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Globe to enforce 1GB per day Bandwidth Cap

So it looks like all the draft memo with the NTC actually forced telcos to lift their iron fist — Globe Telecom has just sent out a press release that they will be strictly enforcing a daily data cap on all broadband subscribers, starting with 1GB/day.

It was just this January when we first heard of NTC doing consultations and public hearing regarding the broadband cap. Telcos reasoned out why they have no other choice but to put some sort of capping for their residential subscribers (see: 5 Reasons ISPs Implement Bandwidth Cap).

And we thought that was the end of it — the revised draft of the NTC Memo scrapped out the provision allowing for bandwidth caps. I was wrong – they even went the other way:

In a press release, Globe said about 5 percent of abusive subscribers use 80 percent of the available broadband Internet bandwidth in the company’s network.


This leaves only 20 percent of the capacity to be shared by 95 percent of the remaining users.

Globe said its new policy aimed to preserve the “quality of resources in order to provide subscribers with seamless, uninterrupted and reliable Internet connections.”

The company said network bandwidth was a finite resource, making it necessary to adopt regulations that promote responsible and fair use of the Internet to prevent abuse and misuse of services from a relatively smaller group of consumers. {source}

We’ve already seen proof that Globe has a provision in their Service Contract allowing them to cap bandwidth at 15GB to 35GB per month depending on your data plan. It’s possible they added that provision but have not implemented it before. Now, they’re actually saying they will enforce it.

Looks like Globe is saying “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.” Fair enough? You decide.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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154 Responses

  1. cruizer says:

    1 GB/day…that’s too little! That means one cannot download, say, a DVD image from MSDN. That’s a perfectly legal use of bandwidth.

    Serious users would do well to avoid Globe. I wonder if this applies to existing subscribers/contracts? Can these subscribers terminate their contracts because of this change?

  2. plsburydoughboy says:

    Fair enough. I’m in the market for a new ISP and Globe will not be one of my choices.

  3. Saimon Apor says:

    Wow. 1GB/day seriously? Oh my. I think I need to find a different ISP then. I am currently with Globe for their 2MB package and I am working home based.

    I think that’s not fair. What if I need to download images or files from my clients? That’s a total BS. :(

    Any news for Telcos that won’t proceed with this data cap?

    • Marck says:

      Same here Saimon, I also do home-based jobs and 1GB a day wouldn’t be enough.

      San kaya pwede lumipat?

    • Symphony says:

      So blessed to read this :D now I got myself a damn good reason not to pay my month of March Bill!

      So long Globe! I’m gonna ditch you like WOW!

  4. Fleeb says:

    As one of the “95% remaining users”, I don’t have a problem with this, for now.

    Should I need to download large files, then I might just need to resume the download the next day then.

  5. nigel says:

    i might as well pull out my subscription from globe

  6. I upload 1gb+ per 6 minute 720p youtube clip for my website already. 1gb isn’t nearly enough even for what they call the 95 percent. Surely raising that to at least 2gb will still prevent the 5 percent from abusing it, but they would rather hide from the responsibility of providing decent internet instead.

  7. jitters says:

    globe sucks! bad 3G signal then this 1GB capping!

  8. mike says:

    Brilliant! Can’t compete? Punish your customers! That’ll teach those pesky people to stop paying you money.

  9. bakit nilagyan nila ng limit. Hays. . . Bka madaming magpalipat o lumipat ng ISP. .

  10. garz says:

    globe broadband subscriber here.. when are they going to implement this? right now, so far so good..
    but i have a question, what happens when you exceed 1GB a day?how about downloading?? i don’t clearly get it.

    please shed me some light..

    • arj says:

      when you download a file exceeding 1g from globe internet, that will only be your limit. otherwise, you will be blocked and resume all your internet activities the next day. that’s what happened to those who are using globe tattoo sticks which are more limited to 800 mb. that’s what’s forcing me to plan for switch.

    • Mon says:

      After you exceed the 1GB limit, you won’t be able to connect to the internet.

    • arj says:

      here’s in my opinion, when you download a file exceeding 1g from globe internet, that will only be your limit. otherwise, you will be blocked and resume all your internet activities the next day. that’s what happened to those who are using globe tattoo sticks which are more limited to 800 mb. that’s what’s forcing me to plan for switch.

  11. Faust says:

    Now, I’m being penalized for such an abusive user for managing sites, streaming videos and audios minus the necessary downloads – ie; patches over a gazillion bytes..I don’t know if this data capping covers Tattoo Postpaid USB Sticks and to think the 3G signals goes on and off affecting my surfing habits..

  12. garz says:

    globe broadband subscriber here.. when are they going to implement this? right now, so far so good..
    but i have a question, what happens when you exceed 1GB a day?how about downloading?? i don’t clearly get it.

    please shed me some light…

  13. alpha_zeta says:

    capitalism rears its ugly head again. this further restricts the available modes of production for internet workers who are home-based. 1Gb per day is not enough for Filipino graphic designers and developers to be really competitive against cheap South Asian labor.

  14. Nigel says:

    i signed a 25gb monthly cap not a 1gb /day cap they cant just do that

    • David Z says:

      Teka, you signed your Globe contract where you get a 25GB monthly cap, then Globe says they’ll impose this 1GB/day cap. Unless I misunderstood something, that means you stand to have a 30GB monthly cap instead of 25.

      What am I missing?

