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Anyone here uses Globe Tracker?

My recent story about locating a lost phone via cell triangulation drew a few questions about its accuracy, including some privacy concerns. This reminds me of the service offered by a local telco for tracking a handset called Globe Tracker.

Globe Tracker has been around for a couple of years now but it’s pretty useful in some cases.

Basically, what it does is provide an estimate of the location of an active phone number and its user. The Tracker website also provides a map for reference. It’s not very accurate but can be as close as a few meters of the actual location of the phone.


Globe charges Php2.50 to manage the account over SMS or the website and an additional Php5.00 per inquiry for a location.

Even if the phone is already turned off or dead, Globe Tracker can still provide the location where the phone has made its last transmission (tried it just to be sure).

You will need to have your number enrolled into Globe Tracker before you can use the service.

You can check it out here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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34 Responses

  1. frenchy says:

    i normally use this for tracking some people para hindi na ko magtanong kung nasa school o office na ba sya o nakauwi na. effective din ito if you want to pay a surprise visit to someone at least alam mo na nandun sya sa vicinity ng pupuntahan mo.

    • Mike says:

      Pero di ba nag sesend ng message sa number na being tracked? Ie pag hinanap mo si A. ay may msg na darating sa kanya na sinasabi na being tracked sya?

  2. jayb says:

    its a great service from globe. . i always use it. . . reminder: you need a permission from the person you want to track.

    • phiLLip says:

      technically you just have to gain access of the phone and/or number you want to track. A friend of mine used this on his GF (secretly) *that cost them their relationship.

      I remember globe advertised this feature as a way for wives to catch their cheating husbands.

    • Leslie says:

      The tracking feature is useful. I used it to track the movements of my cheating ex-wife back when we were still married.

      BTW, SMART vs GLOBE tracker services do have a difference in how accurate the estimated location would be.

  3. ARL says:

    around 2009, i used the Friend Finder service of Smart to locate my sister. Since my sister is in my custody I assume full responsibility for her safety and whereabouts. Abe’s right, that didnt give me the exact location but at least i have an idea where she is. by the way, you guys might be wondering why i tracked my sis, she’s still a student, and im his kuya. also i and my gf used that too to locate each other, hehe yeah, and that was my biggest mistake ever that i allowed that, i cant deny where i am nor make other stories and i rmbr we had several fights becoz of this FriendFinder.

    Smart’s FriendFinder i think is far more superior than Globe coz of the number of cellsites that could triangulate your location. but in a way, that helped me a lot specially with my sis. By the way, i used the service in Cebu City.


  4. GensanBoy says:

    I have been using this service for maybe around 2 years now. It’s fairly accurate, you can even “locate” yourself (syntax is :locate me send to 7000). great for tracking the kids and others who have been enrolled to your account. Smart has a similar service also.

  5. mark says:

    not sure if you guys have tried using google latitude but it seems to me its doing the same thing. but this one only works if both of you are on 3G or wifi.

    • mike says:

      Yes I am using this Google Latitude. But this only works when internet is available. But this location is much accurate compared to globe tracker.

  6. noside_143 says:

    does this the only work on a Globe # that you wanna track… or what if your a sun subscriber, would it work?

  7. alain says:

    damn. bat ngayon ka lang ng post nito. kknakaw lang lang ng phone ko. lol. thanks sa info!

  8. edu says:

    I’ve been using this service since 2007. It is very helpful in locating establishments like Bank, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Bus station and many More! Locating others and yourself is also top of the line service if you only use Simple and Feature Phones but I don’t usually use it anymore when I got my First iPhone in 2009

  9. marilynmonroe says:

    pwede ba to sa globe postpaid users? how are we charged? is this an expensive service? i mean, are always charged incrementally just like those spam ringtones/sms tones/graphics like zed service before??ty

  10. Brickz says:

    For postpaid subscribers, does the fee go under the consumable or on top of it?

  11. juntar says:

    I’ve been using Globe Tracker and Smart’s WIS for tracking people. However, you have to be familiar with the vicinity where the person you’re tracking is located to get a more precise estimate. http://juntariman.wordpress.com/2009/01/30/locating-someone-via-your-cellphone/

  12. Hi Everyone,

    Globe Tracker can be used by Globe and TM subscribers (postpaid or prepaid). You can use this service via the Globe Tracker website or by SMS. For the Person Finder, you can only track Globe and TM users.

