Samsung Galaxy Note gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Galaxy Note gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Got the notification this afternoon on my Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s actually a firmware update that includes Android 4.0.3 ICS, a new S Note app, and new S Memo widget.

The whole update was about 319MB in size and took some half an hour to download and update on the Galaxy Note.


Aside from the usual added features from ICS, I could not recognize any differences in the UI. Samsung retained much of the TouchWiz UI on the ICS update so unless you really dig deeper into the handset, you won’t see the difference coming from Gingerbread.

The improvements with S Memo is really cool (now supports functions and equations) while the S Note widget enhancement is just minor.

Chime in at the comments section if your Galaxy Note also got the update.

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75 Responses

  1. kram says:

    Thanks for this sir abe! ICS is not yet available on my Note via Kies.

  2. jerkysans says:

    I am using a Galaxy Note locked under Smart, and sadly, still no update. I heard good things about the new S Memo, though.

  3. ICe says:

    Sir, do you have a local unit or imported unit.. so far checked samfirmware only germany units have ics

  4. dyonisii says:

    sir abe,

    does ics allow apps to write directly to the sd card now?

    with hc devices, apps can only read but not write to sd cards.

    hopefully, the 7.7 would receive its update sooner too.

  5. Raul says:

    Im jealous, Abe! Was checking since 7pm and I still haven’t got it!!

  6. JmBalicano says:

    My Note was imported from Germany. Lucky! In the process of downloading the update now :)

  7. rancel says:

    i think if your phone is from germany or have the xx kernel version you can update to ics na….kasi they roll out the update in germany first….kaya some note versions with dxlc2 like mine with smart have to wait a bit more

  8. mweuse says:

    Dapat ang headline: “Samsung Galaxy Note gets Ice Cream Sandwich. Still Laggy”

  9. DriftSpeed says:

    HK unit daw yung kay sir Abe according to his tweet :(

  10. rancel says:

    the ics update for note will roll out in asia sa may 15 daw….or asian version with dxlc2….daw according to samsung philippines and smart….

  11. Mikhail says:

    I wondered what you mean by chimein in your “Chimein on the comments section if your Galaxy Note also got the update.”

    And then I realized what it really meant…

  12. wilbert says:

    downloading the ICS :)

  13. Ronron says:

    Hi sir Abe still checking untill now the ICS update for SGNote N7000 from Globe Telecom yet no Update found. How come? Any idea? Thanks

  14. jeff says:

    Hi sirs, panu ko malaman yung version? are you reffering to kernel version? or baseband version?

  15. camhiliciouz says:

    Mine is rooted so i decided to manually update it via Mobile Odin. got a German version of the ICS with premium suite rom and flash it.

    and yup, the S Note app is wicked. XD

  16. Maverickron says:

    Air Abe di po ba HK unit po ung SGNote mo kasi ung sa pinsan ko po asa HK wala pa rin po daw na rerecieve na Update. May idea po kaya kayo if when is the official update? Then worthit po ba ang update ng ICS? Dami po kasi ng rhumor na pangit. Like ang lakas mag drain ng battery at nag log pa rin. Ay sir ask ko po if naka theater mode po ba ang SGNote nyo soobrang bilis mag drain ng battery? Pag normal use po kasi di po umaabot ng 8 hours ussage ko. Kasama na light data browsing. Thank you!

  17. Awww!!! Ka stress naman bat itong Note ko still di pa din ma pick up si ICS. Kahit thruw wifi, skies, at pc skies? Or hindi pa talaga release ang ICS sa atin? thanks

  18. ben says:

    Still on 2.3.6

  19. Got the ICS using Odin, about 5-20 minutes of update and now i love the new ICS.

  20. Ronron says:

    Hey guys just got an official e-mail from SAMSUNG Philippines well Re: The Official ICS update on SG-N7000 Note. Said that the REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS didn’t released the ICS update for the philippines. They didnt gave any further explanation why the REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS holding the update. Samsung said that they will be posting in their website and all forms of advertisments re: on the ICS update. And for that they are sorry for the late release. So hope this help.

