McAfee acquires VPN Company TunnelBear

McAfee acquires VPN Company TunnelBear

McAfee is looking to further strengthen their online security services with their acquisition of Canadian based VPN service provided, TunnelBear. The deal pushed through today for an undisclosed amount.

TunnelBear started providing VPN services in 2011 and slowly grew to be one of the world’s most trusted VPN provider. The service is available on multiple platforms and has a monthly recurring subscription fee of $9.99. Although, they do have a trial version with a measly monthly 500MB of VPN data. There’s no word yet whether the available payment options will change or not once McAfee takes over the services.


With the acquisition of TunnelBear, McAfee will be able to bolster its cybersecurity platform by combining the said VPN service’s secure network with their own intuitive interface and Safe connect products.

According to McAfee, “McAfee’s acquisition of TunnelBear is an exciting opportunity for our company. TunnelBear will continue to develop the products our customers have come to love, now with the backing and resources of a leading cybersecurity company”

This also gives McAfee a world-class technology and business that coincides with their vision of protecting their customer’s personal data, online behavior, and sensitive pieces of information.

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