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Globe breaks silence, explains Fair Usage Policy

It seems Globe is the only one actively defending the telco’s Fair Usage Policy. In a recent release they sent out via Twitter, they explained the FUP in a nice little infographic.

Here’s the entire picture of what the whole throttling and daily bandwidth allowance works.


They’ve also pointed out that less than 3% of their subscribers do exceed the 1GB per day or the 3GB per month allocation.

The controversy broke out last week when Globe started actively enforcing their Fair Usage Policy, sending out text messages to heavy users informing them of the measures implemented once they reach the daily and monthly allocation.

It seems Globe is trying to wean the 3% of their subscribers out of their network. The strategy is to endure all the pain with restricting all those 3% of their subscriber base (and the huge possibility of losing them to a competing network), rather than wait for the others to enforce the same on a later date. It’s either now or later and Globe decided to take the heat first and get it over with.

Last week, we noted that both Globe and Smart have their ow versions of the FUP. Globe has 3GB stated on print while Smart has 1.5GB cap stated in their FUP. You can read more about it here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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281 Responses

  1. Wow says:

    Just wow. Monopoly at it’s best. When will data-cap in this country end?

    • phonebuddy says:

      Pano na ang facetime kay sweetie? Pano na ang good morning? Kumain ka na ba? Good night?haha buti na lang d kami globe. Dpat naman kasi globe ebenta nyo yan ng tama. Per MB nlng para klaro. Bibili pa rin naman ang tao nyan basta tama ang sinabi nyo. Kesa sa bebentahan nyo ng halo-halo tapos puro yelo lang pala.

    • chris says:

      haha nice one phonebuddy. and yes very true, pano yung mahilig magyoutube and other media heavy usage. pinagmuka pa ng globe na guilty yung subscriber, muthafuckas hoho

  2. Meh says:

    The answer is clear, don’t use globe. They are greedy and don’t even have much of a network. The have very few LTE locations. Maybe this is a sign that that can’t build a proper network

    • lemet says:

      kaya siguro wala pang globe LTE dito sa amin kasi tinigil nila ang pag upgrade ng mga cellsites nila para di masyadong madagdagan ang traffic basta dumami lang ang subscribers na lolokohin lang sa huli

  3. capiscrap says:

    FUP= Fuck U Policy! #CAPisCRAP

  4. Nismo says:

    Ang linaw naman kasi sa advertisements nila. Unlimited LTE. Tapos iibahin nila gagawing Unlimited 2G. BS loopholes! Blatant False Advertising.

    Data Cap around the world? Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyuIiG4c4Go

    Those greedy companies can’t get enough.

  5. lolwut says:

    No matter how much sugarcoating and endless explanation they do, it is still bottomline greed. They enforce the FUP to force and instill to their subscribers that we are not paying enough. They want to create the need to avail of higher caps on higher plans. This is just a premise, give it a little time and they will introduce a new postpaid plain, higher data cap but ridiculously expensive. I say we boycott these mofos now and show them who’s boss.

  6. john says:

    tangina alam talaga nilang 97% of subscribers di makakagamit ng 1GB. kung makukuha lang talaga namin ang inadvertised niyong speed para sa LTE at 3g, kulang pa yung 1gb per day. alam niyo na talagang di namin magagamit ang 1GB kasi sa sobrang bagal ng internet niyo. swertihan nalang kung makakagamit kami ng 1-2 Mbps na speed. pare pareho lang kayung Globe at PLDT mga swapang. epekto na yan ng duopoly eh. kulang sa competition kaya kaming mga customers ang nagdudusa.kung di lang sana nabili ng PLDT ang Sun siguro yun nalang ang pag asa natin para sa mura at mabilis na internet conection.

  7. jhepoyskee says:

    Lol at that 2g infographic. Di.nga ako makakuha ng feeds sa fb/twitter/waze/mmda app and sa email ko on their 2g network. Simple lang yan lets inform future users na stay away from globe. I have dine it by sharing it to my friends. The option is to live more. Sana lang hindi din mag ganito ang smart.

  8. r3JAM says:

    97% of postpaid subscribers do not reach the data cap limit since majority of the subscribers may not have a data plan as their purpose of getting a line may not be due to mobile internet. What Globe should do is study the usage of people who have availed their unlimited data plan. The fact that they are availing the unlimited data plan means that they use the internet a lot.

    • Welsh says:

      Hehehe…. I agree… 97% of their subscribers do not exceed because these subscribers dont have Data plan……

      Ito nanaman ng one of the magic trick words ng Globe.. In short sa tagalog “palusot”. =)

  9. Migs says:

    F u stupid Globe!! Sobrang bagal na nga at konti ng LTE sites, may ganito pa. Pag natapos talaga line ko mag Smart ako at least mas reliable LTE kahit province. Jusko!!

  10. jay garcia says:

    Bakit sakin, inunsubscribe nila ako automatically sa unli ko after 25mb usage? Kalokohan naman to eh.

  11. yankeegirl says:

    If there’s only 3% excessive users, then why limit them? You earn more than enough from other subscribers who are not able to maximize what they are paying for. You are worst than robbers Globe!

  12. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    97% when a lot of people are still using feature phones. In addition connecting via data is quite difficult compared to smart which might account for the 3% being able to connect

  13. kasag says:

    Ang ine-endorse nilang unlimited is 3g at LTE. How the effing hell would these services be unlimited if may cap?

  14. ernest says:

    This is stupid. There are times when you really need to spend more than 1gb or 3GB/month of data.
    The problem here is that they advertise their service as ‘unlimited’ and failed to highlight the data cap on their tv ads, brochures and in their website.
    This is not unlimited, 2G is too slow for watching streaming videos or even downloading anything. It’s like they are restricting you to use facebook or your email only.

    I’ll be leaving globe after my contract is up.

  15. Kunsel says:

    Nakakainis tong infographic na to. Buti sana kung consistent and reliable ang speed ng globe! Yung prepaid ko na na naka subscribe sa 1GB for 30 days sobrang bagal e. Simpleng mobile site lang madalas pang webpage page not available? Tapos yung postpaid ng officemate ko LTE signal nga di naman niya magamit ng maayos. Typical subs siya na mostly IMs ang gamit. Di siya nag ddl ng torrents. Ayusin muna ng globe dapat stability issues nila bago sila mag impose ng ganyang harsh restrictions. Buti na lang unlitxt lang postpaid plan ko sa globe. Sakit niyo sa ulo!

  16. milo says:

    in defense of globe and smart, i subscribed to their 1 gb 30 day always on promo, after 30 days i still have half of the data i subscribe for still unused. i think for personal use using a smartphone, i’m good with 500mb a month. just using to access fb, post to instagram, browse, and accesing my work email. i have a wifi at home from other provider too. it will only become an issue if the service is used as everybodys point of access at home or in your group i guess. just saying.

    • Globe employee says:

      Same here Im on 1GB data plan monthly powersurf and I used up to 700mb then I havr PLDT myDSL at home, so quit whiningpeople ganun ang gawin ninyo

  17. iskalibur says:

    sana lang kasi padamihin nila ang LTE towers nila para yung mga 4G phones di kumokonek sa 3G network. sasabihin na congested ang 3G network syempre pati ang naka LTE phones dun din naka connect. and 3GB per month. di enough yun. sa laki ng files ngayon kahit pic sa FB ilang bytes na ba?

  18. Sonny says:

    After my 2-year contract I’m going back to prepaid at Globe and switch to postpaid at Smart. Smart is the better choice if you like LTE so don’t get too stuck at something you feel bad with. “Move on” ang tawag dyan :)

  19. wewet says:

    Fuck you Globe and whoever will defend them!!!! Fuck Globe!!! #globeisnowshit

  20. anonymous says:

    Grabe naman yan.. may fair usage policy pa. ang bagal na nga ng internet sa pilipinas tapos lilimitahan pa ang data usage.

  21. jhepoyskee says:

    BTW Yuga/Abe, since you are one of the top tech bloggers na pwedeng maka influence sa mga tao, you should let them now na ganito ang globe, the future subs should know na 3gb monthly allowance lang and pag lampas ka na dun you will be kicked out to their unusable 2g network. Unlimited should be removed on their marketing sales. Pero since isa ang globe sa mga sponsors mo(sana hindi) sana kampihan mo yung mga readers ng blog mo.

  22. Anon says:

    Smart also has a data cap.. its 1.5GB/month and also 1.5GB per day.. it already have been posted by Yugatech.. Globe has 3GB/month and 1GB/day.. so what will you choose?

    • meh says:

      Prepaid LTE is currently unlimited on Smart

    • ybeth says:

      Talagamay cap ang smart? 1 week na smart gamit ko heavy internet user ako pero ok pa rin nman ang speed unlike globe na maiinis ka gamitin kapay nareach mo na 1GB kaya pina cut ko na

  23. theSandies says:

    5GB cap sa HK. Globe network sucks kaya imposible na magkaroon ng 3GB overusage per month. di nila ma perfect ang 3G/HSPA+ nila.

  24. Gino says:

    Watch this and share. This greatly explains all the crap globe and other ISPs are saying about congestion. Its all about MONEY!

  25. johnonline says:

    Lol @ this article. Parang paid advertisement. Well, sponsor ata ng yugatech ang globe kaya walang kwenta rin yung article.

  26. lakan tutero says:

    Shut the fuck up, Globe. Shut the fuck up.
    There’s no such thing as valid explanation when you just care about damn money while crippling and screwing your consumers.

  27. mac says:

    anu ibig sabihin ng globe. ARE WE SUPPOSED TO USE OUR MOBILE PHONES FOR JUST FB UPDATE? TWitTER? AND CHECKING EMAIL?! para san pat gumawa ng smartphones? are they suggesting we subscribe to another line for home use para mag dl ng games and apps sa android ntin na anlalaki talagaa HOY MAGISING NGA KAUNG MGA EWAM JAN SA GLOBE HINDI NA PANAHON NG NOKIA SYMBIAN PHONES AT JAVA PHONES!!! KELAN KAU PINANGANAK???

  28. Paulo says:

    I don’t really care about the 1GB per day cap. We have our home internet connection via wifi for heavy downloads. Even if it’s just 2mbps. & if i really have to use my phone’s internet. movies are only 700-900mb in YTS (used to be YIFY). I only use this for school & when I’m in the province & have to watch my youtube vids. etc. the real bummer is the 3GB per month allocation. Caps should only be applied daily. Not monthly. The 1GB cap per day is enough. 3GB per month is outrageous! I could use all of that in just a week! & yes there’s no LTE here in Antipolo. Speeds here are atleast 3-5mbps.

    • perfect stranger says:

      napaka selfish mo naman. di lahat ng tao kaya magbayad ng isa pang internet plan para sa bahay at isa para sa school/personal use.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Edi makuntento yung mga hindi kaya mag-avail ng additional internet line. Access to the internet is a right, pero yung means mo para ma-access ang internet is a privilege.

