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Thank you, YugaTech Sponsors!

I’d like to take this spot to thank our sponsors/advertisers here at YugaTech for their continued support.

First stop is the ad renewal agreement with Auction.PH with its continued support to give away more stuff to our readers here. New banners are up for their Double Bingo Mania and the Pop Quiz for Free Load Promo.

There’s also the Co-Operative Buying promo. Just follow the link and click to join Co-Op; enter the desired quantity in the Quantity Field; then, wait for the number of Buyers to reach the Seller-prescribed number. The CO-OP price takes effect once the number is met. All Buyers who joined CO-OP can avail the item at the CO-OP price. Those who joins CO-OP after the CO-OP price takes effect can avail the item at the CO-OP price as well.

Advertisers get better ROI when advertising thru blogs. We also got several long-term and ad hoc advertisers closed recently:

  • Smart’s Maroon 5 Concert happening tonight.
  • Ikobo money remittance service.
  • ePay Debit Cards and online money transfers.

Thanks to TLA and Remit2Home for bringing in monthly affiliate income as well.

Thanks again to all the sponsors support our network of blogs. Email me for ad opportunities here, at PTB and our travel blog, the guitar tutee, mac complainer and blog ni inday to reach over 6,000 RSS subscribers, over 350k unique eyeballs and 1.2M ad impressions a month.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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8 Responses

  1. I’m enjoying here reading to your post! I’m new in blogging and I want to earn to. I hope you can help me about advertising. This is my 2nd comment post on your site. I found your site through youtube where you interview in mel and joey! It is advisable to put a google adsense to a new website?

  2. yuga says:

    @jon, drop me an email so i can give you a more comprehensive answer.

  3. yuga, should we be removing the smart ads now? :)

  4. jake arse says:

    @jonathan concepcion

    I’ve enjoyed reading your post too, I laughed so hard I almost cried. So you’re new in blogging, eh? I assume you’re just starting grade school or were you just out during your English classes? I think you should start on your blog soon to keep us folks happy. You should find http://www.engrish.com helpful. Goodluck and keep us posted!

  5. isa ng institusyon si Yuga sa larangan ng blogging sa pinas! :)

  6. mocs says:

    Been visiting your site for over a year now. Please share with us how to get more sponsors to our websites. Thanks.

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