Cure to launch 3G in the Philippines

Cure to launch 3G in the Philippines

Another telco is coming to town. Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc. (CURE) will officially launch it’s 3G mobile service in the Philippines this month.

cureAccording to sources, Cure will open its doors to the public this May 19 in an event at the Rockwell. Cure’s network has been alive since December 2006 according to GSMWorld and will operate a 3G (2100) license in the country.

Here’s a little background about them:

2001 – CURE was granted a franchise to construct, install, establish, operate, and maintain telecommunications systems throughout the Philippines.


2005 – CURE submitted an application to the National Telecommunications Commission for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to install, operate, and maintain a nationwide third generation (3G) telecommunications network in the Philippines.

2006 – The National Telecommunications Commission granted CURE a provisional authority to do so, along with 10MHz of paired spectrum (1955-1965MHz/2145-2155MHz). {Info taken from their website here.}

The company has been hiring Project Managers and Personal Mobile Assistants since last month, according to the JobStreet listings. They currently have an estimated manpower of about 50 and should be growing as the launch date approaches.

Been hearing about them for some time now (read PTB) but didn’t really know what’s going on with them or why they’re still silent ever since the news that they’ve been granted 3G license by the NTC. Still, it’s good news there’ll be a new player in the 3G market. We all love some healthy competition.

Update: From Migs, according to this news from, Smart already bought Cure. So, there’s no new competition after all? Isn’t there any anti-trust laws in the Philippines to prevent competitors from buying each other?

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23 Responses

  1. MiGs says:

    Brader abe,

    smart bought cure:

    They’re sending invites to bloggers for their launching. =>

  2. yuga says:

    Bummer. Saw that invite. It says “a new telecommunications company”… so it’s nothing new.

  3. Jan Alvin says:

    Kuya Abe Blizzard is finding original artworks for arthas wielding frostmourne.

  4. jhay says:

    Smart has bought them up already?! Then what else is new?

    Sayang, nagtiyaga pa naman akong mag-fill up nung form sa website nila…tsk tsk

  5. yuga says:

    Yup, me too. Haba pa naman nung form. *hehehe* Question is, why would the No. 1 Philippine telco buy a zero-subscriber telco? hmmm… investigate.

  6. david says:

    My guess is that they bought the zero-subscriber telco for their bandwidth/frequency spectrum.

  7. Sino ba mga magigiting na lalake at babae behind CURE? Bakit ganun kadali nila binenta business plan nila? Di ba sila nagkaroon ng feasibility study bago binuo ang CURE? parang napakaimposible naman ng ganoong scenario… tsk tsk tsk…

    Sayang talaga. I was hoping that because of CURE, yung services ng Smart at Globe dito sa amin eh mas gaganda. Ala rin pala.

    Well, back to Jurassic Age na naman in terms of 3G services…

    Teka, may Trex sa likod ko! May dalang bill ng postpaid plan ko! Eeeeeekkkkk!

  8. yuga says:

    @david, yeah, looks like it’s the only value they can get from the acquisition. Is Smart running out of bandwidth though?

  9. I only wish we have Anti-Trust Laws.

    They haven’t even started yet and they were bought up. Here’s another, if they chose not to, Smart and Globe (and possibly SUN too) will join forces to keep the new competitor from gaining grounds.

    It’s always like that, because we dont have laws against such activities.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hehe. Don’t turn speculation to facts. Just wait until it’s launched. :)

  11. Bleh.. I was hoping for Cure to change the 3G scene, the former VP of operations had a seminar about the company last december and I was really looking forward to some of the services they were planning to offer. Now that SMART’s bought it, the future looks bleak. =_=

    Guess this will be a wait and see thing.

  12. I did not know an Inquirer article is mere speculations.

  13. katexter says:

    We’re an outsource partner of CURE.

    According to our coordinator, Smart won’t be interfering with CURE for the time being and will in fact infuse additional capital. A merger won’t be possible anytime soon due to some NTC regulations about the frequencies.

  14. yuga says:

    @10 anonymous, are you guys from Proximity handling this? Btw, say hi to Madz for me. :)

    @katexter, thanks for the tip. Would that mean Cure will be using Smart’s cellsites? Or will it put up its own infra from the money Smart is infusing?

  15. Brownspank says:

    That sucks that Smart bought them out. Wasn’t Smart BRO a result of a buyout of Meridian? (And look how the service is doing now.)

  16. alex says:

    smart 3g mobile internet , nangangain ng load kahit 5 minutes lang. So kahit 300pesos load nyo, Limas lahat load nyo. Ganun kaswapang smart!

  17. Connie says:

    Did you get the invite too, Yuga? I did but am not going, naturally.

  18. pringles says:

    Any update on the launch?

    tonight daw launch? Under U Mobile brand?

  19. Mauee says:

    Hi Abe..Musta..still remember me? Just want to ask if you know ung office ng Red Mobile dto sa philippines? Pa email nlng po.. Many thanks..

  20. nagiinternet says:

    wkokokok… me kompetensya na ang smart… bababa na ang mobile internet rates nila… buti nga…

    as early as now, dapat makaisip na cla ng pansangga sa malaking pagbabago na to, and i suggest..



    gawing Php10.00 nlng ang unlimited, whole day, any website browsing…


    dba nice?

  21. Bryan says:

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  22. Claudia says:

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