  29. perfect stranger says:

    mali representation ng data nila. pag naka prepaid ako syempre zero ang consumption ko sa data since may bayad. naturally more than 90% ang hindi nakaka 1GB per day. they should have limited their sample size to those who are actually subscribing to unli internet plans. pero syempre gawain talaga nila ang magbigay ng misleading information so long as it is to their favor.

    ano ang sense ng pagiging unlimited kung sila ang nagdidikta kung saan mo gagamitin ang internet service (emails, posts, etc.)? LOL.

  30. leonard says:

    Seriously? 250-350 ang Cap ng company namin. COMCAST. US cable.phone.and internet provider! Don’t u dare use the word Globally!

  31. Wewglobe says:

    Ganito na lang, wag na lang tawagin unlimited ang hindi unlimited kung di namantalaga. No problem sa data cap kahit prepaid basta wag lang lokohin customers. Data cap or wala mabagal pa rin naman 3g nila eh

  32. Tuko Moyinmo says:

    Sus. Meron FUP pero wala naman FSP (fair service policy). mobile data connections on this country are ridiculous. LTE connections get DIALUP speeds must of the time. Kalokohan.

  33. JP says:

    What they don’t get is you could easily get to the limit even with casual activity. Software updates, app updates, online radio, watching Youtube videos. Even purchasing and downloading content (music and video) from wherever. You subscribed to unlimited internet exactly for these purposes. So kung hindi mo naman magamit this way, huwag na lang.

    What good is super fast speed if you can’t maximize it? If they intend na gamitin ko lang siya for email and other casual purposes, it doesn’t matter if I have LTE or a slower connection (but still generally good speed) as a 10 KB email would be sent without noticeable time difference (technically, may difference, but in actual usage, they’d all be sent “instantly”).

  34. jograd martinez says:

    Nagpost lang si globe ng ganito makareact na mga tao wagas… e kahit naman si smart meron niyan. Wala naman tayo magagawa diyan kasi impossed ng ntcyan to make sure other subscribers are not disrupted. I’ve been a subscriber of smart and globe for years and I must say, pareho lang naman sila may kakulangan at kagalingan, its a matter of customer service lang nagkakatalo.

    • Lyka says:

      beg to disagree! All-in plan Smart subscriber ako. i use lte of my phone, use it as hotspot, to download bluray-ripped torrents, like 5gb to 10gb/movie. my bandwidth is 10gb – 15gb a day, seriously. been doing this for 6mos already.

  35. Lan_7inches says:

    WAG NYO BAYARAN si GLOBE!! Hayaan nyong sumakit ulo nila! Ok? ;D

  36. Ervin says:

    kung hindi naman talaga unlimited edi gawin na lang nila na per GB. for example kung ililimit nila na 3gb per month edi gawin nilang 999 for 3gb pero dapat kung 4g… pag nasa Metro Manila ka dapat 4G speed. sa ibang bansa may mga telco na walang unlimited pero dahil hindi sila unlimited ginogoal nila na fastest internet un maprovide nila sa users para makalagpas un mga users nila sa bandwidth limit. 4g network daw sila pero wala naman pinagkaiba sa 3g connection and minsan mas mabagal pa. Anu kasing magagawa ng 1million G pa na wireless infrastructure kung and backend nila is kupad broadband naman.

  37. hays says:

    simple lang gagawin ko
    – i will not renew my contract
    – i will advice my friend and on any blog na wag na sila mag globe

  38. Lan_7inches says:

    kung ipagpatuloy nila ung gnyang Fair usage policy nila, Let’s insist na dapat wag na silang tumanggap ng subscriber dahil sa dami, hindi na kaya ng network nila!!!

  39. Niknok Seyer says:

    3GB / mo is not bad.
    T-Mobile offers a similar setup at 2.5GB / mo (though without the daily cap).
    I’m with an AT&T family plan with 6GB shared (for 4 smartphones) and fortunately we’re not reaching our 6GB cap.
    End of the day, it’s all about one’s mobile internet usage. The fair usage policy is just there to prevent abuse of LTE just to download torrents.

  40. Agron says:

    I’m still wondering why put “unlimited” if there is cap?

  41. Cupid Soriano says:

    I don’t think the 3GB/month is fair at all since I paid for unlimited. Just downloading games like Injustice and NBA2K13. will eat up more than 2GB already. Office files and personal files like photos and videos I transfer to and from Dropbox easily takes up to 2GB a week. And that’s just my casual usage on my S4. I also do a lot of work that transfers files and sends attachments. Throttling and capping when they promised unlimited access at 3G and LTE speeds is not at all fair. I’m definitely complaining.

  42. Val Naval says:


  43. marc says:

    they deleted my tweet and i guess they blocked me.
    haha, i posted a poster of them telling advertising a unli LTE.

  44. drew says:

    already terminated my tattoo unli 999 plan

  45. lakan tutero says:

    Shut the fuck up, Globe. Shut the fuck up.
    There’s no such thing as “valid explanation” when you just care about damn money while crippling and screwing your consumers.

  46. onggeo says:

    Kung hindi ako nagkakamali mas maliit pa ang allotment ng Smart compared sa Globe. So dun sa mga nagsasabi na lilipat sila, sige dun kayo sa 1.5GB per month. In fairness sa Globe and Smart unlimited nga naman yung data, mas mabagal lang pag dating sa certain amount of data.

  47. asteegako says:

    how should globe protect their customers from heavy users to ensure everyone enjoys a quality experience…. UPGRADE YOUR FREAKING NETWORK AND QUIT BLAMING THE HEAVY USERS FOR YOUR SLOW CONNECTION! WE PAY FOR UNLIMITED SERVICE!

  48. dennis says:

    now, they are dictating how we use our phones? 500mb UK… 2g for US and Thailand? the one who did this research should be fired! STOP LYING GLOBE!

    and what’s the matter with the stupid csr that they have?

    oh well, my globe contract will end by february. should have never shifted to this shitty company.

  49. Bulacan101 says:

    Globe, I’m so NOT RENEWING MY POST PAID PLAN when it expires next month. KALOKOHAN ‘TONG FUP! IGB/DAY?!!! THAT’S NOT EVEN A MOVIE!!!!

  50. datacap says:


  51. pekto says:

    kelan pa naging unlimited ang limited? dapat di unlimited ang name ng plan at promos nyo. supersurf50? unlimited ba ang 800mb capped at di ka na makakaconnect? baguhin nyo yan. tsk!

  52. Ryuu Santos-Martinez says:

    Why put UNLIMITED if you’ll cap the usage anyway? I don’t get it.

  53. pakz says:

    I think that the 97% of the subscribers doesnt necessarily mean that all of them their using their mobile data.. i guess if their trying to cap the data at 1gb/day that should also give 30gb/month because the 3gb/month isn’t really sufficient for a months use of mobile data..

    • mx says:

      i agree with you sir dapat 30gb/month pwede pa siguro. pero yung 3gb per month parang kalabisan na yun. anu na bang ginagawa nang NTC tungkol dito? unfair to sa mga subscribers, dapat ang ginagawa nang mga Telco ay wag na tumanggap nang mga subscribers hanggat di nauupgrade yung system nila to cope up sa usage nang mga current subscribers. hindi yung ganito. parang walang kamay ang batas ditto sa pinas para sa malalaking korporasyon na to

  54. Jim says:

    Globe should also explain that when you do get capped don’t expect to be throttled back to normal at midnight but on average around 4am.

  55. Miss Call says:

    Business caring about money? Who knew?

  56. GTR says:

    BS infographic. BS excuses from a greedy company.

    Fair Usage Policy didn’t need to be implemented because in the first place we all get fair share of the bandwidth regardless if your downloading or just surfing the net.

    So how the 3% can ease the congestion?

  57. Chino says:

    Data is unlimited. It is lte that is limited. Once you breach you still have access to the net but slower. I know that because i can easily consume 10gb per day. I dont know about the 30gb cap per month. Thats sounds a but too generous that i suspect thats high even for dsl packages.

  58. Miguel Q says:

    they should give us an exact number how they got the 3%.. i don’t think only 3% who subscribed fo r the UNLIMITED are unhappy. maybe 3% of their overall subscribers. but not all are subscribed in the UNLIMITED data..

    emails? posts? webpages? videos? that’s not all that we do in mobile data.. there are video calls and gaming too.

    averagely there is (30days)x(24hours)x(60mins)

    43200mins a day, let’s say you only do stuff about 6hours a day or 25% of your day using mobile data.. then 43200 x 25% = 10800mins

    look!! you’re only giving us 3000/10800mins of video a a month.. that’s 27.78% of our needs.

    and you don’t get to tell us what is more than enough for our usage, when in reality it is not

    i can give a few analogies for this..

    It’s like swimming on the beach but after 3hours, the sea turns into a puddle of water that not even your toes get to be submerged

    It’s like Running and you get your legs dismembered after running for 1km

    It’s like Eat all you can buffet but you only get to choose 25 dishes out of a 100

    technically and basically, it is not unlimited because there are limitations changes after a certain point 1gb LIMIT… 3gb LIMIT…

    at least change the promo name and remove the word “UNLIMITED”.

  59. Oliver says:

    But really, are they mad? P1,000 per month for 3GB? Ridiculous.

  60. Mark says:

    Off topic here, bought my note 3 factory unlocked from Samsung Megamall, is it just me coz I still am not getting the kitkat 4.2.2 ota update while I see some folks here having the ota. Thanks

  61. 3gb per month?

    1gb per day ok pa…s

  62. mvinci says:

    Bring this issue to NTC! Isnt there a memorandum that telcos should deliver 80% of their advertised internet speed.
    And who are they to tell their customers how much data is enough for a month’s consumption. %##/@^

  63. wew says:

    lol globe pag naka2G ako d nako makapagfb,twitter o email. tska sabihin na naten na totoo sinasabi nyu na 3% lng ang umaabot ng 1gb/day or 3gb/month pero ang dahilan eh karamihan ng mga unlidata plan eh tinitipid na lng ung 1GB/3GB na hanggat maaari eh hindi gumamit ng mobile internet. subukan nyung gawing walang capping ng isang buwan tignan naten kung gaano karaming users ang mageexceed jan.experiment lng.

  64. Zasusman says:






    • wew says:

      ^smart employee lol.ok na sana kaso sa baba pro-smart ung table.dapat about globe lng wala nang ibang sinasama di tuloy nagmumukhang warning haaay

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      pauso mo kuya, may advertisement ka pa for Smart. haha

      Smart also throttles to 2G speed.

      Magpakabit ka ng DSL kung kailangan mo ng net for business and work purposes.

      At sino ka naman para magsabi na lahat ng subs eh lumalagpas sa 3GB? Mga sobrang abusado lang ang lumalagpas diyan.

    • wew says:

      @SunCell kaya naman kaunti lng ang umaabot kasi karamihan ayaw nang paabutin kasi tinitipid kung itry nila na walang data capping for 1 month experiment lng tignan naten kung ilang prosyento yan.

  65. roger says:

    Unlimited pero hindi naman unlimited yan ang promo ng globe. Mapa data or sms man. Pag nagcomplain ka na sa Call center nila sasabihin sayo nag exceed ka na sa limit ng sms/data consumption mo kahit may subscription ka ng unlimited service nila. Nalaman ko kase di ako makatext at maka internet kahit naka unlimited subscription ako.Tusong marketing strategy. DEFINE UNLIMITED SA DEFINITION OF TERMS NYO SA SINASABI NYONG FAIR USE POLICY.

