Globe fires up first 700MHz cell site in Quezon City

Globe fires up first 700MHz cell site in Quezon City

A week after the big Globe-PLDT acquisition of San Miguel’s precious low-frequency high-value 700MHz, Globe has just tested the broadcast through the said frequency.



Photo from Globe ICON

Through their Globe ICON Facebook page, the telco has announced that they just turned the keys on for the first cell site in Diliman, Quezon City. Using 700MHz supported devices, initial tests showed around 30 to 100Mbps internet speed. This is about 3x faster than our usual mobile internet speeds when in a good day.

As stated in the post, this is just the first of many areas where Globe will send out faster LTE speeds through the 700MHz band. The question now is, what’s the actual speed when more users started utilizing the new network?


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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17 Responses

  1. marx says:

    The good thing about this is konte lang yung device na capable sa 700 mhz na frequency and usually high end lang. Meaning konte lang makakautilize nito and mas happy mga user na yun. Excited. :)

  2. LTE is not soley allocated at 700 MHZ which is so stupid to say!

  3. unknown says:

    much better if they will remove the data capping..

  4. Deng says:

    Nice may improvement na.

  5. Patrick says:

    I think capping must not be removed. It will be unfair to customers who are willing to shell out a lot of cash just to have that so-called “no data cap plan”. If you want such privilege then pay for it.

    • psikick says:

      What plan has no data cap? Even premium plans like Smart Infinity and Globe Platinum now have caps.. Heck, even some home DSL plans have caps… Ideally, as consumers, we all do not want to have data caps. But from a business standpoint, sure, let’s give the telcos the benefit of imposing them for various business reasons. But shouldn’t they at least offer a truly unlimited mobile plan (or at least offer a plan that is for all practical purposes unlimited like maybe make the data cap 1TB)?

  6. Sonofa says:

    Walang effect… Still have 1 bar when inside the house

    • Brennnss says:

      Uhm, compatible ba yung device na gamit mo as well as nasa area ka ba kung nasaan yung cell site na yun?

  7. Easy E says:

    Haha kailangan pa talaga lecturan mga tao about these things. Akala nila biglang gaganda signal nila at bibilis ang connection nila pag pingana na ang 700MHz band.

  8. NotASheep says:

    Divide it by 10,000 = 0.01mbps lol terrible.

  9. yonisoka says:

    For better understanding. For you to be able to feel the changes, make sure that your current device is compatible or 700 band capable. How? LTE bands has its own categories, sometimes represented by B, sample LTE B1,B2, meaning, your LTE can only support B1=2100 and B2=1900,, for more band ratings. You can do this by checking your device network specifications. Try to visit GSMArena. Disclaimer: I don’t work for any of the sites mentioned above.

  10. Jose says:

    Will this improve voice calls too?

  11. Cheechee says:

    Pa clarify nga po for our E.C.E. People. Yung bilis nyan diba yung koneksyon ng device ko (smartphone,tablet,USB dongle etc.) to the network base station (tower, etc.) iba pa rin yung speed mismo ng internet sa provider (telco) nalilito ako

    • Angelo says:

      The internet speed improves from the telco to your device capable with 700 MHz band.

  12. Error 404: Local Smartphones not found, haha Mediatek pa more!

  13. engr.kebs says:

    Ganito lang kasimple yan. LTE has many bands. Globe uses 2600 Mhz for TDD and 1800 for FDD. Yung 700 Mhz will require new telco equipments from vendors such as Huawei, and to be able to utilize it, you should have a device compatible of operating at 700 Mhz. At yung nagcomment sa taas na LTE is not solely allocated at 700 Mhz, tama yun, pero dapat mong malaman na when testing LTE signals, you should have a device na pwedeng mailock sa specific band or frequency to be sure na yun ang nasasagap mo.

  14. hek says:

    need nga na device na compatible sa 700Mhz. tulad sa LTE, hindi din lahat ng phone e compatible :( mga rich kid lang matutuwa T_T

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