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Globe’s 15GB Bandwidth Cap in Fine Print

Last May, Globe Telecom sent us a formal statement regarding the peer-2-peer bandwidth capping on their network — claiming they’re not doing any bandwidth capping. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have such provisions in the subscriber contracts, a copy of which is posted below:

A friend who just switch from PLDT myDSL to Globe Broadband showed me a copy of his Service Order Agreement.
globe dsl contract

Item #5 of the agreement specifies bandwidth allowances for various service plans, including a 20% cap of maximum subscribed speed (i.e, if you are on Plan 1Mbps, P2P download is capped at 200Kbps).

p2p on globe

Likewise, there’s provision for monthly total volume of downloads depending on subscribed packages:

Plan 384Kbps : 15GB per month
Plan 512Kbps : 20GB per month
Plan 1.0Mbps : 25GB per month
Plan 1.5Mbps : 30GB per month
Plan 2.0Mbps : 35GB per month

Even if you’re not into torrent downloads, the 0.5GB allowance for the lowest plan can be easily used up just by watching YouTube videos. I guess Globe also needs to provide its subscribers some sort of a bandwidth meter so they can check their running allowance.

Anyone out there experienced being disconnected (or capped)  for using up their monthly allocation?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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91 Responses

  1. John Alvero says:

    A friendly advise, STAY AWAY FROM GLOBE BROADBAND. Customer service sucks here in metro manila. Last mile penetration sucks. Service delivery sucks. Billing sucks (imagine being sent with more or less 200 pages of billing, in a brown envelope).

    It’s a lesson hard earned. So spare yourself. Save yourself from a lot of headache.

  2. Charles says:

    I own the top 3 most popular plug-it broadbands, and i must say, the 15GB/month or 500MB/day download limits are acceptable, given that I don’t use torrents and Globe Tattoo is incredibly slow.

    Meaning you can’t really use up all 500MB in a day because it’s impossible for a regular Tattoo user, unless some nasty tweaking was done to your plug-it, just disregard my justification. ;)

  3. Paul says:

    That’s not the point Charles. I think you miss-read the article.

    This is not about “plug-in” broadband. This is about Globe DSL. And its not “acceptable” in any way or form even if it was just about your plug-in broadband.

    If you are ok with paying for crap, I am sorry, but that is your stupidity. I, for one, am not. If I ever found my broadband provider capping me, I would switch and keep switching. There is always an alternative in satellite out of other countries if somehow all the local companies started colluding.

  4. Charles says:

    Oh hai Paul, for a moment it sounded as if you’re suggesting that i am stupid, thank you soo much for those kind words. It made me feel super.

    I was just trying to point out that if you are just a regular internet user doing email, chat, video-calling and downloading albums OR watching Youtube all day, by average there’s no way 15GB/month can be used up at it’s specific plan rate. Unless it’s used for other means i.e. torrent seeding etc..I think that’s what they are trying to prevent.

  5. taddah says:

    globe sucks!


  6. LOLWUT says:

    Bandwidth capping in this day and age for wired broadband?

    A resounding F.U. to the Globe execs who thought this was a good idea.

  7. Tech Blog says:

    I think capping in anyway way is wrong specially if your advertising your service as UNLIMITED, if globe is going to justify this by saying to prevent “ABUSE” of their network due to downloading P2P or seeding a torrent file then they should say they are providing a Limited Internet Service.

    I’m no lawyer and I’m not sure if there is such laws here, but I think this could be considered as false advertisement.

  8. wattt says:

    been using globe DLing 24/7 no cap experienced just recently downloaded more than 30gigs on 1.5mbps

  9. Tommy says:

    ALL ISPs in the Philippines suck. Even USA and UK are complaining non-stop about their ISPs too.

    Globe’s performed well for me and though I have some issues with the service, it’s nowhere near the anger I’ve had with PLDT’s customer service that lie about network status and keep insisting that the problem is with my setup.

    For now the idea is to subscribe to the ISP that has the “suck” that you can live with. For me it’s Globe.

    I don’t really know what to feel about the bandwidth capping issue but that’s been going on around the world also due to the massive amounts being transferred by P2P networks thus overloading servers. On the one side most plans here are advertised as unlimited, on the other hand I don’t know the actual costs involved but if ISPs did truly unlimited services here (i.e. everyone maxes out bandwidth 24/7) I think they’re going to be charging much much more than they are now.

