YugaTech in 2010 Year in Review

YugaTech in 2010 Year in Review

The year 2010 has just ended and I think it’s been a great year for YugaTech. I’d like to share some site updates and plans we’ve been cooking up since late last year in preparation for this year as well as some relevant stats reports I’ve been doing every end of the year.

One of my biggest goals from last year was to hit 1 million pageviews per month. I think I first hit that 1-million-a-month mark in October with November being the highest month at 1.3 million pageviews. We were hitting more than half a million unique visitors a month by then.

Total traffic for 2010 reached 10.78 million, up from 6.3 million the previous year by 71%. Total reach is 3.8 million unique visitors for the entire year.


Our RSS subscriber base has also increased, majority of which via email sign-ups, and is now around 25,500 from 16,600 a year ago (a 54% increase). With the popularity of Twitter and Facebook, I think fewer people rely on RSS and email alerts.

We’ve also been fortunate to have a number of major advertisers in 2010 with Smart, PLDT, Red Mobile, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Logitech, Asus, MCDonalds, Citibank, PC Trends, Rising Sun Computers, APTech, Digital Media Exchange, Vertito and Norton as well as several sponsors like Globe, Western Digital, RIM/BlackBerry and Lenovo.

YugaTech is also available on the iPhone and the Ovi store. However, the update to iOS4 broke our iPhone app and our 3rd party developer has not fixed that yet (and no word from them too). I have been contemplating on having a new one created by it might be in conflict with the existing one which most probably be denied by Apple in the iTunes App Store.

As of today, we have about 2,500 YugaTech iPhone App users and an additional 900 on Ovi. I’m really eager to finally finding a solution on that crashing iPhone app.

This month, we should also be able to finish the new logo for YugaTech as well a complete re-design of the blog. Target date for the relaunch is by end of January. Once that’s out, we’ll follow suit with more apps for Android and probably BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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30 Responses

  1. rexor says:

    wow,.. what’s a good traffic,.!! Viva Yuga!!

    you have a good track in 2010, and its good sign to have more positively here in 2011…

    all i can say,… WOW!!!!!!!!!

    more power

  2. NemOry says:

    What a big hits of traffic! And not only that. It’s a huge progress and improvement, wow!!, , .I cant imagine if my site will hit 1million hits per month wow!so amazing. .
    Congratulations YugaTech!
    Im excited for the new look of the YugaTech site and especially the Logo. :)

  3. Taz says:

    how about windows 7 phone as give away to celebrate ur feat sir Abe…

  4. NemOry says:

    What a big hits of traffic! And not only that. It’s a huge progress and improvement, wow!!, , .I cant imagine if my site will hit 1million hits per month wow!so amazing. .
    Congratulations YugaTech!
    Im excited for the new look of the YugaTech site and especially the Logo.

  5. csseyah says:

    wow :) a HUGE traffic for me :) I wish maka-lasap din ng ganyan heheheh :)

    Congratulations po sir Yuga :)

    More tips and review to come this 2011 :) and excited na rin ako makita ang new layout and logo.

    I think! this is my first time to comment here. And I hope it will continue forever :p heheheh

  6. kyle says:

    Wow! I wish I got traffic like that

  7. Sanctuarian06 says:

    More technology reviews, more technology news and updates is equal to major major hits of your blog. Congrats sir Abe. :)

  8. JC says:


    since i’ve come acrossed your site, i never failed to check averyday.. just like facebook.. nakaka adik!

  9. ellen says:

    Congrats to your blog’s success Sir Abe :D
    More Power + more traffic for Yugatech this 2011! weeee!

  10. redj says:

    I thought its just me whos experiencing these annoying crashes abe, hope it gets fixed as i rely on ur blogs thrice weekly for whats fresh and brewin in in the gadget hub. MORE POWER in 2011!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App iPhone4

  11. Edgar says:

    Glad that in my small way, I have boosted traffic (not flattering myself, hehe)on your site. Seriously, Congrats, Sir Abe!

  12. can.t wait for the new look of this site sir yuga! Kudos for u,

  13. Joshua M says:

    Abe you really need to change the look of the site…

  14. kumag says:

    congrats sir yuga! looking forward on your re-bump website!

  15. Jay says:

    Congrats sir!
    Wow nasa TV patrol si Sir Abe!

  16. Teknisyan says:

    wow… 10 million pageviews!! Nice… you’re an inspiration to all bloggers!!

  17. NemOry says:

    Wow ano ba ginawa ni sir Abe sa TV Patrol?sayang d ko nakita. ,hehe

  18. Scolex says:

    i wish i could also hit a million monthly pageviews. But for my 1-year old blog is too early. My target is to reach at least 300,000 pageviews before 2011 ends. I’m at 75,000 as of now. Your blog is one of my inspirations. I learned a lot by reading your posts here especially about SEO.

  19. NemOry says:

    Wow buti blogs nyo madaming hits ang galing.hehe. .sana maging ganyan din kalaki hits ng sakin.hehe.

  20. Marcus says:

    I don’t know what’s with this site (compared to other sites like techie.com.ph). It’s plain and simple, no flashy animations, less images and less trash talks (you’ll see other sites do that specially if they didn’t like the product they featured/reviewed) I make it count to visit this everyday as if a broadsheet. Addictive indeed!

    (sir abe yung 500 load pakisend po kay mommy ko owkie, “Lord sana ma double send” – yun yon eh!)

    Pero di nga lakas ng site mo sakin, ibang level ang karisma. More power po! All the blessings for you and your followers! Cheerio!

  21. raldge says:

    gratz..sir Abe..now give us Android app for yugatech.. ^^

  22. Congrats and more traffic for 2011 sir! :) More reviews to come! thumbsup!

  23. gg says:

    sir I think its about time to change the look of this site. parang powerpoint template kasi eh. hehe..

    but just do minor updates. stick with simple and minimalist styles, para hindi distracting from the articles.

    and sir try to read-proof and make use of spell checker all the time, kasi minsan parang rush yung posts niyo. hehe..

    un lang, btw, this really a good informative site. I’m always checking this if I have a free time. parang naging kasama na sa routine ko. more power.

  24. Congratz Sir Yuga. More reviews, more advertisement, more traffic, and more power to you and your team.

  25. adam says:

    More power to you sir.

  26. reader says:

    november? i’ve been accessing many times during that month to read the reactions about the sale of LG and Nokia if i’m not mistaken..

  27. Harley says:

    congrats YUGATECH!


  28. Manix says:

    Im one of your new readers this year and im happy i stumbled upon your site, it gives me good idea of tech environment from a phil setting.

    And about that app, dont forget for the tablets (iPad and Galaxy T).

    Thanks, and congratulations on this year!

  29. realjarley says:

    WOW, galing mo talaga sir. im one of the millions followers sa iyong blog. congrats..

  30. Scolex says:

    Sir Abe would become one of the millionaires in the blogosphere.

    Me too! – i wanna be a millionaire.hehehe

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