  66. Drin says:

    Globe is a master of FALSE ADVERTISING. limiting the speed makes the whole concept NOT UNLIMITED. so pls stop saying it’s UNLI. hmp :(

  67. totoy moolah says:

    Mahina ako sa math pero try natin compute ha..

    Sinasabi ng globe na merong 1gig/day or 3gig/month. Pero in reality:

    3gig = 3,000 Mb
    1 month = 30 days

    3,000 Mb / 30 days = 100mb/day lang talaga to maximize yung FUP nila..

    So ano pwede gawin sa 100mb / day? Considering nagshishift na ngayon to data usage, paurong ata sila. Data usage meaning yung means of communication ay thru internet na like video conference.

    At isa pa, kailangan magsuffer yung 97% sa kasalanan ng 3% consumers nila? tsk tsk..

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Sajest ko sa Globe, patawan lang ng FUP yung mga subscriber na lumalagpas sa limit for 2-3 consecutive months. Nagi-iba iba din kasi need for bandwidth depende sa panahon eh. Bulok din pagpatupad sa FUP eh, damay lahat. Dapat mga ganid lang napaparusahan eh haha

    • bored says:

      Kung ako si globe, gagalitin ko din yung 3% na abusive subscribers para lumipat ng smart. Voila, di na magcocongest network ni globe. Si smart na ngayon magcocongest. So ano, lipat ulit sila sa globe?

  68. Pissed off @Globe says:

    Some people keep talking about this “abusive” 3% without realizing that these 3% pay their bills. It cannot be “abuse” if you pay for it. Abuse is getting more than what you deserve/need.

    Are you willing to pay for an “unlimited plan” and not really get an “unlimited service”? Hindi pinupulot ang pera!

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Eh kasi P999 lang binabayaran, subsidized pa yung phone, PERO ANG GUSTO eh quality of service ng P1999 na PLDT MyDSL plan. Hindi rin kasi pinupulot ng telcos ang bandwidth allocation kuya! :)

    • GTR says:

      BS Excuse lang nila yung abusive 3%.

      Watch and share this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uyuIiG4c4Go

    • knvz says:

      @suncell, Ang point namin dito, inadvertise nila na Unlimited LTE P999, yan ang offer nila bakit nila biglang babaguhin at gagawing Unlimited 2G pag nareach yung 1Gb? o kahit hindi yung 2G bakit may datacap na 3Gb/month? kaya nga kami nag avail kasi nagustuhan namin yung offer nilang “UNLIMITED” tapos biglang may lalabas na FUP na ganito. Kasalanan pa ba namin yung sa bandwidth na binabayaran nila sa telco e sila ang nag advertise at nag offer ng Unlimited na yan.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Pumirma ka sa kontrata diba? Binasa mo ba na by signing the contract, you actually Reserve Globe of their rights to modify promo subscriptions? O pumirma ka nalang agad dahil hayok na hayok ka sa UNLI DATA? haha!

    • knvz says:

      Malamang oo! Nakakahiya naman sayo kala mong napakadami mong alam e kumukuha ka lang naman ng sagot sa Globe FUP FAQs. Ang nirereklamo namin bakit napakalayo sa katotohanan yung Unlimited na naging Limited.
      oh eto basahin mo ng mabuti yung butas ng globe para maintindihan mo hindi puro copy paste!


    • Rush says:

      Lol laging ginigiit ni suncell yung agreement/contract in almost every comment,reading your comments above halatang puro basa ka lang w/o understanding. knvz is right, of course madaming magaavail kasi nga unlimited diba?? and it’s true it’s becoming a marketing deception to people since they advertise one thing and then implement another thing, not including papers here kung igigiit mo nanaman yang contract mo.

      and yes, read the article from unbox ng hinde aanga anga ha. purly unbiased article here: http://www.unbox.ph/editorials/editorial-ntc-should-set-standards-for-the-use-of-unlimited-by-telcos-in-their-ads/

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      ^O tapos, nagpauto naman kayo? HAHAHA kung gusto mo magtayo ka ng sarili mong telco na hindi nakikibagay sa “UNLI” marketing ng Globe at Smart. :P

    • Rush says:

      ^ Lol wala ka na masabe matino kaya same post ulit. copy paste pa! shabu pa brad. ahaha. kaya nga nagrereklamo kase hinde kame nauuuto sa changes. paintindi mo yan sa utak mo kung meron ka. :>

    • knvz says:

      buti na lang hindi nakakahawa yan. iintindi na lang kahit grade1 maiintindihan yan nililihis mo pa yung topic. tama naman yung sinabi mo na about sa bandwidth allocation sa telco E kaso hindi nga namin problema yung problema nilang yon dahil mismo ang Globe ang nag aadvertise ng mali mali tapos samin ngayon biglang ipapasan. mas ok pang mag copy paste ka na lang uli atleast may sense yung reply mo.

  69. dencio says:

    How come they call it Fair Use when its unfair to us.

  70. knvz says:

    Di natin matitibag ang Globe dito. ipush natin yan sa facebook hanggang umabot sa news! mga Graphic Artist iCyber welga na yan! may karapatan tayo, iimplement nila yan ngayon kung kailan naka subscribed tayo sa postpaid plan nilang Unlimited LTE tapos bigla nilang lalagyan ng data cap tapos unli 2G lang at 3GB/month.. sobrang linaw nilang mag advertise tapos biglang babaguhin nila yung offer. mali yon!

  71. DK says:

    Can somebody create a facebook group regarding this issue? So that we could communicate better and make this issue bigger so that the government would address this fast.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Sorry bro, sa tingin ko ang kailangan mo munang i-raise sa gobyerno eh ang pag ayos sa NTC mismo dahil sa bagal nilang kumilos at sa lakas ng kapit nila sa telcos natin ;)

  72. bokoi says:

    Globe suggestion lg, tanggalin cap at speed limit. Pero block lahat torrent sites. O lahat na mga sites na illegal ang content. In that way legit na maiiwan. Saka yung mga pirates at known torrent downloaders, report sa gobyerno yan para maaksyonan. Haha. Tingnan natin kung iilan lg talaga legit na lumalampas ng 3Gb a month…

    • Havoc says:


      It’s very easy nowadays to LEGALLY use up 3GB. Just last Thursday I had to DL almost 2GB worth. Here’s a very legitimate example:

      I decide to use Ubuntu instead of Windoze, so I DL Ubuntu 13.10 (and in this scenario I am assuming that the DL finishes completely)

      Ubuntu DVD Size: 883MB

      Now then I see another ‘Nux distro and would like to try it out (Linux Mint “Petra”)

      Linux Mint DVD Size: 1.1GB

      So I install them both and then realize I need to have the necessary tools in case things go wrong. I DL a couple of flavors of those Ultimate Boot CDs

      UBCD ISOs: average standalone ISO size: 550MB x 2 = 1.1 GB

      Up to this moment, my downloads have already reached approximately 3GB, exclusive of the data wasted on broken (incomplete) DLs.

      Add to this a few hundred MBs each for the two ‘Nix OSes and the apps to install to these ‘Nixes and you’ll see that around 4GB is already used up, just to have a decent dual-boot ‘Nix setup.

  73. Di na ko makapag torrent t****a mo globe

  74. This is only affecting prepaid subs I think

  75. simultaneous says:

    payag ako sa ganyang sistema basta plan 999 free note 3 for 24months!

  76. Phil says:

    #GlobeTelecomSucks will be trending on twitter anytime now.


    now this is what i call a true tech blogger’s site.. unbiased journalism.. what say you yugatech?


    • byron says:

      What’s wrong if YugaTech wants to bash and expose Globe?

      True, PLDT is an advertiser on YugaTech but that does not mean they cannot draw attention towards Globe’s mistakes.

    • masterkey says:

      please globe is not under pldt… why link it to globe?

  78. bokoi says:

    Mga abusadong subscribers, lipat kayo smart at sun para yung maiiwan sa globe, solo yung BW. Wag lang kayo magulat pag nag strictly FUP din si Smart. Lipat na lg kayo ibang bansa nyan… kaso may FUP pa din! Wahahaha. Saan na kayo ngayon?

    • Boss says:

      Haha alam mo ba pinagsasabi mo bokoi.. Kung alam mo lang kng gano kaluma facilities ng globe compared sa smart lalo na ngaun binili nila ang sun.. Bago ang facilities ng sun kayang kaya capacity ng mga unli subscribers. And di abusado ang tawag sa taong lumagpas ng 3gig per month. Palibhasa di ka ngbabayad ng plan sa globe na 999 and up kaya di mo ramdam.

    • masterkey says:

      ok lang yan umalis man o hindi di lang talga na gets nang iba na walang service cut na mangyayari babagal lang ng kaunti kapag lumagpas ka na sa 1gb data consumption :P naka 1800 ako na plan di ko pa na experience nirereklamo ng mga tao :PP

    • ybeth says:

      @masterkey talaga swete mo nman? 22o ba yan? ako im paying 2000/month for my internetconnection kapag na reach ko na young 1GB sobrang bagal na 10 years magload ung mga page…

    • bokoi says:

      @boss, nakakatawa ka. Nagmamarunong pa. Pareho lg nag network upgrade si smart at globe. Nauna lg natapos si smart. Si sun nakisakay lg yun sa kay smart ngayon. Si sun mas luma equipments nun. Saka directed to abusive subs yung post ko, may sinabi ba akong abusive lahat nang lumagpas ng 3GB?? Reading comprehension please. Basa saka intindihin. Wag lg basa ng basa, hindi naman iniintindi. Hahaha. Saka dalawa plan ko sa globe, business line saka yung 999. May smart prepaid din ako. Mas gusto ko globe dahil mas mabilis kesa smart ko. Besides alam ko mas malaki local BW ng mga cellsite ni globe dito sa lugar ko kesa kay smart.

  79. Gb or GB? says:

    Please be clear if it is Gb or GB…(Gb) Gigabit or (GB) Gigabyte…

  80. Charles says:


  81. ken says:

    Oh mY!!! 2G as In 2G !!!! D man lng ba 3G !!!

  82. ken says:

    Mag Prepaid na lng kayo sa smart .. 1200 a month, wala pang cap … I think :D

  83. aiyayay says:

    whatda…yung subscription ko 4G pero never ko pa nga na-experience ang 4G sa connection ko tapos gagawin pang 2G?

  84. zzzz says:

    why impose a monthly cap if there is already a daily cap? what is the need for that????

  85. donburi says:

    Fup is just one way for the company to get away with consumers money while providing sub par service. Sure 3gb is way more than enough for browsing, streaming, and emails but how about those who are paying a premium whose main purpose of internet use are downloading LEGIT digital copies of games, movies and software? And games these days are around 12gb and up for mainstream ones.

  86. globeYAGBALLS says:

    tangina niyo Globe Telecom!

