Globe implements Load Watch for Prepaid Subs

Globe implements Load Watch for Prepaid Subs

This was shared to us by the folks from Globe Telecom last February 14 but I completely forgot about it. I only remembered it again when I used the prepaid SIM card they gave me to test on the HTC Titan.

In any case, the concept is pretty simple — you get an SMS alert every time you use your load credits.


So when you make a phone call, once you hang up, Globe will send you an SMS how much load you have left. This will give you an idea of your running balance and be updated of your load credits all the time.

The service stems from issues that prepaid load credits mysteriously disappear (folks call it “nakaw load” for years now) and though investigations don’t normally end well for the subscriber, this Load Watch might just help prevent it from happening.

At the moment, this is only available for prepaid subscribers (it is free and automatic so you don’t have to activate anything).

Anybody else notice this service on their prepaid accounts? Do you see this as a useful feature?

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28 Responses

  1. Eizan says:

    “…you get an SMS alert every time you use your load credits.”

    So, let’s say, everytime you text someone (on a non-Unli text sub), you get a text from Globe detailing how many credits you have left? Or is this only applicable for calls?

    I dunno, maybe they should just emulate Sun’s Inquiry feature. Nice try though.

  2. Joseph Michael says:

    I think nakikita ko na ito since January pa, nung unang nakita ng kuya ko eh nagtaka siya kung ano itong lumalabas kahit hindi naman siya nag-iinquire ng load balance.

  3. I believe it only notifies you of your load after a call. Besides, it’s not an SMS alert, it’s just a notification that you can dismiss anytime.

  4. Jerome G. says:

    I have tried it on prepaid and its already activated. The alert only arrives after calls which is pretty handy.

  5. Eason says:

    enjoying this service since last year :)

    Its just that its a BILL SHOCKER moment when your unli surf subscription is over you will see reminders every 15 mins which is good :)

  6. Lu says:

    In my experience, Globe sends me sms/notification once my load is less than 5php. I’m not sure for now if there’s changes coz I’m currrently registered to Immortal promo :)

  7. heatmt11 says:

    iyong nakaw load SMART naman magaling dyan eh.. hindi Globe.. haha loyal ako sa Globe eh,, haha

  8. say says:

    it’s useful naman. pero minsan di pa rin maiwasan ang “nakaw load” Deducting as little as one peso each time a per second IDD call fails to connect is nakaw, right? But still, I’m loyal to Globe. Can’t imagine myself saying “ito ang smart number ko:09 blah-blah” lol

  9. phiLLip says:

    I’ve been receiving a notification after I finished a call for a very long time now. I can’t remember when exactly but it’s been going on for months now

  10. booboo says:

    Last year pa ito actually. Hindi siya SMS, more like a notification. Tsaka sa calls lang siya. Kasi kunwari you use the internet, you consume some load credits. So ang kulit naman kung bawat bawas sa load may notification, di ba?

  11. Ben Astorga says:

    Ive been having mine since last year. Pero its more of a notification/alert

  12. benchmark says:

    ay! The first time I got my Moto Drodi razr, I notice this message popping out after my call. Kala ko dahil lang sa phone ko hehehhe kaya pala its a service of globe. Well honest its nice having such service, atleast I can track the calls.

    As per IDD calls, I was told hinde na daw hawak ng globe kasi depende na din daw sa telco na tinatawagan. I suggest using Globe IDD card (instead of tipid IDD). Atleast kung mabawasan man ang load mo, charge to minute or less lang, somtimes walang charge, unlike tipid IDD, 3 minutes call will all be lost if there is a connection error to their (abroads) network.

  13. jayb says:

    smart needs this . . they always steal our load. not globe

  14. Bullet Aso says:

    …but I think this service is available only when one makes a call,there is no load watch when a text message is sent or a globe service is availed of. and it is these services (subscription) which are usually used to “nakaw” the load.

  15. It is not a SMS alert but just a “Show-up message.” When we are on our trip to Bataan, I called my mother and after that call, a flash message just apperead about my load balance. No SMS message…… :)

  16. Rhynax says:

    Our telcos really love the prepaid subs. When will they show same love for postpaid users? :)

  17. Sinned says:

    Why is that prepaid subscribers has a lot more features than postpaid?

  18. donbalanhi says:

    I have a prepaid Globe. I haven’t had any of this feature. How can I avail of this?

  19. Richard says:

    What I find very useful before, was Globe’s text message telling you of who tried to call you when your phone was off or unattended or have no signal/unreachable.

    But they’ve removed that feature… sana ibalik nila ulit yun!

  20. gio says:

    ito ba ang pantapat nila sa anti bill shock of other telecoms? the notifications is irritating considering na calling is [paty of my job. any idea how to deactivate?

  21. jego207 says:

    sounds very useful! sana meron din sa postpaid! :) kaka dating lang bill ko ngayon. BILL SHOCKER talaga. hahaha

  22. patrick says:

    wala silbe kaka-asar litaw ng litaw pede naman maging accurate yun 222 nila sa susunod

  23. alainL says:

    I love this feature. Tamad ako mag-check ng load kaya nakakatuwa na malalaman ko na kung paubos na load after a text. Nagpapadala sila ng warning pag less than P5 nalang load mo.

  24. Gwapito says:

    I’m not familiar how the NAKAW LOAD works.

    Yes, it’s a useful feature.

  25. Nath says:

    I don’t like it. Does anybody know if this can be disabled?

  26. Jerry Walter says:

    very useful nga naman to…pro meron pa rin akong na observed na glitch recently…and because of this I realized na meron pa ring nakaw na nangyayari…

    I loaded P40 tapos I registered the P25 for the SUPERUNLI CALL AND TXT ALL DAY…the next day with the load watch thingy the system automatically generated a message reminding me that the load is nearing to its expiration time…so, that scenario is actually good ‘coz I have an idea that I can no longer use the promo until then…to make the story shorter…since I still have the P15 remaining balance on the account…pwede pa sana akong mag.txt or tumawag…pero to find out after nag.expire ang promo…d ko na magamit ang remaining P15 kasi sabi ng LOADWATCH ala na daw akong load…

    grabe naman ang aking P15 asan na…ninakaw…

    many times na to nangyari sa akin…tapos twice nangyari sakin ang pag load ng P40 tapos ni.register sa Superunli call and txt na ninakaw ang remaining balance na P15…

  27. yhen says:

    its annoying … it pop ups everytime even though i used smart sim to send a message.. GLOBE LOADWATCH still pop ups .. pls fix this.. its irritating… how can i DEACTIVATE it…

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