    • JustME says:

      basically, if you have to download 10GB of lets say, home made movie, you cannot do that on a 1GB/Day scheme.. you cannot download in 1 day… you have to cut the download and resume it tomorrow…

      in a 25GB scheme, you can download that 10GB file in 1 day… no resumes

  15. allan says:

    ayan na. next will be smart. wala ng sun to counter them.
    “if u want more, then pay more” that’s their policy now.

  16. Marc Edig says:

    just great1 i just subscribe to their WiMax a month ago and this shit happens.

  17. Oliver says:

    I’m about to get a subscription plan from Globe, then this! Ok plans cancelled. (Smart please, wag ka susunod)

  18. deuts says:

    dapat meron man lng improvement sa service pag nag cap nga sila.

  19. DSL Critic says:

    Now, I will not use Globe for LEGITIMATE Digital Downloading due to BANDWITH CRAP CAPPING!!!

    We are now in Stone Age of Digital Technology for this CRAPPY CAP…

  20. NineSwordz says:

    Fail. ‘nuf said.

    sana wag ganyan magyari sa Smart ko ngayon.. tsk!

  21. Mon says:

    I actually proposed this scheme to a telco employee if there really is a significant strain on their network:

    1. Put a “maximum” cap on the network traffic, but for download ONLY. But not 1GB, something like 1.5GB or 2GB.
    2. When the subscriber reaches the cap, instead of totally shutting down the network connection, cap the speed instead. So instead of getting [insert your download speed here], the subscriber only can download at 25kbps.

    That seems to be a better “fair use” policy. Especially since the service is labeled as unlimited. That way, both the telco and the subscriber both win. The telco doesn’t have as big a strain on its network and the subscriber still is able to connect to the internet, although at a lower speed.

    What do you think?

  22. lulu says:

    is this the reason why ang bagal ng surfing ngayon? forum sites at blogs lang ang inoopen ko, wala pang Youtube at download sites, down na. I’m one of those who works in the Internet and would occasionally download/upload large files for clients, pero with this, nakakahiya nang magwork with an unstable net connection (like twing may calamities at putol ang Internet, ang hirap mag explain why I am not online). Sana may solusyon ang Globe sa ganyan.

    Globe will definitely lose a lot of subscribers with this.

  23. mojojo says:

    when this will be implemented? we are currently subscribed to globe broadband + landline postpaid?

  24. Nicco says:

    If Globe insists on doing this, they should not be allowed to continue marketing their services as “unlimited”. They should have plans based on GB consumed just like other ISPs.

    Just the fact that Globe’s current contract has data caps means they’re practicing false advertising.

  25. eL says:

    I ”’HOPE”’ PLDT won’t do what GLOBE did…

  26. Mon says:

    I tried to look for the “fair usage policy” of both Sun and Smart, since BOTH also have them. This is the best I could find:

    SUN: http://www.petitiononline.com/antiFUP/petition.html

    SMART: http://smart.com.ph/gold/promos/FairUsePolicy

    related Yugatech article on SMART fair use: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/telecoms/smart-caps-mobile-internet-1-5gbmonth/

    Does anybody know the actual limits imposed on Smart and Sun prepaid subscribers?

    Looking at the good side, buti pa ang Globe open sila about capping their service. Yung ibang telco, hindi ganito ka-open.

  27. ed says:

    if they lose subscribers (which will happen, of course), they will certainly reverse their actions. im sure they have a back up plan when this happens.

  28. Epstein says:

    I was planning to get a subscription from globe! buti na lang nabasa ko muna ito. PLAN CANCELLED

  29. nameless says:

    I would just like to know if this policy also apply to DSL subscribers of Globe? or just for those using wireless?

  30. Julian says:

    I spent all afternoon calling Globe because my Wimax connection has been spotty. They told me it was because my computer might have a virus or spyware problem, but when I saw this I think it might be the reason why my Wimax is being b*tchy.

    Does anyone know if Sky Broadband has a similar bandwidth cap? I download videos and images on a weekly basis and I can’t stay with Globe if they persist in doing something like this.

    • chintoguy says:

      Sky Broadband has a plan 999 with 15GB cap monthly but has 5mbps speed. But Sky Broadband has a other plan bundled with Skycable Gold.

  31. Mark Villegas says:

    This sucks big time. 1gb a day is not enough for software programmers like me. They should increase their prices instead of doing this so they could do more system upgrade to accommodate their subscribers.

    • Erin says:

      Agree. Our codebase alone weighs in at 600MB. Daily updates due to collaborating with globally dispersed developers puts us way above 1GB. that is not yet including the other collaboration tools like emails (sometimes with attachments), instant messaging, and voice conference.

      Sa Globe lahat possible [i-cap].


  32. ron says:

    Telcos just make it appear that it is NTC who wants such policy but actually they are the one’s behind it! It’s a clever way to manipulate the market as has always been in this country. Government officials will happily shut their mouths and follow whatever Telcos wants in the guise of NTC policies as long as they get big money…

  33. need4speed: isp wars says:

    Quit hoping that other ISPs won’t do this crappy bandwidth caps. NTC has obliged every ISP to have this policy. No more torrent monsters on the internet. sigh.

  34. themouseball says:

    is globe playing safe or what?

  35. TheGlobeMoves says:

    So all of computer cafes with Globe subscription will be out of business? Real nice.

  36. Jake says:

    Kitang kita sa mga NAGCOMMENT kung sino ang mga abbusive… ito ang 5%. kayo ang dahilan kaya ang bagal ng internet connection. tsk tsk tsk!!

    @Mon, aggree ako sa suggestion nya

  37. BackToStoneAge says:

    If NTC wants to promote better service with regards to Internet, then they should force PLDT to unbundle its copper loop. This will provide better competition in the market, allowing small players to put a toll on PLDT and other big ISPs in providing way better internet connection.

