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5 Features That Could Make Twitter Better

Folks from Twitter recently tested out their new 280-character tweet limit to some users worldwide and it was quite a letdown that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who get to try out the new feature. While it is nice that they might officially roll out the said feature, we also thought of some features that will make Twitter an awesome-er social networking site. Here are some.

1. Edit Tweet Option (!!!!)

I am ABSOLUTELY certain that every devoted Twitter users have been dying to have this feature on Twitter. Imagine how much of a lifesaver this would be, and how much it would save us from embarrassment and prying eyes of other Grammar Nazis users.

2. Memories

Our first tweet will always be a memorable one, and at some point painfully cringe-worthy. While it’s definitely not super ideal to have this feature on Twitter, it’d be nice to look back on your past tweets, a la Facebook Memories. So you have the option whether to share it publicly or not.


3. “Tagged” Photo

This one goes out for users who like going on investigation mode. When I say investigation, I’m pretty sure you get the idea what I’m talking about here. But if you don’t… let’s put it simply: stalking. Kidding aside, it’d be cool to have an additional tab on our Twitter page to see all photos where our faces (or even memes) are tagged in.

4. Voice Tweet

While this feature isn’t that necessary, imagine how much convenient it would be to have your random tweets converted into voice tweets. It’ll make your “HAHAHAHA” tweets more convincing. No sarcasm intended.

5. Hide Tweet Option

There will always be an instance wherein you wanted to hide a particular tweet to a particular someone but unfortunately, the only way to solve the dilemma is to block the person. But you don’t want to block the person. You just want to hide this particular tweet. And this dilemma will go in a cycle.

And there you go. What about you, guys? What other features do you want Twitter to have in the future? Leave a comment down below!


Alyza is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. You can follow her at @tadboring.

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  1. evo says:

    lol. go back to facebook, the twitter is twitter because its strengths are its limitations. those features you mentioned would defntly cause outburst from us users. definitely, this article only proves that you do not really know what twitter is and who it is for.

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