  87. qwerty says:

    Fair usage policy? D ppol hav paid for unlimited service but ur giving them limited MB/GB of data? Very ironic… Galing pa naman mga tv ads nila, pero yung serbisyo.. BS. Smart users are very crowded in numbers, i think, pero wala pa akong naririnig na ganyan sa kanila.. Useless alibi, Globe. You can’t keep up with your rival’s network.

  88. kilermilk says:

    hey globe, what kind of users did you get that 3%? did you compare that only from postpaid users who are subscribed to unlidata/unlisurf plan??? or did you get that 3% from all users including those who are not unlidata plan holders?

  89. copyl3ft says:

    utter bull-sh-*t!

  90. George says:

    Reklamo kayo ng reklamo eh prepaid nmn services nyo… mag plan kayo, walang FUP, o kung ayaw nyo ng FUP ng Globe prepaid, libre kayong lumipat ng SMART, ung Unli na kinakain regular load lol.
    kahit sa US uso din FUP 2gig nga lang ung sa T-mobile.

    • ybeth says:

      Kahit postpaid po affected nyan…Pina cut ko na ung line ko I won’t pay 2000 for that kind of connection luckily outside locked in period na

  91. Hunter says:

    how true is this 3% and 97% ? premie user ka ng globe tapos may capping then 2G speed.. Unutil na policy. They follow other countries FUP pero ang PH internet is quite expensive then we become subscribers to get the service we want for a cost ( an expensive cost) just to be robbed in front of our faces telling everyone due to the 3% heavy users (maybe not true at all) they imposed the absurd “fair usage policy”. Wala na pag asa pin as sa mga sugaring corporation na ito puro pera nasa isip. Sana karmahin ang lahat ng tags globe lulu na ang mga sugapa…

  92. smart lie more says:

    Dami nyo pang sinasabi e di lumipat kayo sa smart… alam namin sinasabi namin dahil maka globe kami.. lahat lang ng naninira sa globe puro tga smart at sun yan paano bagsak na.. ano dapat gawin e di ibagsak din ang kakumpitensya para lumipat.. pero di nyo.matitibag ang globe…

    • ybeth says:

      CSR po ng globe sis ko marami na daw nagpapaterminate ng plan sa kanila dahil sa FUP if magtutuloy tuloy ung FUP na yan mawawalan sila ng mga subscriber…

  93. YouTube usr says:

    bs talaga yang unlimited plan na yan tapos may ca.p. Di aabot sa sampung high def videos mapanuod mo sa YouTube e ubos na. Dapat Limited ang tawag jan. Di siguro nakakaintindi ng english ang tagaglobe

  94. smart lie more says:

    Alam nyo kung gusto nyo ng walang capping e di mag DSL kayo.. mga bobo pla kayo.. ang internet sa phone hindi pang download.. kaya nga fair use policy.. kung pilipinas nga mh policy na sinusunod.. ang isang kumpanya pa kaya.. wag nga kayo makitid ang utak..

    • ybeth says:

      I’m a tattoo user for 2+ years pinili ko magsubscribe sa “mobile wifi” over DSL kasi on the go ako palagi so hindi sa akin pwede DSL lagi ko dala laptop ko ska pocket wifi ko…

    • bs says:

      unlimited nga ung plan tapos my cap? mejo tanga lang ser?! at sure kang ikaw lang ang hindi nagddownload sa phone?

    • BobongSmartLie!!! says:

      @smart lie,mas bobo ka. kaya nga nagwireless ang mga tao dahil hindi nila magagamit ang dsl. eh di kung sa bahay lang din sila palagi mag dsl sila. mag isip ka muna bago ka magsilata napakabobo mo palibhasa wala kang pambayad ng postpaid.

  95. ybeth says:

    Globe magaling lang sa marketing pero pagdating sa services palpak! Puro kayo gimmicks, kaliwa’t kanang ads, mga bigating endorser…sana ung mga ginagastos nyo dyan eh gamitin nyo na lang para maiprove ung network nyo! baka matuwa pa subcribers nyo at maging loyal pa sa inyo

  96. borgymanotoy says:

    Wala akong natatanggap na text or email for our Globel DSL sa bahay… at first nag rereklamo ako regarding the speed ng internet ko.. and pag tinatawagan.. paulit ulit lang.. check connections etc… later nlng nila nakita na tinamaan ako ng FUP… everytime bumabagal DSL ko dahil sa FUP… walang man lang email.. alam ko na kaagad na tinaan ako ng FUP :(

  97. angry bird says:

    FUP for Globe is utter bs for the fact that you paid your plan postpaid/ prepaid Is unlimited data npt limited and they’re capping it. The Internet usage is not paid in data but it’s paid in bandwidth. Globe is not paying for data usage but bandwidth . Internet is free after all no matter how bbig or small is your usage.

  98. Globe hater says:

    POTANGINA NG GLOBE OK?!??!? First of all, hindi totoo na may cap ung ibang bansa!!!! Lahat nga sila naka unli net dun and VIBER ang pang text nila!!!! POTA!!!! So ngayon, gagawin nanaman nila primitive ang Pilipinas!!! Leche!!! At ang smart!! FYI, sila ang totoong UNLI!!! NO CAPS!!!! Ang nakakainis pa,,, is sobrang false advertising ng globe!!! Wtf with that UNLI NET?!?!? Eh POTANGINA PALA NILA eh!!! Sana di na lang sila nag sabi na unli!!! Leche!!!! Sayang ang postpaid ko pota!!!! LUGI KAYO SA GLOBE AT WAG NA KAYO KUMUWA DTO!!! SWITCH TO SMART!!! At FYI,,, napakabagal ng 2G ok??? Wala ka na magagawa sa 2G!!! PAKING SHIT!!!!! Napaka daya ng globe!!!! ANG SABHININ NILA, kaya sila nag lagay ng cap is di nila kaya ang growing number of subscribers nila!!!! Outdated na ang techonology nila tangina!!!!

  99. Globe hater says:


    POTANGINA NG GLOBE OK?!??!? First of all, hindi totoo na may cap ung ibang bansa!!!! Lahat nga sila naka unli net dun and VIBER ang pang text nila!!!! POTA!!!! So ngayon, gagawin nanaman nila primitive ang Pilipinas!!! Leche!!! At ang smart!! FYI, sila ang totoong UNLI!!! NO CAPS!!!! Ang nakakainis pa,,, is sobrang false advertising ng globe!!! Wtf with that UNLI NET?!?!? Eh POTANGINA PALA NILA eh!!! Sana di na lang sila nag sabi na unli!!! Leche!!!! Sayang ang postpaid ko pota!!!! LUGI KAYO SA GLOBE AT WAG NA KAYO KUMUWA DTO!!! SWITCH TO SMART!!! At FYI,,, napakabagal ng 2G ok??? Wala ka na magagawa sa 2G!!! PAKING SHIT!!!!! Napaka daya ng globe!!!! ANG SABHININ NILA, kaya sila nag lagay ng cap is di nila kaya ang growing number of subscribers nila!!!! Outdated na ang techonology nila tangina!!!!

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      G na G kuya? haha! Tama yan, bigyan mo sila ng idea na lumipat na lahat sa Smart. Tapos after 6 months na strict na din ang implementation ng FUP sa Smart, mag-aya ka naman na lumipat kayong lahat sa Bayantel! hahahaha!

    • xNYC says:

      Actually we do have caps here too. Depends on the service provider. I’m on AT&T which is good but not great. Sprint offers unlimited data right away though. Pros vs Cons as always. My cap is 4gb and I only get to surpass that once/twice a year when I’m travelling. The big difference is speed – we use 4g and 4gLTE here. And wala din kaming FUP, basta pag sobra na sa cap mo dagdag bayad na – gets real expensive.

      I don’t think Globe or Smart is capable of providing a similar experience with speed and data allowances unless they ask for more money. Which they already are asking from you.

    • Lol says:

      Di rin totoong unli ung smart. 1.5gb limit nga cla eh bago nila todasin ung speed mo.

      TODONG MAS KURIPOT PA smart kesa globe.

      Dapat masunog rin cla kasama globe.

  100. please says:

    repost :

    Just for transparency, as it seems both globe and smart are using the same global economic model and alot of people here are bashing why our telcos are implementing caps but other countries are not. fyi, other countries in asia, as well in the us and canada already have data cap:
    for better understanding, this is the CURRENT FUP for wireless carries in the US :

    Verizon Fair Use Policy :
    Plan Details $45 Data Allowance 250 MB /Data Overage $15/250 MB Voice & Text Allowance Unlimited Unlimited
    Plan Details $60 Data Allowance 1 GB /Data Overage $15/500 MB Voice & Text Allowance Unlimited Unlimited

    Sprint Fair Use Policy :
    Plan Details $79.99 Data Allowance 12GB Data Overage $0.05/1MB
    Plan Details $49.99 Data Allowance 6GB Data Overage $0.05/1MB
    Plan Details $34.99 Data Allowance 3GB Data Overage $0.05/1MB

    AT&T Fair Use Policy
    Plan Details $14.99 Data Allowance 250 Data Overage $14.99/250MB
    Plan Details $30.00 Data Allowance 3GB Data Overage $10/1GB
    Plan Details $50.00 Data Allowance 8GB Data Overage $10/1GB

    T Mobile Fair Use Policy :
    However much you use the internet, you’ll never get charged extra
    We’re the only operator to offer you a fixed price for browsing and emailing on your mobile broadband connection with no limits and no extra charges.
    Your plan will come with an allowance which varies depending on the plan that you select however we will not charge you if you go over your allowance. If they go over their allowance we will not charge any extra or prevent them from using the internet however we may restrict their usage on downloads and streaming.
    If you’ve bought a tablet, iPad or iPad 2 on a pay monthly plan, you’ll get 1GB of data to use a month. But, great news for night owls; you’ll also get an extra 1GB ‘quiet time’ allowance to use between midnight and 10a.m.

    ** this is the current pricing plan and data allowances for each mobile carrier in the US.

    if we will be looking into the price and plan ranges in the us; i think what globe and smart currently implementing is atleast fair and can still be considered “unlimited”. However, as what others pointed out, they do need to improve speed consistency and reliability; as well as lte distribution across the country.

    one main focal point is the fact that once we reach the specific cap, the speeds are throttled and bottle-necked: it is neither stop nor are we charge overages for going beyond the existing data caps.
    for heavy user, there is always dsl and t1 line. mobile data was never meant to replace a hard line internet connection.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Sorry kuya, kahit ilang beses mo pang i-post yang data mo, walang pake yung mga totoong apektado ng FUP. Kasi ang turing nila sa P999/month na internet ay P1,999 na DSL Plan.

      Mahirap ipasok sa kokote nila yang data mo, lalo ngayon na ang nasa isip nila e kung paano na nila ida-download yung torrents nila :P

    • G2 says:

      Honestly, what’s the point of this? First, it doesn’t matter how much you compare plans from another country. This is the Philippines, that’s in the US. Why would anyone care? Just to show how globally aligned Globe’s services are? So, will that help the subs to better swallow all of this? No. So really, please stop copy pasting all these into each Globe FUP post.

      And second, if that is really the pricing scheme and plans US carriers present them to the public, that means at least they have more transparency in how they market their offerings. Unlike Globe that baits you in with their promise of UNLIMITED DATA only to later cap your speed afterwards and say oops.. btw did I tell you about our FUP?

