Globe rebrands and upgrades DSL speeds

Globe rebrands and upgrades DSL speeds

Globe TelecomsA reader emailed today about the recent Globe rebranding and points me to their recent DSL package upgrades. Obviously, we’ve all noticed that every time the other ISP upgrades their offerings, the other responds with the same.

That’s healthy competition that benefits the consumers.

There are two sets of packages for Globe’s residential broadband offerings — one is data only and the other is data plus landline. Here’s the pricing and the bandwidth cap:


Plan 995 Data Only -> 1.5mbps
Plan 1995 Data Only -> 3.0mbps

Plan 995 with Landline -> 374kbps
Plan 1295 with Landline -> 1.0mbps
Plan 1995 with Landline -> 2.0mbps

However, for the data plan, their website indicates 1 and 2Mbps only.

There’s also the Php2,500 one-time installation fee. Each packages comes with the DSL modem, free email, and automatic Wi-Fi access at any WiZ hotspot (maximum 2 free hours per month for Plan 1995).

As for the rebranding, a couple their marketing people have told me it’s not just about their image and organizational structure but also the way they do customer service. The latter, we’ll have to find out ourselves.

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89 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    Forget it, still the same. I get on average 1400kbps for my 1995 plus static I.P. address of 600 pesos. This could be a new development, though because these “new prices” on the Globe site has been implemented months ago.

    As for customer service, well, it’s about the same, really. I actually tried tipping a home service technician but he wouldn’t accept the hundred pesos. He spent 5 hours at home trying to figure out what was wrong with my DSL. Maybe that’s what they mean.

    Er, maybe I should stop calling it “broadband” next time I call technical support. I always say : “Hello, this is about my broadband connection.”

  2. paolo90 says:

    You’ll have to tell them and reset your lock-in period to 12 months, I believe. They also probably won’t announce it to the current subscribers – they’ll wait for you to come to them like *cough* PLDT lol. The two companies really get along with sub-par customer service, haha.

  3. Miguel says:

    I took a look – it’s still a USB modem, so they want you to use it on one PC only. Or, have you guys found a Ethernet modem compatible with Globe DSL?

  4. jhay says:

    It’s all just a cosmetic change. The same intermittent connections and the same crappy customer service. I say, they’re in cahoots with their supposed competitors in the internet service business. Even if you decide to switch providers, it’s the same old troublesome connections and crappy customer service, the only difference is the increasing price.

    Just before I got this post loaded by my browser, I had to restart my globe router just to reconnect. Sheesh!

  5. noemi says:

    I wonder if that is accurate because I called them to inquire if my package has a lower price.

    I am using the 1495 landline and data with speed of 1mbps and they say the price is still the same

    The 1295 package is wireless landline at 512 kbps

  6. Kiven says:

    Pft. if only GLOBE had some presence in my area…

  7. BrianB says:

    Eto nga, may visitation uli ako sa globe. Mga ilang dosena na since nag subscribe ako. Ginagamit pa laptop ko.

  8. paolo90 says:

    Although I don’t like the customer support of Globe in itself, I’d have to say I haven’t had too many intermittent connections with them – less than ten from our date of subscription. Aside from that, they give out free Prolink Wifi Routers to new subscribers who choose the 2mbps/3mbps Plan right away. Their 3mbps plan, in fairness, reach 3mbps almost always if not always, and it sometimes reaches over the promised speed (about 3200-4000kbps). I’m quite sure service will vary from area to area though, although technically DSL’s speed shouldn’t be as affected by the subscriber’s area as Cable Internet’s speed is.

    Their call center is really bad though, they really can’t do anything technical, they can only sympathize with you, hehe. Aside from that, I recall claiming my Wifi Router for a whole month before it came, but other than that I have no complaints yet. Of course I couldn’t be too much of a testimony because I used to have Destiny Cable, their call center agents don’t even seem to bother to pick up the phone – you can wait for an agent to answer for an hour, and sometimes they still don’t answer after that hour, hehe.

  9. John says:

    Reasons to stay away from Globelines Broadband:

    1. Very crappy customer service. You have to wait at least an hour for an agent to pickup the phone. I even tried having the fone ringing overnight, when i woke up in the morning, I still hear the on-hold music. Sigh

    2. Incompetent on-site support. They barely know how to use the internet. They are subcons and i think they are line men taught how to config the broadband. The only way they do to test if the line is ok is PING. Other providers have crappy on-site support too, but globe’s much worst

    3. Intermittent internet connection. By intermittent i mean the modem itself gets out of sync from their equipment (DSLAM). Just imagine getting disconnected every 2 or 3 mins. Landline is OK. I can’t tell as what others are experiencing but this is from San Juan area

    4. You can’t talk to upper management. You only get to talk to cust reps. I tried putting my situation in writing but no response. I tried talking with their engineers but they woundn’t let me

    Reasons to stay with globe:

    1. If you stay in areas like Tacloban, Cebu, etc, you will probably get the best service. In tacloban where I personally know their tech support staff, it’s so easy to to coordinate.

