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Anti-Bill Shock scheme from Globe & Smart

Sun Cellular started it all back in October of last year with their anti-bill shock Plan 350. Earlier this week, both Smart and Globe also introduced the anti-bill shock feature.


For Globe, once you reach or exceed your volume or charge cap, they will switch you to Plan 999 with unlimited data (applies to any Postpaid Powersurf plans).

For Smart, any overage charges that exceeds the Php1,200 amount will cap you at that price for the current billing cycle. Smart Data Lite Plans 500, 800 and 1,000 and iPhone Plans 999 and 2499 will enjoy the worry-free data charge cap without the need to enrol or sign up for a separate package unlike those offered by the competition (Smart could be referring to Sun’s Plan 350).

Great move for both telcos to include this feature in their postpaid plans.

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31 Responses

  1. I hope Smart will follow as stated above. I’m on unlimited data but they still add up weird data charges such as “streaming” and “Facebook Mobile App.” Don’t you think that’s bulls**t?

    • JayBEsguerra says:

      Yes. I’m also on unli-data and I still get that “Facebook Mobile App” charge… twice on my latest bill.

    • iamdoods says:

      I asked about that Facebook issue thing on Smart and they said it is because you shared your connection (tethering) to someone who uses Facebook Java Application/Facebook Mobile App found in Symbian, Bada, etc.

      I think when someone uses Facebook Mobile App, they treated it as a different service.

    • miongb says:

      hi jayvee and doods. im also on unli data plan of smart. during my first months, i was also charged with additionally for accessing my fb and twitter accts outside of browsing. smart was kind enough to reverse these charges since i filed a complaint. but after talking to many smart customer care representatives, including their tech personnel, i realized that accessing your e-mail (push email), twitter and fb accounts using APPLICATIONS (any fb or twitter external apps like friendcaster, tweetcaster, etc.) are charged separately (10 pesos for every 30 mins). the unli data plan COVERS BROWSING ONLY, so I decided to access my e-mail and social accounts through the browser (i.e. by typing http://www.facebook.com in the browser). Since then, the additional charges are gone.

      Hope this helps!

    • @miongb: Not cool. They shouldn’t have named it unli data plan in the first place. More like unli browsing only. Heh, Smart and their deceitful schemes.

    • miongb says:

      @soul annihilator: i agree. it should be unli browsing and not unli data!

      i remember i was so mad at that time. i wanted to cancel the plan, but im still tied with them for 2yrs.

      would you know if its also the same case with globe’s unli data plan?

  2. Nino Gatdula says:


  3. Jays says:

    I talked to smart customer care the other day and they said that this does not apply to old plans like mine (consumable 1200)

    I have to convert to one of their new plans in order for this feature to apply

  4. Edu says:

    This is applicable to new plans only but Globe will cover old and new ones. Correct if I’m wrong. But beware if you’re thinking of swapping your BB sim with unlimited data to iPhone because your bill can go as high as the sky!

  5. Rabs says:

    I’m on iphone plan 999 and 250mb lang ang free ko. Kung lalagpas ako ng 250mb let’s say 2GB, 1200 lang babayaran?

    • Neil says:

      No. I find Smart’s anti-bill shock scheme confusing, or is it just me? Read an excerpt of their press release…

      “To illustrate, iPhone Plan 999 subscribers are allocated a total of 250MB* of data every month. Once the data allocation has been consumed, the regular charge of P10 for every 30 minutes of mobile Internet use will be billed above the monthly service fee (MSF).
      Regular data charging will continue until accumulated Internet charges reach P1,200—at which point, the plan will work like an unlimited data connection until the next billing cycle.”

    • Confuzzled says:

      It means instead of paying thousands of pesos for every 30mins connection, you’ll only need to pay an additional 1200 during that month where you used up too much data.

      Just imagine how many 30 minute window there are in a day and you left your data on for only a day:

      48 [30minute window] x PhP 10 = 480.

      Just a day and you’d be paying 480, imagine how much you’ll be paying if you left it on for a month.

