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Globe iPhone 3G Post-Paid Plans Unveiled?


Got an email tipping us of the possible Globe Telecom Post-Paid Plans for the new iPhone 3G coming this September in the Philippines. These postpaid plans are not final and may change but more or less close to what you’ll expect when it comes out.

The starting price of $199 for the 8GB iPhone 3G model will come in a 2-year lock-in period with Globe Telecom. Here are the supposedly postpaid plans for new Globe subscribers:

G-Max 3500 iPhone 3G
Initial Fee: Php9,995
Monthly Fee: Php3,500
Free Text: 650
Free Calls: 750 mins.
Globe to Globe: Php3.50/minute
Globe to Non-Globe: Php4.50/minute
Excess SMS Rates: Php0.50/text

Globe Platinum 5000 iPhone 3G
Initial Fee: FREE
Monthly Fee: Php5,000
Free Text: 650
Free Calls: 1,100 mins.
Globe to Globe: Php3.50/minute
Globe to Non-Globe: Php4.50/minute
Excess SMS Rates: Php0.50/text

Optional: Additional Php2,000/month for Unlimited 3G Plans (Globe Visibility). Plans have 2-year lock-in period with Globe.

PrePaid Plans have not been finalized yet (due to Forex rates) but it will be in the range of Php20,000 to Php25,000.

Note that these plans have not been verified but based on the existing mobile subscriptions currently offered by Globe, they seem to fit and make sense. The discounted 3G Globe Visibility plans is supposed to be the sweet deal.

Apple may not be making profits out of the 50% cut on the iPhone 3G but they may be getting some revenue-sharing from post-paid plans from the telco. That’s the only logical reason why Apple was able to reduce the one-off price down to $199.

Update: In the US, people may get the new iPhone 3G for $199 + $39.99 * 24 months from AT&T for a total of $1,158.76 after 2 years.

Update 2: Unlocked iPhone 1.0 sells for Php29,500 in the black market.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

63 Responses

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  2. Avatar for unlocker_ph unlocker_ph says:


    i can Activate any version of iPhone 3G or 3Gs or iPhone 4 even with-out it’s original sim

    just contact me..

  3. Avatar for Jonha @ Happiness Jonha @ Happiness says:

    Parang mas cost effective pa yata ang mag Blackberry dito sa Philippines no? Andyan din naman ang messenger and email functionality

  4. Avatar for dvlad dvlad says:

    helo? where can i buy iphone? i dont want to have it through globe plan for it seems too expensive..thank

  5. Avatar for vladimeer09 vladimeer09 says:

    helo..im planning to buy iphone this december…i dont wantthe globe plan. it seems so expensive..can anyone tel me where can i buy one? the nearest city in my place is CEBU. its not available in tacloban

  6. Avatar for Andrea Amparo Andrea Amparo says:

    I have been a LOYAL subscriber of Globe for more than 10 years now. It just sucks to know that their quality of their service to their consumers has rapidly been getting worse.

    And their customer loyalty department? It seems like their goal is to have people transfer their lines to their competitors. Kung hindi pa ako magagalit, hindi pa tatawag Customer Service nila.

    Hindi makatarungan na itong iPhone eh paghihintayin nila subscriber nila. Ang nakakatawa pa, iba iba sinasabi ng Customer Service reps. So funny, it seems like they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Malas, at napunta ang iPhone sa Globe. Sana sa Smart na lang.

  7. Avatar for Michael Jackson Michael Jackson says:

    Daming reklamo! POOR!

  8. Avatar for dodong dodong says:

    ampupung globe ayaw nila activate ung iphone 3g 16g ko na i bought in US sabi nila di daw nila alam i configure kasi di galing sakanila ung iphone…wtf….

  9. Avatar for kyla orlina kyla orlina says:

    im soooooo stupid, i have to pay 120,000 pesos
    for my iphone while it costs only 300 dallars in the us. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Avatar for crissy crissy says:

    Hi! We are planning to buy one by end of this year. Globe IPhone plans sound quite expensive. Where is the best place to get the best deal on IPhone? Thanks for any help. :)

  11. Avatar for acee acee says:

    hEi guys.,.
    i already checked it in globe.,
    anD thAt prepaid iphone 3g costs 37 599 for 4g,,
    and 43k plus in 18 gig..
    harhar… quite expensivE..

