Chrome surpasses Firefox in the Philippines?

Chrome surpasses Firefox in the Philippines?

Got a tip from a reader pointing me to a StatCounter report for the Philippines showing that Google Chrome browser has surpassed Firefox in terms of usage in the Philippines.

So I went to my analytics and checked it for several of my blogs, including this one. Here’s what I got for usage share for YugaTech.


The random sampling from StatCounter shows Chrome leads Firefox by a small margin. I checked with other blogs (non-tech content) and the results are the same.

Here’s the 12-month graph from StatCounter showing a constant decline in Firefox usage and a steady increase for Chrome. On March 2011, Chrome surpassed Firefox.

This ends the 3-year dominance of Firefox in the Philippines (in 2008, Firefox surpassed Internet Explorer to be the leading browser in the country).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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55 Responses

  1. angela says:

    Weird, since Yugatech’s homepage usually hangs-up (or sometimes, even crash) on Chrome.

    • Arvee says:

      I’m experiencing the same problem when opening

      I think the problem is caused by the new layout because opening which still wears the old layout is as responsive as before.

    • Ethan Tremblay says:

      no offense but i do think the problem concerns your gadget or pc. in my case Chrome runs the website well, no lags and delays and it never crashes or hangs up.

    • Igno Rante says:

      e di ikaw na ang may maayos na gadget at pc.

  2. giogagz says:

    IE9 is the best for me. I’d go for chrome 11 than firefox 4. No wonder mas lamang na ang chrome sa firefox.

  3. otepsphere says:

    Hmmm.. Nice post yuga… tuloy tuloy pa kaya yan…. tingin ko parang okay nga yung google chrome mabilis nga!

  4. Fleeb says:

    I tried IE9, it is standards compliance but it still falls behind Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. In terms of speed, Chrome still tops. While IE9 might be a very big improvement over the previous versions, it still plays catch up unfortunately. But then again, these improvements including standards compliance is good for everybody. The only reason I am still using Firefox is because of the add-ons and development tools. Chrome is still faster.

  5. arj says:

    with adblock extensions on chrome, it becomes faster. been using chrome for a year now and its performance got better

  6. Winziph says:

    no regret switching to chrome ang bilis talaga niya especially pag browsing lang.

  7. C.C. Ng says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Please visit our web – Global

  8. Messie says:

    partida pa to.

    FF and IE 9 have just released their most updated versions with graphic acceleration.

    Google, on the other hand, will be releasing Chrome 11 sometime 2Q with the same features (maybe even better). Then we’ll see the gap to be even wider.

  9. fr0stbyte says:

    Well, in terms of actual usage, browsing in the latest version of Firefox and Chrome doesn’t feel all that different when it comes to speed. I must admit though that before FF 4.0, Chrome was definitely faster.

    Still Firefox is full-featured. It’s got lot of add-ons, among other things. So I won’t be switching anytime soon.

  10. 21 says:

    using firefox 4 for a weeks now, there’s no problem with it. the only reason i prefer chrome is because of its speed and great features.

  11. Jhay says:

    Just look at the screenshots being posted by Pinoys on their Facebook accounts, 90% of what I’ve seen so far show that they are using Chrome. :D

    Even our neighborhood internet cafes are using Chrome on their units.

  12. Edwin C says:

    I’m using IE9 now for my Windows 7 Starter. If you remove all the add-ons on top and below the search bar you will get a very simple and clean IE9 search bar.

  13. garz says:

    i can’t believe there are still people who use IE.. XD

    • tordj says:

      ie9 is much improved now. very minimalistic, address bar works like firefox’s omnibar, and the pin to taskbar provides easy access to frequently accessed websites.

    • Igno Rante says:

      ikaw na. ikaw na ang gumamit ng IE9. galing mo mag-review ng web browser. hanga nga kami sa iyo e.

    • Igno Rante Ka says:

      ikaw na… ikaw na mahilig mambara… epal… walang sense…

    • emignatius says:

      Not everyone has the liberty to use the browsers they want all the time. I’m required to use IE due to the nature of my work pero I also have firefox and chrome installed so after work I can use the one I want.

  14. Tristan says:

    I also use Chrome for browsing because of its speed, but need to use Firefox for work.

    @garz: IE9 was just recently released for use. It’s way better than the previous version.

  15. Infact its true, but after the release of FireFox 4, things starting to change.

  16. pavements says:

    I still use IE, lalo na for work related stuff. Maraming hindi gumagana ng tama kapag ibang browser ang gamit, lalo na pag chrome

  17. arj says:

    there’s an extension called IE tab for chrome and firefox, just click the IE tab icon and it can perform the same functions as IE

  18. tordj says:

    comparing ie9, ff4 and chrome, I am a bit disappointed with firefox. I experienced more crashes on it compared to IE9. chrome is ok, fastest since it was first released. will wait for chrome 11. I have been using ff4 and ie9 frequently because i like the pin to taskbar (ie9) and pin as app tab (ff4).

