Globe claims to provide one of the cheapest data in Asia

Globe claims to provide one of the cheapest data in Asia

Globe Telecom posted on their social media an insight about the current state of mobile data in the country in terms of pricing. Have you ever wondered how much are we paying compared to our neighboring countries?



According to Globe, postpaid and prepaid users of their network pays about Php 119.6 and 48.76 per GB, respectively. Making it the second cheapest in their, just next to India’s Airtel and Indonesia’s Telkomsel. Of course, there’s a fine print behind the computation — 4 points to exact:

  • All prices are converted to PHP
  • Rates cover 1GB – 2GB pricing for postpaid and 300MB – 1GB for prepaid, both inclusive of free content bundles
  • Country rates based on published rate in other telco’s site
  • Prices as of June 9, 2016

Upon checking GoSurf’s rates, the pricing above is not directly visible to the rates published but as indicated by Globe, the calculation already includes of the free content bundles for games and streaming app. Any thoughts about this?

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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49 Responses

  1. depot says:

    ginawa pa tayo tanga ng mga eto hahaha mga globolok

  2. globegreed says:

    Sana nag focus nalang sila sa comedy. Galing nila mag patawa.

  3. Ako says:

    Papa Daniel, I don’t have any thoughts sa article mo. I only think of you.

  4. Andrew says:

    To be fair to Globe and Smart, yes, they are cheap on the mobile internet compared to the other countries. Reliability wise, I’m not so sure.

    And on another note, if this is what they are publishing as a reaction to have better internet, they are not addressing the problem. The problem is the fixed line internet speed (DSL, fiber, etc) and not mobile.

  5. kilog says:

    nasayang na naman ang 700mhz huhuhu,

  6. misterbean says:

    It may appear that globe provides one of the cheapest data but it doesn’t show the whole picture.I think there are other factors to be considered here: quality of service, number of customers and usage.

    Parang kung bibili ka ng adobo sa carinderya,most likely mas mura kumpara sa adobo na mabibili sa isang resto assuming na naka aircon, comfortable, at mas maganda serbisyo kapag kumain sa resto. While other resto will provide cheaper price kasi mas madami kumakain sa kanila compared to others.

  7. FTW says:

    Now I’m curious. How about Broadband or wired internet connection subscriptions? Tsk2.

  8. BabyP says:

    Mema lang ang Globe, sinungaling ang mga deputs, I have their myLifestyle postpaid plan 1799 with GoSurf 10GB data per month and it’s not 120 Pesos per 1GB, it is actually 180 Pesos per 1GB. And their postpaid data plans ranging from 1GB to 2 GB are not also under 120 pesos because their GoSurf 299 with 1.5GB is actually 199 Pesos per 1GB. Saan na naman humuhugot ng kakapalan ng mukha ang mga deputs na mga may ari ng Globe na yan?

    • MrOrange says:

      I have the same Plan 1799 it’s actually more like 1999 that i’m paying but my data allowance is only 5Gb. their breakdown is 999 (5Gb Data + 499 (base unli Call & Test) + 299 (Duo), so considering just the 999 for the data = 199.80 per Gb. Am curious how you got the 10Gb or is it an iPhone plan.

    • BabyP says:

      myLifestyle plan is a flexible plan just like Smart’s All-in plan, you can avail either the GoSurf 1799 with 10GB (that’s what I have) or you can have any other “Surf pack” like the GoSurf 999 with 5GB (the one that you have) as long as it is covered by your credit limit. I just happen to maximize my consumable amount of 1799 with the GoSurf 1799 and plus some extra for call and text from the “Classic pack”.

    • Bords says:

      Sige nga sama mo handset cost mo sa computation…

    • mamalou says:

      How sure are you na may handset na kasama yung plan niya? Hindi ba pwedeng SIM only yung plan? Saka FYI, handsets are subsidized by telcos with or without partial cash out depending on the plan and most postpaid plans are fully consumable from the whole monthly service fee amount you are paying every month.

  9. Cheapaeng says:

    Cheap? Put tank in a moon globobo, ikaw rin talino!

  10. Mr. Juan says:

    mura nga, pero ang service sa ibang bansa mas mabilis katulad ng speed ng internet nila.

  11. Mil says:

    Factor din ang standard of living kasi. Yung kapatid ko na nasa SG sinabi lahat mahal kung palagi mo i cconvert sa php. Malaki kasi value ng SGD doon kaya mura para sa kanila. Imagine this, kaya ng elementary/HS students bumili ng sarili nila iphone in 2-3 months kung iipunin lang nila baon nila at naka postpaid pa.

  12. also one of the crappiest internet connection in asia! :D

  13. itlog says:

    Mapapamura ka talaga.

  14. drew says:

    I have a plan 999 from Globe, 499 unli call and text to Globe/TM and 499 for 3GB of data plus a free handset. Yeah I can say it is a bit cheaper. But mas maganda sana if taasan nla yung data to 5GB with the same price. Hehe

  15. Kapal mo globe says:

    Alam naman ng lahat top tayo sa pinaka mahal at pinaka mahina sa mundo. Ano yan globe, pakapalan nlng ng mukha???

  16. Ronald says:

    Hmmmm… this is just direct computation when converted into pesos. We will only know if it expensive or not if you live on that country and will be based on wage and cost of living. Kahit sabihin mong expensive ang connection nila pero they earn more than what we do here in the Philippines having the same type of job.

