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Jun Lozada develops Traffic Accident Report (PARAK) app for HPG

Just saw on DZMM where Ted Failon guested Jun Lozada showing his newly Android app that facilitates traffic accident reporting for enforcers like the HPG and MMDA.

Based on statistics, there are about 25 to 60 traffic accidents along EDSA every day. That number of vehicular accidents significantly adds to the congestion especially during peak hours.

One of the reasons why accidents take longer to be resolved and reported is that law requires a police investigator (not the MMDA) to be present and write down the report, draw sketches before the involved vehicles can be moved out of traffic. Insurance companies also require this report for claims as well as the courts if there are lawsuits involved.

The whole process can take up to 40 minutes per accident.


What Jun Lozada has developed is a Traffic Accident Reporting app (referred to as PARAK app) to digitize the creation of the report, including all the necessary photos that insurance companies require.

The app is connected to a central database so that all information is uploaded immediately. Lozada claims his telco partners are shouldering the mobile data so it’s going to be free and there is also an anonymous donor giving out at least 10 3G-capable tablets.

According to their tests, the reporting will be reduced to between 4 to 10 minutes per accident. Lozada has yet to present this app to the HPG.

{via DZMM Teleradyo}

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