging community.

  20. Avatar for virusfreee virusfreee says:


    ganyan talaga sila.
    kahit sa mga multiply sites, may nakikita din ako.

  21. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    I am usually very tolerant about these kinds of techniques in blog comments. Had the comments written uniquely, I would have let it slide. Good to know this is ironed out now.

  22. Avatar for optimind web design and seo optimind web design and seo says:

    the idea is to personally comment on the post and have something interesting to say.. blog comments still affects ranking whether or not there is no follow.. spamming of course is a big NO. i also get a lot of automated ping-backs and comments on my blogs and even my website’s contact form and get pissed of by them.

    thanks again for this post.. it raised a lot of issues here in the office for the past 2 days.

  23. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Hi wendy! Good to know you’re doing something about it. According to Kevin’s blog post, this has been going around for at least a month now. Your team should have already an idea that comment spamming isn’t an effective strategy and it could piss off a lot of people.

  24. Avatar for optimind web design and seo optimind web design and seo says:

    hi abe,

    wendy here from optimind. we’ve met at the google party sponsored by chikka a few months ago.. i own the company who’s handling seo for the website mentioned here. i personally apologize for the hassle and am grateful that you’ve raised this issue (i won’t know we’re doing this if i didn’t read bout this post). i have always recommended that our seo staffs write a personalized comment only if the topic is related to what the website we are optimizing is offering.

    i am also a blog owner and hates spam because it wastes my time. i have already talked to our seo manager about this. you got my assurance that we have already implemented a new rule for blog commenting.


  25. Avatar for james james says:

    meron din gumagawa ng ganyan dito sa blog ni yuga eh, ewan ko lang kung napansin nyo, manual lang din yun, haay, ganyan talaga during these times

  26. Avatar for noel noel says:

    Malamang may auto comment poster sya.

  27. Avatar for Pinoy Problogger Pinoy Problogger says:

    LBC talaga oo. tsk


  28. Avatar for Jan Alvin Jan Alvin says:

    wala na bang silang budget para mag-advertise and they resort to spamming?

  29. Avatar for bouncing red ball bouncing red ball says:

    And the post above is another unfortunate example of a typo. :)

  30. Avatar for bouncing red ball bouncing red ball says:

    Isn’t this another unfortunately example of a bad domain name? I can’t help but notice the “sex” in the URL. Flower Sex Press?

  31. Avatar for Kenneth Kenneth says:

    Automated spam tools na ang uso, hindi manual. hehe… :lol:

  32. Avatar for Jehzeel Laurente Jehzeel Laurente says:

    kawawa yung nag comment neto, it’s a waste of time *plak* :)

  33. Avatar for Andre Marcelo-Tanner Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    oh well people never learn, anyway let them be. good job on the domain though :)))
    you know you should do a like top 10 filipino SEO companies on this blog, i mean im sure people would be interested

  34. Avatar for Gwapito.com Gwapito.com says:

    Their SEO kids should look for free directories, there are tons out there. My blogs are ranked in the first to third pages in certain keywords because i sacrificially submit to free directories.

  35. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    this was done manually.

  36. Avatar for saita saita says:

    and they call themselves marketers, I think there is no such thing as SEO you’ll have to work hard for you to climb up to the top.

    anyways is there any plugin or something or a captcha to prevent bots from spamming?

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