    • whatif says:

      yung pin ng ff4 sa chrome nya po ginaya yan. tagal na yan sa chrome. right click mo lang yung tab then select pin tab :)

  19. Benchmark says:

    I still love my Firefox :-)

    If I am correct, sila ang nagpasimuno ng TAB surfing in Web Browsers. :-)

    But then again, if hinde sila nagpasimuno, still I am happy with my Firfox 4. :-P

  20. I agree with your post Yuga. Looking at the browser stats for my personal-travel blog, I noticed that Google Chrome leads Firefox by a wide margin.

  21. vince says:

    FF4 is definitely faster than 3. I did switch to chrome because ff3 was slow. Not sure if it was al the add ons but i need those. Unless the chrome users get addicted, its quite possible for ff4 to help ff regain the lead

  22. been using chrome for almost a year now. its better than IE and FF IMHO. – Philippines car detailing and car care forum

  23. Totem says:

    Firefox all the way.. haha Pag sa Chrome, mabilis nga.. Display naman ng pages, iba.. I mean sira.. Or ibang items sa page di niloload, e.g. images.. So Firefox pa rin :)

  24. eman says:

    Hi, new here, malakas kumain ng memory ang firefox compare sa chrome

  25. Based on my own blog’s analytics, first is firefox(34%), then IE(32%), then Chrome(24%). Maybe my visitors are not that tech savy. =)

    As for me, I still use Firefox when using wordpress because I get unexpected problems (ex. blank posts after saving) when using chrome, especially with long posts. Anybody here have the same problem?

    For regular surfing, I use chrome.

  26. jlapitan says:

    bakit po kpg bar graph mas mataas stats ng firefox? kapag line graph mas mataas chrome..

  27. JC Tora says:

    Mabilis kasi ung interface muna ung niloload muna nila then ung ‘extensions’ and other features.
    Di tulad ng firefox na lahat niloload ng sbay.
    *Im talking about opening first the browser.

    Pero in terms of surfing, prehas lang. I use FF cause it has better downloading features.

  28. GensanBoy says:

    This is indeed the trend in my peers also. I have been using Chrome for some months now and it is now my default browser in my computer. It is fast, does not hang compared to Safari and it also very customizable.

  29. chris says:

    Been using Chrome almost a year because of it’s simplicity and speed..

  30. Firefox parin :-). From a Globe broadband user.

  31. Zyper says:

    Go Firefox 4! Their addons are the best!

  32. StarMars says:

    Give it more time and Firefox will retake the top spot because of Firefox 4.

  33. Norman says:

    Majority of Filipino Internet users aren’t bother wether what kind of browser they use. I think.

  34. Andrew says:

    Actually last year pa itong trend na ito. Webadmin ako sa isang malaking university dito sa Pilipinas at around mid last year nalamangan na ng chrome ang firefox. 43% for chrome, 37% for firefox, 12% for IE, and the rest sa ibang browsers.

    One reason kung bakit marami pa rin nag stick sa firefox is addons, mas maraming siyang addons kaysa chrome.

  35. ` says:

    IE9 indeed is much simple than google chome

  36. jose says:

    as a web developer, I use all of browsers. Sana isa lang ang browser.

  37. bennix says:

    The stats above is likely true.Chrome was widely chosen even in our office but this month I switch to FF4 which run smoothly…

    I have a problem of viewing my Blogger stats with Chrome no matter what I do; reinstalling it, update, updating Java and even Flash player, no luck.

    I don’t know what’s the problem with my PC. But if I view my stats on other PC using Chrome it works.duhhh…so frustrating.

  38. Lezure2010 says:

    I use chrome a lot these days and I’d use it exclusively if only it supported the same programs that I use while browsing. Ex.: I use orbit a lot and the grab function just doesn’t work well with chrome. Not to mention that chrome sometimes has some problems with facebook.

    Chrome does well with the translations though. I browse a lot of Russian forums and chrome just translates everything into an understandable form for me.

  39. tech84 says:

    I use Chrome a lot more than Firefox, for some reason sometimes Firefox slows down my laptop as it eats up a lot of RAM, first I thought it was because of some virus but it was clean. And so Chrome is the way to go for me.

  40. Proud Chrome user/ex-Firefox user. :D Mabagal kasi ang Firefox lalo na kung mahilig ka sa extensions. :)

  41. firefox says:

    ok ang chrome sa mga noob pero kung power user ka firefox pa rin! debate na! lol

  42. foxfire says:

    ok pa rin ang firefox, dynamic plug-ins, hindi katulad sa chrome, hindi gugana ang lotus notes email namain…kaya firefox pa rin aq..

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