  38. unaware says:

    most subscribers don’t really understand this cap scheme thats why globe is taking advantage, for sure puputaktihin lalo ng mga complaints ang globe csr

  39. Red Schubox says:

    Tama si Sir Mon, ganyan dapat gawin nila.

  40. Brynner John says:

    How about business plans tapos 20-40 ang number of PC… e di dapat disabled ang youtube or video streaming the whole day kasi laki ng bandwidth nagagamit. ang pangit naman yata masyado maliit ung binigay tapos nilahat pa talaga. malulugi kami sa businesses namin nyan. I hope this plan was “carefully” thought through… that instead of improving their services ganito ginawa nila. It’s like saying Globe can’t improve their services anymore to their subscribers.

  41. mattscradle says:

    ang malas naman bago palang akong subscriber ng globe broadband landline bundle.

  42. Eason says:

    Honestly with Web 2.0, 1GB per day isn’t just enough for techie users especially IT / CS students.

    But is this implemented for BROADBAND FIXED Line as well?

  43. Mark Gil Libres says:



  44. poche says:

    ang labo ng mga reports na to.
    ang tanong sino ba sakop nito? dsl, wimax, tattoo, business or lahat?

    saka ang pangit ng ginawa ng globe dito mano bang down throttled yun speed kesa no net pag lumampas.
    parang sinasabi lang ng globe na mahina talaga capacity nila. pano pa sila sasabay pag merged na infrastructure ng pldt at digitel?

  45. bryanflurry says:

    So when they say “unlimited” in the advertisement, it’s not really unlimited..

  46. jp says:

    mga bulok at yung mga pinakamumura kasi mga telecom equipments ng mga telcos na yan kaya di kayang ihandle ang maraming suscribers lalo na sa pagdodownload.

  47. poche says:

    pag naimplement yan sa globe magboycott o paterminate na kau ng internet services ng globe. sigurado mappressure yan na alisin.

    ginagawa lang tong excuse ng globe para di na sila gumastos para iupgrade yun equipments nila for bandwidth capacity.

    sino naman maniniwala sa kanila ng 5% lang daw ng subs nila ang abusado?
    e ang dami ko nga kilala na wala masyado alam sa computer at internet na ang lakas sa youtube/streaming at mp3s download.

  48. John Salcedo says:

    Define “abusive”.

    If i like downloading stuff off the net, which means i’m using bandwidth, does that make me abusive?

    Define “fair”.

    Why is there a cap when they advertise an “unlimited service”?

    Hey! i signed up for a 1 meg unlimited service. Why should you cap my connection or throttle my net speeds when i reach that cap?

    Does not sound fair?

  49. Rex says:

    Capping is OK. Those who consume more should pay more. Just don’t call it ‘unlimited’ if it is capped.

  50. ron says:

    I think we can file a case against them when they pursue this stupidity. it is not part of the contract that we signed for. im a loyal globe subscriber, I have two cellphones lines and a dsl land line with them, but they are making reasons for me to switch to another telco. Very nice marketing strategy, im sure youll get more subscribers with this, specially now that pldt owns major stocks of sun. lets see the fall of this company in the following years, or even few months….

    • David Z says:

      it is not part of the contract that we signed for.

      You might want to read it in its entirety. Look for sections like “can change anytime”.

      If you feel you have a case, see a contract lawyer. Good luck.

  51. chintoguy says:

    THIS IS SUCH A CRAP! I will be switching back to SMART!

  52. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Switched from SmartBro to Globe DSL a little over a year ago. I guess my business is going back to PLDT MyDSL. Big mistake Globe.

    Don’t say “unlimited” if you don’t mean it. And I’m fairly offended by this “abusive” language. Bullshit. That’s like complaining about people eating a lot of food at an Eat-all-you-can buffet. If you can’t provide the service, don’t call it that. Fuckers.

  53. Fleeb says:

    @BackToStoneAge: your suggestion is one that makes sense, though at this point there might be other factors that we may not know of.

    @bryanflurry and John Salcedo: the notion of “unlimited” has been answered before in a previous blog post. Unlimited does not denote “bandwidth”.

  54. plsburydoughboy says:

    A lot of posts now! but just to respond to the accusation that NTC is getting money from telcos, there is no evidence of foul play between NTC & telcos. If you followed news regarding last NTC hearing, what’s come out is that the NTC is not following their mandate, partly out of ignorance of how much power they actually hold, and partly hesitation to use their powers.

    Some commenters insist on PNoy involving himself in this case, but really, we should lobby the NTC directly to do what’s right by us.

  55. freelang says:

    i’m a freelancer artist/ film maker and phtographer. i watch tutorials, upload videos on vimeo and browse photos in flickr. so what will happen when they implement this. This is such, they are the ones who is the leading syndicate here in the phil.

  56. Pinoy Persuasion says:

    I hope they implement the 1 gig limit to ALL subscribers not just PREPAID subscribers. I mean 800mb for Prepaid Globe Tattoo users? I pay same or even higher fees than planned subscribers.

  57. bern says:

    rage quit.. pldt na tau… lag naman talga dota kapag globe eh…

  58. wtf says:

    what will happen to us all watching porn!!!!!????!!!! Y____Y

  59. Paul says:

    That’s stupid. Why in the hell would they do that when in the first place, they should be doing some rate limiting on their subscribers as so not to reach extreme bandwidth amounts. Sheeessshhh… Globe DSL suxxx bigtime anyways

  60. juwan says:

    their system is not hacker proof… kudos….