    Furthermore I’d think 90% of the P2P traffic is in pirated material, so that kind of complicates matters.

  10. petken says:

    @watt I think you’ll experience capping anytime soon. Good Luck to all their subscribers.

    I think it is very stupid that an ISP caps the speed. Each subscriber is paying for the speed and unlimited service. They should not blame the subscribers for the congestion. It is their responsibilty to provide the right speed for EACH and EVERY USER. It SHOULD NOT be SHARED by the entire COMMUNITY.

    Globe Broadband Subscribers
    1Mbps X 10 subscribers = 10Mbps
    2Mbps X 10 Subscribers = 20Mbps
    TOTAL = 30Mbps

    What is current set-up of ISPs?
    Even though the demand of Globe’s Subscribers is 30Mbps their facilities has for example 15Mbps to provide their subscribers. Subscribers share connections so if all of the subscribers are online there is congestion.

    What is the solution?
    It’s definitely NOT CAPPING.
    Based on my example Globe should have facilities that could support the 30Mbps demand of their subscribers. If they cannot do that, they are NOT WORTHY of your subscription and payment.

    ***This is only my opinion and the examples are just for describing the current set-up of the ISPs.

  11. excalibur85 says:

    Been on Globe Broadband for a little under a year now and I haven’t experienced any speed capping even though I’m a heavy torrent user.

    I easily burn through that 25 GB cap on my 1Mbps and so far nothing’s happened to my download speed.

    I do hope it stays that way.

  12. sylv3rblade says:

    No capping here so nothing to report.

    Im’a watch this post with popcorn for people start bashing people for their choice of ISP and their decision to stick to it (apparently it’s started)… Flame on!

  13. Miharu says:

    I prefer globe more than PLDT and Bayantel. Why?

    PLDT/Smart: Uhm everything sucks

    Bayantel: Cust Serv is great but service: NEVER. Imagine, everyday. INTERNET SUCKS.

    Globe: Better.

  14. Nhoel says:


    just giving the other side of the story.

    -Nhoel of http://kewordspeak.com

  15. Gerardz says:

    Well at least here in SG. Singtel is the best in internet connection and there is no limit for home broadband. While mobile broadband got 50GB limit per month and others like starhub and m1 has no limitations at all and all of them is quite good.

  16. Ferland says:

    I totally agree with Miharu. I’ve tried PLDT/Smart/Bayantel/Globe and so far Globe Broadband sucks the least. The only problem I’ve experienced with Globe are dropped calls while talking to a customer service agent.

    Oh another issue is with their DHCP servers/routers which makes it difficult to send files over Yahoo messenger (anyone notice this?)

  17. Vidar says:

    Actually, even before Globe sent you a formal statement regarding the peer-2-peer bandwidth capping on their network last May, the P2P restriction is already in the contract of the new subscribers. Someone posted a copy of the same contract in TipidPC during that time. I guess that May incident is their test phase for the capping. My plan 995 768kbps’s average DL speed is 80kbps, it dropped to 16kbps during that time. I do not believe the statement they released after the incident because everyone’s download speed was actually capped to 20%. Coincidence? I doubt.

    Same here.

    BTW, anyone experiencing this; whenever I put a hyperlink in YM with “http://”, others only see the link as an IP address.

  18. BrianB says:

    this isn’t too bad. Even divx movies only cost me about 150mb each. I’d need to download 6 a day to get close to my cap. If this is what it takes to improve connection, I’m OK with it. So far, connection is not that good especially during working hours. Latency problems all morning and afternoon.

    “Even though the demand of Globe’s Subscribers is 30Mbps their facilities has for example 15Mbps to provide their subscribers. Subscribers share connections so if all of the subscribers are online there is congestion.”

    If this is true, they’re cheating us.

  19. drew says:

    nge.. ang alam ko reserve bandwidth yang 20% kaya hindi actual speed ang nakukuha mo..

    hindi pla unlimited ung usage..

  20. Patrick says:

    This is worrying news. (although I’m not on Globe broadband) I hope other ISPs won’t follow suit. Regardless, if you’re not yet using bandwidth monitoring software I suggest you use one now. I’ve been using Bitmeter for the past year and it’s good because it’s free and has all the basic reports I need.

  21. Cheftonio says:

    Hmm.. 20%? I am subscribed at globe broadband’s 3mbps. My torrent download now is 10kbps.