    2. Lesser intermittent connections, but its neglible

  10. JP Loh says:

    In our area at Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Globe is better than PLDT when it comes to speed. The problem is that I get disconnected at various times with different durations. But that is a tradeoff that I can take.

    For the same price PLDT offered 512kbps while Globe has a consistent 1.2mbps.

    Also, there seems to be a transparent proxy or some sort of NAT because sometimes I don’t get the right IP address to access my computer from the office.

  11. luthien says:

    same banana. same lousy service. read my latest letter of complaint here:

  12. James says:

    I’ve already gotten used to Globe’s intermittent internet connection. Right now it’s just a matter of restarting the modem everytime I get disconnected. Works for me most of the time.

    But what’s crappier is that they recently charged me for phone calls I did not make. 11 calls to 7 different numbers — all cellphone numbers. What the? Here’s my complaint:

  13. mrwilson says:

    I recently subscribed to Globe 1.5Mbps data only service. I get frequent disconnections. CSR’s are just dummies. They’re like Joe D’Mango and just listens to your complains. No technical support whatsoever.

    My bitcomet or bit torrents aren’t downloading at all. Don’t know what’s causing the problem. Anybody there who knows if there’s any configuration that needs changing?? Please help! Thanks!

  14. mrwilson says:

    I switched my DNS to OpenDNS. Disabled the Prolink Firewall. Even tried disabling XP’s Firewall. Still no luck with my bit torrents… I can’t connect to any seeders even though there’s lots of ’em.

    Funny thing is the upload stream works fine. Only the download is zero.

  15. paolo says:

    I am in Cagayan de Oro, I subscribed with Globe Broadband a year ago. I am not a satisfied customer because I get intermittent connection from time to time. I do agree with some of the comments above that their on-site support is crappy, even phone support. They do not even know what “opening ports” or “port forwarding” is.

    When my connection goes intermittent they’ll just tell me they’ll reset the connection on their system and all I have to do is turn the modem off for about 5 minutes.

    They do not even have the equipment or knowledge on how to check if there is good signal from my modem going the switch (I believe thats what it called).

    I do get good connection speed with Globe Broadband DSL, but It is not reliable.

    I have two ISPs, Globe and Philcom (Cagayan de Oro’s local telephone carrier). Philcom is much more reliable.

    If you’re in CdO, I would highly recommend Philcom DSL.

  16. paolo says:

    mrwilson you need to open ports.

  17. paolo says:


    I have an article on how to go about fixing that problem.

  18. paolo says:

    Check this comment about Globelines Broadband.

    This is one concern that needs to addressed with urgency.

  19. mrwilson says:

    To Paolo,

    Thanks for the infos. However, reading your detailed article on port forwarding and static ip, I couldn’t figure out the NAT rules. I have a Prolink model-router h9300g. I don’t see any NAT options there. Are you familiar with Prolink?

  20. I remember posting here in about Globe’s increasing their bandwidth a few months ago (May or June I think). They added 500kbps to our plan. Same price, but now we are getting 2Mbps.

    The catch? Crappy service. They will use all the reasons in the world just to justify why your internet disappeared for weeks! Like just recently, they were telling everyone in Bangkal, Makati that their boxes got toasted.

    Guess what? They don’t care. Before they fix your connection to their toasted box, they want you to call first and report it. So, for almost a week, no one literally called, having used to their crappy service.

    Last weekend, many subscribers called, and so we always see their people walking back and forth almost everyday here, checking their subscribers and reconnecting them err “fix” their toasted box connections.

    Here’s another. Your Mbps connection only works for East Asia Community (ie ASEAN+3+3), go outside that range, it’s below half your speed.

    You won’t be able to prove it to them because they will ask you to use a “LOCALLY HOSTED” speed tester, telling you that it is their official speed tester.

    so, a big W-T-F!

    Any other Globe users out there who wants to do something? Let’s gather together.

  21. mrwilson says:

    I found a way to make Bitcomet works using Prolink.