  61. echu says:

    this is moving backwards. just when cloud services are beginning to take hold our local ISPs are pushing for this? i use online backups myself, in one service i use, i have about 100GB of data stored online. that doesn’t even include my online albums on picasa for images and videos. i have 80GB of storage for that. this move is short sighted. they are crippling their users. things like dropbox, google docs, amazon cloud, itunes, offline email backups, and web albums are legitimate services that require a lot of bandwidth. people are starting to use them. just because 95% of their subscribers might not be familiar with these yet, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. they should instead be working on tech to increase their capacity instead of blaming their users. things like google music, and google OS are coming up. this is only going to get worst.

  62. dan says:

    they could now do this because sun cellular is already out of the picture. heck my sun broadband stick is now starting giving me headaches. I think its wi-tribe, bayantel & skybroadband’s time to fill up sun’s lost position, San miguel corp please speed up your rolling out of your telecom services

  63. dark says:

    lipatan na ng isp… unli tapos my limit???
    tae kau globe… parang di nagiisip yung nakaisip nyan ah… =(

  64. This is pure BS! Capping the bandwidth would not solve congestion, its their fault in the first place. They ate more than they could chew. They should have limited the amount of subcribers.

  65. Marcial Bonifacio says:

    If Globe Broadband is going to implement 1GB Bandwidth Capping, it’s suicide for them. They think Filipinos are ignorant and doesn’t know what capping is and that is why they would like to implement it. Honestly, they cannot directly define what “abusive subscribers”. They cannot directly pin point who are those 5% subscribers at all. If this is a start of changing their business plan, the hell do we care. If Sir Abe can get an interview from Globe to directly determine what this capping crap is for (if for all Broadband user, including Tattoo, WiMax and other shits from Globe), then from that point we can surely decide to stick with Globe or to get another Internet Service Provider. The technology frontier for the Philippines is moving backward. Seriously. The Internet service is not good. We are way behind the world.

    @Sir Abe, if you will give us an update. Please.

    Makakatikim ng EDSA revolution ang mga nagpapayaman na yan.

  66. globe-is-old says:

    I think Globe Philippines is living in the past or maybe because this people only knows browsing html website and probably they are very ignorant on the new media technology. internet media are currently booming in the Internet, we call them youtube and videoshare website or voip or voip on gtalk or yahoo messenger this services uses extensive Internet bandwidth, I think Globe Philippines are ignorant on this technology because I know the 1Gig limitation per day is ok for those who are only browsing html website.

    This is the reason that I did not get their Globe WiMax and luckily I’m on wired BayanTell DSL and PLDT DSL and I will never get worried of loosing my connection when I browse online movies.

  67. globe-is-old says:

    I think Globe Philippines should really implement the 1Gig bandwidth limitation per day.
    So I can see on my life time how the Globe Philippines will be bankrupted and closed down.

    do it Globe Philippines I dare you. and I will watch and documented you how you go down and get bankrupted.

  68. Roy says:

    “The company said network bandwidth was a finite resource…” alam naman pala nila eh. Ang dapat nila gawin, hwag na magdagdag ng subs!

  69. MadCoder says:

    It seems Pnoy is biting the hand that feeds him. Ang daming niyang boto nakuha sa kumpanya nila sa internet noong eleksyon. Baka bumaba ang popularity rating nya. Time to Twit and facebook about this!

  70. SpiderHam says:

    I think this is a wrong move for Globe after PLDT acquired Digitel/Sun Cellular. This will make PLDT/Smart get larger number of subscribers and with this action they are pushing their subscribers to the competition.

  71. poche says:

    di nio ba narrealize na nagpapauso lang ang globe para sumunod ang ibang telcos sa kanila. pag inimplement to ng globe at di masyado nabawasan ang subscribers nila e sigurado baka sumunod ang ibang telcos/isp.

  72. Bo Justin says:

    D na bali ng lag ang SMARTBROken basta walang limit pag gamit ko..

    Go lang ng Go GLOBE at kayoy lulubog!

  73. Jor says:

    let’s see what will happen, dapat alisin lang din nila ung fine sa cancellation ng subscription.

  74. Bo Justin says:

    Apektado pati mga studyante nito..
    Im sure tataas RATES ng mga Internet Cafe
    Kawawa yun walang pc sa bahay…

  75. Jeric says:

    I’m a Smart broadband user and kahit hindi ako affected for now, I’m really concern about this stuff kasi baka Smart/PLDT naman yung susunod, OR we will get more congested because dami yung lilipat.

  76. florencia says:

    hala.. grabeh naman. ngaun nila toh gagawin kung kelan marami ng gumagamit ng internet and technology. I’m a heavy user and with that rule, anu na lang magagawa ko sa bahay nyan? facebook? duh.

  77. Jason says:

    what about internet cafe subscribers? surely we cant control what our customers are doing

  78. kebb says:

    hays…. Paano nalang kaya ito… We have 7 pc at the house and ung mga kapatid ko and cozn have there own pc. palagi nanonood nang you tube…… If given the senario with 1gb cap….. I just dont know if we can use the internet after 1hour of using….. Even 8oomb cap of globe tatoo really sucks… 4 hours of youtube and your internet will be cut off….

  79. Beatricia says:

    I think that this is fair. Seriously, how much data does one use in a day. If you’re downloading loads of torrents then 1gb is not enough. I find it funny how a lot of people whine about it. Do the math. 1GB * 30 days = 30GB a month. Filipino’s are just too spoiled with unlimited “whatevers”. And what price do you pay? Slow congested networks with speeds “UP TO” 1mbps. You’d be luck if you get 256kbps on that. You also get a lot of dropouts and at the end of the day, you’re web browsing experience is slow because you want “unlimited.

