iOS 8 reportedly suffers more app crashes than Android Lollipop

iOS 8 reportedly suffers more app crashes than Android Lollipop

Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop suffers less app crashes than rival mobile operating system software iOS 8 from Apple, according to data from mobile application management specialist company Crittercism.


According to the data reported by ZDNet, the app crashes on Google’s latest mobile operating system beat that of its rival by a mere 0.2%.


The report also noted that Google has thoroughly worked through all of the bugs present on its device and have significantly improved their app crash rate since 4.4 KitKat with a 0.6% decline. It’s also worth noting that any major version of Android Jellybean were significantly missing in this comparison.



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On the other hand, iOS 8’s performance as shown was bound to be more buggy as it had gained a 0.3 percent increase in app crash rate against its predecessor, the iOS 7. This is a surprise, since Apple is very strict with the apps they approve to be displayed on their app store.


Take note that apps do have a lot of reasons why they crash. There’s a little chance that you can encounter them but in dire circumstances when your phone suffers from any hardware or software issue, it’s very likely that you would.

Source: ZDNet


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4 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    Its a feature.

  2. Simple says:

    Those Android users shift to Apple and little of them are left.

    It means if its the common problem, then many of them will report.

    Compare to Android’s 5.0, I dont know if vaticans resident are more than those users.


    They dont like Android 5.0 because:

    -they are already contented with android 4.X
    -Snail release of Makers Firmware.
    -You have to buy a new apple price like android to get 5.0 immediately.

  3. Lon says:

    The distribution of lollipop user among android version is only 1.6% compared to iOS so IMO I don’t think this data is relevant for now.

    • User adoption levels are irrelevant. The data was compared on a software-to-software basis, not based on user feedback. The company who provided the data specialize in app performance management for both platforms, among others. More on the company’s Wikipedia profile here.

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