    EXTERNAL PORT – “the port bitcomet uses”
    REDIRECT PORT – “same as above”
    INTERNAL IP ADDRESS – “your static ip address”


    Somehow it worked. Seeders got connected. Although speed still sucks. D/L 30+ kBps U/L 30+ kBps

    My subscription is 1.5Mbps so I should be getting at least 100kBps D/L

  22. mrwilson says:

    Last Sunday their subcon came onsite to fix the wiring. After “eliminating” troublesome wires, the intermitent connections seemed to be gone. The downstrea/upstream CRC ERRORS are down to less than 100.

    This evening I checked the CRC ERRORS to see if my line is still clean, and guess what?! CRC ERRORS had gone thru the roof! 23,000++ and counting. W T F?! I’m thinking this ain’t wiring problems no more.

  23. Jon says:

    Narinig nyo na ba ung “Insights and Ideas”? Meron kasi tumawag sakin and nagtatanong kung ok lng daw ako mainterview regarding sa globe broadband. Nag set daw sila ng group discussions and 8 lng daw kami.

    Wala kasi ako makita sa Internet about sa kanila e. Di ko alam kung totoo o hindi ung mga taong to…

  24. john says:

    I saw we do something about this. File a formal complaint to whoever is concerned. I’ve through a lot of pain in the arse with globelines broadband.

    Now my broadband has been cut-off for not paying for the service. How can I pay for the service that gets disconnected every 5 mins? I was paying for the crappy service before (months after it was installed) hoping that even if i get the crappy service, soon they will fix it, but months came, no one was able to fix the problem. The CSR isn’t of any help at all, all they ask u to do is let you reset the modem. That is if you get lucky and patient enough to wait for an hour for the CSR to pickup your call.


  25. Jon says:

    Insights and Ideas are true people. I have talked to them and they are good. :)

  26. paolo says:


    you also try this link

    i hope it helps.

    for the ip address, i did not set a static ip, i just used the current ip address assigned to my computer

  27. mrwilson says:

    To Paolo

    Hey that’s a great link! That’s exactly what I did after reading some modem-router manuals on the Net. I spent a few hours learning how to make torrents work. The link certainly saves time and has screenshots for easier understanding. I better bookmark the site for reference. Thanks!

  28. mrwilson says:

    To John,

    I had the same experience with frequent disconnections. Tell the subcon or lineman to troubleshoot your wirings at every junction from their box to your pc. Somewhere out there is the cause (I think). As much as possible, limit the number of “dugtong” kasi yan ang naging problem ko before. At first I was hesitant to rewire my house, but after they eliminate a few junctions, naging stable na ang connection ko.

    The onsite technician brought his laptop and modem so he can trace it.

  29. john says:

    Here’s a how I made for those who would be Globelines broadband subscribers. Good read also for existing Globelines Broadband users.

  30. john says:

    For those who would like to have their globe broadband dealt with. I was able to personally talk with Globes Customer Care head yesterday (as i have an official business near GT plaza) and she was kind enough to offer some solutions for my problem. But I already applied for a mydestiny cable internet so i said I would rather have the line disconnected. The agreement was to have the line disconnected without any pre-termination fees.

    Her contact info:

    Valeska Annia T. Vicente
    Account Management Specialist
    North Luzon, GPS GT Plaza
    Center Operations/Customer Care
    Consumer Broadband Group

    Tel: +(02) 730 2828
    Fax: +(02) 739 8000
    Mobile: +(0917) 797 5477
    Email: valeska.vicente [at]

  31. jhayar says:

    please repair your globe broadband to make it faster because we are paying our bills on time but your service of your broadband is not in good condition please arrange it.. thanks for your coordination.

  32. kyosuke says:

    Am thinking about having a “broadband” wireless internet connection in my place.

    I live in place near where I can see the TWO TOWERS, one of the two obviously is the STUPID (ahem SMART) tower, I dont know the other one. The TWO TOWERS are approximately 50 meters north of my place. However, the yard between us and the towers have lush trees, though I can still see the domes attached to the towers without the trees blocking the view.

    About 350 meters south west is a lone GLOBE tower. Open rice field is between my place and the tower. There are a few birds that pass by though.

    If I were to get a broadband wireless internet connection, which of the two do you think I choose?

  33. lhance says:

    Guys just want to ask if anyone here from novaliches because im planning to drop my smart bro and switch to globe broadband data and voice… Is the connection is ok in telephone and internet.. Thanks a lot guys… (,”)

  34. neil says:

    don’t dare lance. don’t dare. globelines broadband is nothing but trouble. i’m one of their very disappointed subscribers. their connection and speed is simply SLOW.