    The Philippines going backwards, really? American subscribers have unlimited internet and guess what? Their networks are congested. And some companies like AT&T are imposing Caps now. European countries as well as oceanic contries such as Australia and NZ have been always imposed caps on their internet usage. You get about 50GB on adsl2+ a month while they charge you roughly US$20 for 1GB of monthly mobile internet a MONTH. Compare that to your 1GB a day. Shocking isn’t it. Makes you wonder how Globe/Smart/Sun make money out of their service considering that most subscribers clog up their network in order to download the latest episode of Glee to see if Charice Pempengco is on it.

    At the end of the day, Globe has the right to do whatever they think would benefit their customers. It’s not as if damning you all to no internet at all. Remember when they first started offering SMS to the philippines for a flat fee. What happened? You always got the “Message sending failed” Why? Because the network was congested with people sending text out to the point a lot of subscribers get frustrated. It wasn’t until they finally started charging P1.00 a text that the service became more reliable. A 1GB a day limit would be good for people who occasionally use their mobile internet in a day as well as making the money they paid worth it. It will also deter those people who “Abuse” the service which causes congestion and headaches to other subsribers.

    • Marcial Bonifacio says:

      Wow! Ikaw na! Ikaw na ang malabo ang comment! Once again, it’s about Globe’s capping stupidity. Why in the world you are comaparing other companies that are located outside of the Philippines? Are we affected by their capping issue? Ikaw na ang nakakalabas ng bansa kasi marami kang pera. All the people who has a comment here is not saying not to put a bandwith cap. We do agree to have capping. Have you seen any comments with people who are working from home that are using Internet connection? So you call them abusive? E ang mga matatandang ngayon lang natuto gumamit ng computer at internet na mahilig manood sa Youtube? Abusive din? Ang mga may mahal sa buhay na ginagamit ang internet para makausap ang mga kapamilya na nasa ibang bansa? Abusive din? At di ka lang pala marunong e, at magiingat ka, parang sinasabi mong ‘lahat’ ng Pilipino e nagda-download sa lintik na torrent sites (Your comment: Makes you wonder how Globe/Smart/Sun make money out of their service considering that most subscribers clog up their network in order to download the latest episode of Glee to see if Charice Pempengco is on it.). Medyo di ata tama na nilahat mo kami na andito sa Pilipinas na nagda-download e. Make sure you do your research properly. Before you post something for the public to see. But then, I believe this is your personal opinion. So ganun nalang.

      P.S. Malay natin sa Globe ka nagta-trabaho at nakasalalay ang trabaho mo dito sa comment na ito. But whatever. That was your opinion, and this is just my opinion.

    • adp says:

      WOW! what a pointlessly stupid comment! Anyone who needs more than 1gb/day is a pirate? That’s a comment borne of ignorance. Congratulations, you are now in the running for 2011’s dumbest person on the internet. I suppose if all you do is play farmville and post on facebook about the state of your toenails, then yes, 1gb/day is more than enough. Digital download, over the years, has proven to be a viable (and profitable) platform for software distribution. Steam, Gamersgate, Direct2drive to name a few. I once bought a 12gb game from gamersgate. I don’t want to wait 12 days to play a game I legitimately bought. Video streaming, apple tv, etc., are other services that would most likely require more than 1gb/day. Freelance programmers who work from home. Cloud computing. The list goes on and on.

      Unfortunately, living in a free society has its drawbacks. Idiots like you should be banned from having access to the internet.

    • NineSwordz says:

      Ate.. try to define the word “ABUSIVE”. DEFINE..

      So pipigilan mo yung reason ng tao kung bakit siya nagpakabit ng net? And we’re not saying na tanggalin ang cap. Ok yun. Its just not enough, lalo na sa mga taong may trabaho na work related ang internet.

      FYI lang ‘te, sa pag-browse mo ngayon.. you’re using “bandwith”.. yep! bits of data kahit browsing lang. The same with watching at youtube etc.. eh nanonood ka rin ng youtube malamang. 240p/480p/720p or even 1080p.. ilang mb mga yan depende sa tagal ng video. inuulit mo pa right? di mo alam naka consume ka na ng 400-800mb in 2 weeks lang. so compute mo kung ilan. try lang. XD

      “..to download the latest episode of Glee to see if Charice Pempengco is on it.”

      ^ Eh yan yung gusto ng tao eh, pipigilan mo? lol
      at tama wag mo lahatin. think outside the box will you?

      BTW: taga-globe ka nga ba? hey I dumped globe broadband 2 years ago bcoz of their crappy speed & connection. buti nalang free trial nun. hehe! SmartBro rules! no cap (as of now) + consistent speed.

    • lolipown says:

      Sure, put the blame on the users.

      Make no mention that the telco’s are selling well above the current capacity of their networks or that you sending doesn’t actually cost anything because it’s part of how cellular technology is meant to work. Let’s face it, it’s better if everyone lived like sheeps like you do right?

  80. cafekun says:

    we are farrrrr behind the global bandwidth speed and still, they plan to improvise such a feat? Hahaha kalokohan ampota. PLDT na kasi! XD

  81. bohret says:

    ang solution sa ganitong problema, para walang capping at walang network congestion, alam naman nila capacity ng network nila eh, dapat kapag nasa 80% na ng capacity nila ang puno, mag upgrade na sila, kasalanan ng mga telcos yan, over subscription kc. puro profits ang iniisip, gus2 nila mag provide ng quality sa services nila and this is how they would do it by capping the bandwidth? thats BS. problema nila ipapasa pa nila sa mga nagbabayad na consumer.

