Globe rolls out HSPA+, LTE delayed til 2012

Globe rolls out HSPA+, LTE delayed til 2012

In a press conference earlier today, Globe demonstrated their upgraded mobile internet service using the HSPA+ network which promises to offer an average 4Mbps to 6Mbps to mobile handsets (saw it burst up to 16.4Mbps).

Globe demonstrated that their HSPA+ network can do double-digit megabit/second speeds at optimal conditions.

Here’s a screenshot of a live download (P2P) being monitored and showing an average of 14.5Mbps (1.8MB/s) thoroughput. The video clip is uploaded on YouTube showing several movie downloads, with one file going down at around 250KB/s.


When asked is the same maximum speeds will be offered to customers, Globe executives tell us this will be revealed in due time (this May) although it seems pretty obvious people will be getting the 4-6Mbps for theirs subscriptions. Not very impressive considering they’re already promising “up to” 3Mbps on their current 3G/3.5G network.

Starting next month, Globe will also be offering applications, services, handsets and other devices that will fully utilize their HSPA+ network. One reliable source tells me Globe will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S2, exclusive to their network (same thing they did with the first SGS).

As for LTE, Globe is still mum about it although their release states it won’t be out until 2012 (although they’ve already tested LTE back in November 2010). In related news, Smart been doing public demos of their LTE network starting last Holy Week.

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38 Responses

  1. patterboke says:

    let’s just hope that globe will live up to their promise…and please don’t give us end users that damn freaking bandwidth caps. this is the age of cloud computing!

  2. Wakocoke says:

    given their track record, i doubt na mabilis tong LTE nila dito sa PH!

  3. Messie says:

    I’ve been reading all these updates and improvements over 3g wireless internet, yet no word on breakthroughs pertaining to DSL broadband connections. Are wired connections turning obsolete?

  4. Calvin says:

    technobaboy, what’s the point of being ahead (LTE) if you only have less than 20 4G networks? It’s all about coverage. Since HSPA+ is more cheaper to implement, Globe now has 100+ 4G network in the metro. but then again, what’s the point of having more coverage if service reliability sucks. Hehehe.

    • hahaha. natawa ako :) yeah you have a point. but the future is LTE. and smart is ahead now. and most likely, since they are already putting up the necessary infrastructure, they will continue to be ahead even wen Globe rolls out LTE

    • jaybonline says:

      @technobaboy: smart sucks when it comes to quality. . slooooow even if it’s 3g.. .. Globe is still the best :D

  5. Calvin says:

    technobaboy, what’s the point of being ahead (LTE) if you only have less than 20 4G networks? It’s all about coverage. Since HSPA+ is more cheaper to implement, Globe now has 100+ 4G network in the metro. but then again, what’s the point of having more coverage if service reliability sucks. Hehehe.

    posted speed test demo on hspa+, globe 3g, smartbro and sun here.

    • Calvin says:

      oops double post. pa-delete na lang yung isa abe.

      btw, im not singling out Globe in having poor service reliability. hehehe it goes for all networks and is dependent on location. ;)

  6. Erin says:

    Of all the news, the only thing I was interested in was the last part. Globe has exclusive rights on the SGS2? Crap, so that means it will take a long time before it gets released in the ordinary market.

  7. askingandroid says:

    is dis available for wireless only, using usb dongle? or they will include those wired wimax subs?

  8. trololol says:

    hay naku Abe, the blog post was all about Globe, yet you still managed to kick in a “hint” of your favorite network.

    You’re getting more obvious every time :))))))))))))

  9. chris says:

    would you guys know what phones will be able to maximize the HSPA+ network of globe?

    am thinking of getting a new phone, and hoping to be able to use this new network..

    or maybe, what 4G frequency do they use?

  10. jim ayson says:

    “In related news, Smart is already doing public demos of their LTE network starting this week.” –

    Ah, I think you meant last week, as in Holy Week. as in 70 Mbps demos last week.

