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OpenSignal LTE Report: Smart at 7Mbps, Globe at 4Mbps

The latest OpenSignal report (4th quarter of 2015) is out and the Philippines is again at the bottom end of the list with a country average of 6Mbps for the LTE network.

Smart got an average of 7Mbps while Globe dropped to just 4Mbps from 10Mbps the previous quarter.

In the same report, OpenSignal revealed that Singapore is the country with the fastest average LTE speeds at 37Mbps with Singtel as the fastest telco at 40Mbps. South Korea is the country with the highest coverage (97% time on LTE) with LGT (South Korea) having the highest LTE coverage at 99.6%.

In Q3 of 2015, an earlier report also indicated that Globe got 10Mbps average speed while Smart is only 5Mbps (see story here). The country average was 8Mbps back then.

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10 Responses

  1. trapik says:

    If I were a Globe or Smart executive, I will melt in shame. BUT, kapalmuks nalang sila, madami naman kinikita sa substandard service nila.

  2. Padre Damaso says:

    pakialam ba nila sa mga ganyang report. as long as wala choice ang mga consumer e, i doubt they’d do something.

  3. Kaloka says:

    Kahit anong pangangalampag yata gawin sa dalawang telco na to wala rin e sb cguro nila manigas kayo dyan. Crossfinger nalang tau na sana tlgang may isa pang telco na kaya silang labanan!.

  4. yung phone ko lte ready, pati simcard ko, kung san san ako nakakapunta sa metro manila pero hindi ako makasagap ng lte >.<
    wew kung di lang nila hinarang ang telstra :3

  5. Easy E says:

    Telstra is a fairytale. Desperado na talaga tayo for a more efficient telco service.

  6. William C says:

    Actually, I’d be happy if they could have those speed at a consistent basis nationwide. Many aread struggle to even stay connected.

  7. Subscribed to 7mbps Globe Tattoo Home LTE, average speed hardly reached 0.5mbps!!! I can only have a decent speed after midnight up to around 5 in the morning then back again to worst (-_-) Speed-tested almost everyday for already two months now, no improvements! Location – downtown Davao City less than a kilometer from a Globe LTE Tower.

  8. dan Cooper says:

    kapalmuks talaga, kasi binalita rin yang result na yan sa TV5… dapat nga mahiya si MVP dyan eh…

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