MyDestiny blocking off sites to ease up bandwidth?

MyDestiny blocking off sites to ease up bandwidth?

This email came from one commenter in the blog:

[email protected]

First of all, we would like to thank you for your continued interest in our services.

We would also like to advise that our International Private Link (IPL) Provider has blocked certain sites to free up some bandwidth. Here are the blocked sites:


This is ONLY temporary. We will advise you as soon as we possibly can when the said sites are up.

Again, thank you very much and Happy New Year.

Very Truly Yours,

John Luke Q. Chica
Account Management Group
EXT HOTLINE: 0917-577-1111

I guess it’s reasonable considering all the network degradation but certainly a lot of internet cafe boys & girls will surely be pissed off.

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13 Responses

  1. Wow, they’re using network congestion to justify dropping net neutrality. Where have we heard that before

  2. Obet says:

    Someone please please please call John Luke Q. Chica and give him a talking to. What a name! Hopefully it will be recorded and show up on Youtube.

  3. bikoy says:

    thank you for posting this notice. ive been wondering all these days why i cant access youtube!

  4. hip2b2 says:

    Net Neutrality or no I believe this is a good move by the Internet Service Provider. I for one would rather have all my email make its way through. I can suffer a few days without flickr and youtube :-D

  5. hip2b2 says:

    However, a more astig solution would be to not block any sites at all. Instead push all “unimportant” traffic to a transparent proxy and enable a delay pool on that transparent proxy. this way all those “unimportant” traffic will just be slowed down instead of totally blocked. This way there is not need for an annoucement ;-)

    I think a good number of providers are doing something in this line already ;-)

  6. SELaplana says:

    i don’t know if my site has been blocked by BAYANDSL here in Southern Leyte but I can’t login the site since this morning. Even the is dead too. My blogging job has been affected by this. please help.

  7. Miguel says:

    can’t login – what error?
    can you traceroute?

  8. kAnGkEr says:

    Good… I can now access friendster.. well, since saturday night… :)

    But still no access in youtube etc…

  9. froshie1 says:

    at least they are honest to say that they are blocking sites. hehehe :D

  10. There was actually a problem with Globe’s International Private Link which affected MyDestiny. Hence, those sites were blocked.

  11. LoadMeBaby says:

    Currently (since Friday) MyDestiny has Friendster, Myspace and Facebook blocked.

    Totally unacceptable.

    Done with them.

  12. LoadMeBaby says:

    Seems like a weeknd thing.. all back Monday Morning.

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