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Another “PLDT reading blogs” incident

Over 5 months ago, I blogged about the “PLDT reading my blog” incident and though that was the only time we’ve witnessed companies trolling blogs for feedback on their products and services, it was a sign of more good things to come. Behind that is the power of any regular customer to voice out (thru blogging) their satisfaction or lack thereof for a certain product or service.

The same also happened to Alfa who blogged about PLDT’s WeRoam service. The product manager basically approach her and answered all her questions about WeRoam because of a post on her blog. While we only seldom hear stories like this, it’s still an indication that corporations or companies even as big as PLDT and Smart are wise enough to listen to what bloggers are saying.

I’m also glad that main stream media has been picking up stories from blogs as a source of news on this regard. A classic example of which is the publication of Inq7.net and Manila Standard Today about the issue on Smart Wifi referring to blogs to source feedback and comments that could be representative of the general consuming public.

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5 Responses

  1. Kates says:

    Well that’s good. Now if we can only make them improve their services…

  2. I find it commendable that a manager personally addressed the questions of a blogger/customer.

    But companies should be able to address customer feedbacks from the traditional sources as well – phone and email inquiries/complaints. More over, I think they should be able to provide prompt and accurate replies.

    Searching blogs/forums for feedbacks from consumers is an approach that companies will need to spend more time on sooner or later.

  3. Richard S. says:

    Good thing they responded. I’m from PLDT HK’s marketing team and I, myself I like to look on how we can improve our Services by looking around, so I can also learn and apply here in Hong Kong.


    Richard S.

  4. aldrin says:

    I’m one of those irrirated customers of PLDT when it comes to poor customer service orientation of thier agents on the phone. wake up PLDT. when can you elevate your customer service to world class standards?

  5. denise says:

    pldt poor customers service, you have to wait for ages before they take actions. honestly it pisses me off everytime i call customers service,

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