  21. ben says:

    i felt cheated. Samsung promised to release ics update on Q1 of 2012. Later they moved it to Q2. But now that they have it, they are still delaying the release.
    Perhaps we should call on DTI to act on this false promises and advertising.
    I paid 34k for my galaxy note and I’m dissapointed on Samsung Phil.

  22. @Sir Ben, thats too sad for Galaxy Note users like us. I have the ICS update using Odin software + the German ROM only. Meaning what they told us to be updated in Q2 and in May 15, 2012 for the Asia still they cant do it.

    Masyado silang nag focus on new phone like SIII hindi pa nila na provide what we must have.

    Id love to have Lumia 610 this coming month.

    • Yoran E. Jit says:

      Tol, pagbili mo na yang Galaxy Note mo tas bumili ka ng Lumia. Ako, I’m sick and tired of this waiting game ng Samsung sa official updates nila. Kung ganito pala sila, salamat nalang Samsung, baka ganito din sa Jelly Bean. Ayoko na. Pagbili ko na nga Gnote ko bili ako PS3+monitor mas masaya pa.

      Ang masaklap pa, yung naka-update na sa official ICS sa Gnote sabi MABAGAL parin! Tengeneng TouchWiz kasi eh. Tas may premium suite pa kuno di ko naman gagamitin yun. I just want a better, more optimized OS sa hardware ng GNote tas mabagal pa din pala. Langya Samsung. Kahit pa nag cu-custom ROMs, kernels, etc ako gusto ko parin ang official of course. Kaya goodbye Samsung.

    • Christopher Baradi says:

      Anu ba mas okay na rom, natry ko na kasi ang German epal lang eh , itong Taiwan naman so far oay maliban sa eyboard niya hirap mag select dahil paste agad lumalabas.

      Di naman lumalabas sa ain ang update siguro dahil na update ko na gamit ang odin?

  23. Thor says:

    kaya nga sabi ko sa brother ko na bibili sana ng S3 ay huwag na. Mahina ang after sales support ng Samsung. Puro pangako lang. Ganyan din ang sinasabi ko sa ibang potential buyers ng samsung phone.
    sa mga gusto talaga ng samsung, better buy sa abroad. Third class citizen ang treatment sa taga Pinas.

  24. Thor says:

    May 22 2012.
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Thailand
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Malaysia
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Indonesia
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Vietnam

    May 2012.
    N7000XXLPY – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OXALPY – Open Germany

  25. Ronron says:

    Hi! May update na po ba kayo re: sa samsung ICS sa pinas? Hirap po kasing mag hanap ng official news sa web. Ang tagal na po kasi ng ICA update up to now wala pa rin. Sa Apple po lasi world wide release and iOS nila eh ngayon lang kase ko nag android as extra mobile. Parang mas mainam pa na mag oldies mobile nalang partner ng iPhone hehehe

  26. Mick says:

    I got the update notification kanina lang pero nacancel ko. I tried checking for updates pero wala daw! What should I do? I want to update mine to ICS

  27. Romron says:

    Well got my ICS update for SGNote this morning I think when I woke up it on ICS haha… Well mine is quite fast slight log. Well that is you should free the ram once in a while (killing unwanted applications). Well I hope you enjoy yours. By the way my Note came from Globe Telecom the open line one.

  28. Mhel says:

    Got the update notification, too.. Just now :)

  29. Chris says:

    I just got mine too! Just now

  30. judithhhh says:

    I got the notification as well but did not tap on it. Now when I try to update using my note it says no update available. Is there a way to solve this?

  31. Ben says:

    Downloading right now. very slow, and I am thinking of cancelling and resuming later..
    Battery must at least be 50% charge before one can download the update…
    I hope that this is worth the very long wait.

  32. Mhel says:

    I find it a bit laggy :(

    Are you experiencing it, too?