  12. Avatar for siren siren says:

    You can get the new iphone 3g without a contract!!! This is where I got mine:


  13. Avatar for martin martin says:

    interesting exchange here. i for one personally think that globe’s iphone pricing is still way too much. globe could have really maximized this to steal market share but instead, i’m quite certain they’ll get so much negative press from this. one can’t compare the price to other countries by just applying the forex — a P70 mcdo value meal here is P250 there. sigh. this is a monumentally big marketing mistake on pricing that globe will surely pay for.

  14. Avatar for GLOBESUCKS GLOBESUCKS says:



  15. Avatar for jaike jaike says:

    Why not get a jailbroken iphone? Thats what I have and I dont have any problems with it whatsoever and you can use any sim. A jailbroken iphone actually has advantages, especially being able to use the Installer.app and download free apps directly from the Internet. With the one Globe is releasing, you’ll only be able to download from the Apple Store and thats $$$. Mine doesn’t have 3G but i don’t mind because I’ve Wifi both at home and work. The only issue I guess is warranty, you just need to make sure you take very good care of it.

  16. Avatar for alexz alexz says:

    iphone 8gb 3g – 41k, 16gb will be 48k those are the prices for prepaid iphone… and its official..

  17. Avatar for andrew andrew says:

    ang mahal naman. i think not many will avail the plan since 3500 will be too much. 3500 is in the range of business people and the iphone are supposed to be for kids/yuppies since its more inclined to multimedia/music? right? if it goes to the level of 1800 and the downpayment is at 9,000 then the lock-in period is at 36 months… i’d get the plan.

  18. Avatar for Bean Bean says:

    Those who are complaining that the price is not exactlu $199 & $299, obviously you did not read the other comments explaining how the iPhone is sold in the U.S. Baka gusto niyong magbasa bago mabahala.

    The plans Globe is packaging are really directed towards business users. I’m a yuppy, and I can consume anywhere from 3k to 5k a month on phone calls only, most of them long-distance. I also have a separate Globe Visibility data plan which I used on a datacard on my laptop. BUT really, if you’re that busy you’d want something that’s not so multi-media oriented. I’d want a QWERTY keypad for non-stop emails & SMS plus editing documents on MS Office applications. Heck, if I were getting a Globe Platinum Plan, better na kumuha na lang ng Nokia E71 or a Samsung SGH-i780. THOSE are business phones.

    Sablay talaga… The people who can afford that phone would rather WORK than watch YouTube or listen to music. Its strength is multimedia and the business functions are weak. Pang-bagets yan eh.

    I expect Globe to lower the plans… Magdasal kayo na ibaba nila yan sa Plan 1800 or 2500 man lang.

  19. Avatar for joseph joseph says:

    GLOBE Sucks! they really take advantage of the launching of new iPhone 3g by apple.

  20. Avatar for aronski aronski says:

    kung di nyo kaya bilhin wag kayo magreklamo. its that simple. sa us mas mahal nga eh. at&t will sell iphone 3g PREpaid units for $599 (8gb) and $699 (16gb).

  21. Avatar for Jedd Jedd says:

    All I’m hoping for is that Globe makes the iPhone 3G available for people who don’t yammer on the phone for long periods. Plan free 25,000 to 30,000 is fair enough but don’t force everyone into these ‘business’ plans. The iPhone isn’t exclusively a business phone after all. There are the apps, wifi, and ipod, etc. Even if we could afford the 3,500 monthlies, what if we don’t need and consume 750 mins and 600 sms? Heck, I think I talk too much on the phone yet I still don’t consume THAT much. If Globe wants to get us iPhone fans into plans, offer a wider range of deals.

    And for the love of God, an additional 2,000 for 3G/data?! HAHA&%@#$!.

    You know what, Mac/iPhone fans are a really gutsy bunch. Could we make enough noise, should the Globe plans be too restrictive, unfair? Just like what the Canadians did to Rogers carrier?

  22. Avatar for tony tony says:

    akala ko ba “affordable” ang 3g iphone?? WTFH????

  23. Avatar for amfness! amfness! says:

    asa naman! sa plan 1200 free na ang mga cellphones na me original price na 15000! tapos yang plan 3500 meron pang idadagdag na 9k! unfair! mag sama kayo ni gloria. potah

  24. Avatar for o c o c'mon! says:

    WHAT THE. . . ?! with the current forex, $199 is only about P9k. the greed! GRABE!

