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App in Focus: SoundHound, music search & discovery

Have you experienced having a tune or a song stuck in your head, but struggling to know the title of the song? Or did you hear a song that you’ve never heard before and got so interested with it that you want to know its title and who sang it. It happened to me one too many times, and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun at all. I spend countless moments scratching my brains out just to get the title of the tune out of there. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it’s a lost cause. That is until I found out about SoundHound.

SoundHound is a free app available across all platforms (AppStore, Android Market, Ovi and Marketplace) that lets user to search for a tune using sounds (singing or humming) instead of words. This technology is called Sound2Sound Search Science, which is “capable of recognizing various sound inputs including music and speech and match it against the developer’s database.

All the user has to do is to be connected to the internet and record the tune that they’re looking. Users can either record the real thing or sing the tune for a certain period of time until the app has gathered enough sound to search its database.


Depending on the user’s internet speed, the app should give out a list of relevant results in a matter of seconds. Once you selected a song the app will show related information about the song such as the name of the artist and the lyrics. Not only that, the app also gives an option to bookmark, share (Facebook, Twitter or email) and even shop for that song. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know and do with the searched tune.

As mentioned above, the app is free. But should you wish to support the developers and take advantage of exclusive features (no ads, Discovery feature, etc.) you can avail of the paid version of this app.I have been using this neat app for quite some time now and I’ve liked it very much. This innovative app has won the hearts of app users around the world as shown by numerous awards and recognitions from various organizations. If you want to learn more about this app, you can visit their website at:

Note: The SoundHound, is one of the many full version application that’s free. Thus, users can utilize all the mentioned features without having to purchase it. The price of the paid version differs depending on the platform/OS.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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10 Responses

  1. Mizeteo says:

    Is this better than Shazam?

  2. steelicon says:

    Definitely better than Shazam. Been using it since Nokia (Symbian) S60V.3FP1. Used to be called Midomi. It’s for free and almost spot on. Try it to like it.

  3. JmBalicano says:

    I jumped on this when they offered it for about 20 pesos on the App Market. Yeah I could’ve downloaded it for free through less than legal means, but if they’re gonna sell it that cheap that I can take advantage of future updates then I don’t mind paying for it.

    Anyway, this is an awesome app. Recognizes everything I’ve ever thrown at it. The only thing I hate is that it has to be an external source, so I can’t use it if I suddenly hear an interesting song on my phone’s FM radio. It’s a good thing it can recognize my humming or singing, although I’ll admit to looking stupid in public when I hum into my headset..

  4. Turonbulaong says:

    @Mizeteo I personally like this better than Shazam.

    @JmBalicano Good that you were able to take advantage of that promotion. I only wish that it’s still that cheap. :( Anyway, you brought up a good point about the app recognizing the song internally. I hope that the developers can include that on their next update. But even if they don’t, I still think that this a very useful app.

  5. wamoz says:

    Love this App!

    it was able to recognize a song i heard in a bar, even though i myself am having a hard time listening to that song because of my noisy friends. :)

  6. wadodem says:

    a very helpful insight. thank you mr. yuga for this review. i hope you get to review more mobile apps. in the future.

  7. Turonbulaong says:

    @Wadodem Glad you like it. We will certainly post more app reviews in the future. :)

  8. Neil says:

    Windows Phone has this feature built-in. From anywhere, just tap/press the Search button and tap the Music icon. That’s just two taps all together. :-)

  9. emman says:

    Track ID app is much better!!!

  10. sam says:

    you can also check out shazzam!

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