How to share 3G Internet over WiFi

How to share 3G Internet over WiFi

The other day, when my DSL broke down, I was forced to use my backup Smart Bro Prepaid and Globe Visibility to connect to the net. Problem was that only one PC at home had the connection. He’s a quick solution I did to share 3G internet over WiFi.

You will need a laptop with WiFi to act as the access point or if you only have a desktop PC, you can get one of those USB WiFi dongles.

setup adhoc sharing


  • Go to your Control Panel and select Network and Sharing Center.
  • In the Tasks menu, click on the link “Set up a Connection or Network”.

wireless adhoc

  • In the next window, select the option “Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network” and click next until you reach the network name and security options.
  • Type in the name of your new network and select the Security Type.

That’s it. Fire up your Smart Bro, Globe Visibility and Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband and once you’re connected online, anyone who accesses your new WiFi network will also have internet connection.

Another option is when you have a WiFi capable 3G phone, you can install JoikuSpot and enable internet sharing over WiFi too.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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57 Responses

  1. Enteng says:

    thanks for the info abe…this will come handy if the need arises.


  2. charlene says:

    This is real great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. charlene says:

    Can this be done if one laptop is on xp and the other a vista?

  4. franz says:

    Thanks Abe!

  5. Jhay says:

    Nice one, so this is the trick my classmate did to share his 3G connection to our class last week.

  6. mcpelly says:

    Ohh how about that??

  7. franz says:


    Yeah. It’s working with vista directly connected to the internet and with an xp on wifi. :D

  8. NIEL says:

    Oh my windows vista failed to set up this sharing option.

  9. HAOMARU says:

    Thanks Abe! Trivia: Did you know? Abraham Lincoln also got the same nickname (Abe). Wild guess! @Abe did your parents got the name after Abraham Lincoln? Just curious! LOL

  10. HAOMARU says:

    Thanks Abe! Trivia: Did you know? Abraham Lincoln also got the same nickname (Abe). Wild guess! @Abe did your parents got the name after Abraham Lincoln? Just curious! LOL

  11. HAOMARU says:

    @Abe my apologies! How to delete the 2nd post?

  12. yuga says:

    @charlene – Yes. Can be done with a Mac too.

  13. HAOMARU says:

    Thanks Abe! Great info!

  14. HAOMARU says:

    Thanks Abe, Great story!

  15. Joseph says:

    Hi sir,

    can I ask if this will work in a Windows XP? if its possible can you publish the steps?


  16. You site is very informative. Everyday I always read your articles and it helps me a lot.

  17. Jay says:

    just what i need!

    maraming salamat father Abe!

  18. CC Lozano says:

    Really helpful, thanks Abe!

  19. Thank you for sharing this!

  20. Fern says:

    Can this be done when the PC that has connection to ther internet is running WinXP?

  21. Ann says:

    I tried this yesterday for Windows XP following this video:

    Unfortunately I’m missing the “Wireless Networks” tab in the Wireless Network Connection properties. I have no idea why…

    I’m using a 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter… Maybe it’s not compatible?

  22. jox says:

    thanks i will try this one

  23. jojo says:

    If you have a macbook it’s even easier — the airport card can emit a wi-fi signal for any computer to access (much like a router without a password). All you have to do is go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES, click on SHARING, and check INTERNET SHARING. That’s it! I was able to share my globe visibility with 2 friends and it was really cool!

    love this site btw!

  24. SoNn says:

    @abe – great info. I’ve long wanted to post an internet sharing how-to on XP but I can’t because I use a Mac. I don’t have to anymore. Link na lang kita. :D

    @jojo – unfortunately, windows laptops can’t connect to the Mac’s internet sharing. I can tell by experience. If you were able to make it work please share it with us. :D

    @Fern – yes. you can follow the steps as written by Abe

  25. yuga says:

    @SoNn, thanks for the link. Actually a friend once shared his 3G internet via Mac Pro’s WiFi and my Windows laptop was able to connect. There was no special settings done to do that.

  26. jojo says:

    @SoNn, not sure where your problem lies, but had no difficulty sharing a Visibility signal from my macbook with 2 officemates who both had netbooks running on XP. Maybe have your laptop checked at Switch in ATC, the people there are really sharp and were able to fix a problem I was having with my USB port in no time.

