Fast Five: Transport Apps You Should Try Today

Fast Five: Transport Apps You Should Try Today

In need of a convenient way to your destination? We oftentimes experience inconveniences when we travel, and here comes transport apps to the rescue. In this Fast Five, we take a look at different apps that are way beyond the usual Uber and Grab.


Everyone does experience a transportation woe at some point in time, and these apps can help you alleviate those problems step-by-step. Here are some, in no particular order.



Wunder is an up-and coming ridesharing app that’s currently making the waves locally. It gives you the option to ride along with someone to your point of destination and share costs to keep them down. I’ve calculated a ride from the office to my home for just Php110, which is not bad considering my fare starts at Php70 with the daily UV express. You can download the app here: iOS, Android

Pros: Convenience of booking someone who goes the same route as you do, lower costs than booking a taxi or a car
Cons: Request for booking may take awhile especially when you’re new to the app



We all know that most app-based transport services are catered to people, but how about for other things that matter the most? Whether it’s Lipat-Bahay or just a lot of bulky items to bring along, there’s Mober, a Filipino startup created just last year. It offers vans and cargo trucks to transport all your boxes and huge ornaments from one place to another. No more daily van rentals with exorbitant prices, I guess. Get it at Android and iOS.

Pros: One-click quick cargo express. Definitely cheaper than your one-day van rental!
Cons: Might be a bit pricey if destination is a bit distant. Base fare starts at Php500 with by-the-minute and kilometer increases.




Similar to Grab and Uber, Lyft is a US-based transport company that serves car rentals a la taxis. They even have six-seaters, too! Download one on Android and iOS.

Pros: App can be used in the US, too! Worried with the lack of drivers? They’ve partnered with Grab to deliver services in Manila. Rates are the same as Grab, too.
Cons: Incompatible with the rest of the country. It’s basically just Grab skinned with Pink when in PH, but works well abroad.

Friend Trip


Created by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority last year, Friend Trip aims to be a safe place for everyone to share rides. Your Facebook account is connected to the app, which saves time for registration and logins. It’s available on Google Play.

Pros: No bogus accounts with Facebook logins. You can only ride or give a ride to your FB friends, eliminating risk.
Cons: Is this still working?

You may be wondering why we have a different app on this list, but commuting is an essential trait needed to be acquired by many. Last on this last, addresses the problems of your public transport by recommending routes you can hop on to arrive to your destination with three of the country’s modes of transport — train, jeepney, and bus. It’s available as a standalone website, update via SMS, or through mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Pros: Helpful resource for public transportation routes to destination
Cons: Not going to give you a ride anywhere. It’s a guide, first and foremost.


And that’s it for some of the transport apps you should take note. Do you have other apps we should know? Drop them down the comments section below.

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