    Now, they are putting a limit in what they pitch as unlimited?

    This is why globe is effin rich. Magaling sila sa pangloloko. Parang mga pulitiko din ang globe. Hanggang salita lang!

  22. Kuya Kevin says:

    A friend of mine also had a bad experience with Globe broadband. I’ve been happy w PLDT DSL. Takes them a few days to install it, but you have decent customer service once it is installed.

  23. bokoi says:

    plain b—sh– comments from “feeling techy” people.

    Most are ordinary people who don’t understand how it really works.

    Ofcourse there has to be sharing, all ISPs do it, else there won’t be an ISP in business if sharing is not allowed.

    Globe has 15Mbps, so are you telling me that only 15 subs wll be accommodated by globe with 1Mbps each? b—sh–.

    This is how it works:
    ISPs gives you the speed when you needed it, meaning, when you browse it is not the whole time that you are given 1Mbps. Why should you, since you require only a few Kbps to satisfy your needs, so other subs will be given the rest of the BW. But if you need the whole 1Mbps, ISPs will give it to you. But it is not all the time that all subs of that ISP will require 1Mbps…

    unless ofcourse torrent downloads.

  24. Jhay says:

    Never experienced being capped before. Does this new policy affect old subscribers too? I’ve been on Globe broadband for more than 3 years now.

  25. Gwapito says:

    Overall, Globe Broadband is good, but videos in Youtube are slow during the day.

  26. Pusang Kulog says:

    @bokoi –

    The issue is not how the ISPs maximize their bandwidth allocation… It is that because you have an unlimited bandwidth usage in your contract with Globe but that it is not being fulfilled because of the “capping thing”…

    The next time you react to a post, try not to be so cocky cause at the end… you become just like the others whom you are calling whatever your calling them…

  27. bokoi says:

    @pusang kulog

    read again. b— sh– COMMENTS. what made you think I was referring to a person???
    read and understand first.

    some are replying without truly knowing what they mean. you would agree if you read all the post and understand what they mean (assuming you ara a techy person and knowledgeable of the topic).

    read read read then react…

  28. lolipown says:

    “what made you think I was referring to a person???”


    “some are replying without truly knowing what they mean.”

    real nice….

  29. cornflakes says:

    I’m on Plan 2MBPS, according to BT my DL speed is at 115kbps.

    25-35 gb a month? WTF? make it atleast 300GB.

  30. Ryan says:

    that’s it!!! I’m switching to agriculture!!! Goodbye internet…just email me in my brains

  31. Paul says:

    @Ryan Who says agriculture does not require research and hence the internet? How can we improve our produce then? =P

    Sorry for the OT, but yeah, I wish things were better in the Philippine ISP scene.

    Just cut my Sun Broadband wireless recently and switched to PLDT 1299 512kbps landline bundle. Slower but more stable.

  32. Gumer says:

    I am using PLDT and I’ve never tried other services. I am satisfied with PLDT, their service is super. I DL gigs and gigs of stuff everyday. Here in our place(Gensan), Globe’s internet is known to really suck. Smart too really sucks, we call it here “Smart Broke”

  33. sylv3rblade says:

    Nearly everyone who’s spent enough time on smart’s broadband will call it smart broken… I spent one year of hell on it :(

  34. wattt says:

    nope i didn’t experience the cap.. and i’ve been DLing 24/7

  35. Pusang Kulog says:


    I wasn’t referring to that… And it’s you who’s not reading well…

    And you still haven’t really addressed the issue… Tsk… tsk… tsk…

  36. Xtian says:

    the only time i experienced the cap from GLOBE DSL was that one week a few months ago. it wouldnt go past 25kb/s when i usually max out at 100kb/s on torrents. i even reformatted my computer thinking it was my system… >:-(

    thanks a lot for that GLOBE. if that is a look of things to come ISP in the philippines then i’m moving to south korea, hahahaha ^_^

  37. cris says:

    Ok Globe, that’s it. It’s final, I won’t get your service.

    People who don’t know the wonders of Torrents and other P2P services would not really understand the threat of bandwith capping.

    People who pretty much dwell on Youtubes, chats, and YM…
    you’re missing a lot with torrents..

    It’s time to spread the word, Globe limits your conection so avoid it.