      That’s what irks most people. The transparency and the deception. Yeah you could go on and say ehh nasa contract niyo yan bago kayo pumirma. While Globe did indicate an FUP and changes MAY arise in your subscriptions, you have to remember that those changes, by law, can only happen as long as they don’t BREACH or NEGATE the exact services offered.

      And lastly to those saying, abusado, get a DSL, ganid and mobile internet shouldn’t be used for dpwnloading or replacement for a DSL lines, take note that not everyone stays at home all the time. Yun iba always on the go, whether for business or for pleasure, so a DSL setup wouldn’t work for these kinds of people like me. Hindi lahat ng tao tambay sa bahay so malamang a DSL line wouldn’t sound appealing.

      We’re in an age where everything can be done online. Our phones are pocket PCs that can do a lot of things, more than what Globe wants us to use it for. They don’t have the right nor the authority to tell us how we should use our data.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Ay nako kuya G2, ayan nanaman reply mo. haha!

      “And lastly to those saying, abusado, get a DSL, ganid and mobile internet shouldn’t be used for dpwnloading or replacement for a DSL lines, take note that not everyone stays at home all the time. Yun iba always on the go, whether for business or for pleasure, so a DSL setup wouldn’t work for these kinds of people like me. Hindi lahat ng tao tambay sa bahay so malamang a DSL line wouldn’t sound appealing.”

      Andaming available mobile broadband plan diyan NA UNLIMITED KUNG KAILANGAN MO TALAGA. Smart Bro, Smart LTE, Tattoo Black, Sun Broadband Wireless. Wag kayong umasa sa P999 unlidata niyo.

    • G2 says:


      Lol actually di naman ako sayo nagreply dun kay Please at sa kanyang always present US carrier plans comparison.

      Nasakto lang nauna ka saken. Haha. Graduate na kasi un iba, like me, sa mga USB DONGLE type na connection niyan. Hassle na magdala ng laptops ngaun, karamihan sa productivity pwede na gawin sa phone and tablets. Syempre pati torrents din. Haha. It’s not abuse. Haha wala sa terms and conditions ko na bawal mag p2p or mag excessive downloads or mag consume ng data “heavily”. Haha Anyway, but you are right Globe just added fuel to the fire by releasing that god awful chart. Kaya ayan gud luck mas madami pang umaalma.

      Anyway, had they been transparent lang from the start or at least given notice in advance and them offered new and true unlimited plans, baka mas kumonti sana un pagkainis ng customers.

    • TRD says:

      Global Economic Moodel? Bago mo icompare yang Price ng US dito sa atin, madaming factors ang dapat iconsider, ilan lang dun ang GDP per person at Purchasing Power Adjustment. Service po ang inooffer ng ISP natin at hindi manufactured goods.

    • TRD says:


      siguro naman na-encouter mo na itong video na ito: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyuIiG4c4Go

      wala naman talagang mga abuser. talagang sadyang ganid lang ang mga telcos kahit saan. dahil ganid din ang telcos dito sa atin, syempre gagaya sila.

    • Donya Ina_mo says:

      Marahil marami siguro sa tin ang ayaw sa FUP (na sa sarili kong opinyon ay dapat alisin na). Kanya kanyang kumento, pananaw, paliwanag. Kahit gaano pa kadami at kahaba ang usapan natin dito at sa iba pang mga blogs at forums, hindi tayo papansinin ng mga telcom networks na yan. Iisipin lang ng mga yan na mga ordinaryong mamamayan lang tayo at wala tayong magagawa para masunod ang gusto natin. At wala na silang pake kung anuman ang isulat o sabihin natin. Maliban kung magkakaisa lahat ng subscriber at sa tulong na rin ng NTC para maayos ang lahat ng ito.

      Sa sarili kong pananaw, ginagawa tayong TANGA! ng mga telcom na yan.

      1.)Sabi pag lumagpas ka ng 1GB speed lang ang babagal??? eh maski search engine pa lang ng google ayaw magreload??? as in wala talagang net.

      2.)9PM lumagpas na ko sa 1GB. 2am na wala pa din net hangga abutin na ko ng umaga, hanggang sa maexpire na lang yung load.

      3.)Napansin ko pa lalo sa SMART, panay ang papromo at contest. Araw Araw pa daw may mananalo ng kung anu ano. May DTI Permit pa kuno. Pero sa totoo lang, wala ako nababalitaan sa radyo, tv, dyaryo, maski mismo sa website nila yung mga list ng winners (paumanhin kung meron man, i stand to be corrected.) Pero halos wala talaga eh :-D :-D

      Sa bandang huli, huwag na lang sana nila (telcoms) i-advertise na UNLIMITED yung mga Promo nila, nakakaGAGO at nakakaTANGA ng mga tao. Bagkus i-advertise nila na halimbawa “Ang Promo namin na ganito ay hanggang 1GB or 1.5GB lang ang allocation and might slow your speed pag lumagpas kayo etc….” Sounds legit di ba kesa sabihin nilang UNLIMITED. Pero suma tutal, wala pa rin ako magagawa kasi strategy nila yun para makakuha ng subscriber. Business is business.

      Naexplain ko na… Layu

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      “Anyway, had they been transparent lang from the start or at least given notice in advance and them offered new and true unlimited plans, baka mas kumonti sana un pagkainis ng customers.”

      Agree ako sa point mo na yan @G2.

      @TRD pano mo ba masasabing “walang abusive users”? Ano bang category/ies/types ng users? Paano yung mga nagpakabit ng Residential DSL pero ginagamit para sa maliit na computer shop, hindi ba abusive yun?

    • juujuu says:

      Well, IMO, the issue is that Globe’s misleading ads are still in use.
      In other countries, they tell you about the data cap. It’s even written in the flyers and posters.

      Honestly, I’m a little pissed at not being able to abuse my data plan but I do have DSL connection so I just have to wait a few more hours to get home to DL big files instead of downloading it on my phone.

    • BigVIC says:

      your point is moot.. have you considered the quality of service those telcos are offering?I don’t know if you have lived in the states,because I do, I’m just studying here right now, yep the restrictions are in place at those telcos you mentioned, I used to have ATT and SPRINT never got throttled once when I hit the cap, but they’re service is 100x better than globe and when they throttle you, they actually don’t choke you like a mothereffer like globe does, and if you do hit the cap the throttled speed is much faster than our local telcos so called 3G…those plans are expensive because most of the time, you can hit more than 3mbps easily on their network.. they are also upfront about which areas are covered by their network (LTE, 4G etc.) with our current telcos you don’t get consistent answers.. at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.. I would rather much pay by the bucket than get victimized by bait and switch.. just my 0.02 /rant

  101. Tsktsk says:

    Bakit kailangan sabihin ng Globe kung ilan ang gustong gamiting DATA sa Unlidata na binayaran ng subscribers nila? Sabe nyo unli di ba? Hindi nyo naman sinabe sa ads nyo na 3GB lang di ba?

    “3GB is enough!” pak u! 3GB is not enough for me! Mga walang hiya kayo!

  102. Tsktsk says:

    Mga kumakampi sa Globe dito, it’s either

    1. taga Globe na pinagtatanggol bulok na company nila

    2. Hindi naka unlidata kaya hindi alam pakiramdam ng mga nagoyo ng Globe at naka contract pa

    3. Naka unlidata at smartphone pero facebook lang alam gawin! Nag smartphone ka pa!

    Bato bato sa langit, tamaan mag rereply sa baba haha!

  103. SunCell Subscriber says:

    hay nako Globe is just adding fuel to the fire that was started by the angry “affected” subscribers. :p

    Tsaka mali pa yung nakalagay dun sa “What can I do with 2G?”
    You can actually do anything on 2G, yun nga lang, pahirapan at tiyagaan lang sa tagal haha!

    Buti pa sa Sun, kahit 7MBPS lang max speed, at least, 7MBPS padin after 3GB hehe :P

    • Tsktsk says:

      2g = disconnected, ano maloload naten sa dialup speed.. Ginagawa na namang tanga ng Globe subscribers nila sa mga palusot nila

      2g is good as disconnected! 56kbps? Hello Globe baka outdated na kayo, madame ng pinoy ang techie at alam na nagpapalusot lang kau!

      2g is still connected nyo pag mumukha nyo!

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      ^2G speed kasi ang sinasabi, meaning upto 62kbps ang speed, pero nasa 3G/LTE connection ka pa din.

      Basa-basa din ng maayos pag may time. :D

    • ybeth says:

      56 Kbps, 62kbps ilang kbps lang difference pinagmalaki pa…Sobrang bagal ni hindi ko access ung webpage na kailangan ko sa work ipinaterminate ko na lng ung line ko tutal walang silbi

    • Tsktsk says:


      Haha, ano pinag sasabe mo? Kaya may nauuto ang globe dahil sa mga katulad mo! Mag aral ka ng IT ng hndi ka mukhang tanga sa reply mo!

      2g pero na sa 3g? Ano daw? Haha!

    • Krypto says:

      @tsktsk, hayaan mo na yan tangang si suncell. wala talagang isip yan basta makapagreply lang.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Kayo ang mag-aral ng IT. Pati Enlish 101 nadin ha.

      Sabi you will be throttled to 2G speeds. Hindi nila sinabing you will be limited to connecting to their 2G network.

      Para mas malinaw sa inyo, masasagap mo pa din eh 3G o LTE signal. Pero ang max speed na ipapataw nila sa inyo eh pang 2G speeds. Duh! Esep esep! :p

  104. Tsktsk_techie says:

    Fyi: May 2 common 2G connection

    “G” sa cellphone nyo meaning GPRS
    Max speed is 50kbps

    “E” sa cellphone nyo meaning EDGE
    Max speed is 250kbps

    Take note max speed yan! Kelan sila nagbigay ng max speed per subscriber? Wala!

    Mga DSL ngayon example PLDT 999 = 3Mbps (thats 3000kbps).. Pinaka mabagal na na offer ng PLDT dati sa DSL nila nung sina unang panahon pa eh
    384kbps, at yes mabagal yan, kaya common na ngayon 3mbps pataas.

    Ngayon madame na tayong pwwde gawin sa smartphone, mag stream ng music, video, save sa cloud account, etc na IMO 1mbps mabagal pa nga!

    Sa youtube HD video, 5Mbps speed para sa 1080p resolution na video, nag bubuffer pa minsan na isa lang ang user na gumagamit nyan!

    Magbebenta kau ng advance smartphone na may Hd screen at pwede mag tether then i 2G nyo connection! Kung hndi ba naman kau mga sira ulo!

    Plus 3GB of data ubos agad yan sa videostreaming or music streaming!

  105. roiji says:

    di hamak naman na mas mabilis pa rin ang Internet speed sa ibang bansa kumpara sa atin despite being throttled.

  106. Joseph says:

    Unli-rice pero maximum ng 2 cups lng ang extra!

