Globe drops Visibility Prepaid Kit price to Php3,500

Healthy competition drives prices down and at the end of the day, consumers win. So it’s not a surprise that Globe Telecom has dropped its Globe Visibility Mobile Prepaid kit down to just Php3,500.

If you check out their new ad, the listing already reflects the new price. Globe started offering their new prepaid and postpaid plans for Visibility back in June 23 when we first reported it here.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

This could be a response to the SmartBro 3G Price Cuts on the prepaid kits (Php3,800).

What’s a bit curious though is the difference between the pricing schedule on overage for the prepaid and the postpaid.

GV Prepaid: Php5 per 15 minute session
GV Postpaid: Php0.50 per minute (translates to Php7.50 per 15 minutes)

And while the prepaid pricing seems cheaper, the per minute charging makes sense for multiple but short internet usage like checking emails.

Disclosure: Both Globe Visibility and SmartBro 3G is an advertiser on this blog.

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17 Responses

  1. Avatar for Mike Mike says:

    Screw both Smart broadband and Globe Visibility. May mas mabilis na ngayon, at walang tatalo: SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS. Kahit saan ako mapunta, kahit walang araw, mabilis, at stable pa ang connection.

    You, people better subscribe to Sun broadband, unlimited. Php 800 lang! Umaabot pa ng 1998 kb/s sa download speed, at 500 kb/s sa upload. Check this site:

  2. Avatar for lyn lyn says:

    well,3g is not that stable here in novaliches.. gprs lang nga lagi.. kahit pag open lang ng e-mail inaabot ng 5 min…well..hndi nman all the time nasa edsa para lang makainternet no????

  3. Avatar for louie santiago louie santiago says:

    hi. i am here in hk. but will be back in manila soon. all the mobile network provider here are selling wireless modem (either luxe c100 or huawei e169). its very cheap (cheaper than any of the prices all of u mentioned here).

    do u think it will work there in manila? i will just have to buy a globe or smart data sim.

    please help???

    by the way, i have checked and all the modems are not locked (open line).


  4. Avatar for von von says:

    walang internet connection don sa amin sa capiz.. through globe visibility kit magkakaroon using GPRS. Maganda bato gamitin sa internet cafe? more on games ako.. pang akit lng sa tong internet?

  5. Avatar for cy cy says:

    Globe is offering the USB Visibility Kit for 2,200 in Trinoma, went there earlier however there were no stock available. Will probably go there tomorrow and get one, purchased one for my family in Bohol, pretty decent signal for a place with low Globe signal, high speed i-net connection though in Tagbilaran City…

  6. Avatar for Yvon Thea Yvon Thea says:

    I got mine for P4,500.00 (huawei E220)!!!

  7. Avatar for `wyldKard `wyldKard says:

    i think there’s a price change because it’s a different modem. the previous unit they were advertising is the Huawei E220, i got the prepaid kit yesterday and the modem is a ZTE MF626. got 176 kbps down last night here in Iloilo.

  8. Avatar for charlene charlene says:

    Im here at laguna area and dis rainy season bigla nagloko signal ng globe. Do you think advisable padin bumili ko ng globe visibility?

  9. Avatar for Julhan Julhan says:

    the price of this GV is now down to 2500 already..but until Oct 5 only..i think i will get one..

  10. Avatar for Allyson Allyson says:

    Just bought the Visibility kit last Saturday, and everything worked out fine, using GPRS/GSM network. 3G is fluctuating so there’s always a tendency to be disconnected. Browsing pages is not that slow, as compared to when I was trying to use my mobile (Smart network) to connect my lappy to the internet, which just wasted my money. Always showed that I’m already connected but cannot download any site, kinda weird though as my mobile always has the 3G icon visible.

  11. Avatar for lazeeboy lazeeboy says:

    mostly depends on your location. in our area, globe’s 3G signal is a bit unstable. based this on my phone. 3G goes on & off quite frequently. smart’s 3G signal is more stable here. tested it via my gf’s smartBRO.

  12. Avatar for Allyson Allyson says:

    Yeah, it’s true. I was checking it out last night and it was still 3500.00 but early this afternoon it’s down to 2500.00! I even called their CS hotline to check if they’ve decreased the price. Any feedback on the reliability of Globe Visibility vs. Smartbro prepaid? I’m planning to get one for backup in cases of power outage. Thanks!

  13. Avatar for tatskie25 tatskie25 says:

    2,500??? is this true?

  14. Avatar for lazeeboy lazeeboy says:

    came from globe cash & carry yesterday. globe visibility is now down to P2,500! wish they had a stable 3G signal in our area. patulan ko na sana eh.

  15. Avatar for Jay Jay says:

    i believe it depends on where ur at (cell site proximity duh..)

  16. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    Perhaps when the price goes down to 3k then I’ll finally get one.

    I keep on hearing from friends that GV is indeed faster than Smart Bro 3G.

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