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Globe adds BlackBerry Bold 9900, free on Plan 3799

Globe Telecom is now accepting pre-orders for the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 until October 7 and it comes free with My Super Plan Blackberry Unli Surf Combo 3799.


The handset is only Php6,300 on Plan 2499 or free on UnliSurf Combo Plan 3799, Plan 5000 and Plan 10000.

Pre-order page here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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11 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Sir Abe Sept.7 or Oct,7?

  2. happykoko says:

    What can this new BB do that the previous ones can’t do in this time and age, as if this was from an Apple Iphone or a Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones that has something distinctly diffent to offer than its previous iterations.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a touch and type phone, much like Nokia’s recent phones. That’s new for Blackberry.

    • I agree devices specs is nothing new compared to today’s smartphone technology. This BlackBerry is expensive and BlackBerry will be always expensive.

      But, for me it’s the best BlackBerry yet next to Torch 9810. I’m more of a “business” person who wants productivity more than games and entertainment in my phone.

      These new BB OS7 device is a lot faster than the previous OS, which means it made me become more productive + a longer battery life than iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 that you’re comparing with, if we’re talking about lots of emails, text and calls… not just text and calls.

      If you still don’t agree with me, it’s either

      1. You are not a BB user before.
      2. You are a BB user before but just used it for text and calls
      3. You are a more of Games/App/Entertainment phone user.

      Though it is expensive, but for me it’s all worth it since I’m after the productivity not just to make “pogi points”.

    • Exe says:

      I think its what inside that counts. If you’ve used BlackBerry data transfer is much faster because of Data compression technology. Sulit ang napakabagal na 3G plans natin.. :P

    • john says:

      @obedcutaran, me, never had a BB nor an iphone. but am choosing this sick phone as it’s got the power to enter the race. ive got my ipodtouch and I believe there’s no difference in terms of the GUI of both ipodtouch and the iphone. if they’re talking about the power, yes iphone4 has it but the bb 9900 kuha nya rin.even more. what more can I say. ive been wanting to have a bb phone but not so convinced with the previous bb phone in terms of specs but in terms of how a bb phone is to be used, I am hooked up. so I was undecided of entering the iphone or the bb. but finally, RIM has produced the iconic phone related to the bb9000 that most bb users loved. the bold design,qwerty,great specs plus a liquid graphics touch screen.a big bonus. Great experience! I cant wait to have my own!

  3. Very nice offer, but still expensive.

  4. cocopako says:

    ill stick to my old bold 9700,,, mahal yan eh,

  5. fm station says:

    No go for me, useless and very expensive. I’d rather buy Bossing Vic’s Nokia touch and type, he he he..just being practical

  6. Sell iPhone says:

    I agree with you Exe. What’s inside is that really matters.

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