  107. Emman Carl says:


    Globe lied. Their Fair Data Usage Policy is a lie. This is a great informative video detailing why Data Caps = Corporate Greed. 1GB/day and 3GB/month? WTF? Mao ganing nagsubscribe in the first place sa postpaid unlimited! Don’t they know that a movie file or an online app is already 700mb or 1gb or more? Kung ana man gani, they should stop adding subscribers or upgrade and add more bandwidth line/services or better yet, LIMIT OR KICK new subscribers.

  108. Doc Martens says:

    I don’t really get why people are going nuts about this.

    I work as a writer and stylist. I’m also a blogger in between. With the nature of my work, i am online most of the time, usually on the go. I tether internet from my iPhone to my laptop, and sometimes, even to my iPad simultaneously.

    It’s just that i don’t see the reason why these other so-called “on-the-go” people would need to freaking download torrents, watch 1080p videos using your mobile phone’s internet on a regular basis. Is it a matter of life and death na hindi ka makapag antay to download your pirated software/movies/music when you get home using your home connection?

    I admit, there are times na i watch youtube videos on 1080p using tethered internet to my computer for work stuff, pero i don’t need to it on a daily basis.

    And lastly, i don’t see anything wrong with posts above comparing our telco internet charges from other telcos in different countries. Pag kinompare mo, ung Php 999/month is just roughly $24.

    With T-mobile USA, $20 (Php ~850) gets you 500mb of monthly internet, $30 (Php ~1320) for 2.5GB a month and so on.

    And when Globe or Smart said UNLIMITED, it’s true. You get UNLIMITED SURFING. Hindi nga lang UNLIMITED SURFING on 3G/4G/LTE speeds.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Bottom line, Still FALSE advertising na ang main purpose is to deceive/trick unsuspecting customers.

    • TRD says:

      Nothing wrong comparing?
      ulitin ko yung sinabi ko sa taas.

      Bago mo icompare yang Price ng US dito sa atin, madaming factors ang dapat iconsider, ilan lang dun ang GDP per person at Purchasing Power Adjustment. Service po ang inooffer ng ISP natin at hindi manufactured goods.

    • G2 says:

      Lol for a writer slash stylist slash blogger, you sure have a narrow mind.

      It all boils down to money. People are paying for a service they were promised. Yes it’s UNLIMITED. Connection that is, not bandwith or data as per the initial offerings made to people by Globe. Because they never specified that early on.

      Also don’t judge people on how they use or abuse their phones or their data because they work for them and earn them honestly (or not, lol).

      Lol it’s funny how these DSL owners loves to scoff at us for being heavy users, when they probably do the same thing at home. Lol

    • Doc Martens says:


      Me, a narrow minded person? Really? Because from what I know, people with a mindset that says “I bought this (or paid for this service), so you, you and you have no right to tell me how to use it” are narrow minded people, not to mention self-centered consumers.

      And one more thing, some BLOGGERS are not just about “Oh i wanna write about this to get page views and get ad clicks and whatever”. Cause some of us, are into getting both sides of the story to make sure the right thing comes out, unlike this, uh, site.

    • wew says:

      @Doc Martens wag kang makikialam sa buhay ng iba eh sa ganun talaga buhay nila eh,wala lagi sa bahay kaya nagagamit ang mobile internet sa lahat ng bagay kahit panonood/pagDDL ng videos.araw-araw. malay ba naten kung anung trabaho nila.

    • Doc Martens says:

      Hun, please re-read my comment above, and then re-read yours. And then analyse if your comment made any sense. Thanks!

    • Krypto says:

      @Doc Martens na writer at blogger at stylist pinagmalaki mo pa profession mo. for sure walang nagbabasa ng blog at sinusulat mo at kawawa naman ang mga iniistylan mo. pano matatawag na self-centered ang gumagamit ng internet kung binabayaran naman nila ito? kung sinabi ng telco na UNLI LTE, tuparin nila un. wala kang pakielam kung pano nila gamitin un dahil binabayaran nila un. kinuha nila un dahil gagamitin nila un service at babayaran nila un dahil un ang sinabi ng telco. ayan pinaulit ulit ko na at sana mainindihan mo. Kung di mo sila kailangan in a daily basis, so what? may mga ibang tao na ganun ang ginagawa araw araw kaya nga nag avail sila ng service na UNLI LTE dahil ganun gawain nila. tapos sasabihin mo sila pa ang self-centered, TANGA KA LANG BA OR SADYANG TANGA?

    • Doc Martens says:


      You are so damn funny, sir. People here are being objective about the issue. Siguro tinamaan ka sa comment ko for G2 about being narrow-minded and self centered. If that’s the case, then i’m sorry. Wala akong magagawa jan. But my advice is, If you don’t wanna be capped, then go freaking switch carriers. It’s that simple. And if that won’t give you peace of mind, then go raise your concern sa Malacañang, you barbaric piece of trash.

    • sham says:

      Nakakatawa mga comments dito. At pinapatulan talaga? Sayang ang degree.

    • Krypto says:

      @Doc Martens, hindi ako tinamaan. Sadyang tanga lang ang comment mo kaya ako nagcomment sa kaTANGAHAN MO. Hahaha!

  109. -Joe says:

    Let the interest of the people prevail… Hindi yong interest ng companya..

    I want to see this in the future a headline look like this “Globe Telecom Fined for Misleading UNLIMITED Internet services advertising”

    Apple Fined In Australia For Misleading iPad Advertising

    Enough talking or defending GLOBE.. yong nag depensa dito sa Globe mga bobo talaga kayo! Yong Apple nga nagbayad ng dahil sa false advertisement.. How about GLOBE? Wag nyo ng dalhin sa NTC.. papogi lang mga tao dyan.. dapat dalhin nyo na to sa Supreme Court yong reklamo.. It should be na mag bayad din ang GLOBE na to..

  110. Doc Martens says:

    @TRD so you want to talk about economics na? Let’s not take this issue elsewhere. My point is simple. Mobile data fees in our country is actually affordable na. What’s wrong is ung mga taong nag aabuse ng service. If they wanna use more data, then they should pay for it.

    Unless it’s like work stuff, or something important, then by all means download big ass files. Pero if it’s just for pirated movies/music/software or whatever, then i don’t see why it can’t wait sa bahay–well unless you can’t afford getting a separate DSL home internet.

  111. Nameno says:

    only in the Philippines… magkano din kaya percentage share nito sa senado? mga artista kc binoboto ninyo. what you sow is what you reap :-)

  112. Lan_7inches says:

    FUP = anti-Harvester!!!

  113. Christopher Go says:

    Like Kim Dotcom says Capping is not Cool.


    The maker of this info graphic doesn’t even know how to use “b” for bit and “B” for bytes.

  114. creativedo says:

    I’m not sure why theyre also implementing this FUP on home DSL subscribers. I’ve been a DSL user and our account started 2008 i think…hindi nila malagyan ng FUP ung account ko cause of that reason. Kaso…i’m paying 2350 every month for 3mbps. while sa pldt, they have 3 mbps for 1k only. now, i want to shift to pldt kaso hindi ba kaya nila lalagyan ng FUP rin to? i saw in their contract yung almost the same idea ng FUP, if they find you abusing the connection then possible na hindi ka nila inform and just do anything to your connection either disconnect you or change your speed. Meron po ba rito na PLDT DSL user? i really want to shift kasi ang mahal na ng binabayaran ko tpos anliit pa ng speed ko. Wala po ba talagang FUP ang PLDT? kahit na magdownload ako ng 10gb per day? thanks!

    • abuzalzal says:

      Currently on plan Php999 … from where i live, So far so damn good… I average around 2.85 MBPS…pag off peak pumapalo sa 3.2 mbps…no capping and p2p throttling….one satisfied customer here

      A bit of caution, As per forum feedbacks, area dependent yung kaganda ng service ng PLDT

      So pag below 50 percent yung average na promised speed na na a attain mo, huwag kang magtaka, swertihan lang ng area yan

    • Reader says:

      PLDT myDSL (wired) does not have a data cap (and shouldn’t have one). No speed throttling as well. My data transfers reach up to 50 GB a day (FTP, streaming, video confe, torrent downloading, etc.).

      Yung wired DSL, made for large data consumption naman talaga kasi.

  115. Doc Martens says:


    Hun, please re-read my comment above, and then re-read yours. And then analyse if your comment made any sense. Thanks!

  116. Globe_hater says:

    GAGO ba yang globe? 2G speed? mas mabagal pa yan sa dialup dati, pati 3G nga nahihirapan na mag load minsan ng notifications at messages ng FB! 2G pa kaya? mas okay pa mag DSL connections. Ganito lang kasi yan kahit dumadami subscribers niyo, sana wag ilipat ung burden sa mga customers niyo, dapat kayo mag hanap ng way para ma improve yung mga system or hardwares niyo, tangina kung makapatong nga kayo sa bill namin. Di niyo maayos sistema niyo!

  117. loler says:

    i just love how netizens, even bloggers, get offended by such petty “pang aasars”. if you guys dont like it, switch out to smart or sun. or just go to south korea, land of the high speed internet. but i completely support these kinds of threads to defammate and slander globe company. so that the company would file cases on you guys and then the senators, particularly a female senator, who recently got offended here in the internet because she and the whole philippines (pinoy netizens) knows that she doesnt fit in the senate, would be able to file their ridiculous net defamation bill. and then hackers all over the world would unite and dethrone the philippine government and we would then become a muslim country led by the sexy milfs.

  118. dcfied says:

    nakakatawa na sa stats nila ng pwede mong magawa e parang napakarami mo talagang pwedeng gawin. nung sinabi nilang unli, di nila maaalis sa subscribers na isipin na magagawa nila ang mga sumusunod.

    *dl ng torrent – 1 movie pa lang na hd quality, lagpas 1gb na. pano na kung series ang i-ddl

    *youtube – dapat 360 ang piliin sa quality kung gusto mong makita yung mukha ng papanoorin mo.

    *facebook – maghapon naka log-in

    *instagram – kung mahilig naman sa selfie

    *online games – maghapon din kung gamer talaga

    ilan pa lang yan sa mga gustong gawin ng subscribers kaya nag-unli plan sila. pwede ding sinasabay ang dl sa kung anoman ang gusto pa nilang gawin.

    pero sa haba haba man ng mga paliwanagan. isa lang din naman ang babagsakan.

    if you said unli… make sure it’s unli.

  119. sigh_for_globe says:

    I don’t think na maaachieve pa ng subscribers ang “fairness” regarding the subscription. nagpa-upgrade pa ako to 21mbps and to a capacity of 5users na pwede mag-connect. but with 1GB what can I do? kaya ako kumuha ng plan is para ma-expand ko yung internet usage ko. dahil sa totoo lang hindi namn ako Facebook user lang…
    21mbps para bumilis speed pero yun pala bibilis din akong mawawalan ng connection. for me 2G = disconnected.

  120. G says:

    Here’s how it’s commonly done in other places:

    “Internet service providers commonly apply a cap when a channel intended to be shared by many users becomes overloaded, or may be overloaded, by a few users.”

    The above applies to satellite and cable internet (and similar technology) where both the core network and the access network are shared by numerous users.

    Think of it as speed bumps placed in roads which are shared by most vehicles to “pace” traffic and avoid congestion in certain bottlenecks. Overall it benefits everyone.

