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Top 10 Posts for 2007

Following Michael’s tradition of publishing popular posts, here’s my own version of Top 10 Posts for 2007.

And oh, it’s just for this blog.

Based on the pageview figures, I would say that 2007 is the “Year of the Gadgets“. The LG KU250 tops the billboard, followed by the Apple iPhone and the Microsoft Zune 2. Okay, there were 3 iPhone related stories in the top 10 so I guess the iPhone gets the crown for 2007. My review of the Samsung Blackjack (SGH i600) was actually bubbling under at 4,272 pageviews and 20 comments.


There were two TV-related post that made it to the top 10 and it was understandable since that was the time I was feature on prime-time TV (Mel & Joey on Problogging). First time I ever saw searches for “abe olandres” on Google every friggin’ minute. That was crazy. The other one (PEP’s launching) still amazes as it showed the power of type-ins.

Lastly, Paypal made a huge wave this year by going full circle. Good thing I was able to add affiliate links on that page. More Filipinos are still signing up until now.

Oh, and don’t forget Mark Verzo vs. Sen. Loren Legarda over the BoyBastos fiasco.

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3 Responses

  1. GM Tristan says:


    For me, I also got around 20,000 hits from one of my posts.

    I also listed my Top 10 articles recently.

    Happy New Year, Yuga!

    Keep up the good work.

    GM T

  2. Gene says:

    year of the gadget pala ang 2007.

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