LG showcases new Ultra HD TVs running WebOS

LG showcases new Ultra HD TVs running WebOS

The almost-defunct WebOS platform that HP bought from Palm and abandoned is now back and doing a comeback with Smart TVs. LG showcased a lot of their new UHDTVs in CES this week with WebOS running as the native platform.

The WebOS UI is suprisingly slick, very fast and responsive to the commands coming from the remote control and the gestures; with lots of cool transitions and animation. It’s a huge departure from the basic Smart TV UI we’ve been seeing from different TV brands that are clunky and slow.


LG promises that WebOS will become mainstream and should be running on majority of their Smart TVs by second half of 2014.

There’s an on-scree cursor, option for gesture and voice commands (using just a finger rather than your entire hand/arm), and an app store.

While there are so many news regarding TVs in this year’s CES (4k or Ultra HD, curved displays and bendable ones), we think the announcement of WebOS on TVs is more exciting than anything else. We’re looking forward to seeing more WebOS in action.

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  1. Daryll says:

    Why not just use Android? They would beat all the other TVs. lol

  2. shane says:

    .wow new ultra HD TV i like it…

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