    • Ronron says:

      Not really laggy… Works great for me… Playing rpg games right now actually… Pretty much fine… Be sure to clear up your ram once in a while… But iOS is much fluid and better in my opinion. Lol

  33. ronald says:

    At last, i’m currently downloading via wi-fi the ics upgrade to my samsung galaxy note. The file size is 327MB. There is even a timer on the screen that says how long it will take to download it onto the device that depends on the speed of your internet connection. This means my 7.7 galaxy tab would soon follow. Nice.

    • Roe says:

      Hi, where can i get professional help or expert to upgrade my SGT7.7 to IceCreamSandwhich 4.0? i’m afraid to do it by myself… can i bring it to samsung mobile service? big thanks

    • Threeck says:

      Just do as it says on the on-screen instructions. plug the USB cable and don’t touch the phone ’till everything is finished. it has fail-safe so don’t worry about bricking your phone on official updates. (but I won’t assure you that unplugging the device in the middle of the firmware upgrading itself wont brick your phone) just don’t touch your phone whilst updating and you’ll be fine. Follow the instructions and just keep pressing on “next”. keep us posted whether you updated yours ^^

  34. Christopher Baradi says: akin lana nag aapear o dahil nag odin na ako tapos nagtry na ako ng german at taiwan

  35. Christopher Baradi says:

    anu pagkakaiba ng hongkong na rom at sa philippines natin same lang din ba? kasi plan ko to downgrade to gingerbread and gamitin ko OTA or skies para mareceive ko automatic ang update para sa note ko talaga. any idea?

  36. Mick 2 says:

    Mga sir, may nagkaproblema po ba sainyo ng pag update ng ICS via Kies? Laging nagta-timeout sakin. Ang shitty kasi ng Globe. Di kaya dahil dun bakit ako nagtatimeout?

    • Christopher Baradi says:

      nalalaglag yan tol tapos ayun uulit ulit siya hanggang matapos mo ulit. Pede din try mo muna download mismong ang file tapos odin nalang gamitn pang upgrade

    • Mick 2 says:

      anong ibig mong sabihin na nalalaglag? tsaka di ko alam kung pano idownload yung file pati update via odin. newbie lang ako sa pag update eh :P

  37. emmanuell says:

    updated to ics4 via kies

    • Christopher Baradi says:

      wow anu pagkakaiba tol? natry mo na ba gamitin angodin at ibang rom gagamitin mo instead na skies nag upgrade?

  38. ciren says:

    Finally upgraded my Note to ICS. Update notification prompted yesterday morning. Tried downloading it over-the-air (OTA) but it’s stopping halfway through. Several attempts after, it said that there’s no software update available so i tried to download it via Kies on my Macbook Pro. But then the Mac version of Kies is so buggy, it’s still not completing the download. So finally i just loaded Kies to my PC and i havent had a problem updating to ICS.

    • bob says:

      what is the version of your kies? I ctill can’t get any update OTA not kies,

    • Mick 2 says:

      Can’t update using Kies :( Don’t know what’s wrong but good for you bro.

    • ciren says:

      @bob I have the latest version of Kies both on Mac and PC but the PC platform is much more stable. If you didn’t get an update via OTA as well as on Kies then maybe your software update is still on its way :)

    • Bob says:

      i guess i need to be more patient… patient since december last year.. sigh :D

  39. christopher says:

    I already installed German rom and then di masyado na satisfy sa lag niya kaya nag install ulit ako ng Taiwan/Hongkong rom ata then okay naman siya. Tapos nakita ko na release na agn ICS para sa Pinas. Kaya eto dinowngrade ko sa Gingerbread tapos mag try OTA saka sa skies kaso olats. Huhu, if hindi mag upgrade to hanggang bukas baka balik ko nalang sa ICS Hongkong, anu ba difference nila? Keyboard at language lang ba?

  40. aira says:

    I update my note via OTA wala naman problema walang lag super fast ng ics sa note ko kaya lang ang bilis ng baterry ma drain…..

    • Threeck says:

      On the contrary, mine uses less battery and doesn’t heat up as much than when it was on Gingerbread. My phone lasts for like 8 hours when it was on gingerbread, ngayon 10 hours na.