  27. SoNn says:

    Hi Abe & Jojo, I finally got to make it work na. Tested sharing my SBW on my MacBook to my girlfriend’s laptop. I don’t know how I did it but I’m happy that it works na. Thanks!

    @Abe – I had to make a how to for XP. As promised, I linked your post on the XP how-to. Check it out. :)

  28. thecalls says:

    hi, tanong ko lang bkt ung pc ko walang option na set up a wireless adhoc? do i need to do something else for that option to appear? im using vista starter, is that relevant? tnx

  29. thecalls says:

    i already found the answer to my question above, and having a vista starter hinders me for ad hoc networking. it sucks so i’ll save up for vista premium or maybe seven.

  30. RAYMOND Tanada says:

    Bossing is this possible for desktop to desktop connection. Crossover Ethernet PC to PC connection.? Syang ksi ung SUN… i pc lang pwede… thanks…

  31. sid says:


    My second attempt at doing this wasn’t a success.
    The other computer/phones that try to share the 3G connection couldn’t connect to the net. Help please?

  32. Rif says:

    Hi. I have shared connection on vista, phone (E65) finds it and connects to it, but other laptop with XP don’t find the network. Does it somehow works between Vista and XP over wifi?

  33. ashley says:

    I have a huawei E169 will this work in the philippines, thanks all. ash

  34. Alex says:

    which brand of router u can suggest, we have desk top(XP) & WIFI Laptop, I want also my desktop to wireless so that no messy wired on the floor

  35. Hadi Barrar says:

    it’s too great
    thanks for info

  36. Cheftonio says:

    I’ve got 2 more windy31’s still on-stock (+1 more for personal use). I guess useless na siya..

  37. chosen says:

    nice. so ur laptop will act as a bridge and generate a wifi network for ur other wireless device/s. right? :)

  38. Jack says:

    If you are using Windows 7, Connectify is a dead simple way to use the virtual wifi port built into W7. Basically, you run the program and you can easily share any connection, LAN, 3G, Wifi or even dialup modem, over wifi. Basically, it creates your own hotspot.

    (cool bonus feature: if you are in a paid wifi place and are with a bunch of friends, only 1 person needs to pay and they can reshare the wifi with everyone)

  39. can I connect my iPhone over my created wifi network?

  40. I can’t seem to connect my iPhone to the internet using this created sort of wifi network…even when it has no password?!


    @abeolandres and others :D

  41. JanPaul says:

    hello mga peepz pahelp naman po. I tried na baguhin yung settings ng router DLINK DIR 300 kaso di na madetect yung connection over the network. Try ko ireset yung router pero ganun pa din.. thanks po

  42. Jab says:

    Been using joikuspot for over two years now… It’s great and very reliable.

  43. godric says:

    the samsung wave also has a “mobile access point” feature that has similar functions like joikuspot. best thing of course is that it’s a standard feature so it’s free!

  44. Pedro says:

    hmmm… will bookmark this page, thanks sir…

  45. andre3w says:

    WOW. Thanks for this information.

  46. Francis says:

    Hi abe, I tried doing this using BayanBRO, and guess what? They’re too greedy to let you share your connection. Can you help me on this one?

  47. lhey says:

    thanks for the info! will try to use this.. wishing it will work and would be secured and reliable!!! :)

  48. Dayton says:

    Did this on my desktop. My laptop detects the wifi ad hoc but only gets limited connectivity. Can anybody help me on this?

  49. jil says:

    I hve a 3g connection on my laptop and I cant,t share internet with my mobile phone via wifi >
    please help me .

  50. cres says:

    same here. it doesnt work.

    my android phone cant search the set network (wifi)?

    any help?

  51. R2 says:

    try using Connectify, just google it. much easier and faster.

  52. did not work on msi says:

    am using my globe tattoo prepaid and it did not work. please advise on how to make it work!

  53. hi, i tried using virtual router before. But now it is not working , it always says “virtual router could not be started so i tried doing your post. I created the network name Shermaine and can view it on other computer but “connect” is not clickable on the other laptop. It says , adpater not supported. please help thanks

  54. war says:

    hi! Ive already set the thing up using my smartbro and I can successfully connect, however there is no internet connection. what should I do? tnx pal!

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