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MyPhone ventures into multimedia, launches Agila Rewards

It’s time to bid farewell to MyPhone‘s “Wala ka sa phone ko” tagline as the company extends its reach to consumers. Not by releasing a new phone to drool over (although it would be nice to see one) but by delivering personalized content to consumers.


MyPhone aims to lift itself up from the local Android hardware game by venturing into the realm of software. Having the best specs in an affordable smartphone is not exactly the strategy MyPhone has in the hardware scene. Instead, they want to push entertainment content to Filipinos hence, their never ending list of DTV-capable smartphones.


The vision of MyPhone, as stated during the presentation of their plans, is for Agila to be the core of everything. What’s exactly is Agila? As from what we understood, it’s going to be the overseer of big data analytics based on what the company has about their users. It’s similar to how Google was able to specifically pick which ads to show you. From there, MyPhone will be able to push personalized content to the end users aside from ads. They’ll also be able to provide applicable services from respective government agencies.


For now, we have the Agila Rewards apps for Android (download here) which basically converts your lock screen into an ad space similar to what Amazon does to its Kindle tablets. Using the app will earn you points that will give you raffle entries to the current ongoing draw. Soon, you’ll be able to use these points as a form of currency letting you purchase available content like online magazines and e-books.


Part of this “transcendence” of MyPhone into a software company are partnerships with other content creators, manufacturers, and developers both from local and international scenes. One of them is SuperD, a Chinese company specializing in augmented reality, virtual reality and glasses-free 3D mobile devices that we MyPhone might bring in soon before 2016 ends.

MyPhone opened a lot of possibilities for themselves and the average Filipino mobile consumers. Let’s hope they’ll be able to pull it off as planned since it’s a grand dream to fulfill.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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