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Restoring an earlier Backup

It just happened. My WP database went kaput.

Actually, all other blogs on the server were running normal. Just my blog’s WP tables gone crazy.

What is weirder is that just the “wp_post” table was empty. All the rest are intact. Still don’t know what caused it but I’m restoring from today’s (1:30 am) backup.

A post and several comments might be missing. Apologies for that. If you can spare a little bit more time to re-post your comment, I’d appreciate it. :)


I prolly found the culprit. I installed WP-Cache plugin a long time ago and it broke somehow wiping out the “wp_post” table.

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5 Responses

  1. markku says:

    If you’re on WP-1.5.2, could it be an SQL injection attack? I don’t think WP-Cache makes INSERT/UPDATE calls to the wp_posts table so it shouldn’t be the culprit. I might be wrong though.

  2. yuga says:

    I’m already running WP 2.0.3 for quite some time now. After I did a restore, errors were showing up that pointed to wp_cache so I thought it might have been the culprit.

  3. markku says:

    Hmm, things like this are scary. The problem with WP 2.0.3 is that it’s a resource hog. My guesstimates shows that it eats twice as much resources as WP 1.5.2, unacceptable. WP-Cache on 1.5.2 helps, but I’ve tried using it with 2.0.3 and it simply doesn’t work.

  4. Любопытно написано, действительно все читал буквально на одном дыхании :)

  5. info says:

    Tja, Sachverhalte konnen so simpel sein. Besten Dank fur eure Erklarungen ;)

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