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Please bring back my DSL.

It’s been 4 days already.


I really don’t want to write any more rants about you. There are tons of them in my blog already.

*sigh* ….

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14 Responses

  1. noemid says:

    Talaga. 4 days is too long. I rely so much on internet connection. I have 3 just in case . One time sabay down yung broadband ko (destiny and smart wifi). Dialup was the only one that worked. sheesh.

  2. yuga says:

    Yup, first the landline went out. Then it was fixed yesterday. But DSL signal didn’t came back up. I’m spending most of my days in Starbucks to catch up on the work lag.

    I can’t bear using dial-up anymore.

  3. Jaypee says:

    4 days? man that sucks! i don’t even wanna think about having no internet access that long. especially for you, i know it was a nightmare.

  4. Zipee! says:

    Maybe you should switch ISPs? I’ve heard a lot of friends complaining about PLDT DSL too. My friends tell me that it takes so long for them to send a tech over whenever they’re having problems. It takes over a week atleast. Have you tried Zpdee? I usually have no problems getting phone support and they’re always able to send a tech guy over the very next day. And I don’t ever recall my connection going down for more than 4 days. Except for this one time when I forgot to pay the bills. And they only cut me after 3 months of forgetting to do so! Hehe. I’ve been on the same broadband connection for years (back when it was still Infocom NOW Cable internet – and then Zpdee acquired them).

  5. yuga says:

    Day one of DSL knockdown, I was already in Starbucks Waltermart at 7am in the morning and left the place 5 in the afternoon using some free wifi in the area.

    Talk about sitting-in. *lol*

  6. jhay says:

    whoah! 4 days?! grabe, that’s too much.

    I’ve never experienced that on my ISP, save for that 6 hours of no connection a few days ago.

    Maybe things are getting too heavy for the telco companies that their networks are now getting too overloaded or something.

    Just look overhead and you could tell from the messy power lines and cables and wires on electric posts are signs that the communications infrastructure in the country are now getting too old and crowded. Then again, it’s just me. I’m sure others who are experts has a better explanation.

  7. markku says:

    Yuga, 7am to 5pm at Starbucks? Gastos nun ah! :) So I guess you finally plugged–in that little laptop? Pwede ba magsaksak sa mga coffee shop?

  8. yuga says:

    hayyy…. no DSL still.

    @ markku

    Yeah, actually friendly friends na kami ng mga security guards ng Starbucks dito sa Blue Wave and Waltermart.

  9. markku says:

    Yuga, ok yung style mo ah. ;) Inom naman tayo minsan! :)

  10. yuga says:

    Pag balik ni Marc from China SES, inuman ulit. Palibre tayo. hehehe

  11. j4s0n says:

    PLDT…. their amazing. nyahhahaha!

  12. Kaye says:

    Hindi pa rin ma-access ang Yugatech and any Ploghost-hosted site via Smart wi-fi.

    Pati Titans ayaw. :(

  13. yuga says:


    Anong IP address and DNS server gamit mo with Smart Wifi?

  14. Kaye says:

    I’ll check later.

    Pero since Saturday, nakaka-access na ako sa site mo. At sa sites na hosted ng Ploghost.

    Puwede na akong mag-lipat sa Ploghost! Yipeeee! :D

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