Migrating to the new YugaTech Theme

It has taken longer than expected but tonight we are slowly migrating to the new YugaTech theme and implement the new logo we’ve shared with you before.

So here’s our new logo..

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

And here’s what the new theme would look like. Our designer and developer will be migrating to this new theme starting this evening and might spill over ’til tomorrow.

Please bear with us as there might be some errors or tweaks that needs to be done as we move along. Let us know if there are serious problems though. It’s still a work in progress.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

97 Responses

  1. Avatar for X X says:

    Nice theme! but i don’t like the logo tbh. Awesome content tho!

  2. Sa sobrang busy ko ngayon ko lang nalaman nagpalit ka na pala ng theme.. :)

  3. Avatar for darlene darlene says:

    Nice new theme. It’s brighter and not cluttered. Easier on the eyes. =)

  4. Avatar for max max says:

    sobrang bumagal sa browser ko, hindi na smooth ang scrolling.
    at pinapalaki ko pa yung font size para mas madaling basahin.

    Andaming white space na nasasayang dun sa front page; sa preview ng bawat article, mula sa
    “March 06, 2011” hanggang
    “Comments 93 Replies”
    masyadong maliit ang space para sa preview.
    Yung dalawang sidebar sa kanan naman, parang mas lumaki at masyado nang nasa kaliwa yung content.
    Wala na yung focus sa mismong articles.

    The new logo looks really good, pero yung bagong theme mas mababa usability.
    Pwedeng hindi lang ako sanay dahil bago, pero sobrang bagal talaga nung scrolling.

  5. Avatar for marco marco says:

    I remember i disapprove of the feel of the logo. But the overall experience turn out very amazing and cool. Love your blog even more. Glad you include more white spaces.

    More power sir.

  6. I love the new theme Sir Abe.

  7. Avatar for Patrick Z -Cyberzone Patrick Z -Cyberzone says:

    Hey Abe. Great layout! See you on March 26 for our event in SM Megamall!

  8. Avatar for Christian Christian says:

    ang cute ng design ng website.
    basta lahat maganda. :)

  9. Avatar for JeffZ JeffZ says:

    Love the new theme!

    soothing, cool..

  10. Avatar for james07 james07 says:

    hay finally nawala na yung ulo (favicon) sa tab ng browser. To be honest, pag nakikita ko dati yung kalbo na ulo sa taas natatakot talaga ako (sorry, pero it really frightens me)

    Now ang cool ng new theme. Yugatech is deserves a new look, logo and favicon like this as you are the best tech blog in the Phils (i think)

  11. Avatar for UnoPinoy UnoPinoy says:

    i used to, well, not really hate but i don’t like your blog for no apparent reason (than maybe envy?).

    i even sent you not so nice comments here and you responded several times. but hey, here i am, still checking on your blog everyday for almost 4 years i think and i can honestly say that i’m loving all the information you post even if i already read some on other blog sites(i work abroad.

    i love your new theme and you are a very cool person. i will always check your blog and will always be a fan of your site.

    kudos to a better site YugaTech! More power and God bless!:D

    Your fan,

  12. Avatar for Calvin Calvin says:

    abe parang di gumagana yung older comments na link. using firefox here.

  13. Avatar for Rey Rey says:

    seriously and honestly, di agad napansin ang bagong theme. :))

  14. Avatar for Daryl Daryl says:

    I like the new theme! But how about changing the commenting system? :D

  15. Avatar for jdGONEMAD jdGONEMAD says:

    nice one master yuga.

  16. Avatar for Abe Dumlao Abe Dumlao says:

    ang ganda ah …. panalo!!

  17. Avatar for Christian Christian says:

    Wow! the theme looks so great! Well done!

  18. Avatar for Gizelle Gizelle says:

    Congratulations! Also love your new theme. But it seems u are losing some traffic because of the theme change? I hope this is just temporary. Good luck!

  19. Avatar for owen owen says:


  20. Avatar for Harley Son Harley Son says:

    Hi sir! i love the overall of the new theme for your site just that it is just too bright for me. i hope you would consider toning down a little bit of the brightness. I prefer reading your blog a little darker when i have the whole day in bright sun.
    just my two cents.

  21. Avatar for Sherwin Anthony Sherwin Anthony says:

    nice theme :) mas maganda at techie ang dating

  22. Avatar for paulkev09 paulkev09 says:

    I was so surprised when i saw this new theme.
    I felt so amazed because this theme looks cool,clean,colorful and good to the eye. I also noticed that this site loaded faster even if this site is completely revamped. Cheers to the new design and i’ll always love your site no matter how it looks.

