Nokia Lumia 710 on Smart vs. Nokia Lumia 800 on Globe

Nokia Lumia 710 on Smart vs. Nokia Lumia 800 on Globe

Two of Nokia’s most anticipated smartphones to run Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, is now coming to the Philippines’ top telcos under exclusive deals.

The Nokia Lumia 710 will be offered through Smart. Smart’s website is already showcasing the coming of the handset which is slated on March 28, 2012 but details of the plans and pricing are still yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, the Nokia Lumia 800 will be launching exclusively to Globe Telecom for only P1,499 a month with My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo 999. People may start pre-ordering this flagship starting today, March 26.


Here’s a quick comparison of the two Nokia Windows Phones.

Obviously, the Nokia Lumia 710 is a bit toned-down compared to the Lumia 800, but that means it will come with a lower price. We can expect to see these units in the second quarter of this year. The question I’d be asking myself now would be, “Which phone to choose under what telco?”

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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30 Responses

  1. Ren says:

    Lumia 800 Globe

  2. JKisaragi says:

    Sir Abe, para lang sa BPI credit card holders yung P1,499/month, tama ba? :(

  3. nabie says:

    Lumia 710 SMART

  4. booboo says:

    Teka, yung sa Globe, 1499+999 yung plan?

  5. booboo says:

    For Globe’s Unli Surf Combo Plan 999, cash-out is 12,000. For BPI, this cash-out can be made for installment for 24 mos (or 500 a month). I’m not sure why they market it as “0% interest for 24-month installment with BPI credit card + monthly service fee for Unli Surf Combo Plan 999”. Did they compute it as (500+999)+999? Double monthly service fee? Weird. I think this is an error. It should say 1499 inclusive of 999 MSF, if applied with BPI Credit Card.

  6. JKisaragi says:

    I think it’s clear enough (with the plan matrix provided and all). But they could have made it clearer, like “read once and get it” clearer.

    Sad that Globe still refuses to go the Smart route, that is, spreading the phone cost into 24 easy payments to be included in your phone bill, eliminating the need for CCs. *sigh*

  7. Chris Ammerlaan says:

    Just had a look at Smart’s webpage, seems that the
    Nokia Lumia 900 and 601 are both “coming soon”, but still no price for the 701

  8. leemar says:

    pre order mine with globe,lumia 800 – plan 999 + 12,000 cash out, but if your going to use bpi card 999+500(x24 months) = 1499 a month. they also told me hsbc and citibank for 12months only so its going to be plan price(999) + 1000(x12months) = 1,999 for the first 12months and 999 for the 2nd year. april 16 ang release ng globe. its just pre order.

    ill check smart this weekend because they have the lumia 900

  9. Carl Bytes says:

    Good thing, local telcos supporting Windows Phones. Maybe flagship phones such as Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II are coming also.

  10. dj0502 says:

    I don’t think we need titan 2.. But titan would be great..

    Now, where is sun cellular, ayaw ko mag switch ng carrier, but with 999 mobile internet of globe, that’s hard to pass.. And 12,000 cash price is even sweeter.

  11. Sean says:

    Globe Lumia 800

  12. epol says:

    nahh…i rather wait for iphone 5 hahahahah

  13. SpiderWak says:

    I’ll just wait for the Lumia 900.

  14. I’ll go for lumia 800 but the issue here is the price. It’s plan is more expensive than iphone 4s.

  15. kunejo says:

    @Kapwa si Juan
    – paanong mas mahal? sa plan 999 ng globe, sa iphone 4s ang cashout mo is 23,976.00

    while sa plan 999, pag lumia 800 ang kukunin mo cashout mo is 12k, so paanong magiging issue yun, halos kalahati ang binaba pag lumia 800?

  16. ila says:

    kung iupgrade kaya natin yung plan 999 to plan 1799, ibang usapan na diba?

    • walangalam says:

      pano ba to ? di ko to alam eeh ? magbbyad ba ko example ng P1799 monthly ? tas may free Nokia Lumia na co ? dco gets Sorry guys . I hope you can help me ^_^

    • techgeek says:

      If you avail plan 1779, the device will be free without cash-out and the data is unlimited. You could also get 3 or 5 freebies

  17. 12K? medyo masakit sa bulsa pero I like Lumia 800 specs. and design. I’m currently exchanging emails from a Globe representative asking if they can consider my proposal of having the 12K spread across 24 equal monthly installment on top of my existing plan with them. Still hoping for their favorable response.

  18. Chris Ammerlaan says:

    From Smart press release preorder for “data plan 1000” + 450 Piso per Month. No date for release as of yet

  19. baby james says:

    will the white lumia 800 be available in pinas?

