Android 4.0.4 update rolled out for Galaxy Note N7000

Android 4.0.4 update rolled out for Galaxy Note N7000

Yesterday, a minor update to the Galaxy Note N7000 was rolled out to unlocked units giving the handset the latest 4.0.4 version.

The 178MB update for the N7000 or HSPA+ variant is said to feature numerous bug fixes and some icon changes as well as the ‘Floating Video’ capability. The floating video tech lets you continue to watch your movies and clips while doing something else on the phone with the help of a mini pop-up player.

This feature was first debuted on the SGS3 when it was unveiled, it didn’t really spark much attention since the consumers thought of it as ‘more of a gimmick’ but it can be really helpful if you’re trying to keep an eye out on your little ones at home through a web CCTV camera.


Users who have already received the update via Kies or flashed it on their devices have all reported that the firmware is said to be a lot smoother than the 4.0.3 batch of ICS rom such as the LPY, LPF and LA-R7/8/9. Some of them encountered problems with radio signals though, the one thing that users would really like to know is this: does the LRG rom still have the eMMC brick bug?

Some if you may not know this but the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 for the N7000 has a bug wherein it permanently damages the internal eMMC storage of the phone causing it to brick when a system factory/cache wipe is initiated. Many users have already encountered this and some of the folks I know on XDA Developer forums have already faced the same fate but Samsung was kind enough to repair their phones which are still under warranty which means they’re already aware of this issue and they’re doing something about it — silently.

Some N70000 Notes here in our country have actually originated from United Kingdom, the European regions are always the early adopters of Samsung’s latest firmware updates, such a completely rational reason to be jealous don’t you think?

Editor’s Note: My Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 got the update yesterday but forgot to take note that it was the 4.0.4. I am now able to do the Pop-up Play feature and some of the bugs I’ve encountered on the handset are now gone. – Yuga


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35 Responses

  1. brenan says:

    i checked for updates for my galaxy note, no updates available yet.

    • jame says:

      NO UPDATES AVAILABLE YET mine too , maybe tomorrow :) excited for POP- UP PLAY VIDEO hehehe

    • jame says:

      NO UPDATES AVAILABLE YET mine too , maybe tomorrow :) excited for POP- UP PLAY feature hehehe

  2. james says:

    mine is 4.0.3 and i’m not aware of the bug i don’t have mmc yet , how to know if it is bricked or not? just clarifying

    • Kevin Go says:

      Just steer clear from the factory/cache wipe on the bootloader or system settings to keep it from happening.

      You’ll know you have the brick issue when the phone does not turn on anymore or is stuck on the Samsung logo at boot up.

  3. rey says:

    i have a note and i flashed a custom rom on it. it is now bricked. :( it’s not under warranty since i just bought in an online shop with no official warranty. i brought it to samsung and they are charging me 10,500 pesos for replacing the motherboard. :(

  4. Dave says:

    Finally got an update via Kies, the weird thing is that I’m coming from a gingerbread 2.3.6. I’ve been checking everyday for an ICS update and for some weird reason, it’s just today that Kies prompted.

  5. patrick says:

    its a german version but asian(malasia/sgp) are already out you have to download it from samsung-update. then install it manually easy with odin… theres no fuse about it still same only little smooth i notice. even if your gb or ics 4.03 you can have pop-up video with super video apps for free.:)

  6. roflyn says:

    no updates yet… im itching to use the mini pop up player :)

  7. mike says:

    what exactly do you mean by doing cache wipe?this is the 1st time ive heared about this brick issue with ICS for note.makes me feel so worried that legit common procedure like doind a factory reset can damage your device.going back to my question is cache wipe same with doing clear cache to free some memory for device.cause i do it all the time and even have an app to do it for me.please shed some light.i have stock ics and have no plans of rooting off my device.

    • Kevin Go says:

      No it’s perfectly safe to clear memory on the phone’s task manager. The cache wipe I was talking about is the procedure done in the bootloader, parang BIOS version of Android :)

  8. Yzac says:

    To know if your Note is infected by the eMMC brick bug, just download and install the Gotbrick apk (search google or XDA)

  9. aimiff says:

    Hi Kevin, Where did Yuga update his Note? How come kies still says no updates available yet?

  10. Ron says:

    got the 4.0.4 update today but it only clocked in at 67mb. eto rin kaya yung 178mb na update na sinasabi dito?

    • Jays says:

      nakita ko kanina sa web its bout 100MB, then 176MB naman dito then sayo is 67mb. Weird. Kanya kanyang sizes? lol

  11. venis says:

    hi! any news on the official release date of 4.0.4 for galaxy note via kies in the philippines? thanks :)

  12. Jays says:

    pero yun nga, tried the OTA and Kies. WALEY. NGANGA.

  13. Dave says:

    Finally updated to 4.0.4 today ;)

  14. venis says:

    hi dave. did you get the update via Kies? I attempted five times updating through Kies but all ended a failure. Kies was saying “Failure to upgrade firmware. Unknown error occurred” all the time. oh well, I’ll just wait for the OTA.

  15. roflyn says:

    got the update today! ^_^ 178mb i turned on the wifi and poof theres the update…

  16. Cerberus says:

    I only got 109mb thru OTA and it says “update failed” after download. What are the possible reasons for these?

  17. erica says:

    hi mhel. i encountered the same problem. so i just have try until it succeeds? thanks!

    • mhel says:

      hi erica, i have already posted the solution i used to be able to update successfully via kies. Please see link above. :)

  18. erica says:

    thanks mhel! yes, the link you posted was able to help me! i got the upgrade correctly earlier today! :) thanks again! ;)

  19. erica says:

    thanks mhel! yes, the link you posted was able to help me! i got the upgrade correctly earlier today! :) thanks again! :)

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