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Since I arrived here yesterday, I’ve been using my iPhone on roaming with Singtel 3G to get online to check emails and Tweet. I’m just hoping I wouldn’t end up with a huge bill when I get home.

So I checked around for some 3G rates on Singtel and found out it’s not that cheap as I would have expected for a well-connected Singapore.

On Singtel’s FAQ page:

How would my usage charge be calculated if I access data on a Pay-Per-Use basis?

Each data session is charged at $0.0054/KB in 2KB blocks. If you have 3 sessions of 103KB, you will be charged $0.0054 x 104KB x 3.

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Is there a minimum data charge on Pay-Per-Use basis?

There is a minimum charge of $0.01. For example, if you only utilize 2KB in one session, you will be charged $0.01.

$0.0054 Singaporean dollars is about Php0.16 so that’s Php0.08/KB. That’s about half of what Globe charges on the per KB rates — Php0.15/KB. And as for the speed…


When tethered to my laptop, I just pop out the Globe SIM and place it on my SE Xperia. What’s really nice is that since I’m on postpaid, I didn’t have to configure anything to be able to do data roaming. It just simply works.

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  1. I believed your posting was awesome and will check out generally.

  2. Nice Blog. Thanks For Sharing :)

  3. scrufus says:

    The pay per use plans are not so cheap but the monthly plans are relatively cheaper I think. Mine’s around PHP 500 a month for 50GB of data.

  4. Abe Olandres says:

    Don’t worry guys, just used it so I can do the speedtest and blog about it. All the rest of my online stuff was done using the free wifi and my prepaid card.

  5. Paul says:

    Using data services while roaming?

    Be prepared for a big bill when you get home!

    Buy a local SIM card instead… oh wait, your phones are SIM-locked (at least your iPhone is).

  6. BrianB was right, having a wife and kids (plus the wife’s kamag-anaks) will make me worry with penny and dimes.

  7. Adrian says:

    Reggie you are right, there are only some places for [email protected]

    Airport, Mcdonalds, Starbucks, Malls or Hub, Schools.

  8. BigBird says:

    Poor you! When you travel, you must have a WIFI/SIP phone to avoid sky rocketing roaming charges! Free calls free messaging(IM/SMS) Oh and also an extra battery!

  9. Reggie says:

    there are some places though that have slow download speeds with [email protected]

  10. BrianB says:

    How can a guy earning as much as you, without a wife and kids, worry about penny and dimes?

  11. Abe Olandres says:

    Yup, there’s [email protected] and I have tried it. However, the hotel floor I am in doesn’t have one.

  12. BigBird says:

    Thats why there’s WIFI!

  13. Adrian says:

    Abe in Singapore you could use [email protected] for internet instead of 3G. The good thing in [email protected] is free.

  14. Jan Alvin says:

    Even Singapore has all the amenities needed by a blogger. The cost of using it is high. Don’t you think??

  15. crestfallen says:

    yes, singapore has free wifi all the city…

  16. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    prepare for large bills in a few days.

  17. Men says:

    wew, yuga can afford to pay the bills.
    anyways i also thought singapore offers free wifi access

  18. frozenpyro says:

    I thought Singapore has free wifi all over the place??

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