  38. Carlos says:

    Ive been hearing good reviews about Eastern Communications, so i know i made the right choice when i switched to them, speed is pretty decent and response time during fault is just average 1-2hours. Havent encountered any problem with p2p so far.

    I love their tagline too! “Eastern Communications, connecting you faster, better.”

  39. jayb says:

    never experienced being capped…my torrent dload speed is about 125kbps…

    im a heavy torrent user din…

  40. gidz says:

    Well… the terms says “they reserve the right to limit your bandwidth” if you exceed the monthly bandwidth allowance. In other words, while it may be true that they have not officially implemented bandwidth caps (according to the older article), if you sign the contract, you give Globe the right implement bandwidth cap on your account. If they do implement it, well… that sucks. They’ll loose me as a customer. It sucks for me because they’re the ISP with the most tolerable service in our area.

  41. kiko says:

    heavy torrent user too.
    movies, series, anime, music, magazines, ebooks, xbox games and etc. . . name it.
    bandwidth cap, there’s no way i would sign their agreement.
    i havent try globe and smart and dont have plan on switching ISP.
    I’m satisfied with my PLDT service. . .

  42. Benji says:

    I am currently residing overseas and get a 120MB download and 60Mb upload, no restrictions, running bittorrent with 25-30 torrents running at the same time with averaghe speeds of 1,1MB per sec. I hate having to go back to RP and get stuck with any provider there. My current location is the Netherlands

  43. josekym says:

    With all due respect, if anyone is not agreeable to any ISP’s terms of service, then by all means *do not subscribe*. For those who are already subscribed, deal with it and switch providers (not necessarily better) when the contract is over.

    In addition, most ISPs in the PH offer “upto” speeds, hence the maximum speeds are not really guaranteed 100% (especially for home users).

    Looking at it from the other side, it is actually the ISP’s prerogative to protect their business(es) and therefore may take actions which are not always 100% agreeable to customers. That is their (Globe’s) choice at this point. Maybe later on, when these ISPs realize that their business(es) is/are being affected by this action of theirs, then they’d probably re-think their strategy again. Until then, I hope users shall always have other choices.

  44. xmaox says:

    This will never be implemented why? they will lose 90% of their subscribers. globe internet is good in torrent download but poor in upload. My plan is 512kbps wireless and i can easily reach 1mbps sometimes 2mbps at midnight.

  45. koki_motok says:

    globe’s services has been quite ok for me, im from cavite anyway,, most folks uses smartBROKEN, and pldt hs no plans on putting up facilities in our ares. i am currently subscribed to 2mbps, never thought globe is capping the amt of downloads.. but i never felt im getting the most of what im paying for. during peak hours, speed is really horrendous.. im just so unlucky our place has no decent isp, so i guess i would have to stick to globe, till a telco realizes that there is a potential market in our area..

  46. Majas says:

    haven’t tried out globe yet, and i’m fearing i might suffer what most of you guys are telling. heard they say sun broadband is good. maybe i should try it out.

  47. measure says:


    ’nuff said

  48. Lee Marion says:

    Globe Sucks, their “customer service” called up to remind us to pay our bill, and all he said is “ser bayaran niyo po sa thursday, ha?” I asked for his name and how much the bill is and all he said was “sorry po reminder lang po ito eh wala pong information dito” So tinanong ko ulit name niya para ma document ko at least. Akalain mo ba naman binabaan ako? natawa nalang ako HAHAHA

    Oh yeah, globe’s internet is the Worst.

    Smart – Really Fast but are a bunch of scammers
    Sun – The best bang for the buck, but only in the Metro (Dammit!)
    Globe – fuggedaboudit.

  49. Peter says:

    Why is it that every time i get myself a new ISP its always too late for me to find out later that the ISP i chose SUCKS! i cant describe how much Globe have troubled me in their first month of service ( if you call it service ) . Intermittent Connection , Finally stable but very SLOW connection, NO CONNECTION AT ALL ! all in just 1 month and they keep telling me it will be credited to my account .. guess what .. 29 PESOS for the whole trouble was credited to my bill !

    and now everytime i call customer support they all give me the exact same script which is “Sir paki monitor na lng ng inyong internect connection” , “sir wala kaming estimated time kung kelan matatapos ung system upgrade” FCKKK ! Globe doesnt pay me to monitor their internet connection its their job ! 2MBPS subscription and now im getting .4 .6 .8 mbps. all because of a system upgrade that started way before my subscription started. to HELL With globe !

    there must be a way for us to counter them legally. to take legal actions . this is ridiculous !

