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Results: Mobile 3G Usage

We’ve got over a hundred submissions from our recent poll on mobile 3G services. The results are not that surprising but the breakdown of services is a bit interesting though. See figures and graphs after the jump.

Quite a number of users have already been using their new uMobile SIMs too (7.19%) while fledgling Sun Cellular 3G is still down there. Surprisingly, very few people are using PLDT WeRoam — a service which has practically been supplanted by SmartBro Mobile 3G.

mobile 3g
3G usage is split between Smart/PLDT and Globe Telecom two-to-one as shown in the table below.

Sun Cellular may get additional share by end of this year once they market their 3G services. uMobile on the other hand, though an autonomous telco is still considered a Smart/PLDT property and their free ad-supported 3G services will certainly bump up their total numbers.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar for How to Get Six Pack Fast How to Get Six Pack Fast says:

    If you want to hear a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this article for four from five. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!

  2. Avatar for let let says:

    im thinking of using it but the unit im using is not 3g will i be able to enjoy ur line even if my unit is not 3g?

  3. Avatar for lance lance says:

    I’ve tried Sun 3G, it works even with my old 2G sim so long as I change the network settings on my phone. Ok naman for phone browsing. I heard they also now just charge P10 for 30 mins use, valid pa for 2 hours. hope they offer unlimited data soon too :-D

  4. Avatar for nether nether says:

    why does 3g have to be that expensive!

  5. Avatar for jumoy jumoy says:

    I use both Smart and Globe 3G and it’s pretty clear that Smart’s 3G is much better. It’s faster and more reliable. Globe 3G bites.

  6. Avatar for godie godie says:

    From a poll? Ekk. Some wild numbers, are these figures even statistically correct?


  7. Avatar for pinoyapostolic pinoyapostolic says:

    Hep! Hep! I am on the winning Bandwagon!

    @ SMART – Please make your services better… please…

  8. Avatar for Animohosting.com Animohosting.com says:

    i want to have a umobile sim!

  9. Avatar for The Devastatingly Cute Guy Who Dreams of Becoming a Coroner The Devastatingly Cute Guy Who Dreams of Becoming a Coroner says:

    Sorry my man but I hate looking at graphs..hehe

  10. Avatar for BigBird BigBird says:

    3G users Try this


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