  25. Avatar for Mike Mike says:

    This is not a bad deal at all, we use Smart Infinity and GLobe Platinum lines at our office and they are about P5,000 per month. (not exactly sure as I don’t pay bills). And unlimited data for 2,000 is not bad because my data charge is more than that right now because we don’t have unlimited data on our plans. But this plan definately isn’t for everyone, if you don’t want to spend that much, go buy one from apple.com (if you can get it here) or go to greenhills, unlock it and slap your sim in there. Or you can just wait for the prepaid version which is coming out soon. Yes, it’s expensive but I’m a firm believer of “you get what you pay for”.

  26. Avatar for munch munch munch munch says:


    5,000 a month TAPOS WALA PANG DATA PLAN!?!?!

    2,000 a month for the data plan?!?!

    eh yun ang kagandahan ng iPhone eh! yung para syang internet anywhere na mini computer!!

  27. Avatar for prince prince says:

    its wiser to buy the iphone somewhere else…
    there’s no unlocking code needed, just a “release notice” from the telco to apple…
    hopefully, once this is released, iphone1.0’s price will plummet down… at any rate, apple will release the updated software 2.0 for current 1.0 users as well

  28. Avatar for Haroh Haroh says:

    There are ways to unlock this phone. you can buy a unit in US for 199 then use a dummy sim to emulate an ATT sim.


  29. Avatar for Phone Envy Phone Envy says:

    Hi Yuga, first time i came across your page. I think it’s pretty cool to actually have a pinoy perspective on tech stuff. Gives me a more realistic view on things like the iPhone and what not.

    Seriously very frustrating to find that you have to pay this much for the iPhone — sure it offers a whole new experience and excellent display with a ginormous screen for easy browsing and video watching… but for me this still does not justify the price. Just really ridiculous. I was looking forward to this then got really turned off and seriously thinking of just dropping the option of buying this trinket for good. Thanks for sheding some light.

  30. Avatar for kd kd says:

    ei guys. a friend of a friend is in the black market business (for iphone 3G ONLY ha).. although i don’t think (and really don’t know) if its called black market coz they got the units directly from apple.. with apple care pa nga, and authorized sila (weird nga eh).. selling like pancakes tlga.. they got their iphones for $600 = more or less P27,000 (8GB) and $750 = more or less P33750 (16GB).. i have one right now (one of the 10 units na dinala hre).. =) they would start selling it na pag dating ng other units, all reserved na.. bulk buyers lahat.. just email me to order.. unlocked na, 8GB is 27K and 16GB 30K.. discounts for bulk orders.. mwah

  31. Avatar for kd kd says:

    ei guys. a friend of a friend is in the black market business (for iphone 3G ONLY ha).. although i don’t think (and really don’t know) if its called black market coz they got the units directly from apple.. with apple care pa nga, and authorized sila (weird nga eh).. selling like pancakes tlga.. they got their iphones for $600 = more or less P27,000 (8GB) and $750 = more or less P33750 (16GB).. i have one right now (one of the 10 units na dinala hre).. =) they would start selling it na pag dating ng other units, all reserved na.. bulk buyers lahat.. just email me to order.. unlocked na, 8GB is 26K and 16GB 28K.. discounts for bulk orders.. mwah

  32. Avatar for brian brian says:

    Actually, the lowest iPhone plan here in the US is $69.99 per month which comes with 450 minutes and unlimited data pero.. wala pang text yun, +$5 pa yun for 200 messages. So the grand total would be $74.99 di ko pa alam kung may tax pa.

    I was really considering buying a 3G iPhone pero wala e, i just think it’s too much since I only spend $25 a month for text/calls.

    I think the globe plans are crazy. Even if you are a yuppie how could you afford the 3500 plan plus another 2000 for unlimited data so 5500 a month??? Pang mayaman lang talaga yan :)

  33. Avatar for melanie melanie says:

    i cant wait for september, is their any place where i can buy a genuine iphone?

  34. Avatar for mike mike says:

    ang mahal naman. i think not many will avail the plan since 3500 will be too much. 3500 is in the range of business people and the iphone are supposed to be for kids/yuppies since its more inclined to multimedia/music? right? if it goes to the level of 1800 and the downpayment is at 9,000 then the lock-in period is at 36 months… i’d get the plan.

  35. Avatar for Kronik Kronik says:

    wat da…!!! too excited to get an iphone, kakadismaya lang. i thought there was a price drop? should only cost around 15,000. 20-25k? no effing way!!!