  82. bohret says:

    sa smart over subscription din sila kaya mabagal, pero wala silang bandwidth cap.

  83. metal1369 says:

    kasi naman they are over saturating the market with their usb sticks. dsl nga lang palpak na. mag lalabas pa ng mga internet stick at kung ano ano pa. talagang hindi kakayanin. tpos ngayon maglalagay sila ng bandwidth cap, at ang sisi ibabaling sa mga consumers.

    pero ang mga advertisements nila eh download this.. watch this on youtube… etc.

    nun hindi na kaya ng system nila cap na.

    nun una pa lang kasi hindi na pinayagan ng NTC un mga unternet usb sticks na yan hangang hindi na aayos ang problema sa mga dsl lines ng PLDT/Smart, Globe at Digitel/Sun.

  84. konqueror7 says:

    i agree with @Beatricia. i think its fair enough to implement such policies. if you are going to complain, make it after they implement the said policy. let’s see first if their policy works, then we can complain.

    i don’t see why whining over this, but others just dying to buy a new smartphone/tablet?

  85. roland says:

    for me the point is, Technology is evolving. Soon, developers will not release their software thru DVD anymore… download na lang. Like sa appstore ngayon..you can download the games without buying the DVD.. jsut need to download on the appstore.. pano pa un kung ung game eh 4GB… tsktsk..

  86. Jake says:

    5% abusive …. those who complain are the 5% ABUSIVE!

  87. chinitoguy says:

    I agree with some of the those who comment that PLDT’s purchase of Sun Cellular has something to do about Globe’s bandwidth cap. But I am still holding on PLDT’s word that Sun’s “unlimited” services will stay.

    As I have mentioned when I posted a comment about PLDT – Digitel deal there should be a another strong 3rd player.

    San Miguel Corporation’s LIBERTY TELECOM is a potential 3rd player. They operate interet service provider WI-TRIBE. Sadly they impose a bandwidth cap on their services but its understandable since the their network is still small. Good news is San Miguel found a partner in Qatar Telecom to invest in Liberty Telecom. This will give them more capital and expand their network. I hope they could offer cellular telephone service.

    Another potential 3rd player is Bayantel. The Lopez-led company only offers landline and DSL service in selected areas of the country. Their application to roll out a cellular network is still pending in NTC.

    For now PLDT’s empire is only our hope for our unlimited services to continue. There are still benefits on this PLDT-Digitel deal. the combined network of Digitel (Sun Cellular) and PLDT (Smart) will be better. Let’s hope and pray that PLDT will keep their word.

  88. Grabe kayong mga tel cos hindi nga magana palagi ang mga signal ninyo nag cacap nga ng speed ng hindi alam ng mga subscribers eh

  89. renz guby says:

    im using “smartbroken”. nakakapagod tumawag sa smartbro customer service kung bakit sobrang hina ng connection (hindi BROADBAND! parang dial-up 5okbs) dito cotabato (dahil ba probinsya?) siguro same scenario with globe din sa iba’t ibang lugar. ang daming pabiling broadband kit pero hindi lumalakas ang broadband. ang alam ko sa globe, wimax ang solusyun nila to control the bandwith purchased by the customer. yung broadband kit, the more the user the more the congestion. pang mahirap ata ang broadband kit. pero libre ang “smartbroken”. -tunay na pang masa.

    fb: renz gubaton

  90. katy says:

    Does this apply to post paid subscribers too?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  91. arj says:

    What happens if you have an urgent download that exceeds a 1gig file and you only have globe tattoo as the last option?

  92. dapsukdyo says:

    They’re just pushing themselves into the ground, why not throttle everything up and give everyone the freedom to stream anything! Globe’s so ridiculous, they’ll all end up being bought by a company.

    If you want internet, go for other ISPs.


  93. Ronn says:

    i just got a word from someone who worked at globe broadband there were no announcements today regarding this policy.

  94. I can’t tell anything about it, i need more knowledge and further information about it. http://learner-spot.blogspot.com/

  95. tasitwa says:

    damn you GLobe..

    guys how long na kayo subscriber ng Globe broadband? have you received any “loyalty rewards” from them like cellphones or printers like what SmartBro is giving?

    Mas ok ang marketing strategy ng Smart ah..giving cellphones and printers to their loyal subscribers..

  96. Wendal says:

    Are we talking about wireless or wired broadband? I understand capping wireless, but for wired home use, 1gb is a joke. Globe needs to focus on maintaining and expanding their infrastructure (invest in new pipelines) instead of overselling their current pipelines. The comment above about 20GB a month in America applies to wireless. When our wired networks are “congested” in America, our internet still runs faster than the best stuff here. Get your facts straight. The above applies if we’re talking about *wired* internet.

  97. GlobeAgainstConsumer says:

    We have to make this international and make them scared that their name will be tarnish as surely it would when the world finds out. Are we in a sub developing country at the bottom to be receiving service like this?


    They can’t just do this without any consequence.

  98. Mike Herce says:

    I am so happy to see this reaction from my fellow Philipinos! Except for that one corporate astroturfing (https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Astroturfing) ass “Beatricia” paid by Globe, this is the reaction of a people who are not taken over by corporate lunacy.

    We need to make sure to punish Globe, financially, for daring to behave this way. As of tomorrow, I will cancel 6 post paid accounts I pay for and switch them to others. Loosing a couple of those phone numbers will hurt, but it must be done.