  35. desmon says:

    I heard some rummors that globe broadband is so “maDC”. hmmm. And they are very disappointed

  36. Janek says:

    I have been holidaying in Cebu City for almost 2 months and just returned to Australia. I loved it very much in Cebu City except for the internet! My brother in law has Globe and for most of January till my departure being 15th Feb, frequent intermittant connections. At times it lasted for several hours in a day. After making inquiries, I was told that all will be back to normal by 15th Feb 2008. What a coincidence that the service returns to normal the day of my departure! I wonder if it really has as I have not seen my relatives online yet? Anyway during my stay in Cebu most times I had to rely on net cafes which are reliable or another friends place who had PLDT which was an excellent connection, speed and no interruptions. I told my brother in law to switch to PLDT if there are no improvements with Globe. As a matter of interest, has the Globe broadband service improved in the San Carlos area since 15th Feb? My brother in law lives in the vicinity.

    God bless…

  37. Revo says:

    yeah right.. globe lines sucks. i often make complaints over their fucking costumer care service they’ll just tell you to do a speedtest.. fucking costumer care morons!! they have the most dumbest costumer hotline.



  38. Unai says:

    Hi there,

    I have a Globe DSL connection at home. It gets disconnected every 2-3 minutes. I have been experiencing that for about 6 weeks.

    This is more than annoying, I cannot use it and need to go somewhere else to use the Internet.

    Has any of you guys figured why the disconnections? Or it is not so common? Any thoughts?


  39. mai says:

    i used to have the same problems with globe, it really gets disconnected much like every 6 mins, my average undisrupted connection would be, 30 mins-1 hour the most. my modem always returns to 3 lights and after a few seconds, gets connected again. i’ve been suffering for almost a week, it was really annoying so i had to call up the tech support for that.

    i did 2 things (i have a voice and data subscription, btw):

    1.) i called up for their broadband tech support to have my broadband and modem checked.
    2.) since my broadband was connected to my phone line, i also called up their landline repair to check my line.

    i think it was just lucky of me that their techies weren’t busy at those moments. the broadband was first checked, and my extension line for the modem was changed, coz they said it was possibly malfunctioning already, but then, even after that, the disconnections continued.

    so the next time, it was the landline repair that came, coz i also noticed we momentarily get a noisy line. what they did was to change the filter of the phone line (the small box that’s connected to the phone line).

    it’s been about three days already since i got everything repaired (hopefully) and my connection has been ok so far, i haven’t got disconnected yet, though i’m still observing.

    the downside with globe is that they have different contractors for their phoneline techs and their broadband techs, which means they usually can’t and/or don’t check everything together all at once.

    my speed has been ok with the plan i have right now (so far).

  40. ron says:

    what more I can say! If stalin was able to persuade his country men back in Russia to embrace his idea, I think this is the time to empower our complaints. I am calling to all Globe Broadband subs to cast their complaints to proper authority such as NTC para matauhan yang globe na yan. ang lupit maningil ang kunat umaksyon magaling lang mang bola customer service nila.

    100% Promised lang ang makukuha mong sagot sa GLOBE.


    Pwedeng makisawsaw,

    I been a globe subscriber for about 6 months, im located here in Pasig. My first 2 months with globe was ok, i have fast internet No Intermitten connection…. but after typhoon Frank that struck Manila …. yawn wala na :(

    I always got Intermittent connection, for the whole day hindi man lang ako maka isang oras na continous connection. Im been in this situation for almost 3 months now and DAMN NAPAKAWALANG KWENTA NG CUSTOMER SERVICE NILA. eto pa may pumunta akalain mong turuan ko pa kung pano mag check ng connectivity duration, what a pain in the a^%@^%^, then may mga sumunod pang visitions and some of them reveal the situation for having this intermittent connection. According to the sub-cons (medyo marunong and honest naman yung iba) some of us are connected in a Cabinet called MSAN, its a german technology that handles our broadband connectivity going thru globe servers ang siste, this technology is specialy design to handle BROADBAND Services only, pinilit sya na globe na mag karoon ng voice kaya ayun, pag nag karoon ng aberya sa Voice (Phone) damay ang internet. Well sa ka cocomplain ko sa globe umabot ako sa point na nag punta ko sa Head Office with a Letter of Dissapointment to the head of customer service and after 3 days? Hooaaa may dumating taga Globe in fairness hindi na sila sub con hehehehe, well HULA nila ako daw under DOS Attack(Denial of Service), and 1 of may computer is triggering the disconnection kaya daw nag kakaganto. WTF ka eeintall lang ng mga computer ko with updated antivirus and win defender pano mangayayari yun eh ni wala pang na susurf yung mga computer ko maliban sa friendster (Unless sabihin nilang may DOS and Friendser hehe)

    Well psensya napahaba sobra lang kasi dissapoinment eh sana nga may ibang ISP available sa lugar ko Im stuck with globe ampness.