  36. Avatar for haiku haiku says:

    It doesn’t make sense. With these unverified prices, everyone will do better to go prepaid instead of going on a plan:p

  37. Avatar for Eric Eric says:

    The Iphone 3G should be sold in Europe (France at least) for about 600 euros, unlocked. That’s almost 40,000 Php. This is almost the most expensive you will find worldwide. Knowing that the price of the Ipod are the cheapest in HK, it might be interesting to buy the Iphone there if it is the same as for the Ipod.

  38. Avatar for paul vincent paul vincent says:

    i agree, sobra ung 3,500 and 5k a month. Nang-gagago sila nun. Sakim masyado globe. Ung plan ko na 1,800/mo. minsan di ko nga na susulit, im a busy person too, i always call not text coz i find it slow kaya call nalang in order to get or pass informations efficiently. Pero di ko parin maubos minsan ung 1,800.00. Since plan sya miski less than 1,800 ang talagang bill ko 1,800 parin ang binabayaran. Kung 3,500 o 5k thats to much na.

  39. Avatar for MV MV says:

    lol JQ, the 8gb will sell for $199 and $299 for th 16gb in the US.

    Juan Magdaraog is right. The 199 and 299 price tags are HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED price tags by the telcos, that’s why they’re putting in the plans at those prices.

    The only (legit) way you can get a $199 iphone 3g from the states is to have someone buy it, sign a 2 year contract with AT&T for $39.99(3g data) + voice plans. Then he’ll get a locked iphone, which he can give to you and use his AT&T sim with another phone. you think he’s still gonna sell it for $199? maybe if he’s your mum/dad and doesnt mind getting stuck with a $39.99 a month tab for a 3g data plan for 2 years.

    So for those who were thinking of getting an Iphone 3g for $199/$299 with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, [for lack of a better term] dream on..

  40. Avatar for pinay pinay says:

    I thought the exact price of that “iPhone 3G” is really $199 (less than 10 thou if converted into peso).. So expensive naman pala..

  41. Avatar for FM Arbiter FM Arbiter says:

    Lolz, at first nung nakita ko WTF! New i-Phone 3g for $199, nung inisip ko papatak ng $300 kasama na shiping from us to here, pero abe is right.

    Hindi ko naisip yung plan fees, I’ll stick to my O2 nlng haha, hintayin ko bumaba presyo ng i-Phone

  42. Avatar for JQ JQ says:

    It’s not subsidized in anyway. Globe shouldn’t and probably won’t charge extra. If anything it should be available with their lowest plans (plus the $199 cash). Steve Jobs specifically said that the iphone will be sold for a “maximum” of $199. You might want to watch the keynote again.

    Apple plans to make a profit off the content providers (software, game developers & record labels) and people who are willing to buy the contents. The business model that seems to be a fad nowadays is get alot of people on to your boat and you’ll find several ways to sail away with their cash (pun intended). Take a look at facebook, digg & myspace (to name a few) these are all billion dollar companies but how they make money isn’t very obvious right? They’ve never made money off of you stalking your crush.. at least you think they haven’t.

  43. Avatar for Juan Magdaraog Juan Magdaraog says:

    I don’t think getting a black market iPhone 3G will be as easy as the first gen iPhone. As far as I know, you can’t buy iPhones in the U.S. without a plan. You need to buy it from an Apple Store or AT&T store. You’ll need to sign-up when you purchase. Unlike before that you can sign-up via iTunes. That’s not the case now.

    The $199 price tag is subsidized. So It’s not really cheap. It just means you’re actually paying for the rest via “installment” through your plan.

    I agree though that the plan Globe is offering seems ridiculously high. I’d rather pay for the prepaid at 25k. That sounds reasonable.

    The iPhone might sound expensive at that price but hey, people were willing to pay 40k for the P990i before. That’s a totally crappy phone compared to the iPhone. So 25k is reasonable considering what the iPhone can do.

    I think plan 1500 to 2000 should be reasonable.

  44. Avatar for Jeric Jeric says:

    Moderate your greed, GLOBE!

  45. Avatar for Jeric Jeric says:

    If the prepaid iPhone 3G will be priced at Php25K, it’s still OVER PRICED! Around Php15k would be okay.