  50. reymond says:

    to all new subscriber talo tayo nito kung di tayo mag kakaisa. eh nakaskulat na yan sa provision ng contract na pinirmahan natin. that means we agreed on their terms and agreements. But still nanloloko ang Globe with there adds. “low cost, unlimited, and fast”

  51. Cypher says:

    There’s more Wi-Tribe Complaints here!

    Share and Join this FACEBOOK PAGE with your friends, so they can be made aware before signing up with Wi-Tribe!


  52. Charles says:


    Globe is not the only service provider who has a bandwidth capping, everyone does because its part of the Fair Usage Policy.

    Obviously, in this case it was a Globe sub who happened to read it and announce it. Pero kala nyo, swerte na kayo? No.

    I for one understand the purpose of this policy because as everything is, capacity is finite. Live with it.

    So you cant download day and night and make others suffer when they pay for the same plan and service.

    And FYI, I think 15GB is hella huge. Take a look at Wi-tribe’s capping and you’ll laugh your head off.

  53. herbert says:

    how does globe measure if the subscriber is already at 15gb cap? I have asked this twice to globe, one over the phone, the other when they’re offering wimax in our company. in both instances, they were not able to answer the question.

  54. ichiban says:

    unlimited shoudnt have capping. kaya nga unlimited di ba. un lang un. kaya tiis tiis na lang ngyon unless may lumabas na better provider, lalo na late tayo sa ganitong technology. harhar

  55. icy road says:

    to herbert: same with they came to our company once and i ask about the capping issue and how they gonna measure it… all 6 reps just went mum….. selling something without knowing? or corporate cover-up! stockholders makes the world go around….. pot bellies…

  56. kabumbayan says:

    Been a wi-max subscriber for 2 months, yes i believe i have experienced bandwidth capping, i’m also a heavy torrent user. usual download speeds go upto 152kbps but at times even at off peak hours it can go down to 20kbps. I guess the rightful move for Globe would be to properly advertise their capping measures and not sell their plans as unlimited.

    Oh yeah and their customer service really sucks, binabaan din ako ng phone mga punyeta.

    plus nghold ako ng 20 mins para lng mkpagusap sa bullshit na customer rep.

  57. Charleston says:

    What is this bandwidth capping all about?

    Is this still an issue today?

    I am experiencing intermittent connectivity sometimes

  58. Lance says:

    I’m subscribed to 3Mbps wired data only plan and I havent experience those capping so far. I download torrent all the time and I’m pretty sure that I exceed those capping allowance(based on the figures above). Most especially during the time hen I used to be subscribed to their 1.5 Mbps plan.

  59. Kristopher says:

    Now that capping is being used by telcos to regulate Internet usage, I think it’s time for us to explore what we can do on our part to fix the problem. I feel it’s more of a way for them to manage their limited resources, no matter how big it may seem. 15 GB bandwidth cap is kind of huge, so maybe it’s a way to discourage users from using P2P and torrents excessively.

  60. Anthony Rodeli dC Guanio says:

    I HATE GLOBE! ! ! ! It’s a Scam and their Customer Service is the WORST!!!

    having worked with BEST people, one can’t help but be discriminating. it aint because I’ve once had the fortune of handpicking the BEST agents for my floor. I’ll take a drunken Bottom Performer anytime over a Globe CSR and they would still do better.

    This is my opinion having done Customer Service in 6 countries and almost a decade of experience in the said field in both Operations, IT Infrastructure and different levels of Support.

    I HATE GLOBE! ! !

    – Anthony Rodeli dC Guanio
    Consultant – Process Improvement, IT Implementation and Security Testing
    Smartbox Solutions

  61. Anthony Rodeli dC Guanio says:

    I HATE GLOBE! ! ! ! It’s a Scam and their Customer Service is the WORST!!!
    having worked with BEST people, one can’t help but be discriminating. it aint because I once had the fortune of handpicking the BEST agents to be on my floor. I’ll take a drunken Bottom Performer anytime over a Globe CSR and they would still do better.

    This is my opinion having done Customer Service in 6 countries and almost a decade of experience in the said field in both Operations, IT Infrastructure and different levels of Support.

    I HATE GLOBE! ! !