    Modem Router ko Prolink 9300g Hurricane baka may naka solve na ng intermittent connection dyan pa send naman ng link WALA KA KASING MAASAHAN SA GLOBE EH

  42. Robert (Bob) Hiser says:

    I live in Polomolok, South Cotabato. I have PLDT EXCITE via landland and I live exactly beside the PLDT Telephone office. I AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH THE PLDT INTERNET SERVICE. I get about 350-500 speed using the internet speed test and I should get up to 2000. Could GLOBE improve my speed? I picked up GLOBE brochures in KCC Mall, General Santos City but unfortunately the person manning the GLOBE INTERNET Desk has not been available when I’m in the mall. As I understand the brochures I could get speed via Globe Broadband at 768kbps for only P995 a month. I’m now paying PLDT P2000 per month for less speed than you offer. Please email me ASAP if you can provide a beter, cheaper internet service. I’m presently unsing my telephone line for the internet DSL but if you need to use my telephone for dedicated internet service that would be OK as I do not need telephone service other than Internet service.

  43. flintoy says:

    pot-ang ina yang globe lage nalang akong na d-dc ano ba to bayad lang ng bayad walang gamitan ng internet,, mga swuapang pala cla kong magpabayad walang delay2x pero sa koneksyon na binibigay nila lageng delay!! halos masisira na araw ko dahil sa pot-ang globe broadband na yan

  44. cryptonyt says:

    Been reading many blogs ’bout GLOBE problems! And found out that is TRUE! Having problem 3 days after my connection installed. I had been disconnected during evening till morning which is my fav time (9pm – 6am) to use. I’m experiencing disconnection every 3-4 minutes (INTERMITTENT CONNECTION). Still now Nov. 18, 1:38am… WHAT AT SHAMED!!! I HAVE NO CONNECTION.. Just make this in a notepad and copy pasted here after connection will be OK! HOPELY?!!!

  45. ron alvin says:

    wla bat parati putol ang broadband?? every 3 mins putol ang connection.. hahay buhay..

  46. cryptonyt says:

    Fixed… After banging all tech support of Globe DSL, atlast my Globe connection runs smooth as of Nov. 24, 2008. Here’s a tip of advice for those have a problem with intermettent connection (3-5 mins time interval disconnection).
    1. If your using aztech modem try to replace it by PROLINK (5200, or hurricane 9300g).
    2. Replace your line cable (outside connection).
    After this reconfiguration I have no issues of disconnection on my DSL. But one thing Globe Telephone Line sucks! Within a week I encounter 2-3 times Line problem (no phone receiver, no dialtone) but DSL is OK. Hahaha. It’s good thing not DSL. Hope this helps!

  47. t0nying says:

    ped mg tanong…. 2mbps DSL ung pnakabit q.. bkt ang taas ng ping s GG… pls reply..

  48. chitgoks says:

    im stuck with globe for 1 year now not knowing that they are having problems with their network. and there’s never a day that i do not complain to them. i waste electricity waiting to when i can connect to a site and they are not doing anything. this problem they have? started dec 2008… and until now they cant even solve it???? their whole staff should be fired!

  49. mae says:

    totoo b lahat ng reklamo d2??? nag basa din ako sa kbila(pldt mydsl) puro reklamo din! ano n b talga ang better network ngaun??

    naguguluhan n tuloy ako kung anung network ang pplagy ko.

  50. dlanor says:

    Sa globe broadband para kang nakipagkasundo sa devil puro maganda sasabihin sayo pag nag apply ka pero pag kinabitan kana hell na na ang buhay mo sa connection nila hindi matatapos ang one month ng dka maccra ang connection mo grabe nakakapagod talaga ang globe dna ako na relax sa demonyon connection nila.Sa mga taga globe mga sir ayusin nyo naman ang connection sa pasig para na ninyong awa pls…….pls…..

  51. cram says:

    can sum1 help me pls regarding with youtube and other video file sharing sites… video downloading is so slow or sumtyms its not playin… is der a problem with youtube or is it my internet connection im also a globe subscriber… tnx in advnce

  52. dlanor says:

    Sa globe broadband para kang nakipagkasundo sa devil puro maganda sasabihin sayo pag nag apply ka pero pag kinabitan kana hell na na ang buhay mo sa connection nila hindi matatapos ang one month ng dka maccra ang connection mo grabe nakakapagod talaga ang globe dna ako na relax sa demonyon connection nila.Sa mga taga globe mga sir ayusin nyo naman ang connection sa pasig para na ninyong awa pls…….pls…..

