Globe offers UPD8 for Twitter

Globe offers UPD8 for Twitter

If you have a Twitter account and you’re on Globe, this might get your interest. Globe Telecom has a new SMS service called UPD8 for Twitter.

What it does is basically allow you to send SMS updates to your Twitter account and receive personal alerts via SMS as well. This ahs been live since August 26, but only a few have been using it.

To register your phone number to your Twitter account, type “TWITREG ” and send it to 2370. To send Twit updates, just type “TWIT ” to 2370.


All sent SMS are charged Php2.50 each (like InfoText) and are available to all Globe & TM subscribers.

For more details and keyword commands, follow this site.

However, if you’re doing multiple successive Tweets, I think it would be cheaper to access Twitter Mobile via 3G and pay Php5 per 15 minutes.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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21 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Yep, Twittering via 3G would be cheaper in the long run. Or use your netbook instead. ;)

  2. BigBird says:

    Did you know that there is a Twitter WAP site as well as Facebook, MySpace, FS, Jaiku, Weblog, Multiply, and more. Which 86% of the phone in the market can access on their mobile web browser e.g. LOL. SMS is prehistoric try to educate what is already available! Short code make’s me sick and make things complicated and makes you spend more to ads like these. BTW no matter what, you still get your ARPU!

  3. Jase says:

    I’ve also heard that Globe twitter updates are mostly delayed.

  4. yuga says:

    @BigBird – that’s if your phone is WAP-capable.

  5. deuts says:

    Or, better yet, if you have mail for exchange and browsing through globe by kb, just send an email to twittermail. I don’t think that will reach P1 per send.

  6. BigBird says:

    8310 have WAP as well as my 3310 to bad my 5110i don’t have WAP:(

  7. kath says:

    well, i think if people wanna twit via sms, then it would be cheaper to use the service provided by phtwitters which will cost you only P1 per sms sent or free if your on unlimited text service. check this out for details

  8. paul says:


    3310 isn’t wap capable. wow, you probably own a “special edition.” ;-)

  9. BigBird says:

    @paul – Nothing too special about it. It has a WAP 1.1 Browser (via CSD) with 2.5kb deck size. It’s a Euro version perhaps. bcoz they know already how to use mobile internet at that time LoL. Would you believe if my 5110 have camera! Follow the link. LoL

  10. john says:


    is that a registered service? or just like the sprouting 3rdparty text unlimited services that let your messages pass thru their sim cards then to their computers and then to the number your texting? i think phtwitters (which also uses the same service for phjaiku and phplurk) is just like those. its unsafe in a way though its better than spending 2.50 for an sms. though personally, i prefer using wap sites via gprs to update my twitter. it costs less than a peso at the least.

  11. kath says:

    by the way, the phtwitters im saying is not mine. i just had a post about it in my twitter blog and ive been using it too sometimes aside from web and wap access. i hope globe wont ban it like what smart did to twit2948 when they provided their own twitter update (twit2948 can still be used with globe and sun) . though, twit2948 was a special service unlike phtwitters which just uses normal sims

  12. JohnLloy says:

    sana meron din sila for PLURK.

    anyways buti nalang merong PHPLURK

  13. 3 says:

    If you really what to update ALL your social network instantly realtime heres how I do it:

    1. I aggregate all my social network to my, Facebook, FS, Webblog, Blogger, Jaiku, Twitter, Plurk, Britekite, Pownce & etc.)

    2. Use YehBA IM installed on your mobile phone

    3. Add the bot in to your YehBA IM [email protected] Note: Verify the bot.

    4. Start updating now your Social Network all in 1.

    Cost will range to max .15 c using KB of Globe or Sun per update.

  14. Shaley says:

    Aside from Twitter and Facebook updates, SUN Cellular also has chat services (YAHOO, MSN, Etc.) which I had been using for more than a year now. It’s only 25 pesos per day (24 hours).

  15. Meron bang Twitter Account ang Globe? so I can follow them and holler whenever i have downtime?

  16. Jez says:

    There’s also this site,, which uses API to update your Twitter accounts via SMS for free if you’re using Globe’s UNLITXT, and a peso of not.

  17. Linmer says:

    I am using to send updates to twitter phlurk friendster and facebook. send it free by using smarts uzzap and add as your yahoo friend … free updates to all

  18. banzel says:

    wala guz2 quh lang/

  19. Michelle says:

    Even if I am on roaming could I still use this?

  20. juan pinoy says:

    check this out – – this works. i use it often. it even works perfectly for smart users or those who use other providers but have to much extra looad every month! ;)

  21. Torri Piekos says:

    I’m a Globe subscriber for a long time and I enjoy their mobile internet browsing. I get the latest and compelling news published from Know more about the info, visit

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