    • FTW says:

      On point brother. Globe is trying to achieve what the others are achieving in another country’s market.

  17. Smokescreen says:

    Mura nga per GB. But hanggang ilang GB bago mag cap? Baka naman yun Singapore P161 nga per GB… pero unlimited naman.

  18. ronelm2000 says:

    Ayyy so much BS PR. Exclude any data bundles that does not support only a single service then we’ll talk.

  19. kaito says:

    MY / Celcom’s cheapest postpaid plan according to their official site here is just RM45. In pesos that’s P512 with 6GB data allowance. So 1GB data costs only P85 versus P433 shown on their chart. Go Globe #LiePaMore

  20. Haroro says:

    Susmaryosep!! OO na kayo na mas mura, pero wag ganon. sila ang pinaka mabilis sa ASIA e. at tayo ang pinaka mabagal.

  21. Mrtechie says:

    Mura nga. Nakakapamura naman ang speed ng connection mo.

  22. WALA says:

    It’s true that they are cheaper but what they really need to focus on is to improve their services and customer support. :)

  23. Globe Bobo says:

    I’ve been in malaysia for 2 mos… Marami ang Telcos doon pero masasabi ko lang maganda service nila. Ginamit ko na provider doon is Umobile one thing na maganda doon monthly may free 1GB data na papasok sa number mo at khit free lang yun sobra bilis ng connection. I think meron pang ibang provider dun na nagbibigay ng 8Gb free every month if I’m not mistaken Hotlink ata ung provider.

  24. flash says:

    one of the mura???? tama nman mura ang pagmarket nila… pero ang BAGAL ng connection… pabilisan nyo sana yan at bka pati presidente ko, kayo ang mamuMURA.. hehe

  25. Gari Valdez says:

    Let’s see if they completely rolled out 700MhZ, totoo naman ‘to at baka bumilis na talaga ang internet natin.

  26. Raphiduz says:

    It is much cheaper sa Globe pag naka-prepaid ka. By using GOTSCOMBODD70, you can have 1GB data and 1000 free texts to Globe and TM for a week. Yun nga lang you need to check your GOSAKTO balance from time to time. Hindi ko nga maintindihan yun logic ng pag POstpaid ka mas mahal singil nila sa internet usage ng subscribers.

    • Raphiduz says:

      Prepaid GOSAKTO – GOTSCOMBODD70 is cheap for 70pesos (1GB data) in a week. The problem of the mobile internet is that, it has no consistent connection. The speed fluctuates from time to time even though you are not moving from your area. Sometimes you get a high speed connection in a moment, then no connection at all, then back again to slow connection.

  27. Janelle B says:

    Ang kelangan lang natin is frequency band. For sue magiging mabilis talaga. Tapos magiging mura pa yun service. ????????

  28. Kate P says:

    Gaaaahd di nko mkapaghintay sa 700mhz. Mura na rates tapos bibilis pa service. Edi double thumbs up! Yehey!

  29. FGarcia says:

    Frequency band po dapat para mas bumilis ang serbisyo. Yun lang naman ang sagot e. Wala naman problema sa rates kasi affordable naman.

  30. JoyPen says:

    Buti nalang talaga affordable ang mga rates. Sulit pa. Ano pa kaya kapag meron na yun 700mhz, sulit na sulit na. Di na kami mag aaway ng boss ko dahil sa internet hehe

  31. JSalva says:

    All we need is FREQUENCY BAND! HOOOOO! :)

  32. MarvinMartian says:

    Ang tagal naman ng 700mhz para tuluyan ng bumilis ang service! Hehe

  33. PascuaLeonel says:

    Oh dba. Kaya nakakaexcite yang 700mhz e. Affordable na tapos bibilis pa srvice ayos na ayos!

  34. Pogs says:

    BS! I-factor mo nga ang standard of living ng bawat bansa sa table. Ang average salary sa Singapore is 3500 SGD, while dito sa atin is only roughly 20,000 PHP. Come on Globe! Anong tingin nyo sa mga subscribers nyo?

  35. Lala says:

    Would it be much better kung tanggalin nila free bundle sa computaton.
    Ang GoSurf 299 is 1.5Gb

  36. NotASheep says:

    This is actually biased, Hong Kong’s minimum wage is 32$ per HOUR so multiply to standard working days, that’s 7604 pesos per WEEK. While the Philippines earn 480 pesos per DAY that’s only 2400 per WEEK.

    Basically Globe is more expensive by 110% than Hong Kong.

    And to the people shouting 700mhz, what is wrong with you? they used this tactics back when 4G was a thing and look at it now! still unreliable!

  37. mamalou says:

    “And to the people shouting 700mhz, what is wrong with you? they used this tactics back when 4G was a thing and look at it now! still unreliable!”
    Name one Philippine telco who used/advertised the 700Mhz as a tactics BEFORE. As far as I know, no one deployed this even SMC themselves until a few days ago when Smart and Globe launched their first 700Mhz transceiver tower. And by the way, 4G network IS still a thing unless you are from the future where the thing is already 5G, LOL.

    • Rainier says:

      @MAMALOU, I think the tactic @NOTASHEEP was talking about is that the introduction of new technology (or frequency) will make the Internet by our telco be faster or better. If you guys can remember, LTE was touted to be the “savior” to our Internet woes but if you’ll notice, the advertised speed weren’t really sustained in a lot of places (in other words, unreliable at mabagal pa rin kahit na naka-LTE ka na)

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