    Eto nanaman ako same problem sa globe internet connection ko eto ang recap feb 2009 kinabitan ako tas march 2 2009 cra ang internet connection ko one week bago na restore then march 22 same problem uli the april 14 wala nanaman akong internet grabe ang techinical ng globe bulok system nila bulok kelan kaya cla titino ultimo mga technician nila ayaw na isuot uniform ng globe kc babatuhin cla ng mga subcriber nila dahil sa kabulukan kelan naman kaya maayos angconnection ko nakakapagod na magkakasakit ka talaga sa puso. kaya sa mga wala pang internet connection wag na kayong mag globe walang kwenta service nila sayang lang pera nyo. sa mga taga globe lahat kau wala kaung kwenta bulok ang internet connection nyo. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 8#[email protected]^ nyo

  53. wiks says:

    just had problems with p2p softwares recently, using globelines 384 lang. pero the last 2 the the downloads went down to 8bkps max. what the!? the uploads go to the roof if i dont limit it. what’s wrong with this.

    it wasn’t like this before 2 days ago. although my direct downloads ang web browsing is normal.

    need help and info.

  54. alicia m.loorluis says:

    im always disconnected from ur service,now itsmore than aweek i dont have the connectionhow can u improve ur service to us customers,its really irritating i paid my monthly bills on time buti cant get a good service,pls improve ur service

  55. :( says:

    i am a paying subscriber to the P1295 wireless package (data + landline) for 1 yr already which is supposed to give me 512kbps download speed, but on the average i only get 13.9kbps. globelines is nothing but crap.

  56. Mark says:

    Please po wag kayo mag subscribe sa globe dsl. 3 months na po ako subscriber from the very first day walang internet. 10-15 days po walang internet every month at pag meron sobrang bagal di nakaka konek sa skype.

    Naka ilang tawag na rin po ako sa Customer Service nila puro “upgrading system” ang sagot. 3 months na po nag a-upgrade mukhang mas mabilis pa itayo ang MRT loop dyan sa Edsa north ave papuntang monumento kesa mag upgrade ng system ang globe.

    Wag po kayo magpaloko sa globe agents. Ang bango ng offer sa simula pag andyan na wala na po kayong kasama sa inyong pagdurusa.

  57. jayson says:

    isa lang masasabi ko, putang ina yung globe na yan… pls wag na kayo magpaloko sa globe hayaan nyo na kami na lang ngayong alam nyo na… peperahan lang kayo nyan… mga peste sila…

  58. nalou says:

    Im so mad at globelines but dont have any choice kse mas mabagal ang bayantel…last month my internet connection was down and called the customer service 10 times a day…may pumunta sa kin lalong nasira un connection…i dont have internet conncetion for 15 days tapos dumating un bill 200 pesos lang ang rebate ko….GALING NO…. SANA LALO KAYONG YUMAMAN….

  59. Renel says:

    hindi po totoo ang upgrade..995=1mb lang po

  60. rhea says:

    Ang magandang ganti dyan sa globe dahil sa napakapangit na connection nila, e hwag bayaran yung bills. Sabihin nyo sa mga yan na babayaran nyo lang ang bills kapag umayos nang serbisyo nila. Wag na kayong umasa sa rebate dahil pambili lang ng candy yan.

  61. valrecx says:

    dapat kasi ipamedia na yan. Sana mapansin ng media na marami na ring complaints sa internet connection ng mga customer sa kanilang ISP, wag yung puro load sa cellphone lang ang problema, Badtrip na globe

  62. PUNYETA!!!! NAKA 3 times akong nag refresh AT type ng amahaba KOng COMMENT PARA D2








  63. Bong says:

    sept 26 nung bagyo ok grandted na bagyo yun kaya nawalan ng line pero naman october na tayo ngayon and hindi parin nila nababalik ang line called customer service and sabi hindi naman daw affected ang area ko so why is it na tumagal ma restore ang connection if hindi naman affected ang isang area sorbang kunsumido na ako sa Globe as in for the past 6 months UNLIMITED TALAGANG KUNSUMISYON ang inabot ko sa globe wala na pag asa talaga binigyan ko sila ng time na ayusin ang service nila but kahit sinung santo magagalit pag ganitong lokohan na ang nangyayari

