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Globe extends Free FB through Internet.Org

Globe Telecom recently announced that it extends its current Free Facebook promo, now accessible through the Internet.Org website or app, until May this year.


The free Facebook initiatives the telecommunications company rolled out the past months have proved to be successful, as it drove more prepaid users into using mobile data by as much as 120 percent, or six million, according to Facebook and Globe’s recent whitepaper on on global internet adoption.

Our partnership with Facebook and the learnings from our successful ‘free FB’ campaigns have helped drive heightened awareness and interest about the Globe-Internet.org proposition. As such, this key partnership has led us to become the leader in creating a digital lifestyle for Filipinos, as evidenced by our 64% revenue market share in the Filipinos mobile data market. This clearly puts Globe in a unique position as the preferred mobile brand in the Philippines,” said Daniel Horan, Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Group.

According to the press release, the Free Facebook offer with any promo purchase for prepaid subscribers will be extended until May 15, 2015. The free Facebook perk can be accessed through visiting Internet.Org or by downloading the app.

UPDATE: Globe clarified to us that the free Facebook promo is still not accessible through Internet.Org, as first reported. Prepaid Globe and TM subscribers can access full free Facebook by registering to any Globe/TM promo and going to http://m.facebook.com/free.


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5 Responses

  1. NotaSheep says:

    Where the heck did they pull that BS out off? their ass? i’m serious do they have proof or are they lying through their teeth?

  2. Ayaw! says:

    Ayaw ma-access. for free access kailangan Smart or Sun cellular ang network, yan reply ng system.

  3. doesn't work says:

    what the hell’s wrong with globe. internet.org works only on smart sims

  4. nag.. says:


  5. CuriosGeorge says:

    Is it just me having this thinking that Globe seems to be exerting all efforts to make an impression to subscribers, prepaid more so, that their network is ok and really usable and up to date in terms of tech – whereas IMHO, Globe simply Suc#s!

    I maintain a globe prepaid sim and a postpaid line, and both just really makes me sad, though rather “choice-less”, whenever I have to use either. I have sims and lines with other providers too, but the major reason for my staying is the multitude of contacts that are tied up to my Globe numbers – especially in the net.

    I hope Globe reps come by this comment so that, if they indeed have the facilities and capability, they may go ahead and give out what are really due to customers accordingly. OR UPGRADE and BUY equipments as needed.

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