Globe Telecom network is now 100% 4G HSPA+

Globe Telecom network is now 100% 4G HSPA+

The Ayala-led telecommunications company, Globe Telecom, has announced that its entire network is now equipped with 4G HSPA+.

The telecom giant has just completed its 100% 4G HSPA+ rollout last month. Back in June, Globe Telecom became the first full 3G network in the Philippines.


“The Globe 4G HSPA+ network extends the company’s ability, as a telecommunications provider, to adequately serve high data usage of customers amid proliferation of bandwidth-intensive applications and growing preference for smartphones and other mobile devices,” Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said.

Next in the pipeline is the improving the LTE network of the company. Globe and Alcatel Lucent are in partnership to expand the LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD footprint in Visayas and Mindanao. Aside from that, Globe is also testing out the latest in LTE technologies like LTE-CA and LTE-eMBMS that increases efficient utilization of frequencies and better streaming through LTE networks.

Source: Globe

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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49 Responses

  1. Rainbow Rat says:

    Since they are improving the bandwidth, Globe may want to consider increasing their capping limits. I feel that 1.5gb is overpriced at 1k a month

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      You could actually avail their GoSurf promos, P999 for 5GB. Pretty cheap actually.

      But I’d still prefer my SuperSurf subscription.

  2. Anong silbi ng bilis kung capped ka naman?! kahit bigyan nyo pa ko ng 100gbps speed kung kahit Asphalt 8 lang sa playstore eh hndi madownload dhil bago pa mtapos eh capped kana!! susme, kainin nyo yang 4G nyo!

    • Gadgeteer says:

      agree, kaya ako never data plan sa globe, never!

    • Gadgeteer says:

      for those people who have been tricked by globe and is stuck with their capped plan, here’s what to do to let them feel your wrath and disappointment, do not pay your bill and transfer to smart our sun network, once they feel this, they will eventually be forced to bring back their no capped plan.

    • Stephen says:


      hindi lang naman si globe ang may cap pati rin naman si smart.

    • Welsh says:


      True, May capping din si smart… BUT, Smart is NOT fully implementing their data capping, as they explained their systems can carry the heavy usage…

      Eh si Globe di Kaya ng system nila, and mapera pa… Kaya extra fully implemented ng capping..

      Hope this helps….

  3. Wala Alan says:

    It says on their website that HSPA+ can reach up to 21 Mbps but does anyone know how fast they really allow users to go on the Globe HSPA+ network?

  4. Shambles says:

    sus, 100%? mas mabilis pa nga yung orasan namin kaysa sa andar ng download/upload nyo. XD

  5. Gibi says:

    Anong silbi Ng 4g kung wala namang signal sa lugar mo? Lumabas ka Ng metro Manila and globe down agad

    • TacticalNinja says:

      Ang pagkakaintindi ko ng 100% eh lahat ng may 3G signal dati, covered narin dapat ng 4G ngayon. Nasa Metro Manila ako pero wala paring 4G. Mga sinungaling talaga sila.

  6. lopi says:

    1% network coverage, 1% connection stability, 1000% overpriced but 100% 4g lte… Ummm, okay.

  7. marketing#%^> says:

    marketing strategy na wala naman katotohanan, haaaiiisssttss kailan pa kaya tayo uunlad, ang telco para din traditional politicians, walang pinagkaiba tsk tsk tsk

  8. wew says:

    Oh talaga?Kaya pala 2G nasasagap ko sa bahay namin.Saya.

  9. Syntax says:

    Bakit sa school namin Edge lang ang nasasagap huh?

  10. egay francisco says:

    Sinong niloko niyo????

  11. Enya says:

    4G na ba talaga ang HSPA+? So anu ang LTE, 5G?

    • Wala Alan says:

      You can try to figure it out here at a Wiki post but I think that LTE is the real 4G and HSPA+ is closer to 3.5G but the telcos decided to call it 4G anyways for marketing is how I understand it but maybe I’m wrong

  12. Rubbahband says:

    good thing their HSPA/+ network can be felt here. but still, capping data usage defeats the purpose. -_-

  13. sandies says:

    not true. i still get EDGE and crappy signal near Herrera and Yuseco St. in Manila.

  14. SunCell Subscriber says:

    I don’t need HSPA+ that goes off to 256KBps after 1.5GB. Hey Globe, compliment your 100%-4G network with a bigger allowance.

  15. Anthony says:

    Daniel Morial in writing this article do you really believe that Globe have 100% 3G and Hspa+ Network? Or you are just paid by Globe to write this article?

  16. Gadgeteer says:

    for those people who have been tricked by globe and is stuck with their capped plan, here’s what to do to let them feel your wrath and disappointment, do not pay your bill and transfer to smart our sun network, once they feel this, they will eventually be forced to bring back their no capped plan.

  17. ariel says:

    Pagsasampalin ko kaya tong writer na to na na bayaran ng globe para manloko ng kapwa, ni wala nga signal ang globe sa ibat ibang sulok dito sa general santos city tas sasabhin sasabihin 4G na sial 100% lokohin nyong uting panot nyo mga manloloko ng subscriber, kung makasingil sa bill ko wagas tapos simpleng signal lang para matawagan ang mahal mo sa buhay kung di choppy wala talaga! mahiya naman sana tong globe na to sabagay wala nga hiya mga to dahil makapanloko lang ng mga tao ang misyun nila sa buhay para makakamal n limpak limpak na pera…

  18. globo says:

    This 4G HSPA+ is actually an enhanced 3G/3.5G, right? Because the real 4G by standards is the LTE.

    Nonetheless, my phone never reached HSPA+ here in Quezon City. The only time I got to reach HSPA+ was when I was in Makati.