  20. paolylo says:

    i’m running my Windows Phone 7.5 on an HTC Radar (Php18K from SM) using a Sun Cellular postpaid plan (Php350/mo) bundled with Sun Broadband (Php649/mo)… just a warning to those excited with either Nokia Lumia’s from Globe or Smart.

    Windows Phone 7.5 might look and feel better than iOS or Android, but it’s still a Microsoft product and it’s prone to all the things that Microsoft is vulnerable to on PC’s.

    sure… i integrated my Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and Zune to my phone, but if you’re not an avid Windows Live user and don’t have the patience to tweak your phone and account settings, you’ll regret buying a Windows Phone.

    first the contacts, it can’t add contacts to the SIM card. by default, adding a number creates a contact to the device and automatically syncs it to Windows Live and Windows Live (along with your contacts in Zune, Xbox Live, Hotmail, Windows Messenger) syncs all the contacts to your phone… and you have to delete them one by one.

    then there’s the messaging. facebook chat on your phone is nice, but when your phone sends spam messages to your facebook contacts online… it feels as if you’re being hacked. but it’s just the phone being synced to Windows Live doing it. worse, it could also send spam messages to your SMS contacts.

    if you really, really want a Windows Phone… wait for the Tango update and find out how it performs first.

    • cccc says:

      can you be more elaborate with what spam messages are being sent to your facebook contacts? you can turn of facebook chat anytime by going to settings>applications>messaging and toggle facebook chat switch to off. for data connection, you can also turn it of by going to settings>system>cellular. that way, you can control when you are online or offline, plus it helps in making your battery last longer.

    • paolylo says:


      for someone who made a blog about Windows Phone, it seems you haven’t gone deep into the device. obviously, i disabled facebook chat and prevented the spamming. it would have been a nice feature to just put all the messaging in one system, but i think the Windows Live aspect of it all screws the entire system. if i may elaborate the spam i got, those were possibly spam bots from either a Windows Messenger or a Hotmail account that i never used (possibly created by default since i use Zune and Xbox Live even on my phone). it messaged my facebook contacts online for chat as if i was being hacked (a pretty naughty script if you ask me).

      come on. of course i know how to switch on and off the data connection. but that would defeat the purpose of getting a phone with wi-fi sharing since i don’t have DSL or cable Internet connection in my other house.

      here’s the thing. i add a contact on the People Hub, there’s no way to save it on the SIM card. (the Tango update coming soon might fix it) the contact goes straight to Windows Live from the phone (where it apparently shares the same contacts with Hotmail and Windows Messenger) even if i’m just going to add landlines or other phone numbers as a contact. for some reason, Windows Messenger or Hotmail randomly adds email addresses on my phone and pretty soon… i’ll see dozens of other contacts which i never added and have to delete one by one. unlike facebook, twitter, linkedin… it’s impossible to remove a Windows Live account from the phone unless i perform a hard reset (in which case, i won’t be able to use my Zune and Xbox Live accounts).

      don’t get me wrong, i think Windows Phone 7.5 is brilliant with the concept of tiles, the integration with all the social networking sites, and seeing my Xbox Live avatar move around is cool… but it’s very unstable at this point especially the People Hub and the messaging. i did not buy a Windows Phone to stick in a cheap prepaid SIM card and be wary of data connection. Windows Phones are supposed to be iPhone and Android killers, but so far… it’s not good enough for a lot of people.

    • cccc says:

      Sorry ngayon ko lang ulit nabasa itong comment. And I am insulted by your accusation that I haven’t gone deep into the device. I do talks about Windows Phone in different schools and develop apps for the platform too, so be careful of what you are saying.

      It is my first time to here na nagsesend ng spam messages from People Hub, and too bad, baka kasi ginagamit mo before yung account mo for some “activities” sa net. Maybe try using another Windows Live account then?

  21. Lumianized says:

    Excited to see all the Lumias coming to local telcos.

  22. ocularjutsu says:

    gaya ng sabi steve jobs sa galaxy note, “dead-on-arrival“. no front camera. wait na lang kau lumia 900 or 41MP shooter nokia pureview.

  23. Ahrenz says:

    Can Anyone update me plss kung kelan magiging available ang Xbox Live sa Lumia 800 dito sa phil…Isa kasi un sa reasons kung bakit ako bumili ng 800 instead of an android powered phone. Thank you

  24. VAL says:

    pwede magtanung? pwede bang kumuha nang lumia 710, at ang babayaran mo lng yang per month, at hndi ung plan?

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