Android 4.1 'Jellybean' OTA upgrade for Nexus S

Android 4.1 ‘Jellybean’ OTA upgrade for Nexus S

Well that was quick. Google has just officially announced that the latest version of the Android 4.1 OS [Jellybean] is now available for download as an OTA (over-the-air) update on several Nexus S phones.

This includes the Nexus S models from several carriers [mainly T-mo, AT&T and Verizon] but some users have already reported that their GSM Nexi (international variant) also got sugarcoated by the ‘sweet concoction’ courtesy of the internet search giant.


No specific dates were revealed by Google regarding the OTA update’s availability worldwide but If some of you happen to own an international variant of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and can no longer wait for the Jellybean goodness, It’s not really that hard to root your phones. All you guys have to do is follow the rooting procedure posted here (for ICS users only) and after doing so, you can easily flash the firmware package via ClockworkMod — which you can download from here, make sure to choose the right rom to download and that you know all the risks and problems that may arise upon rooting.


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6 Responses

  1. John says:

    Ahh. The power of Nexuses !! Sooo excited for the next iteration after the Galaxy Nexus.

  2. Kevin Go says:

    Hi guys,

    We’re having some trouble with the hyperlinks, anyway the rooting instructions for the Nexus S can be found here:

    You guys can download the Jellybean firmware through:

  3. HK-47 says:

    Updated manually last Friday when the official OTA came out. It feels a bit faster, but it seems that not all the the supposed features in JB are there.

    Unless I’m doing something wrong, the voice dictation feature still needs a data connection, and there’s still no face unlock.

    There are also some bugs — the CRT screen animations disappeared. On occasion the launcher just slows down to a crawl, until the phone is rebooted.

    Haven’t played around with Google Now yet.

  4. Zelle says:

    Hi…is jelly bean update for galaxy nexus i9250 already in the philippines? coz I got my gnex from smart and i still dont have the updates. i thought it will be this july but somehow its already august and still no update. email me pls. for answers. i dont want to take the risk of updating my phone unofficial. thank u

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