    How to use this service by SMS:
    1. You need to register first (FREE OF CHARGE)

    Send REG(space)YOUR NAME to 7000

    ex. REG JOHN

    2. Then you can add all the family and friends that you want to track – with their permission of course

    ADD(space)your friend’s name,friend’s mobile no.

    ex. ADD JANE,09178001234
    Rate: P2.50

    3. Once the request is approved by your friend, you can start tracking him/her by texting:

    FIND(space)your friend’s name

    ex. FIND Jane
    Rate: P5.00

    Sample reply:
    Jane is in the gen area of/near Makati Medical Center, Dela Rosa St, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City, MM. To view map of your friend’s location, text MAP to 7000. Ex. MAP John. P10/MMS. For FREE Tracker info, text HELP to 7000.

    – CyberSoft Inc
    (Content Provider)

    For more info, you may want to check our FB page (www.facebook.com/Find7000) or send us an email at [email protected].

  13. kabbalyero says:

    what if you’re trying to locate someone who’s on the road? how accurate is the tracker? i tried to locate someone while the person is moving, then after 3 minutes the person said that theyre already home. the location that was given by the tracker is like, 10kms from their house. it’s impossible to travel on land at 10kms/3minutes

  14. elegante says:

    pano po pag ginuglo ka ng tao na d mo naman kilala.pwede po ba sya matrack ng hindi nya nalalaman i mean ung walang message na tracker ang nkalagay.kc po kailangan pa yata iconfirm nya bago msama ung number nya sa mga pwede mo maitrack na number o tao.salamat po

  15. fool says:

    proved good evidence, twice on my cheating husband. good job globe! one day he got his brain to work and chaged sims.

  16. lokamarie says:

    Hi, how to know kpag ang phne mong ginagamit ay tintract under globe? How to get rid from those bullshit tracker. Hope u guys can help me with this case :D

  17. lost says:

    How does Globe tracker show the location of the phone on the map? Does it use triangulation or does it just show the cell tower location?

  18. lost says:

    How does Globe tracker show the location of the phone on the map? Does it use triangulation or does it just show the nearest cell tower location?

  19. Richard says:

    help me locate and track this number 09261272031… this number bullying us

  20. Labidab says:

    Well, I have to say… I have been using Globe Tracker for around 3 years na. And you know what? Lagi siyang accurate except this year. Kasi natatrack ko yung asawa ko, ang lumalabas Parañaque, Sucat and other places sa South. Pero kasama ko siya habang tinatrack ko siya at nasa Quezon City kami! Dont rely on it so much, advise ko lang. Kasi pwede talaga kayo magkasira over a glitch. Ilambeses ko ginawa at laging mali yung tracking service. Kung may duda ka, just confront the person and tell them you want the truth or better yet, kung di mo mapagkatiwalaan, let the person go kasi ikaw lang masisira ang bait. Magmumukha ka pang praning na obsessed.

  21. Yer says:

    Hindi naman accurate ang globe tracker na toh. nagtrack ako ng isang number na nasa malabon ang result na binigay nila nasa quezon city daw yung number na pinatrack ko. kaya hindi din ito kagandahan. hindi sulit yung binayad pang track.

  22. Ert says:

    hindi accurate ang globe tracker. nakakasira lang ng relasyon. sayang ang pera. lage nalang kame nagaaway ng partner ko dahil dito.

  23. Ed says:

    Not accurate.dont even bother wasting your money on one of those Globe ripped off.Go ahead and try to track your own number.I tried to track my own globe cell phone number.I was actually at SM megamall .Globe tracker say I was in Makati area..Duhhh!!..What a waste of money!

  24. jovic says:

    Yes folk icould attest to that wrong tracking location made by globe tracker. Actually im tracking my wife secretly, i registered her without her knowlegde, im been using the service since 04. The service is not accurate all the time, the worst tracking happened sometime in march last year. Ive tracked my wife, as per globe tracker, my wife is somewhere in ultra complex, pasig its about 10pm then well she should be home by 9pm in bacoor, cavite. Again i tracked her 11pm, same location was given, quite worried, i text our yaya and she replied my wife was already home by 830pm

    • QAZ says:

      Maybe your yaya was just covering for your wife? You should have called your landline in Bacoor, Cavite, to be sure that your wife was really there.

  25. jovic says:

    Omg! I didnt stop from there, i tracked again at 1240am i got the same answer and lastly at 620am. The reason i did it continously despite knowing my was already home was to check if globe tracker would give the accurate location but it does not.

  26. zel says:

    but sometimes its really not accurate. i was tracing my husband globe tracker texted me that he was in marulas valenzuela but i heard him knocked on our door and we are located in caloocan

  27. Julienne says:

    Thanks for some other wonderful article.
    Where else could anybody get that kind of information in such an ideal way of writing?
    I have a presentation next week, and I’m at the look for
    such information.

  28. Mylene says:

    What happen to globe tracker i can’t log in. Pls fixed immediately. Thanks so much

  29. Marineil says:

    What happen to globe tracker didn’t reply. Please fixed immediately. Thank you

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