Globe offers BlackBerry Q10 free on Php1499 plan

Globe offers BlackBerry Q10 free on Php1499 plan

Last night Globe has announced that it will exclusively (at least until July 7) offer the new BlackBerry Q10 on their network for only Php1,499 monthly service fee.

The free handset can be had with the lowest postpaid plan of only Php1,499 monthly under the best-ever MySuperPlan 999 with a monthly cashout of Php500 over a 24-month contract period.

So that’s MySuperPlan 999 with free unlimited LTE surfing with a cash-out of Php12,000 that can be deferred at Php500 a month for 24 months (thus, the Php1,499 MSF).


On Plan 1799, there’s a Php2,400 cash-out and it’s completely free under Plan 2499 and higher.

BlackBerry Philippines has pegged the suggested retail price at Php31,990.

You can reserve your plan from Globe here.

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10 Responses

  1. hmmmp says:

    pwd sanang patulan kaso my cash out D: pass

  2. knives809 says:

    Woah!!! Great news! Suck it blackberry haters! Hahaha!

    • zarne says:

      The Q10 is selling in Canada for about PHP 28K, same as the S4. The SRP of 32K is a bit high.The carriers will most likely sell below the suggested retail price after the release, and still make money. The carriers have the final say in pricing. The cheapest way to own is to buy the phone outright and then get the right monthly plan. Otherwise, plan 1799 seems to be the best monthly plan.

  3. suigeneris says:


    I don’t think it’s cheaper to buy the phone outright (without a contract) and then get a monthly plan.

    The Total cost of the Postpaid Plan for 2 years is Php 35,976 (1,499 x 24 mos). This for the Q10 unit and includes unlimited data and free voice calls and minutes. If you monetize the data plan and voice and text plan it’s approximately Php 23, 976 (Plan 999 x 24).

    So in essence, you are just paying Php 12,000 for the unit.

    If you buy it outright, even at Php 26k, you will still need to get a monthly plan to get the most out of your phone. So even if you get the lowest 499 plan without the unlimited internet you end up paying Php 37,976 [26k unit cost + 11,976 (which is Plan 499 x 24)].

    (I’m not from Globe or any carrier, btw).

    • zarne says:

      So even if the price went down to the 26K level after release, buying on contract still saves about 2K. Thank you for pointing that out. The subsidized cost of PHP 12K for the Q10 looks attractive.

    • suigeneris says:


      The savings of 2K is only for the 26k unit and a Plan 499 without a data plan.

      Imagine if you buy without a contract and get a Plan 999 for unlimited data, then the total cost of acquisition would be:

      Php 26k (unit cost) + Php 23,976 (Plan 999×24 mos) = Php 49,976 just so you can fully maximize a Q10.

      Compare that to the total cost when you get it with a contract which is just Php 35,976 (Which inclues an unlimited LTE Plan 999 and monthly unit costy of Php500 x 24).

  4. marcous says:

    afaik, Superplan 999 is limited to data only though it’s already LTE (location depending). Voice and Text incurred charges will be on top…

  5. Greg says:

    In reality it’s free on Plan 999 with a monthly cash out of 400. Please don’t confuse it with plan 1499. Globe doesn’t have a plan 1499.

  6. Greg says:

    The title should read globe offers q10 on Plan 999 with 400 cash out.

  7. Daniel Collado says:

    I hope other network provider offers the Q10 soon. Sun Cellular to mention.

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