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Globe opens TelePresence to the Public

Last night, Globe Telecom demonstrated their brand-new TelePresence Room which they will officially launch to the public this Friday.

The technology has been around for about 4 or 5 years now and several big companies have been using them (Cisco, PLDT, P&G) already but it’s only recently that the TelePresence technology will be available to the public by Globe (addendum: PLDT is already doing this for some time now).

TelePresence allows for virtual conference among a number of people located in various parts of the world via high definition audio and video, making the environment as realistic as possible. The video above was shot during the session.

Notice that the position, size, aspect ratio of the people in the video are as close to the real thing making them appear as if they’re also in the same room. Even the direction of the voice of the speaker is relative to the position of the display screen where they are projected.

Each hi-def display requires at least 5Mbps to be able to carry that 1080p video so this set-up must need at least 15Mbps. There’s also a 32-inch monitor at the bottom of the middle display to show a Powerpoint presentation or anything coming from one of the conference participant’s laptop. Globe spent around $500,000 for this room alone and is looking to set up another one in Cebu soon.

The service will be available to the public starting this Friday (after the official launch) and is targeted to large companies that need a TelePresence facility (in lieu of traveling for business meetings). It does not come cheap too — the facility can be booked anytime and is open 24/7 at $500 per hour.

Update: PLDT has their own TelePresence too and is available to the public since last year.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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22 Responses

  1. defunct says:

    sana merun din ala starwars hologram

  2. do you really need a big HD projector and fake room? why cant big companies do with the smaller video conferencing with webcams? is it about ego?

  3. Roger Knight says:

    ” …but it’s only now that the TelePresence technology will be available to the public (all the rest are using it for private/internal use)”

    –Yugatech, as a respected blogger it would be nice to see you do some basic research and cross checking before stating these “facts”. In FACT PLDT does not just use Telepresence internally but has been offering the solution through its Public TP room at the PLDT Ramon Cojuangco building on Ayala Avenue since August ’09 at least.

    In FACT, PLDT just recently inaugurated its CEBU TP room which is also open to the public. Not cross checking these FACTS shows plain writer laziness on your part or worse, indications that you are a paid blogger for Globe. Ultimately pare, it’s a disservice to your followers and your credibility.

  4. yuga says:

    @roger – I asked and was told this was the first. I also asked several tech journalists who covered the first one in 2005 launched by Cisco as well as the succeeding ones. If that’s the case, then my sources in the industry were wrong. But thanks for pointing that out though. Guess asking 2 sources isn’t enough these days.

    As a disclosure na rin, just so you know — PLDT/Smart/RedMobile pays for advertising on this blog.

  5. Roger Knight says:

    Yuga no offense especially to you, whose blog i religiously follow (but had yet to subscribe to at least until now).

    But my point is NOT who is or isn’t a paying endorser or advertiser on your site.

    The point is again, all about BASIC cross-checking of facts which is loosely defined as first being circumspect about initial data sent your way and comparing these to other sources.

    As a leading digital practitioner i.e. blogger you know of all people that a simple google search of items “Philippine Telepresence” or “Telepresence in the Philippines” will give you the dates, stats and therefore the accuracy that your post lacks.

    Again pare it’s nothing personal against you. Just pointing out a simple lapse.Otherwise it’s all good. More power.

  6. PICTUREISTA says:

    Yeah, P&G has been doing this TP either Q4 of 2009 or Q1 of this year. Abe, here’s a tip: Apple is slowly invading our local corporate market. One company that I know of is about to implement an all-out use of Apple iPads to be given to ALL of their employees. Sosyal, di ba? Contact me for more details. :)

  7. Tama says:

    TRG Philippines has it. They’ve been using it for quite sometime now. I don’t know how this is much of a news.

  8. yuga says:

    @roger – none taken, really. Sometimes, I’m just lazy.

    @pictureista – will shoot you an email.

    @tama – I’m very not familiar with the industry so I thought I’d go and see.

    @andre – if CEOs have the money, why not?

  9. Teknisyan says:

    the question that I think is on every bodies mind is “how much?”

  10. yuga says:

    @teknisyan — as mentioned above, it’s $500 per hour.

  11. dk sandimas says:

    maybe after this will be in 3D and in hologram so that it would be much closer and more REAL-LIKE! :D

  12. Erin says:

    @Andre: the room creates the illusion of being in the same place. its actually very effective if the bandwidth supports the audio and video transfer. normal web conferences can’t hold a candle against a full telepresence solution.


  13. DomainsPH says:

    They should lower the cost, it’s way too high. Business people would still prefer face to face meetings.

  14. Jazon says:

    Indeed we business people prefer to meet in person, but sometimes that’s not feasible, so technology such as this would be welcome. However the cost is quite high.

  15. mr. bogus says:

    $500 or less than 30k…. mukhang mahal pero mura pa rin compare it kung pupunta ka ng ibang bansa.. ticket pa lang sa plane kulang ang $500..

    for big companies lang talaga….

    the small companies at mga kuripot ay prefer na nila ang ym o skype

  16. Jhay says:

    Could this be used in the next Presidential debates/forums in 2016? Now there won’t be an excuse for any candidate to participate because they can do so where ever they are in the country.

    The COMELEC can afford those rates, which would remove the need for media coverage who just use the even to make more money and inject their own biases to the public.

  17. domainsPH says:

    @ Jhay Good Idea!

  18. Winston says:

    This is way off the topic guys, but I just want to air my sentiments on Globe since you’re featuring them.

    I’m from Davao region, and I don’t really know what’s the deal with Globe DSL having a difficult and sh*tty situation right now. I mean, the connection’s pretty crappy. I tried every possible solution that I could think of, but to no avail, it all boiled down to major frustration.

    Does anyone here share the same situation?

  19. KennyV says:

    About Globe plans, bakit walang BB Storm2 sa handsets nila?

  20. melvin says:

    think twice before using globe services. based on my work(place) and personal(home) experienced, globe is the worst service provider i’ve ever encounter. also their customer service most of the time didn’t know their job.

  21. Hans says:

    RSVP An Invitation for You: Cebu Telepresence Launch (March 10, 2011) at the Globe Telecom Building, Asiatown IT Park

    Join Us as Globe Introduces Its Most Advanced, Close-to-live conferencing solution.

    Globe Business.

  22. Hiro says:

    $500 per hour? IMHO, it is a bit pricey. You can go to any hotel here in the metro that offers telepresence with a cheaper price, which also comes with food already

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