    Keep on rocking!

  23. That’s really really nice and great! =) Nice doing business with you Abe, thanks!

  24. Avatar for val val says:

    Ang ganda ng new theme Sir Abe, ibang level na naman ang Yugatech! :)

  25. Avatar for Glenn Glenn says:

    Wow. Really looking good now :)

  26. Avatar for Jeff Jeff says:

    Looks really cool! ganda talaga!
    Sino po gumagawa ng themes nyo? Kayo po ba or outsourced?

  27. Avatar for jay jay says:

    ang ganda ng bagong style ng website. ang linis linis tignan. congratulations

  28. Avatar for Emer Emer says:

    pwede!! I like the logo. astigin!!

  29. Avatar for razorous razorous says:

    Booom!!! Page loads 10x faster for some reason!! Hehe! Nice Yuga! I have no worries on clicking out of my google feeds to your website now ;-P

  30. Avatar for Jason Acidre Jason Acidre says:

    Looks clean! Masaya sa mata :) Paid theme ba ang “dapit hapon”?

  31. Avatar for Cris marcos Cris marcos says:

    Ganda ng bagong theme,more power sir Yuga!

  32. Avatar for Cristal Cristal says:

    Love the new layout sir!

  33. Avatar for ZERATUL-PH ZERATUL-PH says:

    nice layout. goodluck with all the glitches bugs and the work! :D

  34. Avatar for Winziph Winziph says:

    yay, nice template, parang kamukha ng mga nakikita kong foreign sites.

  35. Avatar for Tristan Tristan says:

    Awesome new design sir!

  36. Avatar for NineSwordz NineSwordz says:

    As of this moment, the “linkedin” link at the upper right part of the page (between twitter and youtube) is DEAD.

    Bug reported. XD Cool new design btw.

  37. Avatar for Jayson Moy Jayson Moy says:

    Like! Sarap sa mata.

  38. Avatar for adam adam says:

    Like the new theme.

  39. Avatar for Darel Darel says:

    I honestly think you just encountered the smae problem with Engadget when they first migrated into their new theme: The post title font with the big serifs and stuff do not fit into the clean, san-serif layout. Otherwise…


  40. Avatar for bOkz bOkz says:

    Nice!! more power!!

  41. Avatar for Valerie Valerie says:

    Wow, I love this better. I can’t wait for your new posts… hope it’s done! : )

  42. Avatar for ADM ADM says:


    The footer Ad box title was erroneously spelled “ADVERTISMENT”.

    Migrating to a new template can be a “bloody” work.


  43. I love the new theme! It’s “brighter” :)

  44. Avatar for techie_kuno techie_kuno says:

    upgrading!!!! like it much!!!

  45. Avatar for walang imik walang imik says:

    nice namn. lupppeeettttt

  46. Avatar for ralph ralph says:

    yung logo kamukhang kamukha sa yugatech t-shirt ko hehe

  47. maganda at sleek tingnan ang new theme, good job! :-)

  48. Avatar for Roderickson Roderickson says:

    WOW! Nice design.

  49. Avatar for mrkwuzhir mrkwuzhir says:

    wow nc. congrats.. d nakaka-stress sa mata.. ^^v apir!

  50. Yeah better themes now. It fits to the blog so much. Cheers!

  51. Avatar for Happy Happy says:

    Nice site Abe! :) This one is better. Kick-ass!

  52. Avatar for jepot jepot says:

    the blue arrow is a little bit attention grabbing than the white colored header title

  53. Avatar for Lendl Tan Lendl Tan says:

    Love it!!♥

  54. Avatar for marc edig marc edig says:

    the site design reminds me of ensogo or those group discount sites.

  55. Avatar for GadgetsPH GadgetsPH says:

    Nice… I like it! Except for the orange coordinated colours in the background. I think it would look better if those were removed. :)

  56. Avatar for luiboowee luiboowee says:

    magbabago din kaya yung thumbnail? hehe, kasi old photo ni Yuga yung nasa bookmarks, medyo freaky eh, hehe.

  57. Avatar for marhgil marhgil says:

    cool new design. like it!

  58. Avatar for Pusang Tulog Pusang Tulog says:

    The design is good, but not quite exceptional… Sorry for this comment, but there are a lot of free WordPress Templates available on the Internet that looks better than this. (That is if yuga is really looking for good aesthetics in design.)