  19. Mir says:

    Ang problema ko lang naman sa globe e mabagal kapag tanghali dito sa makati. Dun samen sa La Union e hindi halos bumagal. Pansin q nga mas mabilis pa dun samen khit HSPA+ kesa dito sa makati na LTE. Ung Good thing naman sken e ung plan ko walang cap :) kahit sa bill nila sobra sobra ako sa cap nila. Halos 100GB+ a month nagagamit ko

  20. flynster says:

    Um, what exactly does 100% 4G HSPA+ mean exactly? The content doesn’t really explain that and doesn’t leave you with something to be desired as well (to know more). I’m not really a tech geek so hindi ako magmamarunong but I don’t really know what it means that Globe is NOW 100% 4G HSPA+. Does that mean that if you have an LTE device and you have a globe signal and use their internet, you can automatically connect to their LTE?

    • Pocholo says:

      100% 4G HSPA+ means ALL their cell sites are now capable of broadcasting HSPA+. Getting a signal from where you are is a different story.

  21. Harvie says:

    I think it’s time for the Ph Government to make law regarding false advertisement, what a shame Globe and Smart are always faking their ads. HSPA + is Just plainly 3G!

  22. arni shank says:

    globe, u have to realize na di lahat ng subscribers and potential subscribers nyo tanga. the general public should sue you for deceptive and misleading advertising.
    and Yugatech, is this a paid article??? doesn’t anybody in any department verify the truth of what you’re posting? did nobody ask themselves what really is HSPA+ and 4G??? wait, you should know that right off the bat. do you not have any opinion on this blatant deception of the Filipino people??? shame on you.

  23. Pag kumilos nga naman marketing pr ng mga companies. eh ni kelan di bumilis signal sa area ko considering it’s in the heart of the city even if i’m an active unlisurf subscriber.

  24. Arnel says:

    ano daw 100% coverage sa pinas eh bakit mabagal parin dito sa olongapo..buwisit

  25. SmartAss says:

    hndi pa LTE dito sa Zamboanga City so shut up about the 100% LTE. Nafsed!

  26. Oona says:

    HSPA+ is not true 4G. In any case yung LTE ntn dto ndi n naman narearreach half of other countries’ 3G. And if this “ad” is true why am i seeing EDGE beside the signal bar?

  27. Jes says:

    Hindi yata. Barag internet dito Pangasinan.

  28. Orange says:

    Di ako makarelate. Globe ako pero di ko ramdam ang 4g. Kahit nga 3g bihira lang kami magkita. Nakakadaupang palad ko madalas GPRS and EDGE kahit naka postpaid data plan ako. Habang nagbabasa ako ngayon sa site na ito at nagiiwan ng comento, si EDGE ang katuwang ko.

  29. Milkyway says:

    Afaik, HSDPA+ is not 4G.

  30. DanielMurat says:

    Pakyu! bayaran kayo ng globe YUGAdsTECH! kainin nyo 4g ng GLOBE! TAKTE!

  31. hardlywork says:

    yugatech bayaran ng marketing ng globe,

  32. Yousef says:

    Their shitty network might be 100% HSPA+ already but this does NOT imply that their coverage has also improved, in fact it has gone from bad to worst.

  33. megalodon says:

    3G lang yan patawa globe, kahit wimax 3g din excep lang sa isang model ng gigabit na wimax 4G… hindi matatawag na 4G ang 3.5G 3.9G/wimax 3G+/hspa malaking kalokohan, ang tanong Multi carrier-HSPA ba yan?malamang hindi … wla din lng kwenta kahit 100% HSPA yan kung mababang version nmn bka up to 7.2mbps pa rin nanaman? welocme 2010 ba? kawawwa philippines :( *pityface* sayang kasi ang latest revision ng HSPA 3G evolution up to 80MByte/sec comparable sa 125MB/s ng LTE (1 gigabit/second), habol pa globe, may 5g na daw ang smart pero hindi pa FCC approved pero NTC approved na agad “”it’s safe”” na kaagad (lol #corruptphilippines #noob )sabagay NTC approved yung quadSIM at pentaSIM sa tabi tabi market, bago tayo magalit sa 4G fake na yan alamin nyo muna yung mga PINAPA-PASOK na fake CHINAPHONES ng hell-gubyerno natin hindi FCC approved, NTC daw, ilan na kaya SAR RADIATION EXPOSURE ng mga pinoy? bka LEVEL: LEUKEMIA NA!! check your phone:

  34. Trix says:

    Di naman naeenjoy yang 4G na yan. Nasa Metro Manila lang ako (Makati tsaka Alabang), napakabagal parin ng 4G. At totoo, Edge pa minsan. Globe at smart, pareho lang nakakabwisit. Swertehan nalang kung nasa magandang spot ka talaga.

  35. maiba lang says:

    gusto ko sana laitin din yung globe base sa mga naging experience ko… pero sa kabilang banda eh kumikita pa rin sila dahil marami pa rin yung nagbabakasali (nananaginip nag-improve na daw sila) at yung nauuto sa mga commericiasl at nung sales agents nila

  36. nino says:

    Ang 4G naman ng Globe for postpaid only…

  37. jjBoy says:

    Last optin naming lahat ang Globe. Lokohan itong company na to. Ok lang sila within 1 week to 1 month, yes lang nang yes ang mga agent nila pag mag susubscribe at magpapainstal tayo. Pagtapos gagawa na sila ng scheme para ma-overcharge ka sasabihin nila na nasa small print ng contract. Kahit mali yung ginawa nila, pahihirapan ka kumuha ng refund or bill adjustment. So much so that susuko ka nalang at hindi ka na mag fo-folow through. The only reason kung bakit buhay pa itong company is because of the deep pocket of the Ayala group of companies, they don’t really care about the customers welfare. Sasakit lang ulo nyo believe it or not. Marami nang nabiktima.

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