  64. janmaykz says:

    if i were u guyz if u have a problem in globe or any other network cut the crap and file a termination and theres nothing u can do even if u yell at csr’s or tsr’s hahahaha im also a subcriber of broadband as simple as that kung me reklamo kau sa barangay mg reklamo as simple as that HAHAHAHAHA!!!! DAMI NYONG REKLAMO GUYZ HAHAHA

  65. Marylene says:

    bakit ganito ang first bill na natanggap namin.pinag apply ko ang anak ko sa pinas ng globe broadband 995 pesos a month internet only 512 kbps,when the bill arrived the amount is already 1,418.56pesos +170.23 VAT for SEPT 16 TO OCT.3 only that is for 17 days only.I did overseas call to customers servicebut she can’texplain clearly to me.would you mind tell me why our bill turned like this.thanksand one thing more that wireless connection its really wireless always disconnecting,also there days that there wasno connectionsat all

  66. mary jane magaway says:

    pano po ba mg apply sa inyong plan 1295 with out landline……….. plss bgay noy po skin ang no. nyo kz gusto ko na pong mg change ng internet line lagi kzing ng ddc ang line ko eh……. thnx

  67. alamkoglobereallySUCKS!! says:

    Hahahahaha….. same old story.. simple lang yan eh.. lipat nlang kyo ng provider, or if not i’m really sorry…

  68. bms says:

    I’ve been without broadband connection for almost 3 weeks now. Everyday I call Globe for help and I’m given the runaround of f&#$%g system restoration where in fact my neighbors who are globe subscribers have internet. One day an agent would say that restoratin has finished and they will be sending a tech staff on site. I would wait for the technician who never came. Then I would call again to report my disconnection and the fact that no technician has arrived, and I would be told that the restoration is still ongoing. What the F$$%&&K! Im simply told to monitor my connection. Then suddenly, just yesterday, I had a breakthrough, or so I thought. All the lights in my modem are lit up, running normal as one would have when connected to the net, but then I cannot browse any site, did the ping and no host server was found. I called globe again and relayed my problem, and I was told that the network restoration has been completed and a technician would be dispatched on site. Then I called again just now to report the same problem and was told that system restoration is still ongoing in my area. Wow, I’m not even expecting a site visit today yet as it is a Sunday….hahahahaha …. I swore, I shouted, I cursed, I threatened… and I’m spent. The funny thing is, they seem to know they have a problem but they don’t have any idea nor a timeline of when they would have it fixed. Wow. amazing. must be rocket science, this restoration fluke. It’s either their tech staff are all nincompoops or something fishy going on internally.
    But I felt like I’ve been addicted to reporting my non-connection, so I’ll keep doing it until I get my connection back. And the reason I’m reporting this is so that I have all my records of dissatisfaction off my bill, because I should not be made to pay for EXTRREMELY POOR SERVICE. In fact, Globe should pay me for the loss work oppotunity and stress they brought me. I’m a loyal Globe subscriber and have never been attracted to try their competitors’ products. But the way I’ve been getting dirt treatment from them, I guess it’s time to move on. Oh, and I’m not just talking about broadband connection, they even steal phone credits you already paid for and takes them at least 2 weeks to investigate. And I thought only our government has red tape :(

  69. ejan says:

    I am tooooo disappointed with my globe broadband. HELL!!! on our place here in cavite most of the time we don’t have net connections. Last dec 31, jan1 and 2, we don’t have a net then i call @ their customer service, they said “Maa’m sorry po may inaayos lang” then after a few days eto na naman, INTERMITTENT CONNECTION namang madalas….

  70. andy says:

    mga guys kung ako sa inyo mag smartbro with out door antenna na lang kayo turuan ko kayo para bumilis ang internet nyo 09232274190 kung kayo naka globe putulin nyo na walang pag-asa ang globe bulok yan

  71. Hi. mga pare koy. kung nka problema kau sa globes lines, eh lilipat nalang kau sa pldt my dsl. cgurado cgurado pa… ang internet connection nio……

  72. information regarding sa globes… ang globe po ay nag dependi lang po yan sa area. once nka pag uppgrade sa globes 3g.. mas maganda ang line/ di gaano congested ng speed ng internet…one di pa nka upgrade sira talaga ang connection…

  73. adam says:

    Mukang ganun na nga kaya din siguro madalas silang merong system enhancement at madalas mabagal yung internet. My experience with Globe broadband DSL

  74. Arnel R. Buaron says:

    I fully agree that Globe Customer Service is rotten. I experienced firsthand the inefficiency of their staff based in Kalibo. Their contractors, (the one’s installing the lines) is so lousy that up to now(already 9 days) I,m still waiting for them to start activating my Data plus landline bundle.

