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PLDT hits pay dirt, reports 12% profit growth

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company has recently reported an increase of almost 12-percent (11.99%) on its consolidated income in 2012 which amounts to Php35.5B compared to Php31.7B in the previous year. The company credits this profit upsurge to the success it garnered from various business branches including the acquisition of DigiTel (Sun Cellular).


In a disclosure, CEO and President of PLDT and Smart Communications Napoleon Nazareno further elaborates the reason behind this significant growth by saying “The intense competition in the wireless space, the integration of Digitel and Sun operations into the group, the continued push for the growth of broadband, the completion of our network transformation, the rationalization of our business portfolio leading to the sale of our BPO businesses, and the beginning of our involvement in the media space.”


“Our financials for 2012 reflect full year results of Digitel for the first time, as well as our successful navigation of the various challenges we faced during the year,” he adds.

pldt philippines

The company’s total net income jumps by 12.32% amounting to Php172.63B. According to the company, this substantial growth is mainly attributed to the 10% increase in overall consolidated service revenues for 2012 which reflects the 15% increase in both their wireless and BPO revenues and 4% rise in fixed line revenue.

On the other hand, PLDT’s core net income dips by 4.36% from Php39B in 2011 to Php37.5-billion the year after. The company states in the disclosure that this slight decrease is caused by higher operating expenses in 2012.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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6 Responses

  1. dan says:

    BS internet service 1k for 1mbps, damn high but no choice their BS service is the only monopoly available.

    • Ksksksksks says:

      Correction! It’s 990 pesos for unwanted, forced landline telephone service and a jurassic 384Kbps internet connection!

  2. Reummel Sison says:

    I believe PLDT will really increase profit because they are shortchanging their customers. Im a victim. Imagine giving out inferior services and forcing you to pay and even threatening to bring you to court for not paying for their substandard services! If you make a complain, they will ignore you. All they will say is “I’m sorry you feel that way” booboo and thats it. You still have to pay. I you dont pay, they will disconnect and threaten you. If you ask for permanent disconnection beyond their locked in period, they will charge you for the whole lock in period! Not thinking the very reason why you asked to be disconnected is because of their poor service! I have this experience with PLDT that after paying the whole amount due, I applied for a permanent disconnection upon reaching the end of the lock-in period. After about 6 months, i have been receiving arrogant text messages threatening to bring me to court for un-paid billing! Wow ! This is PLDT! I have another nightmare with smartbro. I had been complaining of a very slow internet connection (only about 10% of the committed speed) a couple of weeks after it was installed. They just acknowledge the complaint, give report nos and thats it! Nothing happens. Still the same speed. And it went on for months. So I talked to them and informed them that i will not pay until such time I get the service due to me and they agreed. After about 3 months, I suddenly got the committed speed and after a few days it was disconnected. I called smartbro and they ask me to pay first for the last 3 months before they will re-connect the service. Wow! Very clever PLDT! I argued that i will only pay for the few days where i got good service and they disagreed! They told me that i have to pay first for the whole 3 months and apply for a rebate!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Indeed they will really reap high earnings!! Guest what? there was nothing i can do but pay for the 3 months. Then what happened next? I was re-connected and got the very slow speed again! Then Finally, for some miracles from above, they sent a technician (at last) to see what the problem was. The technician’s analysis and recommendation was, PERMANENT DISCONNECTION DUE TO POOR SERVICE BY SMARTBRO! If you think i was able to get a rebate, you are wrong!

  3. PLDT support says:

    PLDT: Reummel, please forward your complaints to our email address [email protected]. Thanks.

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