    We need to make this national. Everyone you know who has a postpaid, no-contract Globe account, make them call in and cancel it and cite this new policy as the reason. If you must, pay them to cancel it. Take them to lunch or something in exchange for it.

    We need to work together and make sure no other corporation tries this ever again. We need to make sure they understand, we are not idiots and we will not be victims of their greed!

  99. milanaorly says:

    as it stated here
    “The study further claimed that 23.8 percent of global Internet traffic is piracy-related and nearly one-quarter of the traffic on the Internet involves the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials such as movies, TV shows, music, and video games.”

    maraming dada ang globe, internet nga eh. diba? unlimited. they are trying to manipulate our internet surfing..

    you can stream HD vidoes in youtube eh panu na yan, isang buong HD na clip mawawala na? wala din kwenta pag nacacapp ka..

    well, better to switch to SmartBro and SunBroadband..

    no capps at all..

    download torrent lang sa sun may capp.. pero ok na. :)

  100. Tim says:

    Sa Globe lang ako nakaencounter ng unlimited promo na limited. Nabigla ako na yung dating SUPERSURF50 nila na unlimited surfing biglang nagkaroon ng 800mb limit. They are doing everything for their own profit.

  101. Tony says:

    Don’t like – don’t buy it !?!

    Now there is a DUOPOLY in the Philippines telecommunications market, choosing to leave or stay with Globe is academic!

    Rather than build more infrastructure to cope with greater customers they just want to gouge Pinoy consumers with ridiculous download limits.

    The fact that you find this acceptable is astonishing.

    • benskie says:

      ewww live without limits ang baho ng globe saka galing nilang mangdaya sa kapwa nila sir yung 3 mbps nila may bandwith capping din yan kahit naka line ka na adsl baho talaga ng globe eww switch kayo sa PLDT da best ang PLDT maganda ang quality sa internet

  102. mrOrange says:

    I think Globe has not succumbed to the new yet that it is only them and the PLDT Conglomerate (PLDT, Smart, Sun, Red) left in the market. It’s like they’re giving away their clients to the enemy. something like that.

  103. Too bad for me.. kakalipat ko lang sa Globe last month… arrrggggghhh…

    So the only choice eh lumipat sa PLDT.. sana wag gumaya ang PLDT.

  104. Too bad for me.. kakalipat ko lang sa Globe last month… arrrggggghhh…

    So the only choice eh lumipat sa PLDT.. sana wag gumaya ang PLDT.

  105. Charlie says:

    here’s the simple solution.. ban the abusive 5% and keep the 95% subscribers happy?

  106. simster says:

    salamat sa info okey na rin ito kesa sa 800mb dati

  107. Jason says:

    grabe naman! why are they like that! they’re making the consumers suffer! its not our fault that the lines are crowded. What’s the point of unlimited surfing when there is a limit??? haha! kalokohan kayo!! NTC why are you siding with the telcos?? parang monopoly na rin un! take it or leave it when every telco will be implementing the same rules?? telcos provide more networks!! pano di magiging crowded eh accept kayo ng accept ng subscribers?? cmon!!

  108. jp says:

    nkacapped dn ba pagpostpaid? particularly yung tattoo supersurf nila na up to 3mbps?
    maayos naman kc connection ng globe compair sa sun at smart kya nga lng nililimit nila..

  109. niceguy says:

    ayaw kc nila mag bgay ng sobra kc bka humina ang kita nila…la nmn kc magagawa ang pinoy kundi magtiyaga sa connection na binibigay nila na speed

  110. Neekey1999 says:

    Question po. I am on plan 3MB data plan of globe. Does anyone know the bandwith cap. Since yung naka indicate lang is 2MB – 35G. what about 3 MB kaya?

  111. rikou says:

    ganon… ung school/university dapat ang i ban nila at computer shop maraming users n cra ulo, lagyan nila ng level cap.
    dapat kong implement man nila ang 1gig/day start lang dapat ng 8am-10pm. and d rest free n dapat kc sleep n ang tao at wala naring negosyo n open s gabi.

    • Mon says:

      AFAIK, schools/universities that have broadband connections have dedicated lines that are “separate” from the “usual” internet connections of households. Pero agree ako sayo dun sa 8am-10pm.

  112. xpactor says:

    wag ng OA un ibang globe dsl subscribers kasi para lang to sa wireless broadband accdg sa isang globe official.
    tattoo and wimax only.

  113. tech84 says:

    Good thing I only use globe for back-up as a connection.

  114. arfarf says:

    Andaya talaga.. What’s the use of Unlimited surfing kundi naman unlimited ang download..

  115. Genkuro says:

    It doesn’t matter kung 30 minutes mo lang gagamitin per day ang service mo. Yun eh kung may connection ka. Kung sa loob ng 30 minutes magamit mo na yung amount ng DATA CAP. Tapos na ang SPEED mo. Worse… mawawalan ka ng connection until your next cycle.

    To cite an example kahit di ka mahilig mag-download (“irresponsibly” tulad ng sinasabi nila) –

    YOUTUBE– nood ka ng Music Videos usually HD para maganda quality… BILIS NG CONNECTION mo, walang lag. Isang video roughly 3 to 4 minutes. Ang amount ng DATA niyan is roughly 60 to 70 MB. So in 30 minutes, makakanood ka ng around 10 Videos. Sabihin nating ang bawat isa is 60 MB, 10 videos is already 600 MB. which will leave you 400 MB’s left FOR THAT DAY. Siguro naman sa bahay ninyo, hindi lang ikaw ang nag-i-internet? Sa madaling salita, Kaya mong maubos yung DATA CAP mo in less than 3 hours. Eh paano pa kung may nag-o-online gaming sa inyo. FACEBOOK? bawat REFRESH mo ng screen download na naman ng DATA ang PC. Bawat Picture na tinitignan mo kumakain sa DATA CAP mo.