    In DSL, the core network is shared but the access network is not. We each have our own assigned “lane” which we can maximize. That is the promised rate (e.g. 1Gbps). You go below that and still no one gets your bandwidth. So the only party that benefits is Globe because by limiting reach user on the access network, they can oversubscribe the core network. More $$$ for Globe!

    Of course they can argue that we will benefit from the increased sharing of the core network. But that defeats the purpose why DSL is faster and better than cable! It just takes us back to the problem which we solved with newer technology. Unless the regulators step in to protect consumers and say, “Hey! You invested this much but promised this quality of service in return. Otherwise we’ll give your franchise to someone else. ” Telcos will abuse.

  121. Jared says:

    I believe that Globe’s 1gb and 3gb limit on 3g access amounts to deceptive sales practice (violations of articles 102 and 110 of the consumer act). For instance, Globe’s “plan profiler” even tells consumers to get an unlimited data plan if their estimated usage per day is 11gb. No mention of punishing users (who they got to subscribe) for exceeding 3gb per month. Note also that the original fair use policy only applied to calls and texts. Note too Globe’s advertisements before which bragged about unlimited 3g.

  122. haybuhay says:

    Sana ma faceout nalang yung mga 2g receiver sa mga phone para wla na magawa ung mga telco hahaha

  123. 2G says:

    ang nakaka inis dito eh ang false advertisement.
    Nag sign up ako dahil “unlimited nga” Wala sa contract yang FUP na yan or na pwedeng lagyan ng FUP in the future, I renewed my service w/o signing a new contract stating na pwede lagyan ng FUP. Tapos ngayun meron na? Lokohan ang 2G ng Globe.


  124. sn0wman says:

    It’s time to unite Filipino users, ibagsak ang corporate greed! Let’s all start a petition, make noise and let our voices be heard!

  125. aiyayay says:

    currently naka-2G ako kasi nag-exceed na daw ako sa 1GB. wtf. 2G na mas mabagal pa sa pinakamabagal na pagong.

  126. roidrage says:

    I am a heavy user aminado ako, pero that’s not the point. Walang cap ang postpaid before and they said that it’s unlimited kaya I’ve signed the contract. The point is if I have known before I’ve signed up that they will be implementing a cap in the middle of my contract, di ko na sana tinuloy ng DSL na lang sana ko because I know for a fact that I am a heavy user.

    Now I’m stuck on a contract with a year and a half to go. I will be forced to sign up for a DSL line bec. 3gb won’t cut it. Ngayon dodoble ang gastos ko because of their misleading UNLIMITED DATA advertising.

  127. shifting to Smart says:


    “This policy allows us to maintain the quality of our mobile internet service and give all Globe customers a fair opportunity to enjoy our network”



    Our Fair Use Policy is aligned with the global industry practice of telecommunications providers anywhere in the world and is subject to change without prior notice.


  128. sigh_for_globe again says:

    kung maka-FUP itong si Globe akala mo ang ganda-ganda ng equipment nila. pinagmamalaki ang “switching to 2G speed” na wala nmn ako masagap na data.
    sinsabi nila 3% subscribers lang lumalagpas sa 1GB, eh kasi mostly ng Globe subscribers are hindi naka-data plan so pano nga nmn nila magagamit yung 1GB?
    ~ palusot.

  129. liko topic says:

    whatdaheck! I just changed my underwear! ugh I hate this Ad.

  130. Juancho says:

    The problem is they can’t improve their infrastructure so they decided to cap their users. Our telco providers are really dumb & greedy!

  131. globe sucks says:

    Basurang globe tutumba rin kayo mga gago. Ano akala ninyo puro kame fb twitter emails lng wag kayong tanga pare parehas lang tayo ng ginagawa mga gago pala kayo e . Dapat hindi globe . Gago lagay ninyo mga kupal

  132. k says:

    so dapat di na UNLIMITED DATA plan na tawag sa plan ko… deceiving na yan like IPHONE FOREVER plan na co-terminus naman

  133. k says:

    so dapat di na UNLIMITED DATA plan na tawag sa plan ko… deceiving na yan like IPHONE FOREVER plan na co-terminus naman

  134. FUP_You says:

    97% daw ng globe user eh hindi nakaka exceed ng 1GB per day. Anong globe user ba to? Overall kasama yung prepaid o yung postpaid lang? Kung overall malamang 97% kasi sa prepaid 800mb/day lang ang cap lol. Baluktot ang rason ng globe

  135. j says:

    What if I exceed 3GB in a month? Would my internet service be cut until next month? If so, then Globe is doing a breach of contract since i signed up for an unli data plan.

  136. CJ says:

    For the price of 999/month, enough na yang 3GB/month. Wag na mag DL ng movies, mp3, and other copyrighted stuff online.

  137. juapao says:

    this doesn’t even make sense. dapat hindi si user/subscriber ang magsuffer for this one. they need to upgrade their system. they need to get ahead of everyone/everything and at least project and implement a 5 to 10 years for this kind of needs. mobile data is one of the necessities in today’s age.

  138. slowke says:

    3gig/ per month is actually enough for mobile browsing. Dito sa singapore naka cap ang mga mobile plan and i dont usually reach my cap na 3gig. Naka on 3g ko 12 hrs a day and also use it for work when i am on a dispatch and need connection for my laptop. dito din mabilis ang mobile internet. mga nagrereklamo is yung gumagamit ng mobile internet for torrenting or downloading huge files. Dapat sa bahay nyo yan gngwa or via wifi. youtube,browsing and streaming ok na ang 3gig.

  139. Giogagz says:

    Pano ung pagdownload sa app store o play store ng movie music at app games? May mga malaking file din dun lalo na ung may bayad na app games music at movie. Galing nyo talaga globe. Mali po ang ad nila. Ang dapat “2G po muna kau kasi dami na subscriber.”

  140. TacticalNinja says:

    May ibang hindi makagets nung infographic na yan. May iba ring hindi maka differentiate ng Data sa Speed/bandwidth. Oo, unlidata, pero hindi unlispeed, kaya nga kapag sumobra ka sa cap, hindi ka nila puputulan ng data, yung speed lang and babawasan nila. Yung term na “fair usage”, medyo self explanatory yun. madalas akala niyo na sobrang daming nagdodownload ng mga sobrang laking files, mga bakaw kumbaga. May ibang mga tao rin, gaya ko, na ginagamit lang ang data plan for emails, FB, konting vid and stuff. Kasi yung mga heavy data usage ko sa DSL. Tignan niyo narin yung price kumpara sa data na ginagamit niyo. I consider niyo narin yung mga “bumubutas” ng system ng globe, yung mga hacker na hindi nagbabayad na masmalakas pa gumamit ng data kesa sa mga nagbabayad.

    *Maraming magagalit sa comment ko, pero respeto nalang. May kanya kanya tayong opinyon.

    • wew says:

      mali po kasi pananaw nyo…”Oo, unlidata, pero hindi unlispeed, kaya nga kapag sumobra ka sa cap, hindi ka nila puputulan ng data, yung speed lang and babawasan nila.” tama ka naman na ililipat ka lng sa 2G.uulitin ko 2G na kahit pagload ng fb webpage d mo magawa,sa madaling salita walang kwenta.edi hindi na un unlimited kung putol ung ginagawa mo…hindi mo naman pedeng sabihin na abusive ung mga nagDDL thru mobile internet kase malay ba naten kung walang DSL lines sa area nila o wala nang available na DSL lines o wala talaga silang DSL kasi mostly wala sila sa bahay. pag ikaw ba may kainan at nagpaskil ka ng “Free iced tea bottomless” xempre dapat handa ka sa kung gaano kadami ang iinumin nila.tanga lng ang maggaganito tas ang nasa isip eh makaka3 baso lng per customer.di naman sa nagagalit pero nagdidagree lng ako sa sinasabi mo.

    • knvz says:

      paano naman sa katulad kong sa mobile lang nakadepende? heavy user ako dahil ito lang yung multimedia gadget ko na on the go pabalikbalik ako ng luzon at visayas. hindi rin uubra sakin yung pa-fb fb lang, konting vid at mail. Unlimited LTE ako pero never ko pang nagamit yung LTE. hindi tayo parepareho ng pinag gagamitin hindi sa hindi kami makaintindi sana lang kinlaro nila yang unlidata na hindi unlispeed sa mga ad nila para alam naming lahat bago kami magavail sa kanila noon nang walang nagrereklamo sa kanila ngayon.

  141. drakkow says:

    Tong Globe na to akala mo kung sinong maganda ang system. Yung early termination fee ko na hindi nila ma explain hindi rin nila matanggal. Since October ko pa kino contest yan every month punuputulan nila ako, every month ko din tinatawag para reconnect nila pero hindi parin nila mataggal yung ETF sa bill ko. Tapos ngayon may FUP pa silang nalalaman, ni hindi ko pa nga nae-experience yang LTE nila samantalang LTE ang plan ko. Minsan sasabihin 4G pero kahit anong video streaming panay pa ang buffering. Alis na tayong lahat sa Globe hayaan ko narin kaya yung ETF na yan tutal may magandang phone na ako galing sa kanila.

  142. Ryan says:

    i understand you GLOBE but the thing is, we expect UNLIMITED data usage, and yes i am also heavy data user i always download movies via torrent. but its okay because i pay for it, that is also what i saw in your advertisement it says UNLIMITED so why not use it. this is not our problem you should not put UNLIMITED in the first place that’s a sample of false advertisement. sorry for the word, this is based only on my understanding.

  143. Jeff says:

    I just hope that yung mga may current na contract sa kanila eh patapusin nilang “Unlispeed” para di naman sayang yung mga nag expect ng Unli nila when they signed with Globe.

    Tapos after ng contract, terminate na lng at lumipat sa ibang network!

  144. Mel says:

    It looks like people are getting confused on what “unlimited” means. Technically you are getting unlimited data, just that “unlimited” refers to the *quantity* (and not quality/speed) of data access. Sure it’s slowed down after 1.5(Smart) or 3GB (Globe), but you’re not charged for excess data should you go over. To put it in perspective: AT&T in the US gives you only 2GB of data per month, if you go over that you’re charged $10 per GB in excess of 2GB. T-Mobile US meanwhile gives 2.5GB of full speed data and slowed down afterwards without any additional charge, unless you are on their highest $70 (~PhP3000) per month plan which has no limits of any kind.

  145. Jax says:

    Di naman sa nagpropromote ako, pero this is exactly the reason I use Sun Broadband for Internet. I can download 3GB worth of files sa torrent (via laptop) EVERY WEEK pero di naman bumabagal ang speed ko kapag nasa phone na ang sim. And take note, I just pay 799 a month.

    Ayun. Sun for Internet. Globe for call and text.

  146. Erik says:

    To make things straight and easier to understand, data is unlimited but only on 2G (EDGE) since LTE (4G) and 3G have a combined threshold of 1GB/day or 3GB/month. I do not have anything against the policy however my only concern is why Globe specifically advertised that they will be providing unlimited LTE service to their subscribers. This could be their marketing strategy to attract more customers however what they did is completely deceiving. They just committed marketing fraud.

