Globe opens pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Globe opens pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Getting the newest Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on a postpaid plan? Globe Telecom opened its website for pre-orders of the newest Samsung Galaxy flagship devices, and it’s not going to be as affordable as the previous models.


According to Globe’s Website, you can get the 32GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6 for free on myLifestyle Plan 2499. The S6 Edge, however, still needs a cash-out for the same plan. Here are the myLifeStyle plans and cash-out schemes as stated on Globe’s website: (click to enlarge)



You can get the 32GB model of the Samsung Galaxy S6 on Plan 999 (with 19,800 cash out, P825 per month for 24 months) with Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM, GoSURF 299 (1.5GB mobile internet) and Facebook surfing.

The 32GB S6 Edge, on the other hand, is primarily offered on Plan 1499 (with 20,400 cash out, P850 per month for 24 months) with Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM,  GoSURF 499 (3GB mobile internet), Chat Bundle, and access to Facebook. Both of these plans are on a 24-month lock-in period.

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Also bundled within the two mentioned plans are free Gadget Care and Navigation bundle for 1 month, and 1GB of Globe Cloud. Additional perks such as complimentary 3 month subscriptions to HOOQ and Spotify Premium, the inclusion of a free wireless charger, and up to 15% discount on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge accessories can also be yours if you pre-order starting today until April 5.

The postpaid plans are pretty pricey when compared to their unlocked counterparts: the most affordable 32 Samsung Galaxy S6 postpaid plan, at Plan 999, will cost you Php43,776. The S6 Edge, on the other hand, costs Php56,376 on Plan 1499 after completing the 24-month lock in. That’s Php7,700 and Php14,400 higher than their unlocked versions, but a postpaid plan still has its own perks too.

Getting the S6 from Globe? Head over to their website to learn more.

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4 Responses

  1. Miguel Perez says:

    Hi Carl! I think GoSurf 299 and 499 are allocated with 700MB and 1.5GB of mobile data, respectively. :)

    • jesty says:

      I think it’s correct. I saw a reply of Globe from their facebook page with the same question and that’s a special promotion for Galaxy S6.

    • kunsel says:

      Tama po yung 299 @1.5GB at 499 @3GB. Special promo? Wala na dun kasi yung 799 na 3GB. Kasunod na ng 499 ay yung 999 na 5GB.

  2. johansen says:

    Natawa ako eh panu yung Subor 3, hindi sinagad. Eto sagad na sagad, walang bezel.hehe

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