    No wonder Smart Telecom is beating them black and blue. Let’s wait what sun Cellular could offer.

  75. Sean says:

    Putang ina nyo GLOBE DSL kau, kinabitan nyo ako ng DSL 4 months maganda ang connection tapos nun ngaun kahit youtube di makapanood, puro bad IP binigay nyo sakin 2mb youtube di makapanood putang ina nyo!!

    120.28.64.xx yan putang inang IP na yan lagi ko pinapaayos di nyo ginagawa puro yang ip na yan binibigay nyo sakin!! location ko RIZAL.. walang kwentang globe!!

  76. rexzadrian says:

    wag na kayung mag pakabig ng globe tae maganda lng sa umpisa sang linggo lang na ok ang speed 3 linggo na pagong na walang kwenta sana may maka lapit sa konggreso para ma bigyan ng pansin nagbabayad tayo ng tama sa serbisyong daya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  77. foxburn says:

    we’ve been like 6 years globe subscriber and we never had a problem with our net connection until last yr(2009) up to now the globe started giving us the hard time connecting to the internet, its like a disco light patay sindi ang connection namin, (im from marikina by the way) minsan pa nga 1 whole wk walang connection,and tuwing umuulan kahit ambon lang ay lalong nagloloko ang net namin, nka ilang palit narin ang globe sa modem namin then later part theyre blaming it on my router (edimax, samantalang 3 yrs ko ng gamit un) anyway just to fix my net connection i accept their offer to upgrade my modem to their new modem unit with wifi maghintay lang daw ako ng 3 to 5 working days (sept14 ko sila(CSR) nka usap nun ) then lumagpas na ang 5working days walang taga globe ang pumunta sa bahay namin so tinawagan ko uli ang globe (na napaka tagal panamang makausap ang mga CSR nila) and pina follow up ko ung request ko for upgrade then to find out haaaa!! na yung modem with wifi nila ay ubos naraw ndi naraw sila nag po produce since sept 10 paraw!! whaaaaaat talga!! ano un??? pinaasa lang nila ako sa wala and at d same time ndi na resolbahan ang complaint ko dahil ndi nga kmi maka konek sa wifi n namamatay matay connection namin kahit na dinerekta ko na at inalis ko na router ko may gulay nkaka high blood!! monthly kmi nagbabayad ng internet connection namin n phone na umaabot sa 2k plus tapos patay sindi ang connection namin! ako nga bumili pko globe tattoo prepaid just to get connected sa mga wireless mobile n laptop ko so doble doble gastos na sana e nkakatipid ako ngaun sana the globe will give us what we deserve a good quality service nagbabayad naman tau ng tama pero bakit naman ganun ang tagal na nilang nagsasabing “i do apologize maam….” pero wala namang solution!! nkakaasar!!!!!!

    • eduardo maghirang says:

      we have the same problem xerox copy ng kwento mo…i wonder modus na lng yan ng globe…definitly a same story of from makati.

  78. disco lights that uses laser effects are the best thing that you can buy, much better if you can those hologram generators;:,

  79. gina ga says:

    ung aming telepono ay nde na makatawag at walang dial tone. pls pki ayos …

    kay mr. Ronnie Barreza Ga

    sa blk.29 lot 1 and 2 rottwel mercedes exec. vill.,cainta rizal

    service no. 2121180

    globeline account no. 830419070

  80. Christian says:

    i love Globe Broadband DSL..

    its fastest.. i downloaded 700mb to 3gb in 10 minutes to 1 hour.

    is it amazing?

    there’s no problem for me to have hard time with this..

    and my modem was latest but last time, my previous modem was stopped and so, few days (maybe two or three days), the technician visited. he changed new one immediately.

    i’m satisfied..

    PS: i am computer programmer as a student. ^_^

  81. tin says:

    hello po, the first 1month ang bilis mgsurf , but why bandang nung nov and dec last yr up to now mabagal npo.. 1.5mbps speed can i mke contact>?

  82. cesar caramay says:


  83. frank says:

    ang epal talaga ng globe wimax… 2 days ng 0.2-0.3 Mbps lang ang speed… peste… 1Mbps dapat eh…

  84. Vangie says:

    Ask ko lang baka may idea kayo kung okey ba ang wi-tribe yung bago ngayon? Sa Pasig ako nakatira sana may magreply. If ever baka may maisasuggest kayo i need internet connection mag home base kasi ako. Thanks

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