    – Anthony Rodeli dC. Guanio
    Consultant – Process Improvement, IT Implementations and Security Testing
    Smartbox Solutions Inc.

  62. Yoko Yoko says:

    If I’m switching, I’d go for the worst tagged provider, if everyone else is leaving them then that should leave me enough room to do whatever I want. Wrong move for Globe to limit their “unlimited” service. I’m thinking of removing the data plan on my phone to show these disgruntled customers that my sympathy goes out to them. I’m giving both sides a favor. Those who’d stick with Globe will get more room. Globe will be losing some profit if I disconnect my services – that’d probably bring delight to those who held grudges against Globe. My point maybe pointless and yes I am an old fool. But who cares? this is a free world after all.

  63. Kurt says:

    Do you know what really sucks is that im in a 1 mbps plan in sun and im downloading at 56b/s per second.

    And Im an advance user only 13 years old in cebu

  64. Endo Alley says:

    uhmmm.. thanks for this kind of infos, if your really apt to a faster and higher connection then the cost should be worthy on what they have to offer, the issue here is that your expecting for unlimited connection offered but its actually the limited super disaster they offer,not all file in torrent are used for piracy or anything, it is also a mean of data sharing and communication especially for a file that is needed either for breakthrough, discovery, medical study and/or etc.
    Globe Sucks!!!.. limit usage Sucks..

  65. azrael says:

    so heto pala ang dahilan kung bakit minsan disconnected kami sa line ng globe broadband.
    pero minsanan lang yun pag busy sa work online, downloading heavy files for work .

  66. Albert says:

    Please don’t let this reach PLDT myDSL! PLEASE!

  67. Arnold says:

    Most of Microsoft updates like service packs are large files. How can we accomplish it?

  68. downdreamer says:

    CAPPING SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!, para sa mga nag comment na para idiscourage ang P2P, ano gagawin natin sa internet mag fb, youtube, twitter at manood ng porn magdamag. P2P revolutionized Information Technology.

  69. Erik says:


    since when did Microsoft Online become P2P?

  70. fidel oliva says:

    I’m about to leave digitel dsl service because of very poor service.I’ve heard about how good is globe in our area and chose it over pldt. I’m just hoping that I didn’t make the wrong choice, anyway, I’m only after emails, voice and video calls, some fb thing and nothing else.

  71. Hzone says:

    Im a globe broadband subscriber since nov. 2010 and my plan is 1mbps, im a heavy torrent user downloading movies and tv series everyday. until now i never experienced any bandwidth cap.

    anyway for this month my torrent log is DL:13gb + UL:gb = 21gb, not including watching youtube, FB, and downloads tru FTP. im sure im succeding a 25gb cap limit for a 1mbps plan.

    i hope there will be not cap limit since they say its UNLIMITED DSL.

  72. Hzone says:

    its been a month and i used 31gb/download and 25gb upload and my DSL is still up. no bandwidth caping here…

  73. onehj says:

    i have globe 1mbps since feb’10 and for almost a year now i havent experience any problems with capping, i download tons of movies and anime series everyday using ftp and torrents and not including streaming thru utube and other site and FB.

    now i have upgraded my plan to 3mbps…hope this problems most of u experience never reach me ^_^

    btw i have used other wired/wireless ISPs before (smart,pldt,bayantel,sun) <<all of them suck from their service to support X_X

  74. jan michael says:

    This means that internet service has become useless. Half of my family uses the internet to conduct business and online conference amongst their associates.

    We use 3-4 computers simultaneously all day long and it goes over that limit very easily in minutes.

    Here is one subscriber transfering to another network.

  75. Marco says:

    Parang nag bayad ka ng eat all you can tapos sasabihin nila na isang plato ka lang kasi lakas mo kumain at hinde makakain yung iba hehehe

    • Genkuro says:

      Exactly. They are trying to implement what the telcos in Canada attempted. It’s called (Usage Based Billing) or UBB.

      This will be a natural occurrence if all ISP’s follow suit.


      To learn what UBB is about

  76. Pj says:

    Globe really sucks!! It would be unfair to those who work at home working online.. Oust Globe!!

  77. jejemon says:



  78. rex says:

    bad trip meron nga 2 beses na apektado ang browsing, tama nga kayo parang eat all you can tapos isang plato lang. siguro dapat may mag file dyan ng class suit panloloko yan eh

  79. sqrd says:

    futek tlga 2ng globe! kung alam ko lang na may capping na e sa pldt nalng sna ako.. na attract kse ako sa 2mbps.. tpos apat na oras ko lang magagamit everyday then 400+kbps na the whole day!