  46. Avatar for zak zak says:

    i might go back to phils if globe will sell it for only 25k..

    how much did they sell the old iphone there anyway? here in kl it’s still around 2000rm for the 16gb = 26,000

  47. Avatar for kid kid says:

    I’m not sure about the whole unlocking thing but they’re saying that for iPhone 3g, activation can only be done in-store and not through iTunes in your home, which is how current iPhones can be activated.

  48. Avatar for Neil Neil says:

    Thank God, we have relatives in the US.

  49. Avatar for maui maui says:

    It is impossible for Globe to compulsory sell locked iPhones or forced anyone to buy directly to them. Ok, Ok exclusivity wise they can. Are you sure you want locked iPhones using Globe? Using their Internet charging scheme? Using unreliable charging scheme? I lived in Quezon City near TriNoma (which by the way owned by the Ayalas, who also owns Globe Telecom) and their 3G signals are so weak and most of the time 2G signals are only available.

    Generally, the iPhone 3G that will be released on July 11 mostly in Europe are unlocked iPhones [there’s a European law that they cannot sell locked phones or required anyone to have a minimum contract] and the software 2.0 doesn’t have the capability to immobilize unlocked iPhones.

    If Globe plans to sell prepaid locked iPhones ranging from P20,000 to P25,000, it would be practically to buy iPhones in the black market or directly to any authorized Apple Store (PowerMac Center or Ynzal Marketing).

  50. Avatar for Bigbird Bigbird says:

    Why get iphone with Globe if its available in blackmarket for only $150.

  51. Avatar for Maki Maki says:

    woot! sylv3rblade is right about the nikkor 18-200vr …hahaha

    Boo… I’ll just buy an iphone free of taxes in HK. hahaha :P

  52. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    We can always have the phone unlocked, it’s in the Philippines remember? :P

  53. Avatar for Lyle, RN Lyle, RN says:

    With all the enterprise features of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0, how can it not be a business phone?

    Enterprise features include:
    1. Full Support for MS Office and iWork Documents
    2. Push E-mail, Calendar, Contacts
    3. Full Support for MS Outlook and ActiveSync

    Anyway, I agree… the subscription plans where Globe put the iPhone 3G is way to expensive for regular users.

  54. Avatar for j4s0n j4s0n says:

    k, thanks, oh shit nvm, i’ll get one somewhere else.

  55. Avatar for blozoom! blozoom! says:

    people that i know who go beyond the 3500.00 per month bill are business execs, sales people, med reps, etc. more biz people. considering that iphone is NOT a business phone, doesn’t make sense. doesnt fit the market.

    ay ewan sa globe, basta ako naka-treo. :-)

    btw, yuga sent you a mail re won t-shirt. thanks in advance. sent you my info.

  56. Avatar for pinkposhandplush pinkposhandplush says:

    That’s sooo killing me..

  57. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    Prepaid FTW.
    Although if it hits 25K then no. I’m better off with an 18-200 mm VR Nikkor Lens. ^_^

  58. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Globe will also offer it for PrePaid subscribers. No monthly fees, just one-time sale of around Php25,000. Of course, it will be locked to the Globe network.

  59. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    ya but you can get an Iphone for less and unlock it, there are ways, thats how they first iphone got here. Its a bad move to put the Iphone on the 5000 plan

  60. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    My earlier computation of $199 + taxes + tariffs did not factor in that the $199 “must” come with a 2-year contract.

    That means if you buy it in the States, you will have to sign-up with AT&T, buy the iPhone for $199 and pay $39.99 for 24 months. That’s a total of $1,158.76

  61. Avatar for maui maui says:

    I rather wait for a 3G open line iPhone than to avail it under Globe. I’m not stupid to buy iPhone directly to them hehehe.

    Abe’s earlier computation is more realistic than this. From $199 plus all the taxes and tariffs, iPhone should costs at around P13,500 to P15,000 only.

    So why spend P20,000 or more for a Globe iPhone prepaid if I can buy genuine iPhone here or abroad. I don’t care it is open line. At least it has 2.0 version hehehe

  62. Avatar for aczafra aczafra says:


    5,000 x 24 = 120,000 – how much Globe wants you to pay to get an iPhone

    120,000 – 10,000 = 110,000 that’s how much worth of mobile services that Globe wants you to use to get the iphone.

    $199 – that’s how much the iPhone would cost in the US.

    P15-20,000 – that’s probably how much the iPhone would cost in the black market

    which one would you choose?

  63. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    My Globe phone bill only reaches to 1200 a month. Too much for me to get the iphone with such a plan. Might as well buy the iphone separately.

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