  147. ace says:

    Out of that 97%, how many of them actually use data? Globe advertised for UNLIMITED LTE, so I’m pretty sure they can’t say we still get unlimited. Also, like what some are pointing out, their speeds are crappy compared to other countries strictly implementing data capping, so globe doesn’t really have much right to compare themselves to the UK or the US.

  148. kamote says:

    im pretty sure it is more than just 3%. me and most of my friends get capped just by using youtube alone.

  149. aiti says:

    People complaining over Globe’s bad service and blaming Globe, I hope these people also considered those leechers who get Globe’s bandwidth for free. Kaya kung mabagal ang network connection, sana give a little bit of justice to globe. Dito samin super sikat ng bandwidth leechers and network hackers. Nakakairita. Sana maging mas strict ang globe sa network maintenance and monitoring nila.

    • crackinthewall says:

      Hindi ba dapat yung mga gumagamit ng butas SIM ang hinahabol ng Globe at hindi ang legitimate users? Globe does not deserve any consideration for the way they handled this whole fiasco. They should not penalize postpaid subscribers for the acts of their prepaid subscribers (free FB, hacked SIM, etc.) Plus, they’re basically lying through their teeth with that response.

  150. user says:

    walang kwenta internet connection pag ganito! hindi na nga maganda ang speed nila dati, nilagyan pa ng limit! bwiset sayang 1k plus ko a month. They just want to cover their asses sa walang kwentang service nila.

  151. kingzyke says:

    sa mga confused how it works at sa mga kumakampi sa mga telcos watch this!http://www.youtube.com/embed/vjNhG4lvL_E?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showi nfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent

    sana dont use international policies kung ndi nyo rin kaya ang international standards. its obvious that globe just wants to declare whatever is convenient to them.

  152. user says:

    What about streaming videos? What about gaming? what about constant updates from your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. Each family member nowadays have at least 2-3 devices each. This is really annoying Globe. UNLIMITED MY ASS!

  153. anon says:

    FUP = f*cked-up plan.

    1gb daily cap. yung ios 7 update 1gb+ eh. pano na?

  154. oxide says:

    Just last November…Misrepresentation it is from Globe… Unlimited LTE. That pertains to LTE= “Ultra fast wireless broadband” that they are saying. Not just unlimited data but unlimited LTE with larger bandwidth and faster speed… https://www.globe.com.ph/press-room/iphone-postpaid-plans?jsid=95FBC18381DCF86925ADEB7868720E84.31391480377874

  155. PCgamer says:

    “3GB is more than enough for your monthly mobile data needs”
    –Who the f*ck are they to dictate what is enough for me?!

  156. angelo says:

    no option ako. Will just wait for my contract to finish then balik prepaid na lang. Balik na ulit ako smart. F* u globe!

  157. bokoi says:

    no speed limits, no caps. Disable torrents and illegal download sites para happy regular / power users.

    eh sa mga abusive subscribers, sorry na lg. lipat kayo ibang network. hahaha.

  158. AdrianU says:

    Let’s all pack our bags and move to Korea…

  159. AdrianU says:

    3000 minutes of Video?!
    I’m guessing they expect us to stream YouTube videos at 144p…

    • jude says:

      i agree with u man,…sinabi lang na 3000mins pra malaki yung ti time na mkita,..but if u do the math u are tricked,..because actually this 3000mins divide by 60mins only 50hrs,..then divide it again for 30days its only 1.6hrs,.. hindi pa kaya isang pelikula na live streaming,..what a crap,… so everyday ang time mo lang na mkapagyoutube is only 1.6hrs then trotlled kna to 2g,..the f@#$k

  160. GloboLoko says:

    Hayz talaga ang Globe. “ensures that EVERYONE enjoys quality browsing experience” daw… e di na nga ako nage-enjoy e… pano naging EVERYONE yan???

  161. sam says:

    Real talk > ambahooo ng serbisyo..
    di nakakatulong. maka lipatnalang ng ibang network..

    mahal mahalng binabayad Bulok systemaaa..

  162. Justin says:

    They want you to use their call and text services instead of using data to do voice calls.

    With the rise of wechat, viber, and the likes nag kaka loss sila sa earning from voice calls.

    just saying .

  163. marie says:

    if globe has the right to impose this fair usage policy despite us subscribers having signed up for unlimited data plan, wouldnt it be fair also to allow us subscribers to terminate our contracts without any fees? whats the point of paying 1799/month or more for 2 years if we are not getting the full advantage of a postpaid unlimited data plan we signed up for?

    • Anti-Globe says:

      I totally agree to marie’s proposition.

      We have subscribed to unlimited data before they implemented the FUP so they must give everybody the freedom to back out from the plan if they really are not happy with it.

  164. Keith says:

    3GB more than enough for my needs? At may list pa kung ano daw ang “needs” ko. What a load of crap.

    Wag nalang kayo mg palit ng network kasi wala rin tayong choice sa Stupid (Smart) network. Maganda lang in the 1st month pero after that, puro throttle at network disconnection nalang lagi. In 1 hour, hindi ko na mabilang ang beses ng palipat2x ng negtwork from 4G to H+ to H. Lets say, every other minute.

    Prepaid all the way kasi wala pang monthly data cap. Reset pa everyday ang limit as far as I know.

  165. nonA says:

    ano pa ang gamit ng “WIFI STICK NA UPTO 10 DEVICES”..

  166. ybeth says:

    For WiMax plans installed before May 13, 2011, the usage allowance is refreshed on a monthly basis with the following thresholds:

    For WiMax Postpaid 512 Kbps: 16 GB – 20 GB/account/month
    For WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps: 21 GB – 25 GB/account/month

    For WiMax accounts with speed boost add-on or if it was installed from May 13, 2011 onwards, the usage allowance is refreshed on a daily basis with the following thresholds:

    For WiMax Postpaid 512 Kbps: 1 GB/account/day
    For WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps: 3 GB/account/day
    For WiMax Postpaid 2 Mbps: 5 GB/account/day

    For DSL accounts with speed boost add-on or if it was installed from November 11, 2011 onwards, the usage allowance is refreshed on a daily basis with the following thresholds:

    For DSL Postpaid 1 Mbps: 3 GB per account per day
    For DSL Postpaid 2 Mbps: 5 GB per account per day
    For DSL Postpaid 3 Mbps: 7 GB per account per day
    For DSL Postpaid 5 Mbps: 10 GB per account per day

  167. NakNgGlobeNamanOh says:


  168. FairGoMyA says:

    That is why it’s hard to believe that Philippine Telco’s are offering unlimited plans. Kept asking my sis if indeed it was unlimited and now that everyone’s on smartphones and everyone’s torrenting, they shove this Fair Use Policy on our faces.

    So if we have 5G allowance/data cap per month, that’s what should appear on our bills as our subscription, and not some unlimited boohoo.

  169. Toto says:

    But the other countries mentioned PROVIDE OPTIONS WITH HIGHER DATA CAPS. Globe and Smart don’t.

  170. nonito says:

    reset nila ang data cap ng 12 midnight e after that wala ng gagamit so para saan pa. Para hindi heavily affected ang mga users I suggest 4pm nyo ireset

  171. Globulok says:

    3 GB per month? Anak ng bobo naman o, nagpaliwanag pa talaga. Parang tanga lang eh ano tingin niyo sa amin bobo? ALISIN NIYO YAN PUTANG INA! KUNG HINDI KAYA NG INFRASTRUCTURE NIYO TUMIGIL KAYO SA PAG TANGGAP NG SUBSCRIBER! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE PUNYETA!

  172. Dencio says:

    [email protected] [email protected] nyo GLOBE sino kau para ituro sa amin kung panu gamitin ang internet? Mga [email protected] kau i upgrade nyo infrastructure nyo mga ul0l !!!

  173. John says:

    Fuck you ka Globe. hindi mo in-explain sa akin yung 3gb per month. pumayag na nga ako sa 1gb a day kasi sabi mo ma rereset naman sya on 12 midnight. Pero putang ina lang, hindi nyo sinabi sakin yung 3gb per month. Mga hayop., bagong subscriber lang ako sa inyo tapos ganito first impression. Fuck you sa 2 years lock-in period nyo.

  174. Joe says:

    Fuck you Globe. I am using less than 400MB per day but after 2 days of using i always kick me down to the 2G. And it doesn’t reset at midnigh. It is now 9:24am and I am still on 2G since last night at 7pm

  175. Joe says:

    Porgot to say: I’m using the prepaid pocket wifi from globe. They told me that I’m allowed to use 800MB/day at 3G speeds. Either they are lying or they don’t know their own policy. I think they are full of shit.

  176. you says:

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before
    ending I am reading this fantastic post to improve my experience.

  177. Klaus Ridder says:

    Compare it to thailand: DTAC offers 12GB per month for THB 799, which is about 1000 PHP. So 3 GB is pretty poor … however, in Germany, 200 MB to 500 MB are quite usual for around 10 to 20 Euro. 1 GB is considered a lot, and the biggest plans are 5GB. After that, you are slowed down to 65K.

  178. If you do have a large indoor garden, you can either use a large, indoor portable grow
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  179. Globesucks says:

    Dont tell us that the “less than 3%” has affected the bandwidth allocation for the other 97% that you need to enforce the FUP? And also you marketed the hspa+ as 4g tricking customers into thinking it is 4g lte.

  180. Light this time is reflected on inclusions positioned parallel with each other.

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  181. cindy says:

    gago tlga yang globe di manlang nag inform na ganun pla policy nila!! edi sana dnako kumuha ng leche na pocket wifi nila! sabi unlimited daw pag tapos ng 1GB usage limited na ulol yata!! walang kwenta tlga kayo!!!

  182. mike says:


  183. Kaloy says:

    The more I read it, the more I think of it like a propaganda lol! It’s more of telling you what you have to do rather than giving you what you need.

    Firstly, they play with words. True that you are still unlimited after reaching your daily/monthly allowance. But they slow down your speed to the point that posting just words in fb will take a minute or so.

    Also, the information they wrote is not complete. Sige 23k+ email ang kaya ng 3GB per month. But have they look into the push notif part? Background activity? Most likely, it is based on all text emails lang. And I am just referring to email app alone. Wala pa yung iba. Malamang meron na rin sa inyo na napilitan mag top up kahit naka-postpaid, para lang matustusan ang mga deliverables for the day. Dahil ramdam nyo na kulang talaga.

    It is obvious that they only write information that will make it look too much. But they chose to omit those details that will really make the entire picture clear.

  184. Kat says:

    Just WOw! Parang nagyong subscribed ako sa GOSAKTO70 that is 1GB for one week. I subscribed Yesterday and since nsa bahay lang ako hindi ko pa nagamit kasi meron kaming WIFI. Then today, i opened my data around 6:45 am tpos around 3 pm today din i used up all of the 1GB???! pano nangyari? FB and messenger lng gnawa ko. 1GB in a span of almost 9 hrs lang???!

  1. February 1, 2014

    […] of Globe subscribers are heavy data users and according to this Yugatech’s explanation they’re trying to get wean these users that they believe is hogging their […]

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