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Nintendo’s first smartphone game to be called Miitomo

We’ve been expecting Nintendo to join the wagon of developing apps and games for smartphone devices. And now, they have announced their first smartphone game — Miitomo.


According to Wall Street Journal , the game will be released by March 2016. It will be the first out five smartphone apps that Nintendo plans to release a year after. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, just like most titles in the app stores.


With Miitomo, you’ll be able to create or your own avatar or miis and use them to communicate with other users. Nintendo’s popular characters will also come to the game in the future. With these features, the title seems to pose itself as a communication app rather than a mobile game.

A new service called Nintendo Account was also announced. It will connect its consoles with PCs and mobile devices. Users will be able to transfer data through a cloud based service.


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