  41. Threeck says:

    WOW GREAT! I rooted my GNote a week ago at sobrang nagwoworry ako dahil nagincrease ang flash counter (lumabas yung triangle thing sa boot up) at wala akong mahanap na pang reset ng flash counter, and the update to ICS removed it. so kapag nagbboot ako wala na yung warning triangle. S Note is great! :) pretty satisfied and less heat-up from extensive use, unlike sa GB na minsan nakakapaso na yung init kapag matagal ginamit. I also like the new addition na kapag ginamit mo yung S-Pen at kapag nasa proximity siya nung screen lumalabas yung para cursor, at sobrang helpful lalo kpg nagddrawing ako ng diagrams. GREAT UPDATE, and a MUST UPDATE for all GNote users ^^

  42. bob says:

    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Thailand
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Malaysia
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Indonesia
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Vietnam
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Philippines (Sun)

    ibig sabihin iisang buld lang sila? kahit iba ibang country? so pwede ako mag download then odin? thank you in advance

  43. bob says:

    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Philippines (Sun)
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Thailand
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Malaysia
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Indonesia
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Vietnam
    N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Singapore (SingTel)

    does this means they are all the same even with different country released? so pwede ako mag download ng isa nito then mag odin nlng ako? thank you in advance :D hindi na tlga kao makapagantay, mukhang netherland ung build ko e

  44. Jay says:

    Yo guys, tanong ko lang kung pano magupdate via Odin?

    • bob says:

      kunin mo gusto mong firmware dito – official lahat tapos andito instructions: :D

    • Jay says:

      May warranty pa yung Note ko, hindi kaya magiging void yung warranty ko?

    • Threeck says:

      Well, once you flashed your device using “unofficial methods” the flash counter will increase. Malalaman mo yun tuwing i-bboot mo yung GNote mo, may warning triangle below the “Galaxy Note N-7000” sa boot-up screen. if ever na ibabalik mo sa service center yan malalaman nila na tampered yung device mo at void na ang warranty mo. Naghahanap ako ng pang-reset ng counter, marami na akong natry pero walang gumagana.

    • JYEAH! R says:

      well di naman iincrease counter mo kahit ano dito sa mga ito i-flash mo kasi these are all STOCK ROMS, meaning official firmwares mga to hindi lang nga official ang pag-update mo kasi via odin, ang official yung through OTA or kies talaga, so hindi ma void warranty mo pag stock roms iflash mo kasi di iincrease counter.
      what increases the counter ay kung CUSTOM firmware na nilagay mo, mga rocketROM, cyanogenmod, etc. cheers!

    • Threeck says:

      Does it? haha, I’ve never flashed official ROMs using unofficial methods. May point ka nga naman na official roms shouldn’t increase flash counter, but have you tried? I haven’t tried it. itong official ICS yung first Kies update ko, the rest were customs, mostly Cyanogen mods. kinompare ko lang kasi yung CM9 with ofc. ICS. :D thanks for correcting.

  45. angelo says:

    samsung is shit.until now my galaxy note cannot update to ics fuck samsung

  46. lei says:

    Why am I not receiving any update on my G-Note?

  47. yzac says:

    ICS not good for Note… Slower, more lags ad forced closes. Incompatible apps and the Gallery freezes when multiple apps are open unlike when I was in GB, everything is smooth… Any way I can revert back to GB without root? It does not give much feature anyway..

    • JYEAH! R says:

      yes you can flash back to GB without root. i was on an official ICS, I found that everything was fine,nothing really new, kind of lags a bit like you said which was ok, then, i notice the screenlock doesn’t work, sh**t! it’s bad because i want to sell my note . so i just flashed a stock GB rom via odin, rebooted, had Force closes, rebooted again and it was perfect after that, I’m on GB again, yay!

    • Threeck says:

      That’s the main reason why Samsung keeps on delaying the release of ICS for SGNote.

  48. Mico says:

    Got mine update weeks ago. No lags. Hindi rin nagfe-freeze. Walang ibang problem except sa overheating pag nag charge and sobrang bilis mang drain ng battery.

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