  6. anonymous says:

    Ha…be careful this is just another ploy to
    overcharge you even if you did not yet exceed
    your data limit. They will just “bump” you to a higher plan even if not yet necessary so they can cash in on your subscription. Be wary of Globe and Smart intentions…

  7. luiboowee says:

    Naging victim na ako ng bill shock. Masyado nilang ginagawang complicated. Dapat kapag na-reach mo na ang credit limit mo, regardless if it’s bec of data/sms/calls, dapat may notification kagad. Tapos kapag nag-over limit na, stop na yung services. The telco would assign a credit limit to each subscriber. Takot lang siguro sila kasi minsan they earn money through such incidents. Credit limit should protect both parties, not only the provider but also the subscriber. Para saan pa ang credit limit kung every billing cut-off lang nakakadetect ng overlimit? sigh…

  8. ads says:

    Bill shock. Yep, this happened to me to. Umabot ba naman yung bill ko ng 30K. Yes, 30k para sa data. When I check with them, they say that when I was using wifi, pag nagdisconnect, siwtch yun sa plan. wala man lang notification, at it was only for a day. Buti na reverse. Pero imagine, paying 30k for that “leaked 3g connection” when you believe that you’re using wifi. Deym.

    • Abigail says:

      Hi i just want to ask if narevise ng globe ung bill mo na 30k up to? kasi we have the same problem ipaparevise ko din sana thanks

  9. ads says:

    Bill shock. Yep, this happened to me too. Umabot ba naman yung bill ko ng 30K. Yes, 30k para sa data. When I check with them, they say that when I was using wifi, pag nagdisconnect, it will switch sa plan. wala man lang notification, and it was only for a day. Buti na reverse. Pero imagine, paying 30k for that “leaked 3g connection” when you believe that you’re using wifi. Deym.

  10. niel says:

    offtopic question… how much do i pay if the phone in a plan is free?. like the galaxy note on smart which is free on unli plan 2000..do i pay only 4000 first on the day i get the plan..?any help is greatly apreciated.

  11. Roegan Taron says:

    Wow. My application for Globe’s Unli Data Plan is currently on going. I’m now having second thoughts :( They said they’re going to call me this week for my application. I’ll ask them about this one.

  12. dabidab says:

    browsing lang ba talaga yang unlimited data ng smart? ibig sabihin pag gumamit ako ng app eg: facebook or twitter 10 peso/30mins na? dapat safari lang gamitin? tsk tsk! anyway thanks Yugatech at may ganitong topic dito :)

  13. Don Balanhi says:

    There are hidden charges on Smart.

  14. Lau Beruin says:

    how about yung pag-update ng apps? hindi kasama sa unli data plan?…
    second thoughts in applying tuloy…

  15. miongb says:

    dont worry kasama yun.

  16. gen says:

    how about with globe unli data plan? Is it only for browsing? or you can access social apps without charge?

  17. stong says:

    meron din bang hidden charges yung globe sa iphone 4s 1799 plan unlimited data? i use the cellular data often and i also tether it to some devices.. salamat po..

  18. malditanez says:

    i also have plan with smart now ung 349.. but every month ung bill ko umaabot ng 1k+, minsan pag check mo ng balance magugulat ka nlng wla ka nman ginagamit pero my addtl na Php 40.00 from the last time na nagcheck ka… then i really didnt pay for 2months na cause i got pissed.. i called their Cust Serv they said that they cant do anyting as of the moment kasi its unbilled charges… they still should keep track of what i have used so far… called twice same thing… haiist… if they wont stop the hidden charsged and all i wont really pay it… im paying religiously before but this last time its addtl Php 120 on my bill n i know i never used cause im always on flight mode then ung data plan is not active… grabe… nkakawlang gana magbayad pag ganyan… Now i have sun ganon din ung prblema…

  19. Fck This Sh!T says:

    Wala nang mas nakakapagod pa sa mga unwanted charges. without you even knowing. sa totoo lang bullsht talaga honestly. WARNING sa mga mag IPhone. check nyo lahat ng settings. Sabi na nga ba eh kaartehan lang yan. if you are getting one, you should understand everything first. ewan ko ba kung bakit masyadong complicated. SHIT! and btw, nakakapagod din ang artistas and social networks who invade personal privacy. hahaha! peace!

  20. dessa says:

    Hi guys umm I just wanna try to help regarding your concerns about the mobile surfing charge. I’ve worked in a telecom company before ( not in the phil though) the 250mb thats your limit, now you should really be careful with that bec. once you exceed that allowed usage you will be charged 10/30 mins ( as ive understoon on the forum) now if you keep on exceeding and your overage charges ( those are your extra charges the accumulated 10php/30 mins) and it reaches 1200php, smart will immediately close your account so that you wont acquire extra charges anymore. since you guys are the ones who chose your plan, its really your responsibility to know it by heart so that you wont earn overages

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