Globe UAAP Tattoo Sticks get Php25 for 3 hours

Globe UAAP Tattoo Sticks get Php25 for 3 hours

It is the UAAP Season again so we are seeing companies taking advantage of this event to co-brand their products. The latest one we’ve seen is the Globe UAAP Tattoo sticks.

There are two variants actually — Tattoo 3G which sells for only Php995 and offers speeds of up to 3.6Mbps and Tattoo 4G sticks which sells for Php3,495 but offers up to 7.2Mbps. Both sticks come with a free 2GB microSD card in them.


Although these sticks are the same ones Globe has been selling for months, the use of the school logo might actually make them a hot item in schools.

Globe is also offering special rates to students:

Special surfing rates of only P25 for 3 hours (valid for one day) may also be availed through the Tattoo U-stick by texting SCHOOLSURF to 8888.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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3 Responses

  1. huh says:

    I think someone should make globe prove that they can actually get 7.2Mbps downstream

  2. mrt says:

    Hi Abe,

    I’m assuming the “SCHOOLSURF” promo will only work on the sim that comes w/ these UAAP 3G/4G sticks from Globe? Or will it work with regular Tattoo/Globe sims?

    So if you come from a school in the NCAA or another league and don’t want to avail of a UAAP stick your not good enough to be entitled to the promo?

    Hehehe. Nice one Globe … as always your customer service sucks!


  3. allan says:

    I bought one online using Globe tattoo website. It was delivered last 27 July 2012. Mine’s a fighting maroons broadband.

    Up till now, i still can’t use it. I get the line “Sorry, you are not eligible to avail of the promo” every time I register it. send to 8888.

    And to top it all, Globe seems to be clueless how to address my concern. tsk tsk tsk

    The 25/3 hrs rate and the 1 year free yahoo and gmail is nice though.

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