  80. ariesian says:

    im a globe broadband user postpaid 2mbps line ko ang bagal ng connection kahit complete 5 bars ung antenna meter ang bagal. lalo na bumagal ngayon jan.2013 nasa tondo ako binondo delpan recieve rate na lang 200 kbps transport rate 10kbps 1 week na ito ganito kainis

  81. Xangel says:

    Sadly… Another victim of GLOBE capping here… Plan 1299


    Moderate to Heavy Use

    Up to 2 Mbps

    Kakatawag ko lang kanina sa Globe, may capping nga daw lahat ng below Plan 5mbps… Susme! Aanuhin ko ang 2mbps kung may capping… Sabi naman ng una kong nakausap nung nag apply ako, WALA daw…

    Fellow user, AVOID Globe!!!!

  82. tess says:

    im a smart subscriber i just want you to inform n this month they put fair usage policy. my net speed now is 0.19mbps super bilis right? nagcomplain ako sabi nreach up ko n daw kc allowable usage per month w/o telling to all subscirber how much is the data usage of smart bro canopy now.

    • raemed says:

      15GB per month sa Smart Bro/MyBro

      sa globe 800MB per day

      globe DSL
      different plans

      di ko sure kung san plan mga yan

  83. Tama kayo isa rin ako sa naloko nang globe, attractive yong brochure nila den tapos ganyan lang pala ang kalalabasan my capping caping pa na hindi naman nila ini explain, talagang man loloko sila! Sino ba sa inyo nag file na class suit? Pasali naman.

    PLDT ako for a year na 1.5Mbs na subscription, den ang maganda ay ang na abot na speed ko ay hanggang 3Mbs, and this month lang may globe agent na pumunta at nag offer nag 5Mbs since nagandahan ako sa offer na puro lang pala salita, de nag go ako, yon tuloy na luko ako, nag ka litse litse na ang connection ko, sira ang business, So watch out sa iba na nag paplan na kumuha na globe, don’t ever ever try it.

    Useless ang connection nila laging intermittent, since August 2,2013 hanggang sa ngayong August 22,2013 hindi parin na solve nila yong intermittent connection ko.

  84. Ahole Globe says:

    bwisit na Globe kaka apply ko lng kahpon my data cap limit un 3mbps! nklgay sa website unlimited! nung tumwag ako walng cnbi na gnun . nag download ako khpon lyk 230 to 6pm after bumgal na ! 100 kbps less than! tumwag ako ngyon sa Globe SInabi may data cap daw kasi per day ang wala lng ganun 10 to 15 mbps! TO be honest who would even avail dat kind of plan its insane! sinabi ko ko sa agent eh bkit walng cnbi sakin at nklgay unlimited sagot nila ” SORRY”!!!!! Potangina kayo NGAYON NAKA Lockin period pa “2yrs”!!! at isa pa manloloko ung mga installer! un libre kong wire d na ibinigay at humihingi pa ng DAGDAG ako na daw bahala sakanila! d daw sila naginstall ng CONDUIT sa bahay! eh may bayad NAMAN tlga Installation 1k.ANG gago ng tao nila puro undertable at puro parinig! syng pinaputol ko pa ung PLDT ko .. isa lang masasabi ko GO TO hELL GLObe along with your Employees call center agents mga LIAR makabenta lng.

  85. Jepoy says:

    potek tlga isa rin ako sa naloko sabi unlimited tpos my caping pla 7g araw-araw so useless then kng meron man ako 3mbps na speed tpos pag na use-up ko na yong 7g babalik ako sa low speed

  86. pakyuglobe says:

    yung bestfriend ko, kakalipat lang sa Globe dahil unlimited daw yung broadband sabi nung agent. tapos nung nakabit na, may cap na 10 GB per day! yun pala ang definition nila ng UNLIMITED! tapos may contract pa ng 2 years, so di pa nya mapaputol. ang sinasuggest ngayon nila, iupgrade na lang daw. gago talaga tong globe na to!

  87. Joel F. Sabuero says:

    Antayin na lang natin ung 3rd player. Pareho lng yan globe at pldt sarili lang iniisip

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