    But functionality wise, I think all that yuga wanted for his blog is all here. So for that, I think the theme designer has done well…

  59. Avatar for Saimon Apor Saimon Apor says:

    Awesome theme! Very neat and the colors looks great!

  60. Avatar for edz edz says:

    wow i love the theme.. :))

  61. Avatar for spidey spidey says:

    @Calvin – parang, haha.
    @Abe – nice avatar dude! Cool!

  62. Avatar for Jhay Jhay says:

    Cool! Nice clean edges. And threaded commments! Yay!

  63. it’s worth the long wait! :D

  64. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    It’s about darn time! Hehe :D

    The new theme/layout is definitely better. Love the colors, looks fresh and very pleasing to the eye.

    Btw, you forgot to update your favicon. One suggestion – add support for threaded comments.

    Congrats Abe! The Creative Dork did a very good job as well. :)

  65. Avatar for Ambo Ambo says:

    I love the new design!

  66. Avatar for Calvin Calvin says:

    Abe ang payat mo sa avatar mo. hindi ka na ba kumakain? hehehe.

  67. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Any chance of a mobile site for iPhone/Android users?

  68. Avatar for dulfo dulfo says:

    Love the new look but I also misssed the old ‘orange’ like color associated to the orig yuga site.

  69. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    Add preview thumbnails to the other posts

  70. Avatar for Gumz Gumz says:

    clean theme… nyc one… love the rendering of colors…

  71. Avatar for bob bob says:


  72. Avatar for Pedro Pedro says:

    Nice look…

  73. Avatar for simplynice93 simplynice93 says:

    Wow! Ibang level na si sir abe! Congrats and more power yugatech!

  74. Avatar for inots2pid inots2pid says:

    nice new theme techy look :D

  75. Avatar for Miklos Miklos says:

    Love the look and feel of the new Theme Yuga.

    I really wish you would have made the page wider though :)

  76. Avatar for Ben Ben says:

    nice :D

  77. Avatar for bennix bennix says:

    Getting better and nicer yuga!!!keep up higher…

  78. Avatar for jamby jamby says:

    the new design looks good …soothing to the eyes ad very…futuristic…Congrats aon the new site theme Yuga!!!

  79. Avatar for Kyle Kyle says:

    ayos ang ganda ng pagkakagawa!

  80. Avatar for Jeric Jeric says:

    loving the new theme! keep it up!

  81. Avatar for Ethan Tremblay Ethan Tremblay says:

    Actuall for me, I don’t mind the designs, “favicons” i would say and et al. I’m here for the information and advices I need. They say, dont judge the book by its cover but by its contents. =))

  82. Avatar for Jam. Jam. says:

    Yuga, just a suggestion, how about adding disqus commenting system and changing your post title font, oh and the favicon too

  83. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    I was just here 30 mins ago and was surprise to see the new themes in effect! :)

    Still a few tweaks here and there but overall… the new theme kick-ass!

    How about changing the favicon!! heheheh

  84. Avatar for Bryan Bryan says:

    this is pleasing to the eye. Good Job Abe… i hope the iphone app will be update soon too.

  85. Avatar for tumaz tumaz says:

    this is nice!!

    where can i find the laptop reviews in the category section??

  86. Avatar for Operation Super Operation Super says:

    Wait, YugaTech is for sale?

    See ‘Most Recent Posts’ on front page. Or it was just part of the testing.

    Great update btw!

  87. Avatar for csseyah csseyah says:

    very nice talaga sir :) kahit hindi pa masyadong pulido ang new style ng layout.. Maganda talaga…

  88. Avatar for JP JP says:

    I love the design reboot! Keep it up!

  89. Avatar for Benchmark33 Benchmark33 says:

    WOW! I am totally suprised! Never expected na ngayon na mapapalitan ang site nyo…Totally it blew me away! Hehehehe I love the theme! Alot of corners yet its cool! Hehehehehe

  90. Avatar for Rom Rom says:

    Love the redesign Abe!

  91. Avatar for Bob Reyes Bob Reyes says:

    Can see the new theme in effect now, Yuga. Congrats!

  92. Avatar for Drey Drey says:

    Nice! loving it master yuga! :D

  93. Wow, what a nice and better look. http://learner-spot.blogspot.com/2011/03/what-hinders-you-to-lead.html

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