    Ngayon ang posibleng mangyari, either babagal ang CONNECTION SPEED mo to PREVENT you from getting more data (useful or not)… or MAWAWALA ang BANDWIDTH connection mo entirely until mag-refresh ang system to give you YOUR DAILY ALLOTTED 1GB.

    Ang tanong… Nasaan ang UNLIMITED USE doon? Mawawalan ng saysay yung “advertised speed” nila kung may LIMIT ang USAGE. Kung ganun din lang, huwag na nilang ipagmayabang yung speed kasi mabilis man ang speed or mabagal, sa sandaling magamit mo na yung daily DATA allotment mo regardless kung 30 minutes mo lang ginamit or sa isang maghapon ang connection. Tapos ka na for that day.

    Kung FINITE pala ang Bandwidth nila, bakit sila nag-o-offer ng UNLIMITED use na over capacity ng system nila?

    BANDWIDTH CAP => Scrapped as of January 2011.
    DATA CAP => Loophole na gusto ng mga telcos na ipatupad.
    FAIR USE POLICY => Para kanino? Para sa kanila siyempre. Yan ang SERVICE!

  116. Genkuro says:

    BTW Folks the 1GB Cap applies to BOTH uploads and downloads.

    Send/Receive Data is subtracted to your 1GB DAILY DATA ALLOTMENT.

  117. franz says:

    no matter how much they say, no matter how they spin it, no matter how much they manipulate the data that claims to support their claims….

    data capping is not a solution. they take on that many subscribers and yet they expect not to get an abuser here and there? DUHHHHHH. they should be lucky that they’re only getting 5% according to their “studies”, more like manipulated data to me.

    they’re an ISP, abusers should have been taken into account when it comes to their “service”.

    they’re just too lazy and too cheap to shell out a little extra for the added load on their system and the added cost for maintaining all those many additional subscribers. not to mention the cost of bandwidth that the additional subscribers take on. they just wanna maximize their profit and minimize their cost. just like any business. matitigil den yan coz bandwidth will always go up, even more so that there are more and more subscribers that are being taken on, ON THE SAME bandwidth they are paying for. kalokohan eh!

  118. Samantha says:

    I hope na hindi matuloy itong cap .. baka maraming mag switch sa another provider.

  119. bon says:

    1GB/day is already being generous, sa states nga 2GB/month!

  120. game systems says:

    thank you about your publish. quite gud.

  121. globeCrap says:

    bon says:
    Thu, July 21 at 3:18 pm
    1GB/day is already being generous, sa states nga 2GB/month

    bobo mo naman. 250 gb cap sa states per month!

  122. allan says:

    At saka papano nman ako, sa loob ng isang lingo 1 beses lang ako mag dl ng mp3 pero umaabot ng 2G? hindi pala ako makakapag download ng 2G kc maka cap kahit sa 1week isang beses lng ako mag dl? May mali d2 eh dapat naiisip muna tong mga ito bago mag implement ng ganito hindi puro pagtitipid at income lng ang iniisip.

  123. allan says:

    They are punishing the abuser subscribers and non abuser because they are ISP abuser.

  124. jingle2x says:

    it doesn’t work that way explaining bandwidth allocation like an eat all you can restaurant.in the first place subscriber has a internet speed based subscription.that’s already capping..sample if have a 1mb subscription you can not and never will have a 5mb internet ,,why because from the beginning your connection is already limited to your based subscription,,so the term capping is just one way of lie,,,they want more subscriber more than what they can handle..there no need to reduce allocated internet speed if the isp has limit there subscriber to what there network can handle…



  126. Name: says:

    (Your usage has been detected to be above normal terms of use. Your Super-Unli subscription has been deactivated. Your calls and texts will now be charged under regular rates. For information visit http://www.globe.com.ph/fup) PESTING YAWA NAG SUPER UNLI PA AKO 4 HOURS LANG PALA GLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOBE W_D F+ K

  127. globe magnanakaw says:

    (Your usage has been detected to be above normal terms of use. Your Super-Unli subscription has been deactivated. Your calls and texts will now be charged under regular rates. For information visit http://www.globe.com.ph/fup) PESTING YAWA NAG SUPER UNLI PA AKO 4 HOURS LANG PALA GLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOBE W_D F+ K wahhhh

  128. Globe Bulok says:

    F*CK GLOBE-bobo! kaya talong talo na sila ng smart e. Iwan na iwan na. bulok kasi. Ang sabihin nila, hindi kaya ng system nila yung speed na kelangan ng mga users. tingin ko tier 4 pa sila e. nakiki connect lang din sa SMART.

  129. francky says:

    We don’t know the veracity of Globe’s revealed data but if true e di i-ban nila ang 5% abusive customers. Ang dali naman nila ma identify yan. But I think the poor service will prevail kasi they spend a lot in advertising rather than in infrastructure. Smart ganoon na rin MVP spends so much on basketball than improving Smart’s services.

  130. Paul says:

    Sana masulong na yun na pwede na mga banyaga mag put up ng telco. para madaming players dito

  131. Sharon says:

    Wow ha, bakit nyo pa tinatangkilik yung serbisyo ng globe kung puro kayo reklamo.

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