  11. Charo Logarta says:

    To your point about Globe “delaying” LTE roll-out, the key point of any technology is that it must be relevant and useful to a greater number of people. To date, there are not too many devices that run on LTE. Industry organization Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) counted a hundred or so, as opposed to the over 3,000 that run on HSPA+. Plus, most LTE devices are routers and USB modems, not a lot of phones or tablets. Hence, it seems more prudent to wait until there are more options for the average consumer, as opposed to offering a technology that fewer people can use and enjoy

  12. fr0stbyte says:

    Wow… Pirated TV rips as sample downloads on P2P? What a way to discourage copyright infringement. LOL

  13. Crysis2 says:

    Ha ha!

    The guy in the demo is an “abusive” user. He is almost maxing out his bandwidth, “depriving” other users (if there are any) of an enjoyable online experience.

    • Jhay says:

      No shit, Einstein?!

    • Crysis2 says:

      Sarcasm yun kupal!

      May maa-anghang pa na salita ako dapat na sasabihin sau pero pipigilin ko muna.

      Pag sablay pa din ang hirit mo, eh masasabihan na talaga kita nang di maganda :)

  14. poche says:

    who cares if globe can provide up to 100mbps if there is bandwidth capping or limit of 1gb/day in place.

  15. PaulC says:

    Good on prints! xD New high speed bandwidth with capping :D

  16. slabster says:

    i want that sgs2…but globe? no way, walang signal samin ang globe…SUCKS ayt?!!!

  17. Dk says:

    What’s the use of having an LTE if pinoys doesn’t have LTE-support phones nd other gadgets? Globe is really doing a good job but I hope that they must first concentrate on their broadband speeds kasi ang hina. Hindi pa nga din umaabot sa desired speed na binili mo. and what’s the use of a very high speed net but me CAPPING nga?

    • gabriel says:

      @Dk tama ka bro sobrang bagal ang globe dapat asikasuhin nila ung speed nila sa mga wifimax sub bago yang LTF nayan my plan is 1mbps but mostly i get 200-300kbps, most of the time drop to 0 and globe said 60% of 1mbps gues wht? its 400 sigh galing sa math kc negative daw sila Double sigh

    • jaybonline says:

      @gabriel: ok lang yan speed mo bro. . . nakuha mo maximum downloads. . . kasi kung 1mbps banwitdh mo divide mo pa by 8.X yan kaya tama lang yan!

  18. egwene says:

    according sa smart e madali lang daw ipatong sa 3g cell sites ang lte at meron na sila equipment para dito kaya papatungan lang nila lahat muna ng 3g cell sites.
    second lte is only a firmware upgrade away from true 4G.

    wag nio kasi sila madaliin. 2015 pa naman ang worldwide deadline ng true 4G tagal pa.

    • Pixel says:

      yeah, nakausap ko yung isa project engineer sa mga subcon nila na di pa raw roll-out ang 4G networks nila puro trial pa lang. Puro upgrade lang sila ng mga cellsites. Nabanggit nya na patayin man si 3G at palitan ni 4G di nila pedeng patayin ang 2G.

  19. Totem says:

    So 4G phones lang ang magw-work dito?

  20. arj says:

    ok lang ito basta walang band capping na naman.demo lang yung smart lte pero for sure ba na stable ang connection nila? kung may 4g na e for sure maraming magaabang ng 5g.

  21. Surely, when this goes public, complaints will start flying…

  22. Sa simula lang yan for sure pag tumagal puro reklamo na ang aabutin ng ganyang service ng globe. Sa demo sa taas mabilis pero pag actual mabagal na. Ikaw ba naman mag dedemo ka ba ng mabagal.

  23. George says:

    What’s the point of this. Sigurado overprice, bandwidth capped (Kasi ang masang pinoy facebook lang at hindi gumagamit ng heavy bandwidth), inconsistent. ISPs in the Philippines sucks, all of them.

    • alaina says:

      dude, magresearch ka muna next time. All their postpaid services are not capped (sticks, myfi, superstick, tonino stick) only prepaid is capped.

  24. daniel says:

    whatever happens… i think pioneer pa din ang smart pagdating sa signals. kahit nung una pa naman laging mahina signal ng globe. pumunta nga kami ng baguio nung holy week… and i was impressed sa bundok may 3G signal na full bar! WTH!

  25. tfcnow01 says:

    Ambagal naman niyan, actually puede nga hanggang 40Mbps without having to go to LTE. But then the question is kukunin ba ng globe to from their vendor or not. Dati d nahuhuli pinas sa gsm bat ngayon iwan na iwan na.

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