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Motorists watch out: List of roads closed today for earthquake drill

Navigation app Waze gave out notifications to its users in the Philippines reminding them that today is the day that MMDA will conduct the Shakedrill 2015 in preparation for the expected earthquake in the country. They listed down the places as well as the time that specific roads will be closed.


Below are the planned closures for today, July 30, 2015, and their corresponding times:


  • Apolinario Mabini – 09:00-11:59
  • Roxas Blvd Service Rd – 09:00-11:59
  • Exchange Rd – 18:00-23:59
  • San Miguel Ave – 18:00-23:59
  • Pearl Dr – 18:00-23:59
  • North – 10:30-11:30
  • Parkway Dr – 10:30-11:30
  • East – 10:30-11:30
  • West – 10:30-11:30
  • Marcelo H del Pilar – 09:00-11:59
  • Jade Dr – 18:00-23:59
  • Dona Julia Vargas Ave – 18:00-23:59
  • Lourdes – 18:00-23:59


In addition, using the app will guide motorists to their destinations and evade these blocked roads.

{Waze app}

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  1. wired_boy says:

    scary, lalo na yung mga nagwowork sa tall buildings, uuwi pa naman ako ngayong month…ingat2x!

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